2023 Whitetail Rut Forecast

When and where will the 2023 whitetail rut begin and how should you hunt it! These are the answers and many more that you will need to know before the 2023 deer season begins, and you have come to the right place to figure out exactly how to hunt the 2023 whitetail rut…

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Well you've come here for a 2023 Whitetail rot forecast video and that's Something I started writing articles About and forecasting every single year Going back at least 12 years somewhere On there and uh and then we shot a few Videos and Really what I wanted to discuss in this Video and we'll discuss when it's going To be in your area here in a second I Want to discuss where do you hunt and Why and how to maximize your rut how to Get the most out of your rut and make Sure that you're on track for a Successful 2023 Whitetail rot and you Can apply these tactics to the Future Too Now when it comes to the rut I want to Find a stand location that gives a lot Of mature Buck use and they're going to Use over and over again throughout the Rut and in any time of the day and so That breaks down like I like hunting the Backside of betting areas especially in The early part of the rut and we'll go Through each one of these but bedding Area is limited because the deer are Leaving that location towards night food Sources are limited because they're only Going to the food source at night so I Love water holes mock scrapes cruising Areas benches inside Corners because That gives me the most activity all day And that's why we took the resources of

Putting an actual really nice blind up Here we have a redneck blind here Um in this location because it's a spot Where we can you know come into and use This spot over and over again so that Means we want a nice blind here and uh We also have the rut Minnesota the rut Is actually during opening day of gun Season which is the first November uh First weekend in November every year so Before we get to some of those tactics Of when and where and why let's talk About the win In the wind in your area I hate to burst your bubble Doesn't matter what the moon's doing Doesn't even matter what the weather's Doing the does are going to come into Estrus in the same time at the same time In your area every single year in fact The same Dole will come in at the same Time every single year that's really Important to understand that you even Have folks that go around and Artificially inseminate horses That horse will come into heat at the Same time every single year so they know They can time their routes around when These horses are coming into heat and And breeding them by when that certain Individual horse you know that's we talk About like down in the South you know up In the north is a different animal like Clockwork almost to the day when they

Start coming in we go down south if you Know on this little island to cover over Here you remember outstanding rutting Activity taking place on December 12th Last year and you believe those mature Does that are in that area and we're Really causing that rot and starting to Come into heat are still alive you Better get back in that area the same Time this year and you'll experience That running activity but as we go Towards the north you know people have Rut watches meaning that these deer are Coming into heat so the rut's on well Over here two miles away supposedly the Rut's off because nothing's coming into Heat and what you'll find is the doughs Come into heat at the same time every Year it's very predictable when you get Up to the north and let's say the Pre-rot time where you start wanting to Hunt those bedding areas I love hunting Bedding areas in pre-rot because while The Bucks aren't active typically all Day long this isn't the type the time of The year to sit all day in one spot They're very active for the morning Hours while it's still cool right in That pre-rut time that's when they're Starting to really lay down a bunch of Rubs and scrapes and you can really get In on a block in that pre-rut get a Chance before it actually gets ready and Leaves the property looking for another

Dole that's that pre-rot time I'm really Focusing on those bedding areas that Pre-rut in your area will take place I'd Say Northern Kentucky Central Kentucky Over into Tennessee even West Virginia That rut period will take place more Mid-november early November 10th of November that pre-rut period where when We're in here I'm sitting here in Southeast Minnesota Southwest Wisconsin Over into Southern Michigan New York Northern Pennsylvania that rut's going To that pre-rot period is going to take Place last week of October so you start Looking for a cruising running scraping Chasing activity that time even though The rut is not in full swing yet and Then if you're in between from let's say Southern Tennessee all the way to Upstate New York you can look at okay That pre-rut is going to begin anywhere From mid-november and then you can back That up Kansas might be more like 10th Of November 12th of November Oklahoma Where that's going to be taking place That same level of running activity is Going to be taking place October 26th Here in the north and even a little bit Later tighter window when you move Further north more to the end of October So think about those timings for your Area when you're talking the northern Three-quarters of the country because When you get down the South funds don't

