2023 Best Kill Plot Mix

After 29 seasons of research, this is my favorite kill plot mix to hunt over for this deer season. While food plots aren’t always appropriate to hunt over, they are if you plant this type of blend and follow this kill plot planting strategy…

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Now one thing's for sure when we get to This time of year August September You know I have a food plot seed company And my attention is really turn into Deer hunting and deer hunting strategy I Can't wait to go out and Hunt so Some of you out there might be getting Sick of talking about food plots but one Of the last things I want to cover for The year is the perfect hunting food Plot mix and perfect food plot planting For a kill plot for a hunting plot we've Talked about deer hunting plot how we Want diversity for the entire season we Want forage that are available for six Weeks and then the next six weeks is Covered they overlap but you have the Whole hunting season covered but when it Comes to a hunting plot and a kill pot I Want to pass through and I want Clover On that and the cool thing about a Pass-through Clover plot meaning this is Less than a quarter acre deer on the way To another food source somewhere else Just to pass through is that we can have Clover in a location like this and it's Not bringing a huge dough population in For the entire season holding a bunch of Deer here all summer long and expanding Our deer population we don't need more Deer we need more box and we need more Bucks we want to have a good herd we Want to promote that herd we want to Protect that buck age class we want to

Promote them to the next stage class and That's how you're creating a quality Herd so we fill the land up with does With a bunch of summer food sources then We're not going to have great herd going Into the fall because it's too dull Populated that's a really bad thing so I Love a clover plot when it's small and You have bigger larger holding plots That hold deer with diversity all season Long and then send them off somewhere Else after dark this is a different case Bucks will use this during the daylight They'll go through here mid morning mid Afternoon it's very remote and it's just A pass-through so what's cool about a Clover plot here is it's not big enough To hold a bunch of does and fawns on in Fact they're up on all the big fields Around us it's not big enough to hold a Lot of Dos and fawns on all summer long And increase the population they're Still scattered around up in the fields All over the place and other people's Property but when any time the mature Buck comes through here during the Summer just establishing his boundaries As territory and just wandering through He's going to come into a spot like this He's going to know there's food here and He's going to be back during the fall You're just establishing that pattern of Use maybe get gets kicked off The Neighbors because they're working on the

Tree stands or planting food plots or Driving through the land he moves off That property he comes through a place Like this randomly in July or August or September sometime and then he's back During the season so how do you get this Clover planted in here because if you Plant clover in the late summer it's not Appreciable for the fall some of my Favorite ways to plant it we have our Dual threat 365 as we plant Brassica and Then we have that Clover base underneath So what happens is the deer eat the Brassica the Brassica dies out over the Winter time and you're left with pure Clover great way to establish Culver You're doing it at a time where you can Help your your fall hunt and get Something established and then you're Getting in that the Clover established At a time when the weeds are dying Moisture is on the increase as opposed To the spring drought kills most Clover Plots during the summertime in a lot of Areas it's really hard to grow and you Get that Clover established at a safe Time again in the spring we'll come into An area like this like I see a Sandy Area back here where the where the Growth is a little bit low We may have some thick areas where Clover could be more it could be a Little bit more thin The Chicory that's In here bird foot tree fly off Alpha the

Bottom line is we can come back in here We can Frost eat a little bit if it's a Little thin in the areas but it's a Great way to establish the Clover and Get that nice green Lush growth by next May really great way now another way to Establish this too Is we have our Thunder oats there are Cold hardy oats mix those with our Perennial plot power next year that'll Be an actual product with their come Already mixed and a half acre bag of 40 Pounds of Oats per acre plus the Clover For a half half acre So be 20 pounds of Oats four pounds of Clover mix or perennial mix for a half Acres planting And but bottom line is you're only Getting 40 pounds of Oats that's perfect For a spring planting on well-prepared Seed bed maybe you had a chemical Controlled field the year before there Was a food plot you hit it again with For weeds in the spring and then you Throw those oats Those cold hardy oats and then you throw The perennial down and mix those two and Then you have a great crop during the Summer and you have a nurse crop of Oats To help nurse that perennial along Without drowning it out it's our acting As shade and nurse crop You can also plant this this that this Time of year 40 pounds of Oats per acre

Is about right for a complimentary Forage two That perennial perennial plot so you're Planting the oats planting that with the Perennial plot The old so at 40 pounds is not enough to Carry the the herd through the season And have a great food source on that Hunting plot so what I like doing is you Take that hunting plot you have the Perennial plot power you have the oats In there 40 pounds per acre And then you add about 150 pounds of Rye More mid-september in our range right Here now that might be more like early October in your location but bottom line Is those oats and perennial mix you can Plant a little bit later than Brassica Top dress with Rye later you kill the Rye out in the spring with clothydim It's a grass specific herbicide the oats Die out during the winter and most of The north third of the country might Have to kill those out in Spring And uh in lower Southern areas Great way to either establish Clover with Brassica in our case around August 1st Louisiana that might be early September mid-september down south great Way to establish with Brassica if the Deer like Brassica in your area Established that earlier or oats a Little bit later oats around here we can Plant all the way to Labor Day weekend

And then top dress with Rye about three Weeks after that just to get established And then you're left with that pure Clover in the spring after killing the Ryer oh it's out you can mow it out too Bottom line is clover is an outstanding Food plot for a pass-through plot again Not creating too many does during the Summer time not adding too many deer to Your property we have 17.5 Acres of food Plots out here if we had 17.5 Acres of Clover be a very bad thing Because we'd fill our property with Doles and fawns great summer grounds for Does and fawning areas and we just Multiply the population of those and Funds on our property to an extreme Number which would ultimately displace Box and make this more of a dole hunting Property instead of a buck hunting Property very easy to do in that case Even if we had six seven acres of Perennial here instead we have about an Acre and a half to two acre total spread Out over the entire property of pasture Clover plots and that's not enough to Push the population up but it's a Perfect amount to establish nice little Clover pass-through plots that mature Bucks will get to know over the summer Time and then definitely come back to in The fall this is how we establish our Clover been actually doing this since 1999 so I know it works been doing this

For a very very long time and uh whether It was Rye oats Brassica lots of ways to Establish this what you don't want to do Though is mix the Brassica with the oats And Rye to a really high degree either Because the Ryan oats would shade out This turn it all yellow by now and stemi They'd be nutrient starved in terms of Purple radish they shrivel up trust me I Found that out 20 years ago so you don't Have to repeat my mistakes that's why I'm here to help you a bottom line great Way a couple different ways to establish Clover in your Fields whether it's fall Earlier in the fall later in the summer Early spring lots of ways to get Clover Established safely on your land a couple Different mixes to do so and in the end You'll be left with a beautiful Stand a perennial mix That can last for a decade or more if You take care of it frequent mowings There's chemicals you can apply and the Bottom line is you can have a nice Little perennial plot like this and a Hunting pass-through plot manager for Many years to come for a low cost per Acre in a high powered attraction on Your hunting plots for each and every Season for many years to come I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on Whitetail

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