2024 Mathews Lift Hunting Review

I do not say this about every new Mathews bow, but the new 2024 Mathews Lift is my favorite bow of all time! And that’s saying a lot considering I have been shooting Mathews bows since 1992. From ease of setup, to in-the-field hunting and use, the new Lift is one beautiful bow….

Now full disclosure I've been shooting Matthews bows exclusively since 1992 so I love my Matthews and as many of you Know I only use equipment that uh I Believe is the best or the highest Quality so all my partners it's that Same way that's why I have the same Partners for many many years and don't Change often I've changed tril cam Company and clothing since I started This decade ago and uh the Bow company I'm not changing and I enjoy shooting my Matthews and so for me to say this is my Favorite Matthews ever is saying Something and I know I don't say that With every model that comes out the new Left lift is an incredible bow and you Know one thing I'll talk about the Changes right away it's a half pound Lighter and 5 ft a second faster on Average that's saying something imagine If your bow company change 5T per second Every year we'd all be shooting 500 foot Per second bows it's not the case it's Very small incremental changes so to Jump this much is very drastic but they Did it without sacrificing the bow being Extremely quiet and extremely forgiving Couple things they did you know setting Up this bow was easy and I'll show you One of the things I really like is this Is more of a deflexed riser meaning the Riser sticks out a little bit more now Back in the day target archery bows came

Like this they were very deflexed Instead of reflexed when it's reflexed It's in that gives you a shorter brace Height and a much faster Bowl it was More critical not as accurate what they Did is these are the Matthew's shortest Limbs ever they shorten the limbs I Would say I'm just guessing about an Inch and they pushed out the Riser about An inch so your brace height is exactly The same this new cam right here gave it And made it a much faster bow gives you More stored energy but then they harness That energy efficiently so it's not Making more noise it's making less it's A quieter bow than last year's model the Phase four and then faster model more Deflex Riser and I chose to go with the 33 I chose the 33 because I love Shooting out the yard out here out we Can shoot 110 yards 125 yards over the Road over there 40 yards right here at The corner of the pole building 30 yards Right here and then we can shoot 60 from Right there 70 right here we have Another Target over there one behind the House and of course indoors too we like Shooting indoors so we can shoot a lot And for that get to play around the bows A lot and so those are some major Structural changes the cam shorter limbs More deflex Riser and then the the Riser Was of course cut out differently so That they can make this Riser much

Lighter the bowl overall about a half Pound lighter and what I started doing This year is I use the Matthews Integrated sight and of course it's a uh Bridge lock so it goes right into the Riser but this is a very lightweight Sight which is what I like I don't like This bow to be topheavy because I have This giant sight dragging around the bow I used a spot hog in the past it's a Really well-built sight but I felt like I could drive a nail with it and this One is very light compact I like my pins Of many have you seen at 20 30 40 I'm a White tail Hunter I do like a movable Pin sometimes and sometimes if I do I'll Set my uh 30 yard as my movable and they Do have a movable uh sight bracket I can Put on this of course inter integrated Bridge lock stabilizer right here I like Two-piece Quivers cuz I never take them Off you can actually see the bloody Arrow right here this is a hunting Review One of the things with all of this and All these design Changes include a new string and so the Strings are made lighter stronger and What we noticed is they say in the past It would take 50 100 shots to break in The string and then it would stop Rotating this one they say five shots And I could say that's true you can say This peep site is sticking straight back

Not rotating and it's been that way Since the beginning you could probably Start it right here and then it rotates Straight and then then you're good it Doesn't change at all so very very easy To set up and tune what I love about This bow as you can see I like when I'm White till hunting I don't like Practicing like this and shooting like This all the time with that Sky draw Because if you do that all the time I'm Talking pure hunting when you go in the Woods you might do that and when you do This you're going to Spook a certain Percentage of deer maybe it's only 5% or 10 % more but depending on your tree Stand type how much you move if you Stand up sit down those are all Percentages that take away from you Shooting a deer again hunting review of This bowl I like sitting down to shoot And with this right here pulling Straight back is very easy to do and That's what I want to do I want to be Facing the deer and I want to pull Straight back with very little bit Movement I don't want to go like this Again that's going to Spook deer a lot Of us use brighter Fletching too what Does this look like going up and down Looks like a flag waving of a Running Deer spook deer very easy to set up I Probably set this up in 20 shots my 20 Yard pin you can actually approximate

