1 Year Deer Bedding Area Explosion Of Growth #deerhabitat #deerhunting #deerbedding

A year to the date we cut down here and Then now we're back again and it's Really been a huge accomplishment for What we were expecting what we wanted to And that was basically stems per acre And what that means is is we have all Kinds of raspberry brush coming in here We have lots of hardwood regeneration And most importantly we cut a lot of Aspen out down here so we have some Really good Aspen shoots you can see There's a shoot behind me it's already s Feet tall it has a rub down by the base Of it but there's thousands of shoots Behind me that equals deer food rabbit Food Grouse cover and cover for all Wildlife so in just one year we've Transformed this area and we don't need To do this all throughout the woods There's an acre here acre over there Acre in the distance and what that all Adds up to is we can take an area that's 30 acres in size make several 1 acre Cuting and we can improve not only the Quality of holding cover in the area but Daytime brows as well and that's the Form of the stems per acre

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