2 Foods Bucks Need On Small Parcels

On private land, bucks need 2 very different types of food sources, IF your desire is to grow a quality herd and hunt. Here is the food type that bucks need during the day, afternoon and at night if your goal is to attract mature bucks to your land…

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Now there are two types of food that you Need on your land to attract and hold Bucks you know one of the things about Bucks you have to kind of consider Biologically how they different than Those other than the obvious one of the Things they have a giant home range Doe's have a lot smaller home range Consider that Bucks have a home range Several times greater than Doe's Do's Are home bodies what that means is a lot Of times those dos are sandwich into a Habitat they Fawn there they stay there All summer and if you have thick cover You have good food in the fall they'll Stick around their home bodies there's Not really much of a reason for them to Leave unless there's a drastic change in Weather depending on the region you're In up north and up Michigan Northern Minnesota Wisconsin they'll actually Travel to yarding areas migration routes And that might be they're traveling Miles away when it comes to Bucks though They're home range during the fall and Again we don't really care where they're At in June July August August we don't Care where they're at in in February March April because we look at that Huntable area and when you have private Land then you're only looking at uh this Fall time of the year and when you're on Public land the same Foods apply except For one drastic difference we'll talk

About here in a second but you have to Have these two types of food in bucks With their large home range if you don't Have it if it's not where you hunt on Public land if you don't build it on Private land they're going to go find it And they probably already know about it Because it's within their large home Range first type of food that you have To have you have to have harder Regeneration shrub tips Brier tips Acorns are a compl compliment to that Apple trees soft Mass pears whatever it Might be is a complement to that meaning That acorns apples pears they can't be Your food source all hunting season long To attract and hold those Box in an area you hunt on public land Or where you build it on private land However hardwood regeneration shrub Regeneration Briars weeds that diversity Of early successional growth is what Actually holds deer for a certain period Of time on your property and you look at This hardwood regeneration what's Interesting about this is because in the Northern portions of the country now I'd Say northern half you know say North North of Missouri north of Kentucky you Know that line right through there West Virginia because Frost and freeze hit And all herbaceous growth is dead in the Woods all that green growth of Forbes And forages then you need something else

Now when you get down south that Herbaceous growth because there might Not be frost or killing Frost you get a Lot of that green that hangs on through The entire season so it's a little bit Different there we're not counting on Herbaceous growth up here because it's All dead so we have to have hardwood Regeneration we have to have that early Successional growth to actually feed Deer and also that equals our cover you Can see behind me back in here we've Caught a lot of Aspen there's a giant Hole back here in big window that you Can see right in there in the skyline And that hole is representative of about A quarter acre cut right here and Because that tips off to the South and Southeast we get a lot of sunlight Coming in that hole for regeneration we Have thousands of shoots per and those Cuting that are 50 ft over there throw Out in this lateral root system all this Aspen growth that's back here and you Can see most these are browsed on CU Deer come in and out of Here but it throws that Aspen growth all The way up into this trail system cuz It's not that far away that we cut and You can see this extending all the way Back here so we cut the nearest Aspen is Behind Me uh 20 yards 30 yards but because Because of the height of the trees look

At all this Aspen regeneration that's Coming all the way up into this field Right here very critical so it's not Just Aspen regeneration if you have a Hardwood timber cutting you have hard Maple cherry oak whatever it is deer Have to have that not only for brows but Daytime cover I hope you can kind of see How they have both there in that case so Now they have to have this they have to Have that regeneration consider there's Nothing else available Sometime in October November December January February March critical for him Highly critical and this is why when They have a good fall range even up North you'll see deer don't go down to The deer yards when there's no snow when It's not cold they stay back up in their Fall range I've had client properties Where one year on staining beans we have Record snowfall over 100 Ines in an area In Wisconsin 4 Acres of beans 5 acre of Bean that deer loving dur in the winter Time and there's 50 deer there all Winter long next year same food no deer Well it's not that they all died it's Because the winter was so Drastically that much warmer the second Year that they didn't have all that snow The D didn't have to leave their fall Ranges their fall ranges are include all This right here they include all this Regeneration so that being said that's

