#1 Whitetail Rut Stand Location

The magic of the rut can be realized, if you have this incredible whitetail rut stand location…

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Talk about the when where what why and How and what and you got them all I Think I got them all how you said that Yeah when where what and how when we What and how where why and we'll talk About the why with all of them so that's Covering why too L dub and who we're After a big boach so or who is the Hunter so stay tuned a l to go through Here yeah so number one rut stand and Why where should you spend your time Know some people can pick one stand That's it people that have rotations Usually for 9 days they put that kind of Resource into it of their time then They're probably going to have multiple Stands maybe even in multiple areas Maybe several stands in one property the Bottom line is there's a certain stand I Like to focus on and that would be Morning stands during the rut that's a At a premium why because bucks move Three times more during the morning Hours than they do the afternoon hours In fact if it's a hot day windy day Stormy day you might see them move Around in the morning but not not in the Afternoon because they're just resting Late laying up they went around during The morning they get locked in now the Conditions are bad they don't want to Move and all of a sudden they just stay In a spot until dark and then move Around breed then that's what happens a

Lot of times you see nighttime breeding It's not that deer aren't breeding or That do aren't coming into asteris Because of bad weather it's just that They're not exhibiting daylight movement So there's a big difference I love to Focus on uh morning stand locations and Those account uh morning hunts for about 70% of my box where is that bedding Areas And I focus on those bedding areas in The morning you don't want to go into a Food source in the morning now it might Be that you have a little pass through Hunting plot that you can sneak into Because you have giant food sources Around and that Buck's not going to be Going through there typically till an Hour two hours 3 hours after uh daylight That's Different but a lot of times we're going Into food sources the only food source You have let's say a big Oak flat on Public land big clear-cut Edge on public Land maybe the corner of an EG field but You go into those areas and you spook Dur in the morning we not coming back Back at night so not only do you ruin Your morning hunt you ruin that day and Probably for several days to come Instead Take the Long Way in away from Food and how far people ask people like Pin me down to a number and I even People online they'll say well you know

I think we need to get in at I found the Best time to get into a stand is 20 Minutes before daylight or 40 minutes or A half hour 45 minutes folks there's no Rule it's the distance in the morning to Get around a food source without Spooking the deer is that distance it Has to be the distance you don't spook The deer maybe that's 50 yard because of The train and how quiet it is getting in In your area maybe that's 200 yards cuz It's so open a bottom line is you just Can't spoot the deer on the food sour You have to go around that back door and I'll mention real quick when is it time To get into a morning stand I look at Just in time like I sat this morning I Want that kind of gray dark light to get Into the stand to conceal me but then I Want to start getting light as soon as I Get in there because I'm counting on The Thermals to lift I'm looking at like I don't want to sit There for an hour before daylight Because every minute Ticks by a deer can Get downwind to me in that location Because there's decent cover there's a Bedding area there's a travel quarter That they'll use in the dark but not During the light so that's a just in Time stand you get there just in time Starts getting daylight you're not Spending an excessive amount of time Before daylight where you can spook a

Deer ruin your hunt before it happens Then you have a post Daybreak stand Entrance where you're waiting for the Fields to clear you go through the field Straight to a stand and blow your scent Back out into the field and then finally You have a early stand where you can get In there as early as you want just Whatever floats your boat could be 45 Minutes early hour hour and a half Whatever is legal in your state if you Want to get there 3 hours before the Bottom line is when you're sitting in That stand your downwind is blocked in Some manner that could be a steep Cliff It could be a Waterway a lake a Neighbor's house neighbor's cow pasture Somewhere where those deer aren't going To be that you can blow your sent into Before it gets daylight so that you Don't ruin your hunt before for it ever Begins just a little bit extra stuff That's another Video betting arel doe versus Buck Betting area so Dylan yep I think we Have a common focus on this what are you Thinking I would like to focus on dough Betting uh once we get into the rut yeah Me too it seems like that buck might go To his betting area but really he's Looking for do and that's what we're Talking about tonight we're hoping B Takes more of a parallel approach to the Field at some point he will um those

Bucks are going to go from dough Hangout To dough Hangout to water hole to food Plot whatever it might be they're Looking at all these areas for Doe's Well they're not going to just stick Around in their in their own bedding Area now I'm not saying that it's not a Good tactic to get into a betting area Especially when there's pressure Especially when you feel that you have a Buck pinpointed earlier in the season You know he's going to come back to that Buck betting area um maybe focusing on An area between Buck betting and dough Betting areas where you know bucks are Are always betting at the top of the Ridge over here Do's are closer to food Over here and you can hunt an outside Funnel where uh two wood Lots meet uh Come together at a point a very thick Area a creek bottom something connects Where you can sit and hunt and say you Know what do are over there bucks are Over there that's that perfect in Between but I love sitting on and Focusing on dough I think if you just Focus on a buck betting then it can be a Long set you're not going to see much Because he might be 2 miles away or he Might be4 mile away no need for him to Come back to bedding area if he's with a Dough and he's finding a dough Especially those big old boys that know Know the game so what I like pre hung