Have to be born on time to survive you Know if a fawn is born two months early Up here it's born in snow if it's born Two months late it's too small going Into the winter and it can't doesn't Have enough body mass and insulation to Actually an energy reserves to keep it Alive during the winter time so Mother Nature has dictated the windows a lot Tighter the further north you go a Breeding down south you can happen over A three-month period and that's okay Because those little fawns can make it If they're born too early or too late For up here they'll survive down there But think about that Northern Three-quarters of the country that Window of the rut beginning anywhere From late October last week of October All the way in the middle of November Then that Peak rut that's when they're Moving all day long Imagine a bunch of dolls just starting To come into heat they're just coming in Right here that's that pre-rut when you Have a dough here and there coming in All of a sudden a whole bunch are coming In and there's a lot more does and Bucks Most people realize that that's what I Call the lockdown phase when all of a Sudden you went from pre-rut it's really Active morning hunting is really good All of a sudden your scrapes aren't Opening up and more bucks are finding

Dough is easily to breed they don't need To move much they don't need to seek Chase and all of a sudden things are Starting to slow down we're moving that End of October pre-rut to around here When you really start getting into Full-blown rotter gonna it's gonna be Like November 5th November 6th Deer just flying around that might be November 16th 15th 14th 18th in Kansas Over to West Virginia just depends on Where you're at and like I said Individual Doles will vary a little bit Within that That's when I'm starting to look at okay Lockdown does mean you don't hunt it Means you have to hunt all day because You don't know when that buck is going To leave a doe is first dough maybe a Second dough and he's going to look for More when you get into full-blown Peak Rut which is only about a week to 10 Days after pre-rot that buck is going to Be searching anywhere for his first Dough is really easy to find they breed One they usually breed two to four During the primary rut not a lot it's Going to be every five days four days Not there's days in between not hours so Breathe this one then he's going to Leave that second one is going to become A little bit harder there's more Competition now by the time he gets that Third one instead of staying close to

Home and in that bedding area he's Starting to range out and that's that Peak rut that's where I want to find a Stand location between food between Bedding and in this case that's why we Put our water holes here we have bedding Down below we have bedding way in the Distance that way about 200 yards we Have food that way we have a big bedding Area that way we have food on the other Side so we're in that acts of movement In all directions we have bedding and Food in different directions all around And that means a buck could swing Through here during daylight at any time That's why we have a good blind here we Can sit all day we put a stand location I hunt probably you know mostly my rut Stands I'm hunting out of tree stands And when the weather's bad gun Seasons I'm starting to get in the blinds a Little bit more but bottom line whatever Blind or stand ladder stand we have Tripods we like to hunt out of two from Family traditions your favorite stands That's where I'm sitting all day looking For that extra movement that's why a Water hole is great right here so Imagine they go from pre-rot where They're getting ready they're spending a Lot of time and moving around a lot During their betting hour morning hours Then all of a sudden they hit the Lockdown you don't know when they're

Going to be coming off their first dull Then things start getting normal into That Peak rut they could be anytime Anywhere and then all of a sudden the Post rut happens what does that means That means a percentage of does might Even still be coming into heat there's Still those coming in but now the woods Have been saturated with Hunters deer Been pressured a lot of the breeding Starts to take place at night and those Big boys don't want to let go and so When we get into the around here the 10th 12th 14th of November the rut Really shuts down unfortunately a lot of States if you look up State data for When breeding takes place Most states Don't separate the primary rut from the Second rut in early November what does That do it shows an average breeding Date pushed back towards December that's A really bad thing if you go into like State of Georgia there's ruts all over The map because they're just looking at Individual rutting there's no Rhyme or Reason to any of it there's nothing Consistent and that's why you go from The state of Georgia when you look at a Breeding map and you go to an adjacent State and right on state land line Breeding Windows change significantly That's why you can't go by data because This state agency records it this way This one records it this way and this

One over here records in another way So from State Line breeding dates don't Matter when you go 100 yards over there On a different state line they do if They're breeding windows are recorded And so that's why you get some Discrepancy just trust me on those dates So when you get down south Georgia Florida Alabama Louisiana you can have More of a trickle rut When you get into the second when you Get into the post right around here that Activity is really slowing down Significantly you have a hard time Seeing chasing but that's when I'm Spending my time in between here I'm Spending on food sources I'm looking for Does Because if I'm filing the dose those Mature bucks are going to know when Those where those does are at and They're going to find them they're going To move long distances to do so you got To find locations that have unpressured Pockets of hunting pressure Meaning Remote areas little hidden Corners a lot Of times that stand you didn't think Would be that great turns into an Awesome stand because it's out in the Corner no one's hunted it all year Always remember your best and I started Saying a long time ago your best stand Should be the next stand you shoot a big

