1st Sit Deer Hunting Strategy Reboot

Would you like to learn how to hunt the same stand over and over and over again, without spooking your stand and land? The 1st time you sit in a stand is a magical time of the year and here is how to keep the magic coming all season long…

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Now everyone knows about the first set Hunting strategy where you go into a Tree stand and obviously the first time You sit there is the best time the best Chance you have at shooting a mature Buck especially now let's face you know A lot of stand locations we have stands Out here even that if we went and sat We'd see dolls and fawns moving almost Every time we set but to go in and say Well I'm going to go into this stand and Shoot a mature buck one of the oldest Ones in the area in this little area of The woods it's hard to do that every Time you go out and the thought is of Course first sit best opportunity you're Hunting an unpressured stand and even They've done studies showing that you Know this is your how much your Percentage of opportunity goes down with Each set but I'm here to break that And to help you know how to break that First set and in the first set you know I have to admit a lot of my bucks um Probably 50 percent of my mature bucks Or more have been shot on the stand for The first time for the year but it's Because I don't hunt a lot of those Stands very often uh last year my buck Was shot in in Minnesota here on the Land it was a fourth day gun season shot And I bow was probably about the fifth Instead of that stand uh Jen the time Before shot a real nice mature buck and

Uh Dante had sat in there I sat with Dylan there once or twice but you know We're able to hunt stands over and over Again with a high quality opportunity With those subsequent sets and I want to Talk about how you do that and it's Really important what I find is a General rule is the more you need to Rely on a first sit hunting opportunity In a stand location to produce your box Produce those mature bucks for you the Worse your property is managed the Better your property is managed in those Stand locations then the less you have To rely on that first set because you Can get in and out of that stand Location and hunt it effectively without Spooking deer now talk about the setups Here in this particular stand it's a Stand we call the beaver and we've Enhanced this greatly last last year I Had five-year-old 45 he actually sat at The water hole here oh boy for 20 Minutes right at dark I had a hard time Getting out I had to wait for him to Move on it took a while but as a Five-year-old does he just stood there Right at 23 yards I couldn't even turn My cell phone on to let anyone know that I was still in the stand Jen was Wondering where I was at and why I Wasn't back yet and because our house is Just over there about 500 yards around The top of the hollow so anyways um

Great in the counter and that was the First time that I sat here in the stand So we have those opportunities but this Is a good stand and this is one that can Produce all year long the way we do that Is we're not going right back in the Middle of the cover in the middle of a Movement in the middle of the bedding Area we're hunting The Edge and we're Hunting an important Edge though for Example if you look behind me this is All mature Timber right here really open Timber we don't want to cut down that Timber we don't want to improve it we Don't want to make bedding area because We want to come down to the stand Location right over here next to the Kubota we want to come into that and Blow our scent up into that mature Timber that's very critical it's Critical that we blow our scent there It's critical that we blow our access Our noise actually enters through That mature Timber and then we get here We're getting to the edge and getting to The edge meaning I have a lot of Cuttings here that I took that I cut in The winter and those cuttings are Designed to either put deer about 50 60 Yards down behind the thick brush or if They're moving through the area they Move right on top of these cuttings Which is where we want them for a shot If you go down below here we spent a lot

Of time cutting bedding area down here In the bottom and that bedding area Extends from about 50 yards this way to About 300 yards that way really big Bedding and then there's big bedding on A point over here about three four Hundred yards away and then created a Lot of bedding over that way about 150 Yards so we have we're coming into kind Of like if you imagine a kind of a Lopsided bow tie where we have bedding Up there we're hunting that funnel right Here and then we have big bedding down Below we're just coming into this Outside edge of movement we're not even Coming to the back side of bedding Betty Is down below 50 60 yards or more When you're on that edge and you have Bedding extending for 300 yards yeah Something could bet on the edge right Here but likely they're in interior a Little bit for a little bit more what That does for us when we come into this This is more dull habitat up here closer To the food sources and then we have Room for box back there so everything's In a really tight window and we're just Coming to that edge now we we choose in An area like this we have water hole and So we installed this water hole last Year we had a lot of really good luck Really good pictures here and There's reason for those deer to come to This Edge then

Now when we get up top we have this Movement this is just accenting this Movement kind of remember kind of think About we're adding this water hole to The middle of the bow tie where we Expect to see deer on that funnel Because we have this Precision movement Right here we have a mock scrape we have The water hole we have the edge of the Cuttings is more of a tornado zone that Funnels them up here we have bedding That way bedding that way then we can Offer a really precise location when we Have a precise location then we know When we come into the stand we're not Spooking as many deer when we leave the Stand we're not spooking his deer of Course when we're on stand or bone are Sent the right direction we're not Spooking deer and when you look at this We have big food that way we have big Food over that way we have a nice little Field up here and in that field first Year we had it planted in food because We wanted to clean it up kill the weeds And then I immediately the second year Planted in switchgrass so this is the Third growing season of switchgrass up There We have switchgrass up there because What is a big block it's about a third Of an acre of switchgrass mean it means That deer won't bed there it's blocking Our access getting in and out we can

