#1 Summer Trail Cam Spot

The best summer trail cam location may not be the spot you originally had in mind. When choosing a spot to hang a Summer trail cam, make sure you consider where you expect to find mature bucks during the hunting season.

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Now this trail cam location features all That we expect out of a summer trail cam Location and some of the main Ingredients that I'm looking for for Placing a trail camera during the summer May not be what you traditionally think This however has been a great trail cam Location for years it's going into our Fourth summer now And really showing what bucks they're Using this Trail it's a cruising Trail But really transferring to what we're Going to see later during the hunting Season it's interesting though during The summer we don't get a lot of Pictures here we get some but it's Really forecasting what we will get in The fall I'll talk about that in a Second here some of the ingredients so We have a stand location right there I don't like trail camera locations even During the summertime where I don't have A stand now might be different you're Down in Iowa or somewhere where you have Minerals that are legal where you can Put minerals and feed out during the Summertime attract a lot of deer into One spot and get pictures of them in a Remote area that doesn't work in States Over there's High awning pressure a lot Of times you get a small percentage of Mature box but in a place like Iowa or Kansas Missouri where it's legal to use

Minerals and feed sometimes you can get A good representation Oklahoma for Example areas you can get a good Representation of the local box in the Area over a feed pile but when you get Up in the north here where we have CWD And bands and feeding bands and mineral Bands then we don't have that option and I like to take a different approach We have stand location that means this Is a fall Hot spot we have a big food source over Here minimal food source right here AG Out there And so what that creates for us is Diverse food source location during the Fall so stand location diverse food Nearby this is also a great cruising Bench deer Crews on the inside of this Field Edge now this field happens to Come down here a little bit closer it's The furthest on this side of the food That comes into the woods so these deer Go around this it's also very steep down Below down there so we're really on this Bench right here where they're not Cruising where it's really Steep and They get into a bunch of ditches they Have to cross it's really even and free Travel right across this bench so great Cruising Fall pattern great stand location great Diverse fall food and that all adds up To a great summer trail cam location and

I'm talking about fall food fall Cruising fall stand location We have a mock scrape here mock scrapes They're hit year round and you know what I don't even care about touching this People talk about using you know rubber Gloves and handling the camera back There with rubber gloves but who cares Folks those smells are gone a day or two Later the deer don't really care they Won't notice it and we're looking at the Long-term use of this we actually took This scrape from somewhere else put it Here and uh so it's one that's been out In the woods for a little while the Bottom line is mock scrape great it gets Hit really hard during the hunting Season especially the rut but every deer That comes through here this is a trail Right here you can imagine when they Come through there they have to move Their head or hit it when they hit it They take their pre-orbital gland scent And they rub it right here So every deer that comes by here gets an Accumulation of scent So more sun to tracks more deer and We're not putting something synthetic on Here or man-made or even something Natural that we could Harvest and put on Here And wash away all the other scents we Have an accumulation of actual deer Scent that'll be here and this will be

Throughout the summer months into the Fall all winter long they really hit This 365. but the important matter is we Have a stand location here it's why we Have a mock scrape we have great fall Food great fall cruising fall bedding Areas so it all adds up to a great Summer trail cam location because I want To see when bucks are coming through Here I want to know which ones come Through here they're going to come Through here during the fall so we can Identify the box that we're hunting Later it'll be random you don't really Have to worry if we're seeing the same Mature Buck over and over and over again In this spot we have to ask ourselves Why now maybe it's the farmer out there He doesn't but let's say the farmer out There had 80 acres of beans well that Might explain why there's some mature Bucks in here during the summer time if We had some big open canopy woods and Hardwoods for them to bed in but you Really have to ask yourself are the Conditions that are creating mature Buck Movement during the summer going to be There in the fall if they're hitting Summer food sources that are gone in the Fall that's not a good thing why would They be back here during the fall if They're using bedding area big open Timber that they wouldn't prefer to be In the fall but they're using it during

