2024 Survivor Buck Strategies

Here are some huge survivor bucks that made it thru last season, and the inventory strategies we use right now to make sure we don’t miss any more…

I wanted to talk about making sure you Get inventory of your mature Buck after The season Young Buck whatever Buck are Left and uh we have some special ones I Want to talk about and now some of them Have hit this location but to me it's Very important to see what Box made it Through the season and you know we could Come out here and find their antlers if They drop them on our property but Finding antlers to me isn't the best way To know they made it through the season Compared to at least the easiest way to Make sure they made it through the Season compared to getting videos and Pictures of them so we like running our Trail cameras this time of year and it's Not that we don't like getting out in The woods looking for Antlers it's just More of a sure thing for knowing what Bucks are left we have some very special Buck that made it through the season and I'll first discuss two that I'm worried About they made it through our first Main gun season here in Minnesota and uh Our opening weekend is unfortunately During the rut and uh that leaves a lot Of bucks to be susceptible we had two Bucks that made it through to Mid November and that would be shorty shorty Is one I actually passed up right here When I was hunting shorty came right Through here he's a beautiful 10-point Wide heavy and I figured he's a

4-year-old and so as a four-year-old I Want to see what he turns into at five And we have enough 5-year-olds around The property that he just was not on my Shoot list uh for this year so problem Is shorty we saw him kind of with a bent Neck head tipped back and that was in Mid November so I don't know if he had a Neck injury but uh bottom line is we Haven't seen him since mid November I'm Really hoping to get a picture of him Next summer and uh I don't think he's on The property or we we have enough Cameras out we'd see Him uh the second one is Isaac Isaac is A beautiful 5-year-old 10-point he was On The Hit List he was one of my top Three four at the worst but more like Top three behind Barry and B and I Haven't seen him since the last day of That first gun season which was November 12th so it's the last day I've seen him I didn't hear any shots in the Neighborhood on that day feel confident He made through that hunting season but He's a buck that disappeared usually end Of October early November for whatever Reason came back during the summer I'm Hoping he repeats that pattern but we Have some really cool bucks that have Made it through the season and some of Them including Oo we just got a picture Of him uh the other day right in the Spot he's a beautiful four-year-old

Eight point I was able to pass him up And and uh he's just a buck that when They go to from four to five around here They really can grow those stickers Kickers all of a sudden they have drop Tines but he's already very wide he has Beautiful brow tines and he's just a big Old four-year-old Buck again not on the Shoot list but he made it through the Season so he is on the the shoot list For next year next McFly McFly is a Really cool buck that has a flyer off The left side in fact when we saw him Before he was down in the the middle of Our property and then he's been on this Edge right here too and McFly has a Flyer coming out and I thought he was Bow but McFly made it through the season The last video we have him was just a Week ago which had been mid January the Season ended end of December 1 of January and he's limping he has a limp On his right rear leg so we're not sure What's wrong with him but he's got a Good limp to him and uh we saw him over At the badger plot over here about a Week ago so we're hoping he made it Through now we have a a new buck that Showed up over the last month we've been Getting really consistent pictures of in Fact last night Pokey was right here we Call him Pokey we hav decides a Beautiful T he's got really long times He's around this area a lot and I'm

Going to tell you why this is important You know we get these inventory because Now we're not not taken for face value That they'll be around next year but Pokey is one that showed up over the Last probably five weeks end of December And then through now and uh we call him Pokey because he showed up late and we Don't know actually if he's a three y Old or a four-year-old he looks a lot Like Isaac but he has short brow tines And uh he's just a beautiful beautiful Buck um it's hard to tell this time of Year on a new Buck like that because They they really slim down this time of Year Barry made it through the season Unfortunately I missed him during muzzle Loer season that's a different story he Was a buck I was sitting for got an Opportunity um knew it was a clean Miss Because we've had lots of video and Pictures of them since then but he was Limping since November 19th he lost his Antler sometime between December 18th And 19th so very early even right now on The end of January there's only other One other buck that has half its antler Gone or is a half rack walking around But Mary Barry made it through the Season even just a couple days ago we Had him limping on what we call gyms Plot over here and uh we've never had Barry in this location and it kind of Further goes to show Barry's over there

To the north part of our property never Had any pictures of them here here and We start to see that Barry's a Six-year-old buck and when we see these Bucks get to that age they're very Specific to locations on the property so We kind of kind of like have it a South Southwest Corner a middle and then a Northeast portion so we have a Northeast Middle and Southwest in between those Three sections sometimes they go from Mid to North or mid to South but we Don't see them go from Southwest to Northeast as far as the corner some of The younger bucks do they can be very Mobile because they don't have their own Spot yet but Barry is one that's very Specific we actually found his both sets Of sheds for two years in a row now just 70 yards apart the two sheds were about 10 15 ft apart and then last year's Antlers when he was 5 years old we're Only about 5 feet apart so Barry's a Really cool book now junior junior was a Buck we had in this location throughout The season and he's got a limp to him Too but not as bad as Barry he's another Beautiful 10 we call him Junior because He was a junior and he looked similar to What Bo did kind of a tighter rack tall 10-point and then Junior has a giant uh Brow TI and so one of his brow tis are Really big we can always tell uh junior Apart from the other box and he made it