The the 30 if you've been doing this a Long time 40 go out and hit the range a Few times and the beautiful thing about This Bullet Hole tears and then I use The Muzzy trollar HB it's that nice Blend between wide cutting mechanical Blades and then the shorter fixed blade Design all rolled into one package that Shoots incredibly accurate and I found No difference in the point of impact Between my broadheads and where this Hits on paper so I've been very very Happy with that and if if I do find it Different sometimes even with any of the Bows it's usually an inch at 30 yards And then that carries forward once you Adjust that you're done so you're really Not off that far very easy to set up but Most importantly I got this bow I don't Remember if it was a you know a uh Morning really midday and I had it out In the field that afternoon took 20 Minutes to site it in and then go out in The field and that's what I do with all My new bows when I get them it doesn't Take long to sight them in and they've Made the grip style grip Styles change People complain about the grip I like a Narrow grip because when you're gripping The bow look what happens if your index Finger gets involved in all and a little Bit of a squeeze so those big old wide Grips that were fancy wood you move just A little bit it twists the whole bow

These are nice slim grips that just rest In your hand you have a relaxed grip When you shoot and again very easy to Set up and and shoot but most Importantly in the woods what I found is I took this to the woods right away got The bow early October sometime around There end of September and I was very Pleased going out in the woods and it Gave me a quick confidence because I Could pull back the cam giv you that Nice hard wall it's a really good nice Soft dve curve that just stops so you Don't have this bang and all of a sudden It drops in really nice soft draw curve That's fairly even and that stops gives You that solid wall that you're pulling Against that solid wall gives you good Accuracy back in the day when I started Shooting the original one cam I was Shooting indoor spots a lot my spot Count went from 52 average spots and I Always shot 300 games and that moved me Up to 57 58 right away it was within a Couple months I was averaging 59 to 60 On those indoor spots so very very Consistent it's because of that solid Wall used to be back we use these round Rounds they call them back in the day For target archery if you shot at the Front of the wall you'd hit inch high at 20 yards if you shot at the back you Might hit inch low or vice versa a Bottom line is that's why people use

Clickers they'd have a clicker right Here when your arrow went past that Point you shot real quick cause Target Panic a lot you can imagine that Panic Feel you got to shoot so all that said Easy to pull back Great Wall really Accurate right off the bat shooting and Taking out the woods and I felt Confident and it made me want to shoot More and more and I enjoy shooting this Bow and I enjoy shooting all the bows But with all the target setups we have And being able to shoot indoors now Through inclimate weather after dark Rainy it's been a really Joy so all that Being said it was time to head to the Woods and I hunted throughout first part Of October I passed some nice Four-year-olds shorty was one of them And I had some really nice bucks under Me but I was holding out in Minnesota Here for a six-year-old we call Bo we Had a 5-year-old named uh Isaac and then Barry we hope he returns he always Returns in December he's a nice Six-year-old too but bottom line is I Wanted to fill my bow tag on bow he was My specific animal that I I actually Passed shorty up three times this year And the third time I passed him up that Night he walked right by he looked Pretty darn good but then B came B came In making a scrape and when I pulled Back with the lift and really centered