The summer that's not a good thing Either so we're looking at infrequent Use in this location we're working Looking at all the right reasons to hunt This location in the fall And that all adds up to a great summer Trail cam location hey thanks for Watching the video and we'll be right Back but this is very important it's Very important announcement We have our camp kicking bear event we Have it on Father's Day it's more of a Habitat day we're going to see a feature Of habitat improvements how they will All relate to a bedding area a water Hole food plot bedding Point morning Sands evening stands and then we get to Take a tour around the majority of the Property too bottom line is 350 dollars Per person times 50 people we highly Encourage you to bring your kids after All it's Father's Day 50 of those 50 Spots always sell out very fast on that Same day it's from 10 o'clock to four O'clock in the afternoon we have Speaking events all my sponsors kick in For that so we'll literally be giving Away a Matthews boat a Ghillie blind and So one person will win each of those for About 13 14 people to win really good Prizes I could list them all but check It out we also have our 100 times 100 Hunt raffle to a lucky Hunter that'll Come hunt with us the end of September

For three nights so really check out all That information look at the link in the Description you can ask Jesse she'll Help you out with any scheduling of that And look forward to seeing you guys There it's a great event every dime That's earned goes directly to Camp Kicking bear and even a little extra on Top of that so look forward to seeing You there and I'll tell you a little Story about this when we first moved Here 2020 I put a camera up here and a Scrape right away as one of the first Scrapes we did we started to catch Pictures of Eileen with one Buck but Kermit we got him in velvet we can get Him every day I don't even know if we Got them every two weeks but we got them Coming through here enough to get Excited and know that he'd be back I shot kerm at the end of October onto The stand right back here And it was all working right here Together in fact the day before I had Sat here ended up being a bad wind the Further I sat in here about 20 minutes And I got out of here because I didn't Want to spook them he actually came from This direction which my scent could have Gone down into hit the scrape and went Out I found that on the camera the next day That I shot them pulled the card right Here and sure enough he was on here the

Day before I had to come in that I think I would have spooked him never got an Opportunity at him the bottom line is he Was a he was very frequent during the Fall at that time Infrequent summer trail cam pictures but A great spot to deer hunt in the fall That's where I want to put my summer Trail cam hot spots I want to be able to Identify the Bucks that are going to Come through here they'll give you a Glimpse every month Might be in the middle of night might be In the daytime the bottom line is as I See the use heat up for example we have A reveal right here it's a cellular cam So we're watching this all the time We'll keep Good batteries in it these Things last for months at a time very Dependable and so I'll be able to watch Us on a daily basis and you can bet when The action heats up in late September Early mid-october not only will I know What bucks are here at that time and the Fact they're on the property more and They're using the fall food and the fall Cover and this fall cruising hot spot But it'll tell me when I should get my Rear into that stand over there and give It a hunt so we're right out here in the End of May that's actually the last day Of May May 31st setting this trail Camera up it's a hot spot traditionally A hot spot during the summer even though

We're getting infrequent mature Buck Pictures we get to get a glimpse of a Lot of bucks in this location And you combat that that'll pay off big Time and what bucks are using this Location and when we should actually Take a seat going into this fall Even if we didn't have a trail cam Location here this is a good spot to Hunt when matter if it's public land Private land And for that Think about it it's a great spot to hunt In the fall Public or private land then it's a great Summer trail cam spot and I hope that Makes sense to you we're going to get Enough pictures over a long you know the Long Haul in June July August and September I don't care if I get a Glimpse of a buck during that time just One or two good pictures of them out of That whole four month period I'll know That I can come back in here and shoot Them in the fall especially if it's Infrequent because if he's here all the Time in the summer that means he's Probably not going to be all here all The time in the fall and I know there's Exceptions with that but generally where They're at in the fall they're not During the summer referring to mature Box for those or more home bodies they Stay in the same location all year long

But always remember if it's a great spot To hunt in the fall for the reasons We've given a food cover cruising great Stand location mock scrape you expect to Be hit all fall it's a great spot to Hang your trail camera this summer now I Don't know if you've checked out our Main website lately Whitetailubattetsolutions.com but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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