’24 Mathews LIFT: Our MOST In-depth Bow Build

’24 Mathews LIFT: Our MOST In-depth Bow Build – Today is LAUNCH day for the NEW Mathews LIFT and we have the most detailed bow build video for you to watch and learn. Justin is the lead tech at Spokane Valley Archery and a wealth of knowledge. Join along as they build Dan’s hunting bow before he heads to the elk mountains. #elkshape #mathewsarchery #MathewsLIFT #archery #archerylife

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August 24th I'm getting ready to head out the Door for Elk season we're going to build This bow here's your first looks it's Really um an honor to be part of Matthews and to be able to be one of the Guys that gets test this stuff out so Let's see what we got we got the Engageed leg limbs these are thinner Than normal so they're calling these the Engage EXO limb legs we got a integrate From qad we got the bridge lock we got The bridg lock adjustable VB bar it's Got got to be a front bar 12 iner we got The Low Pro [Applause] Quiver the new Lift oh and I ordered 80 lb mods I can't Wait to see how fast this sucker is Let's go set it [Applause] Up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Guys what's up we are in my shop and Josh Jones is pronghorn hunting yep and I got this bow today and I'm leaving in 2 days so here's what I decided to do I've had Justin in my life forever he Used to work at Spokan valy archery then He opened his own shop and then Eventually U his Trail came back to

Spokane and he's so he's back at Spokane By the Archer he super glad to have him Justin's kind of a quiet dude so I'm Going to have to pry some information of Him but uh his sharp cookie first Impression um just looking at it when I Came in um definitely a smaller pocket Uh on the end of either end of the Riser Here slight redesign on the connection Point between the end of the limbs um For your axle run through it does look Like a new cam looks like more poundage Available on it 80 lb mods on this one Yep string change it looks like yeah These are not custom strings man yeah This is Factory y stock and the center Serving just looking at it and we Checked knock fit before getting on Camera and it looks solid um way better Than what they've had here recently not That it was horrible but this is Definitely better the grip is off the Bow but it does look like the grip Platform underneath is wider and flatter Than what they had before and the Riser Geometry looks a little better than what They've had on the phas 4 and v3x V3 That kind of setup so and you can see That their target bow kind of went that Way to a more vertical neutral Riser or Slightly deflex Riser there kind of Going the same direction here so it Looks like I fig there be some crossover Cuz they dropped that new one about a

Month ago uh and this one doesn't drop Till November well you guys are watching It's November happy November it's August Right now for us I'm heading out the Door two days first things first I Imagine we're going to get find Center Shot yeah let's get the rest on there oh Show the friends at home traditionally The the launcher arm for the the qad's Came with felt separately that would lay In the trough and along the arms on Either side to help keep your um Arrow As it Glides back as you draw from Creating noise but it looks like they've Kind of overhauled that and done like an Inlaid rubber uh mold in there uh you May still need to put the one in the Trough in the bottom of the launcher Here but it's a lot less work and that's A at a shop we see that a lot people That come in and have that stuff peeling Off just paining them I was planning on Heat shrinking tonight looks like we Don't have to no yeah not at all cool we Can just use this one then we keep that Pretty when it's package we're going to Replace the actuation cord on this qad With the cord that I've already gotten To this wedge so on these rests there is In the kind of 6:00 5:00 position when This thing is locked into place there is A small recess bolt that keeps this cord In place we can effectively change the Timing of the Rest by loosening that and

Lengthening or shortening this cable um To get the rest to do what we need it to Do but in this instance since we're just Going to pull the dang cord out and this Is a 330 Seconds so we'll get that out you get a Make strip in here this oh perfect let's See if it works Hey so with this BC y24 it's roughly the Size that you have on um the stock Material that comes on these q8s but you Want to get it lit and kind of bring it To a finer Point um so that you don't Have the flare of the material Preventing you from getting it back Through um the rest itself so it should Go without too much we'll probably need About what they had you can use that as Reference if you're going to do this at Home we just need to reinstall this Little Gerken firm it up and then if we give The same amount of pressure that we gave To the wedge end here um we should Notice that neither one of these things Slips or mov moves so we're going to Install the uh actuation cord for Dan's Qad with the AE wedge uh which is a Little device that is going to go in Between the takeup cable on your bottom Cam so as the cam is drawn that takeup Cable puts tension against this brings The launch arm to position with enough Force that it can fall forward this

Little device I've already installed This um just for the sake of time but You would take this is Bc24 I thread it into the back of what Is essentially the nut end of this Device I'm going to flare it out like I Would a dloop end kind of tamper that Down and let it cool pull it through so That it seats properly in the back here Um and then we can go ahead and install This in between one thing that I'd like To check on this just cuz I've never Used it is to put some pretty good Force Against it to make sure it's not going To pop free before we install it on the Bow and here that's kind of recess is Going to take this Capt screw try to Give you guys a look and that's going to Pull that snug and make this a a solid Unit and then if you can imagine we're Going to have either side of the takeup Cable um on either side of this wedge so The wedge I'm just going to put this Against my finger and and kind of reef On it try to emulate the amount of Pressure that is going to be imparted on It and that's that's not going to pop Out so I don't know if AE is selling Those separately I know it's included With the prophecy and I know I stole it Out of the box Yeah the one I brought is made by AAE as Well it's the easy clamp love you Nick But I don't think this is as good as