On him I felt extremely confident the Bow is not moving around I felt like I Could aim I stopped him put it right Where I wanted to hit he ended up going About 150 yards piling up air went all The way through hit the opposite side Shoulder came out quickly I thought did I bounce that off the shoulder the arrow Was laying there I was actually scared To go up there when I went up there I Found that half the arrow was broken off And that half had blood covering it so I Felt really good we gave about two hours And uh Hunter Roode actually Photographer videographer in the AR area And friend he came over to help us and Retrieve and get some nice shots with it But uh man so excited when I walked up To Bow and uh and really with getting The bow just 3 weeks four weeks earlier And doing all the shooting I did with it It uh it just all came together it felt Good but I wasn't finished yet I still Have a tag over in Wisconsin There's a Big deer over there we call the big Eight he's still alive as of last night So uh we're shooting this on November 15th but uh the big n was also a Target Target buck and another Buck we call Low Rider they were two four-year-olds I Passed up last year as three-year-olds Fouryear olds and this year the eight Point didn't come in front of me but When the ninepoint came in I just felt

So confident he came in gave me a shot At 15 yards and again shot him heard him Crash about 100 yards away heard a Second crash so I knew he was down then Got out of the stand right away followed Him he'd run through a pile of logs and Went down about 30 yards below that and Again just extremely confident going Into the woods with this bow a new bow Really you know a month that I'd had Shot it a few hundred times peep never Moved felt good sighting it in it's Faster which helps I have little stubby Arms I'm only shooting 27 in draw I'm Shooting about 62 to 63 lbs that arrow Is flying close to 280 ft a second I'm Using about a 430 grain Arrow it's a More moderate weight Arrow I like that That fits for my draw length and for my Poundage gives me the projectory I need You see my pin Gap that sight is you Know not tucked up against the Riser but It's not a really great pin Gap meaning It's not wide out it's a pretty flat Shooting bow and uh most of all I feel Very confident with it and so for Hunting review for hunting which is what I love doing I love target shooting I Might actually get this bow has made me Literally want to get back into Target Shooting because I feel so good about Shooting it part of it's that's why I Got the 33in uh I know the 29 it's 292 That's uh a beautiful bow great for

Hunting but I really wanted to have a Little bit longer length just to get Better accuracy out here on the long Distance range and for whatever it's Worth I've taken those short boats and Shot bows and shot 60 spots indoors with Them I know I could do the same with uh The lift the shorter one but this longer One was a perfect fit for right now and I've been truly honored to not only get It early but be able to set it up Immediately Get it out in the woods the same day I Received it and then shoot a couple nice Bucks with it already this year who Knows I might take it out Wisconsin's Gun season is just this Saturday coming Up and I'll either be sitting with this Or my muzzle loader depending on the Stand I'm sitting in I would hesitate Not to use this bow in the Wisconsin gun Gun stand and I've done that before I've Shot bucks on opening day I've shot Bucks last day of season shot my buck Last year during B season during Minnesota so done that in Wisconsin and Minnesota uh Minnesota on my bow tag and Then Wisconsin on my gun tags or bow tag During the gun Season I really couldn't be happier and The cool thing is you might see some of The b-roll shots we have my buddy Aon he Winds this little thing that we can put Through the silent connect system and I

Can wear the back the bow on my back Going in we have a lot of 40-minute Walk-ups in uh Wisconsin so I really Enjoy that and uh silent connect system Is incredible now one thing I I figured Out too I didn't realize they make this Uh cable guard right in the middle of The axle to axle and that's what keeps Your cams on time all the precise and Precision Machining back in the day that Cable guard was a lot of times down here Down here off your slide and that's why Things would come out of timing you can Imagine the way these were rotated and Positioned on the top and bottom they Were off it doesn't happen anymore That's something they migrated through Throughout the years cool thing is There's been incremental changes every Single year in every model they have and Sometimes it's been very slight but this Is a drastic difference all around I Urge you to go to your bow shop and if You can get in your hands and still have Some time to hunt even better like I Said I feel honored to do so this year And uh it's hard to say what they'll do Next year to top this but this has been An incredible change the biggest one of The biggest changes I've seen in Matthew's bows in the 31 32 years that I've been shooting their bows and and uh Really happy with this go to your Archery store your local Pro Shop and I

Urge you to try it out I appreciate you Guys watching the YouTube channel but I Don't know if everyone knows everything That we have to offer whether it's on White till habitat solutions.com or Website or whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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