#1 Shed Antler Myth #shedhunting #deerhunting

There's a big myth when it comes to shed Hunting and that myth is that where you Find this antler is where you can hunt That buck in the fall it can be very Misleading it's very emotional when you Find a giant shed to think that that Buck is going to be right there and I Think that applies especially when You're wandering lots of public land Lots of different private land you might Have permission on but always ask Yourself why why was that antler drop There is this a deer yarding area where Deer congregating all winter long Because of winter cover adjacent winter Food winter brows is this an area where Deer push to where they travel to Because there's a food source a Neighboring food source that's there People bait always ask yourself why and You won't be misled when you find that Giant shed somewhere that pulls you in That direction during hunting season When it's not there during hunting Season

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