Your wedge yeah and that that's going to Be a little more more similar to what Comes in their packaging I call it like A little football thing yeah and I think There's more of a tendency for this type Of item to slide on the cable itself Just cuz you you're working against Pressure and wax that's trying to make Its way out of that string so I think This is the way to go and we'll just Serve around it on either endend keep it In place look side closest to you I'd Hook around the Dov Hill here and kind Of push the other direction and make Sure it grabs on the other side line it Up with your Mark come back in Here tighten this bad girl down um be Careful with this screw because it is a Small thread you don't want to strip That so we've got the rest effectively Installed without the plate on the back Here you'll notice that we have line From our rest attachment point and the Line in the middle of the burger button Hole on the back of the Riser here lined Up Mak sense snug this up not too tight That thread is really small so we don't Want it to uh strip out at that point You can rock the plate down on top and Then we will get Center shot and start Working our way towards getting tiny You're going to eyeball it I'm going to Get on that eyeball yours I know we

Tighten this up but we're going to Loosen it just a little bit So that this can pull through as we set The timing about like that yeah you guys See it move at home he can move it just A little yeah just F and then when You're at full draw this should be lined Up with this you want to point that out Yeah so lots of lines we're pointing out Here but there's an arrow and then a Hash mark here and ideally about a half Inish away from Full draw half inch to An inch from Full draw depending on how You want your rest timing you want this Lined up and then at full draw this Should be slightly in the past it used To be slightly past that Mark but um if If nothing that needs to be lined up a Little bit before you hit the uh the Stops against the cables that's a sweet Fit look at that the width that you have Your fingers on a press if you're using The one at home the Gap that you have in Between the finger on a press like this Last chance and the limb itself because As you compress we want to be pressing As close to if not directly on the axle And then that you have even pressure From the fingers on either side against The limb so that if you do need to topat This there isn't excess force on either Side okay not allowing you to topat this Thing the way you need to uh we're going To get the wedge in there so press her

Up once you have it in the press and a Little bit of tension off the string Cable set you can take and put some Pressure here and you'll notice which Direction these cables are moving you Want to attach it to the one below the Rest that is moving away from you so That little bit of tension we've got This cable right here moving down um so That is what we're going to put it into Um we'll separate the fibers here kind Of the nice thing about a two-color String as you can see the dead center Kind of being careful not to press it Too much cuz we're getting close to the Limb so we'll separate here bring this In you don't want this cord to wrap Around this cable so we need it to come Off of the cable pointed back at the bow Here so most of the time you want a Little bit of separation between this Contact point and where the rest sits or The Shelf sits so it's beautiful that on This bow the serving comes to a point That gives us that that appropriate Distance if you're installing this uh And didn't have this much cable here We'd probably serve it on either side in This case I may very well just kind of Leave it as is I'm going to eyeball with Dan's Arrow kind of the the vertical Position of my knock on the string in Relation to the bow meaning knock High Knock low low or straight 990 to the the

Bow there are really good tools out There if you don't feel comfortable Doing that that can help you level that Up but we're just going to use whatever You're going to hunt with what Arrow you Hunting with this one something about Like that I like to use these little Saunders knocking points this is the red One with a set of pliers I'm not going To crimp this on but I just want to put A little bit of pressure and this can Help Me slide up and down the center serving Here and prevent the knock from riding Too high to get where I want to be and Then I can mark with you know a Sharpie Or start tying in my soft knots and Whatnot so I'm going to look at it I'm Going to put pressure against this rest Too this does raise the arrow just a Little bit when it's at full draw so Don't don't set it with the launcher arm Like this I would put some pressure Against it fully erect if you will yeah Yeah for sure and then I use the the Shelf of the bow this line and I'm I'm Trying to get just equal Gap in here I Did not notice on these bows last year The phase fours tended to like to be Just a little bit knock high so I'm Going to hedge my bets and say that this Might be the same sort of setup so we're Going to start there this is cool Material um really anything that you're

Confident in or confident with in Archery just stick with it until it Fails you itty bitty knock High mhm just A little bit to be dick High yeah so We're going to wax up our material um I'm going to try to do this as closely To what you would see at our shop and You were on my podcast when I first Started like year one or two weren't you Mhm I remember that yeah that that was About six years ago isn't that crazy mhm Yeah it seems like forever so we'll get These soft knots in here you killed your First bull I had that was cool yeah so On your soft knots do you like to go Like a total like total of four five on The bottom with this material I'm going To go a little more um it is pretty thin To win isn't it it's pretty thin nylon 400 that bcy makes that we would use at The shop that's a little bulkier and and Your soft knot will get a little bigger This probably a point of contention with Different people as to whether you do One or two or how big it is how much you Got on either side but we're just going To do equal amounts top and bottom leave Ourselves a little bit of wiggle room in Here so we get knock pinch pay have you Ever done just one soft knot versus two Yeah I've I've tried just the bottom cuz In theory that's all you need but it is Nice to have two locations where you go And put another loop on there all right