Buck out of not your last always Remember that I've been talking about That for many years and that couldn't be True more when it comes to the rot I Always think about where that neck stand Might be what kind of current activities There then that post run I'm looking for All-day movement especially though in The evening really looking at those food Source movements with does looking for That big monster that might have come Onto the land and some more food sources Post rut Middle Run I'm looking for These action movements pre-run them Focusing more on betting times and That's going to take place in about a Two three week window and then it's gone People will say well where'd they go They're not nocturnal those bucks are Resting they go hard for three weeks Burning 20 of their fat reserves offer More body weights gone down 25 30 pounds All of a sudden they want to rest and They just lay around now they might have Had food sources the end of November Early December until the second rut Comes all of a sudden that second rut Window comes that's where I'm back to my Bedding area mornings and focus on that Lockdown that's when a lot of does were Coming in that means some were missed But bottom line is I'm looking at that Lockdown phases early November around Here

Might be mid-november in Kansas 10th of November 18th somewhere around there But I'm looking at Arkansas you know that's another one That could be a trickle rut in there but Definitely later in the year I'm looking at going fast forward about A month and that's when that secondary Rut takes place I'm focusing again on Those bedding areas all-day movement and An X like this and then certainly those Evening foods are so you're kind of Looking at a tight window 10 days Instead of three weeks and you're Focused on all of it let sine lead you To success and what will lead you to Success in navigating the entire rut Regardless of the timing in your area Which again takes place at the same time The weather doesn't tell those to come Into heat that's nature the amount of Light in the sky that's the same every Single year the moon doesn't tell deer When they come in that's a that's a Farce they're going to come in at the Same time every year but what pushes Daylight activity well obviously you Know we're here in southeast Minnesota Even if it was Southern Indiana Let's say you get 85 degree temperatures 90 degree Temperatures and 40 mile an hour wind Right in your Peak root period Well it's Going to slow down daylight activity

Box will still be breeding does at night It still takes place but that weather Can significantly slow down daylight Activity that's why during the south in A trickle rot I'm going to hunt good Weather because yeah the rot might be Taking place but if it's really hot Really windy hot being all relative to Your area and three days from now it's Going to drop 14 degrees I want to hunt Then I don't care if it just dropped From 94 to 80 and it's still warm and You're in Georgia I still want to go out To that stand I still want to go out to The stand at that time because that drop In weather means there's a lot of Weather coming through a deer will Probably pinned down because of that Weather hail thunderstorms lightning Whatever it might be heavy snow up to The north blizzard conditions going to Slow activity down naturally the thing About someone says the weather doesn't Matter ask them how many mature bucks They see in blizzards during the Daylight in a thunderstorm lightning You're telling me deer don't react to Weather come on look at the extremes That'll tell you that they do react to Weather so whether you're hunting the Pre-rut the peak rot the post rut the Secondary rut the lockdown really really Focus on those changes in weather those Cold shots of Arctic air that are coming

Down changing the temperature that Temperature it's all relative you might Have just gone from highs in the low 40s To to high 20s or might be 90 down into High 70s huge significant changes that Were brought on the bigger the change And temperature drop the more extreme The weather to get it there the more Extreme the weather the more deer are Sitting around not going out to their Major food sources getting filling their Bellies The more they're going to react you Throw that during the run any one of Those phases during the rut and it's Like putting those conditions on Steroids really pushes them so again It's going to take place the same time Every year focus more on bedding areas In the pre-rot focus more on anywhere During the peak rot focus on those food Sources and Dome movements in the second Rut and I'm not even saying you don't Hunt bedding areas or water holes at all Those times of the rot let the sign tell You but I'm just saying if I was just Making a choice black and white I'm Going to focus on bedding and pre-rut Everywhere during the peak rut Especially in an AXA movement like we Have right here and I'm going to focus More on food looking for does in the Post rot second ear rut I'm going to Compact all those choices of stand