Stands if possible if you're hunting a Bedding area in the morning it's quiet Mornings are quiet you get into a stand Last thing you should be doing is going Up in a climber and and and you know a Tree settle could be good but you want To have a prehung platform you want to Have all your lanes done you want to be Into that location where you know you're Going to that tree you're climbing in This matter you don't have to stand There t uh the morning when I walked in I use a bow sling and so I have a bow Sling behind my back and I actually walk Up with that Dylan I don't even know if You've seen me use that but pretty cool Aon made it for me nice so pretty pretty Nice uh bow sling made Jen one too but We walk into the stand I was about 50 60 Yards from the stand I literally while I Was walking took my bow and removed the Rope for the bowling because I didn't Want to stand in one spot at the base of My stand and leave a bunch of scent Right at my stand while I was standing There taking that off so while I was Walking I was taking it off just moving As I was going so when I got to the Stand location I literally can throw my Bow on the Rope to lift it up and start Climbing I don't want to get gear out Put clothes on get a tree stadle fit on Me or whatever especially get a climber Out start climbing that noise can ruin a

Hunt think about this if there's a dough There folks it's time for the rut and That means you need to check out my rut Web class it'll help you navigate the Entire Rod but more importantly quiet Cat is one of our important partners and Through that partnership they've offered To clients people that contact us an Incredible discount and opportunity to Buy a new quiet cat look for an email That you can contact and the contact Information in the description but I Really want to pass that off to you um We don't do that very often but I want To make sure you guys don't miss out if You're looking and in the market for new Quiet cat And you a dough family group you're Hunting near and you spook those dos It's like a pinball so once you spook Those deer those deer run into other Deer those deer run into the food source And they don't go to that bedding area It's just a pinball effect deer hit deer Hit deer and then all of a sudden you're Hunting an empty bedding area because You made a bunch of noise going in so For me I like a pre-hung stand that I Can sneak into shooting lanes are Already done and just get into it now it Might be you're hunting on public land Well then I just want to make sure I've Scouted enough you know think about the Work that goes into private land

Someone's actually hung that stand Cleared the shooting Lanes they know the Access in and out public land's awesome You don't have to plant any food plots You don't have to do any water holes Maybe even mock scrapes just go hunt but The thing is you should have at least Put a little bit of effort into finding A tree ahead of time or knowing that you Could probably find a tree in this very Specific location you're hunting on the Edge of a creek that drops off whatever It might be so you're not just wandering Around in the dark looking for a stand And that's why I think it's important to Have something prehung preset you Already know what tree you're going to Set in on public land whatever it might Be again think of all that effort that Private land owners are putting into Their private land you should do the Same on public land you'll spend a lot Of time scouting finding these areas Ahad of Time how often should you sit in These stands I find that one to two Times per week is awesome and what I Mean by that is you know maybe in the Early season if you hit a stand twice in A week that might over overdo it three Times in a week especially four times The deer get used to being there I want Enough time for those dos to be back Into that area or around that area that I'm going to sit in and that sometimes

Only takes two or 3 days because people Are hunting on other properties all of a Sudden these dos come in they've been There for 2 days you've waited 5 days in Between sits and you're going back into Almost a fresh stand but again your Approach has already been taken care of Where you're blowing your scent you're Always on the outside of the bedding Area not in the bedding area that's Really key so then you can live to hunt Another day you're just going to the Outside I hunted this morning I'm on the Edge of the bedding area didn't see a Deer get out of there Monday I saw a Bunch of deer 12 Do's three bucks saw Some uh a nice buck that I passed up Nice 10-point heavy 10-point so bottom Line on those type of stands you can Still get away maybe even three times a Week but pick your times you're when you Get out and you're wondering if I should Hunt this again ask yourself did I spook Deer cuz if I spook deer there I want to Wait a week or more I want especially During the rut and it's during the rut I Know you're itching to go but wait some Days in between and then go back because If you hit it again the next day the Next day the next day thinking well Something's going to come in those bucks Know they know and I think I didn't see A buck this morning you know that buck I'm after because when I start seeing a

Bunch of doe it seemed like those bucks Follow they know that if this bedding Area is vacant why would they be there They're looking for scent they're Looking for sign if they're not finding Pellet urine scent they're not smelling Any dos that are in there why are they Going to go in there so they know Something's up and so once you start Seeing do's and fonds in these in these Dough beding areas then you know the Game's on and that M mature Buck might Be there especially if you given it some Time to rest so my number one rut stand Morning stand bedding area hunt Carefully make sure everything is preset And uh and man what a great hunt I'm Going to be hitting a lot of these over The next 2 3 weeks and I cannot wait I Appreciate you guys watching YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white till habitats Solutions.com Website or whhs Wildlife Blends or Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strates on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whel Of course we have hats on there and then

Make sure to check us out on Instagram Again but lots of stuff to offer we're Always coming out with new things and This isn't the end of it we have more Things coming soon make sure to check us Out

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