#1 Food Plot Ingredient You Have To Have

While correcting your soil with lime or Plot Start is critical, you can’t miss this step in your food plotting process! In fact, if you don’t do this…you shouldn’t even lime or fertilize your food plots, let alone plant your food plot seed. it’s time to get rid of your weeds…

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I want to talk about the number one food Plot ingredient and I had a video a few Years ago and a lot of people click on It it's I talk about the number one food Plot ingredient being lime Because if you don't correct your pH Then the plants can't take up the Nutrients that's a traditional way of Correcting the pH the reason you do that Is doesn't matter how much fertilizer You put down the ground the plants can't Take that up and grow if the pH isn't There now we use plot boost plot start Plot start is a great product because That takes the place of changing the pH Allows the plants to uptake the Nutrients without changing the pH so we Do that we do lime two we do a Combination plot starts a good base to That that's what we use plot Boost after It's growing bottom line though if you Don't change the soil change the biology Of the soil like the plot start does the Plants can't take up the nutrients and You can throw all the fertilizers you Want on there and if they can't take it Up you're just wasting the money So that's why ultimately of course you Have to choose the right seed for the Right conditions the right planting time You have to get moisture have to get Full sun to any food plot don't believe The Shady food plot stuff or we'd have a Shady food plot product but bottom line

Is there's a lot you can do right but There's one thing you can do very very Wrong and really It almost replaces that lime plot start As being the number one ingredient Because this spot for example right here Perfect spot for Clover this nice Clover Strip right here we have a two acre food Plot behind Dylan we have about a third Of an acre food plot at the end of this Strip over here that represents a Hunting plot this is more a gun season Holding plot get the deer here hold them Till dark send them out to the AG Fields Critical plot critical plot for hunting Off to the side you can bet every big Buck that comes out to this will Eventually be out here and give us a Shot from the blind that's at the end of There we have great approach over there We get in and out it's a smaller food Source that means not as many deer so Not as many eyes ears noses to get in And out of that plane that's why it's a Hunting plot gear on the way or coming From this big hunt holding plot right Here big difference so this right here Is a perfect spot for Clover in our Perennial blend we have our perennial Plot power perfect spot for it because We can mow it manicure it we can correct The soil put the right fertilization on We can address it with plot start with The plants come growing put plot boost

On it being a dress it with lime to Change pH we can plant it at the right Time in fact we just got rain a little Bit last week we got a little bit of Rain on Sunday we've got a little bit of Rain yesterday so we've had a couple Rains in the last eight days we could Really use a rain today so I'm keeping My fingers crossed Right product right seed variety and Blend for this location We want this to grow so it's in time for Fall Got one main problem Doesn't matter how much we've corrected The soil How much we fertilize how much we've Limed how much plot start plot boost we Throw on here We got really really bad weeds that have Come up on this side So when we had this screening blend Right here we had a lot of weeds coming Up in it we couldn't take care of our Weeds because this was growing on it all Last fall Was holding here last fall we can't put A sprayer through here you can see we Didn't discuss upper tilt it up we mowed It We've sprayed it the problem is is all This debris In these stalks hold a lot of that weed Growth down below

The chemical doesn't penetrate it and Now we have weeds coming up you can see A huge difference over here where we Have Clover waiting to grow we get over Into this side You can tell much rain we've had see how Soil how those how cracked the soil is Right here But no weeds here because it was Completely exposed to the chemicals And then we have weeds right up here Folks you have to take care of your Weeds you have to We put clover in here we get these weeds One of these weeds is pigweed really bad We have a variety of weeds coming in Here I see some Burdock leaves starting To come in we probably have giant Thistle these stocks kept the weeds from Being fully showing and emerged once Wind and Rain blow the stock the stocks Around and it exposes weed growth and That's what's happening on this side for This versus this side because we've done Everything else the same that's why There's weeds here and not over there Now if we came in here you know the Other option is we could have tilled This three to four times by now utility In April end of April as soon as it's Dry enough to get in here until until it Again in May till it again in June which Would be right about now What we have done is expose these weed