Through I was able to pass him up twice This year one time with Jackson and then One time in muzzle loer in December um As a four-year-old over here on the 67 So different locations uh really cool Buck another one L beams L beams is a 5-year-old if he would have gone by I Would have shot at him he doesn't score Much he's got lower times but he's Really wide and he's super heavy he's Got a little split on his GT2 we see him Over at the hermit plot he's actually Been over here in the last week but uh Really cool Buck uh and I think a good Name uh Dylan actually saw him and they Couldn't get a shot two seasons ago uh He would have been three years old with Tyler our hunt winner so Tyler uh Couldn't get a shot at him but he has Really long main beams and so that's Where L beams came in so kind of a cool Name for a cool Buck I was able to pass Him last year as a four-year-old over Here on another food plot and watch him Mid November and he was one of those That disappeared we wondered what Happened to him but he came back this Year during the summer and he's been Consistent on the property throughout The entire season and into this January So it's January with the with a really Warm weather it's almost an extension of October it seems like you just wonder uh What the deer are thinking because we've

Only had one uh cold snap now we have Another Bock that's awesome we call him Newbie and newbie was one that started Showing up in October and we just can't Identify him from last year he's a Four-year-old he's got split G2s and uh he's missing one brow TI and He has since October but uh very wide His antlers go outward and uh really Cool Buck that's more in the southwest Corner of the land now I'm going to ask Dylan right now because I'm going Through the Bucks in my head as we speak And we look for them we talk about them All the time and I know I'm going to Miss one but Dylan can you think of any That I miss we talk about oo newbie McFly L beams Junior Barry Isaac and That sounds like the whole game Isaac And what's the other one that we lost oh Shorty can you think of any other ones That sounds like all the gang is here so We have some those are beautiful ones All those are between uh four and six Years old that made it through the Season and of course we have some Newcomers coming up there's a really Cool ninepoint that's a 2-year-old That's got some really curve to his tins Taller g2s and threes uh shorter brow Tines um we have a wider I think 2-year-old eight-point that looks pretty Cool he's got one set of antlers goes up Compared to the other one we see him

Over on this North portion all the time We have a tight racked eight point That's pretty heavy uh he's around off And too so all that being said we take Inventory of these bucks you know one Hand I want to see when the majority of Them are shedding and they're not other Than Barry right now he's our only one Here the end of January you always hear On social media they're starting to drop Their handlers and uh that may be Because someone saw one or two and they Just assume the whole herd is but when We're watching 10 to 15 bucks regularly Out here every single day I can tell you That none of them have dropped except That half rack and Berry uh that was Wounded and uh I like seeing that shed Timing but most of all what I really Enjoy seeing is these bucks in these Locations and the first thing I asked Myself is this a consistent location That we've seen them in during the fall Because of it is by moving cameras Around to where we're seeing trails in The snow right now even adjusting by a Little bit then we get the opportunity To look at these bucks and say wow this Buck is in this location he's using this These trails and because of the snow Over here and these rubs we know that he Was using this Trail more often we're Not getting very many pictures of them Right here but bottom line is really

Getting to pattern these bucks for a Long period of time and that's why I Like running my cameras in not only for Shed timing but in through the end of Winter because I want to know where These bucks are I want to get to know Them better the locations were that They're at that's how I was able to Capitalize on Bo this year Bo is always Down in this corner running that and When I went out that night specifically To shoot Bo a six-year-old Buck he was In one corner that morning I re see him A lot and uh the wind was not I actually Sat in the stand for about 15 minutes The wind wasn't quite right so I moved To another stand and uh made the right Call on that and ended up shooting him That night but he was always in that Location for years we had four years of Video and pictures of B so by knowing Where he's at even into the winter time He was actually over there in that Location more into the winter and he was Over here more during the fall and you See that transition of those two areas Because of where we're moving the Cameras and then we get to get get to See them a lot longer and we get to Pattern all these bucks and what's Really cool is those patterns repeat so Those patterns of bow they'll repeat With another buck in fact McFly McFly's Over there all the time oo's over there

A lot and so when we want to try to take One of those bucks out they're repeating Those patterns we're getting to know Them over a many month period and uh and That's a lot of fun you know in this Area we have the water hole we get a lot Of daylight use here we have the redneck In the back we've had this mock scrape Here for years you can see a tree just Fell on it I just noticed that um for uh Bending this mock scrape down a little Bit we'll get this off of Here but between the mock scrape the Water hole this movement really cool Spot and you know obviously the camera In this location we keep it going it's Just right back there on the Hickory They don't even look at that they don't Notice that it's low and has all the Brush behind it trees wider than the Camera so I really like them whether They're either low or high and then lots Of cover around them to hide those Cameras but a really good inventory Camera for us it gives us a high Percentage of our buck in this area Because we have access from another Location down the Ridge over here we'll Be able to walk through here from the Bottom we have a road over here we'll be Able to walk on that road get to the Bottom walking another road up here Instead of going all through these Farm Fields in the in the morning and

Blasting our wind along this edge with a Westerly wind we'll be able to come up Here and believe it or not this bent old Broken Oak right Here we'll take one of Jack's famine Tradition ladder stands we'll put it Right into that old open spot above Those those large branches coming out We'll anchor it back to the shag bark Hickory behind with our safety strap to Keep that that stand pressed against That tree and we'll have a ladder stand There that we can access for morning Hunts coming all the way in around the Backside walking into Here we'll end up being about 70 80 Yards off the field Edge coming in the Back door with a wind on our face in the Morning then after we sit here we want To get out 11 or 12 we'll go right out To the farm field this way and get out Of here without spooking deer so this Inventory and this scrape has been one Of our hottest locations throughout the Years and uh it not only gives us an Indication of what bucks made it through The season but just their habits all Year long and uh I hope you have camera Locations like that we have this times Quite a few uh where we can see that and See those overlapping ranges and very Enjoyable and I hope that you enjoyed Some of this video or pictorial of uh Some of our favorite buck and what we

Expect to actually be hunting next year And I can say that uh the number of Older bucks and the quality of those Bucks that were transferring into the Hunting season of 2024 gives us a lot to be excited about And uh can't wait to bring it to you This fall I appreciate you guys watching The YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white habitats Solutions.com Website or whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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