Locations into a 10-day window really Looking for that about 30 days after the Lockdown begins and bottom line is you Can navigate the rut every single year We have a rut hunting web class we have About 10 videos 12 videos Dylan do you Remember exactly 13 13 videos so and It's really just helping you navigate The entire rut we have our honey and Hills and thermals web class really Helping you put it all together when You're hunting those Hills and thermals There's so much we have many different Examples of how the wind moves around Those thermals but bottom line you can Help you navigate through the rut in That rut hunting web class I just want You guys to have a successful Rod you Know whether it's a pre-rut peak post That's a great way to navigate the rut You know you could sit in one stand hunt The rut every single year It's not about that it's about taking Those best weekends saying I want three Long weekends during the pre-peak Post-rut periods those three week Periods I want three long weekends I'm Gonna go in and I'm gonna hit each one Of these hard slant it towards the Weather hopefully the boss lets you give Them a week or 10 days and often advance I know not everyone can do that get to Enjoy All Phases of the rut in your Success rate will Skyrocket

I can always count on getting my my Target box every year getting an Opportunity 80 percent of the time over A 10-year period at my two top Target Box in the different states Can always get those opportunities by Learning how to navigate the learning How to jump around different times You're not putting all your pressure on Evening food source stands or morning Bedding area stands you're understanding Why it happens each one of those places So 2023 Whitetail rot forecast when's it Going to happen just talked about it's Going to happen at the same time every Single year in your area don't go by the State reporting data can really throw Things off you can even see it from County to County they're inconsistent a Lot of times let alone a state line I've Looked at all those Maps trust me Understand why it's happening in your Area and understand if you're in say Southern Wisconsin And you get to the 15th of November and You're wondering when the rut's going to Begin they already missed it and you Missed it by three weeks already began Three weeks earlier he missed all those Times to be actually out in the woods And why does that happen in one area the Two miles away it's not because old box Brought more old bucks leave more sign You have a four-year-old five-year-old

Buck he'll make hundreds of rubs year And a half old Buck will make five Scrapes the same thing it's Exponentially more when they get older So if you have an older buck in your Area it's going to look like the rut is On in another area where you don't have An older box it's going to look like It's not that's why the rut report Watches things like that where this Person saying it's starting over here And this person's saying it hasn't Started yet five miles away both it Started in the same area It's not going to be in one area not the Other area But that's why there's a difference so Always just know that hey when it comes To End of October up here to the north It's starting to begin middle of November down to Kansas Tennessee West Virginia Virginia and that line and North all the way up to Vermont a Northern State New Hampshire Maine That's going to be that end of October And then you get down to more Mid-november in those Southern States And when you get to the true Southern States you can throw everything out the Window hunt by the weather hunt Individual does in a certain area Remember each area where you experience Great running activity the year before

And likely those Doles will be in that Same area you can go back and experience A ride even in the South you can say I'm Going to hunt this weekend because you Knew that dough came into that area and I hope that makes a lot of sense for you I know we flipped around a lot here and I wanted to show you guys a good example Of an all-day rut stand whether I have a Blind on here or a tree stand or not And I just want you to navigate Throughout this year again if you need Extra help check out that Whitetail rot Web class we have and oh by the way Every stand location one of these mock Scrapes here I think Dylan and I did a Thing on it what it cost 60 cents on Average and that's the Paracord no scent We let the Box accumulate does fawns They rub their purolo gland scent on That takes the focus of you in a blind Or tree stand nearby when they come in Gives you a lot better shot ability to Make shot great for young Hunters too we Have one of those at every stand Location To help you not only navigate the rot But the entire deer hunting season hope You have a great hunt hope you enjoyed This video we talked about a lot of Strategy most of all have a great Rod Hunt this fall hey folks I really Appreciate you watching and I want to Invite you to check out our main website

Whitetailhabitatsolutions.com I'm going To miss all these but we have seed to Offer hats articles web classes books Consultations and even a new podcast I Think we have 17 podcasts out there Right now for you to listen to so we Have a lot to offer most of all if you Don't want to buy anything I'm going to Keep offering free videos free articles We have over 600 articles on the site And most of all thank you very much for Watching reading listening being a part Of white habitat Solutions if you want To check this stuff out awesome links Are in the description

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