Seeds then they germinate then we come In here till it once the once the growth Of weeds has taken place and we till it Again tilled again the only problem is We get into a place like this we can Suffer from severe erosion you can Actually see the ditch in the woods There that goes right down to the bottom Like a half mile away and all this Runoff from the fields comes through Here You can actually see the little Ravines That are coming down here right now that Are starting to feed this ditch Right in through here If we had dissed this up and tilled it Up this would be a washout in this Location we have a giant Bank of Switchgrass right here that's allowing Us to keep and maintain and keep from This eroding out completely right here Until something's growing on here now in The future we'll have Clover through Here we won't have to worry about that Erosion at all but you can bet if we Tilt and tilde until and you're just Setting back those weeds these weeds are Always going to come back It's just a temporary fix Then we're exposing this to Major Erosion and we probably lose our field Is our access right here the edge of our Property is right over there I like Pulling deer to the edge of a property

Like this so we can maximize our depth Back in there to have plenty of does Fawns box we layer them layer the Bedding they hold we hold them here Until dark and then send them out to the AG fields we can get around them in the Woods to get out in and out different Locations we can determine where they're At that way whether we use chemicals and Take care of these weeds or we Continually till maybe your ground's Flat and get away with that we have to Take care of the Weeds now the problem Is we get weeds in here don't ever Believe any of the talk sometimes online Where people say weeds and food plots Are a good thing they are horrible Horrible because these weeds are all Dead pigweed doesn't offer value Goldenrod might be a marginal Ragweed Might be a marginal summer food source Even a good summer food source it's not There during the folks during the fall So what happens folks is when that food Is not available in September October November December January you lose that Volume in your food plots those weeds Suppress your actual food plot blend and Seed from growing you lack volume and I Can guarantee if we allow these weeds to Come in and compete with this Clover That's going to come in once we get some Decent rain these weeds will take likely 80 percent to 95 percent of all

Nutrients all volume it will have clover Growing through here but it's going to Be at a level of about 5 10 15 percent Of what we would have otherwise had By not taking care of the weeds So when it really matters like we have There's food everywhere here during the Summertime yeah maybe they hit a food Plot more during the summertime because They have a little Ragweed golden rods Some bits of alfalfa some Clover weeds That they actually enjoy eating maybe Some Briars coming up or some really Successional growth of trees and shrubs You know naturalist is looking at wow This is a this is a bonanza of wildlife Food but it doesn't matter what's here In the summertime we can only build a Herd hunt a herd actually promote bucks To the next age class mold and shape the Herd and actually have a good hunt and Do a good job for the deer herd during The fall and so when these weeds are Here during the summer time what do we Have to do with this field we have to Kill it I don't care if I have seed on The ground When I See This start starting to come Because we've had recent rains in the Last week And we have this kind of weed growth Here you can even right up here You see this pigweed that's popped right Here

Then you get back into here there are Areas that Are just completely full of weeds in Here We have to get rid of it because with These weeds here I'm not going to have any type of food Plot when it actually matters because it Doesn't matter during the summer time What your food plots are it only matters During the fall these weeds will Basically kill the food plot then they Die so even if they were attractive to Deer which they aren't then there's not Going to be any attraction during the Fall anyways because they all die and You're left with little to no actual Intended food plots so unfortunately Because we have we still have seed here But because of the weeds that are Growing in this section which is like 400 yards long 350 yards long somewhere On there of this screening then we have To come back here I have to kill at Least this 12 foot wide strip you can See right from the edge right up here All the way down to about rating here I need to kill times 350 yards I don't Like doing it But I don't want to rip up the ground Because then when we do get rain we'll It'll wash off So we're left to kill it and that's your Number one food plot ingredient food

Plot practice food plot strategy is get The weeds out of your food plots for Successful food plot this fall and Beyond folks you have to do it and I'm Not a big fan of drying out the soil Ripping up the top layer of soil Repeatedly tilling and you if you think You're going to no-till drill through so If you want to use Rye we use Rye every Year we use buckwheat those are the two Major number one weed suppressors Buckwheat during the summertime but if We put buckwheat here it's going to have A hard time competing with all these Weeds too and it's the number one Smother crop Rye is right behind Buckwheat and it's some other crop Ability and even has a natural ability To fight off weeds and overtake weeds But it won't when you have these many Weeds here you can't do this naturally You can't do this with the rotations Just trust me been experimenting and Planting food plots for almost 30 years At a very high level writing about it Publishing my findings books magazine Articles speaking engagements for many Many years now have a food plot seed Company so just take it from deck Decades of experience You have to get rid of these weeds first And then You can have a food plot I guess I failed in this area this year

But this is this is a new one right here With all this garbage right here and Then those weeds coming in underneath And allowing these weeds to come in And uh you can bet we won't make that Mistake twice but take it from Experience and my failures to help your Success This fall hey folks I really appreciate You watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat solutions.com I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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