Only half of it on private land if You're on public land look for this Hardwood regeneration look for areas Like this that have diversity during the Winter time if it has some Conifer off To the side deer yards and they'll leave This to go to those deer yards because Those deer yards actually include Thermal protection and they need that During the winter time and at some point That trumps this hard regeneration and Early successional growth and they have To leave but if they don't have to leave Because of snow depth they'll stay in The fall ranges and I even saw and Observed where you'd have a doe family Group and it would migrate and you could Follow those tracks for two two and a Half miles down a migration Trail and Then when that snow melted they go right Back and they do it again melt they come Right back we're talking November December eventually the snow would Settle in in an area like that in the up Of Michigan and those deer would leave Completely but up until that time they Want to be back to this fall range and It's so critical it doesn't matter if It's on public land or you build it on Private land you have to have this this Is a daytime browse I apologize for Cutting in the video I'll try to keep This 20 seconds or less but we're Thinking about planting and so is

Lincoln at Packer Max and right now he Doesn't offer very many deals it's $50 Off check out the code whhs 50 it's in The link in the description try them Great product check it out you won't be Sorry but I'm privately in that's all You Got you're in big trouble because at Some point you have someone in the area That has food like This so you have those high quality food Plots that we try to build on private Land and this hardwood regeneration and Early successional growth that's in here Is only half of the equation on private Land private land you have to have this Cuz if you only have that now if you're The only one for miles and I mean four Five six miles or more in the area in a Big wooded Section if you're the only one that has This it's all Woods there's no Agland There's no other food plots there's no Other private land that would have food Plots then you'll probably do pretty Well just having that no different than Having a big giant clearcut on public Land but the second that a neighbor 2 to Three miles away puts in a quality food Source and food plot system they're Going to take those deer that are on Your land they're going to pile them Around there and here's the thing They'll probably do it poorly what I

Mean by that is most people over hunt Their food they pressure the food Sources during hunting season that Pushes the deer off during the daylight But if you're the only one in the Neighborhood that has a quality food Plot those deer are still going to come In at night and they'll still Center That deer herd from the area around your Food they just won't come in during the Daylight especially those mature bucks Food plots are critical on private land It's a onew punch go back to deer Feeding five times in a 24-hour period That first feeding to me is right in the Early morning hours when they come back Into their bedding areas and they have This browse maybe they feed on the food Plot a little bit going back to their Bedding area then they feed during their In their bedding hours let's say late Morning noon time that has to include This browse right here then for their Food source right before dark which to Me sets the clock of feeding every Single day so that changes with the Light then they want to feed in a high Quality food source now if on public Land they might want to go to a big open Oak flat they might want to go into a Big clearcut but whatever is the food Sources the mo of the moment they're Going to go hit it and they want safe And social open and that's where the

Food plots come in now after dark around Here in Agland we want the deer feeding Out on the neighbors egg Fields after Dark could be plowed under could be Standing corn still could be cut corn Chopped corn picked corn could be Harvested beans doesn't really matter it Could be old hay it's already stemmed Out from frost but that's where they go At night it's away from the woods it's Safe social they can easily avoid Predators out there but that equals Those big food sources that are critical But when you look at just during the Daylight you're still talking this in Their bedding hours in this food plot System for that last feeding of the day You have to have both and this is where People start to get confused because They'll say well you can have acorns you Can have soft Mass that's just more of The same in fact acorns are really hard To digest just like this Woody brows in Here fawns can't feed on this Woody Brows during when they're first born in The first two months 3 months right Around here they can't digest this Woody Brows so it's hard to digest acorns are Hard to digest too so you can't just Have a diet of acorns even going into The fall and that's where if you have Acorns dropping in your woods and you Have really high quality food sources of Food plots and green makes sense they

Eat this stuff right here they need to Take a drink it's all dry and hard to Digest that's where they come out to These green food sources no different Than if you have a bunch of corn in November it's dry there's not much Moisture in it and know if it sits in The snow it doesn't collect more Moisture that's kind of a myth or a Little funny thing going around online Right now that's an excuse for people Knocking over their corn because it's Easier for deer to eat um if the corn is Laying down because you run it over with A machine it's easier for deer to eat

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