Blow our scent towards that switchgrass Now we have a couple rabbit Huts up There pheasant are in the area so we Have pheasant rabbits the cuttings along The edge for the rabbit Huts gives us Some Grouse so it's great for wildlife But it really represents an area where We can blow our scent into just right There 70 80 yards back into an area we Know deer are not going to bed because It's a solid solid patch of switchgrass So that's key too so we've looked at Everything on this side Is non-dear everything from the middle Of the bow tie the sides of the bow tie And down they're all deer all the time We're coming into this precise point if We were coming in to the back side of The bedding we're more likely to Spook Deer afternoon we'd have to be a morning Only hunt we like this because it's a Transition between all these areas so we Can come into this area in the morning We can come into there this area in the Evening and these deer largely are Traveling this direction of that bow tie We don't spoke dear so with that Precision what does that let us do in The end It lets us hunt this stand over and over And over again without spooking deer This is not a first set Wonder stand And we don't like having those on the Property if we feel like we have to go

Into a stand and the best set is going To be our first set that's a really bad Thing because that means we're being Invasive we're blowing our scent into Deer areas we're spooking deer I'll give You the opposite of what this is right Here the opposite is going into a one Acre food plot Putting one of our favorite Redneck Blinds out in the middle of it and then Every time we get in and out of that Stand with total disregard of morning Evening or where the deer are at we're Spoken deer That is truly the definition of a first Set stand Where you can't get in and out of that Stand without spooking deer so every Subsequent set I mean you go into an open food plot Like that that a lot of deer are coming To and you sit in the middle of it and Out now now if we're in portions of Iowa Kansas Kentucky some of the really good Premium States I call them Fantasyland States where there's not a lot of Hunting pressure you might go get away With more sets but eventually there's a Diminishing return even in those States But that is the true definition of a One-sit Wonder stand where you go into The middle of food plot you spook those Deer and by the third or fourth set you Don't see a deer so you went from

Several bucks several dozen fawns no Family groups coming into a certain food Plot you go there and sit you have a Good set or not shoot a deer or not next Hit you go in half as many deer or less And probably the older ones are not There by the time again you get into That third or four set they're just not There that's a one set stand location And that's where a lot of those Studies Have been completed when we go into this Green plot we drive our ATV in well but We park 100 yards away so we're being Careful and then walk in 100 yards even Though the deer heard you a half a mile Coming and we sit you have a decent set The next set the next set the next set So I even know people that save their Stands tell that magic date of November 5th or November 6th and they go in and They say well I'm going to use it at That point folks if you have to wait It's either bad hunting strategy bad Access bad stand locations bad Combination of habitat improvements Think about your stand locations can you Get away with multiple sits in a row Without spooking deer always remember When you leave a stand location you go Back to your buddies your family your Friends and you talk about what you saw Talk about why you spooked that's what's Really important we come into this stand Location that's really cool if we saw a

Monster in there we saw a couple does Here but if we spoke deer getting in and Out of there we don't see that monster Down there we don't have a chance of Shooting them later we just don't see Those does anymore That's what you really need to be Concerned about and if you really are Concerned about how many deer are spoken In and out of your stand and you're not Spoken any you have very low risk of Spooking any guess what that one set Will understand that you thought was the Ones that understand turns into five six Seven eight sets throughout a season so That's how you get the most out of some Of your preferred setups and hopefully You have all preferred setups on your Property we try not to have any ones That Wonder stands we want to be able to Hunt them multiple times what does that Do overall it pushes our percentage of Opportunity it doesn't matter if you're Managing private land or public land It's the same I hunt the same way on Public land I want to go into a spot Especially when I'm not just going in For two or three days and burning it out I actually need to manage that public Landsat I want to have stands that I Kind of over and over again sometimes You have to go all in on public land You're trying to beat others to a spot Whatever

But most of us have to manage our sets And if you manage your sets to not be One hit wonder One set stand strategies Then not only will your property improve The amount of bucks and does you see Overall your ability to hold box of Track bucks and advance in the next age Class mold to make make up your herd Improve your herd Dynamics but you have A lot more fun and you'll have a great Hunt this fall every fall and Beyond hey Folks I really appreciate you watching And I want to invite you to check out Our main website Whitetailhabitatsolutions.com I'm going to miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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