So we got the soft knot in the bottom There before I go and put my top set in In the Gap here in between my Saunders Knocking point I'm just going to put a Small little dot cuz that's where I want My start M and then I'm going to move This direction gotcha and then as long As you didn't crimp this down too tight You should be able to slide it off the End of your Center serving and then pop It off the other side this is a really Useful little tool that's a great hack Uh piece to have that's a great hack tie The next one and then do you usually do Uh longer or shorter do you I like the Length of this one this was my primary Bow okay so just maybe a fuzz on the Short side but not bad just finishing up The top set here so what how to use at Your Shop what material yeah uh bcy 400 nylon It's softer that's like I said you got To use the equipment that gives you Confidence so but I like this stuff cuz It's for me I just noticed in my own Equipment that it doesn't have a Tendency to uh to break down as quick as That softer stuff I've nerded it out to The point where I've taken and made an Arrow that I can attach a scale to to See how much pressure it takes for this Knock to come off the string oh my God I Love you um but this this feels good we Can rotate the string without it

Rotating the arrow itself um which You Could See Without a field point on the Front of it as you draw if you want to Check it that way you can do that for Knock pinch as well but I like like I Like about that much play it's not a Measurement it's just a feel um for the Nox set there and then the last thing You do or that I do is just give the String you know about a finger width Above the string stop here and that Should rock that off pretty easily so That's that might have a little just for What I like that might have a little Extra bite than what I'd rocked but That's pretty solid this is way better Um than what I've seen on their their Stock stock stuff in the past so we Don't have we don't have to reserve Tonight is what you're saying no not at All actually I thought we might have to But this is awesome this is cool this is Awesome tool to have at home uh we don't Need an actual number just a locked in Measurement this is a loop size that Dan Likes just going to put enough pressure Against it pull it out here lock it in Place and then we'll make sure this same Measurement matches what we end up Putting on um the new lift here this Should be about right for dance Loop What color is your Bow um black and red trusting the people On YouTube want to know are you going to

Wrestle next year or what no Tristan I Don't like wrestling you just don't like Wearing singlets no I'm with you there I Am too get that it is kind of annoying To just wear them all the time did you Get any medals did you win any Tournaments two oh yeah you should quit Go out on top right Tristen Yeah that Luna yeah there's just one kid I don't know why when we were doing Practice he was just doing laps I was Like he's getting his Fitness in I was Just like like are you going to wristle Or not then before I go cranking on Stuff too much I'm going to make sure That um my material is close Together so we're good and snug on Either side You can take like this Elite plier with The bigger slot and just kind of make Sure that you've got proper pressure on Either side just give it that last Little little snug here you don't want To over seat this and start to separate The the center serving underneath but Just enough there to make sure it's good And snug and then we can take if I did This right everything should be pretty Good fit sweet so same loop loop length This will give the same feel as long as We get the draw length the same point um That you've had on Bose the past uh set The timing we're going to pull her out Of the press get it in the drawboard uh

These mods are at your length already Yep okay start yarding this thing back Uh always with an arrow in a drawboard Um just like anytime you draw your bow Have an arrow in the thing and then I'm Just taking notice of where my draw Stops are here in relation to my cable Um right about here is where we should Start to see the rest come up into place So we definitely gave ourselves enough Room on this cable um I'm going to let It forward and put quite a bit of more Tension against it so on the back side Here we'll just take this cable pull it Through good bit I don't want to Mar Dan's bow yeah there we Go so we're already as you said straight Up or in the the shooting position fully Erect Um on on the rest here so the tension That we're building against this is Going to start to pull it through the Rest and set the length of that cable For us you should be able to see this Cord start to pull through a little bit At a Time and then timing is out we did wedge A large piece of material and shorten That bottom cable uh by spreading this Out so that's going to be that'll be Fixable correct yeah it's it's Effectively shortening the cable um so We'll end up shortening this one a Little bit always try to put stuff in

Your cables rather than out of your Cables so now we can let her forward all The way up there and like I said we're About we're about an inish away from our Our cables at fold dra so this is a Pretty good position to be in you could Even run it to where it's fully erect Like in this spot right here you know we Could pull a little more cable through Yeah right there is where I'd like it so We'll leave it there let it Forward and then I'm going to leave a Little bit of excess on this back end um So I could play with the timing in the Future niit that tip okay niit the tip Burn it so it she looks halfway decent And then we'll Effectively have set the timing on the Rest and now we just need to set the Timing on the cams back in the draw Board or the drawboard the Press she Goes about like that take the string off The top here here he goes pull our end Loop off and just take note of which Direction The Twist is so we'll go one Revolution back on like to use um my Fingers just to help the fibers blend Back together when you put um any Substantial amount of twist in the String bang before we draw it just make Sure everything's seated if you have a Last trance draw board always use your Um safety cord there just in case your Loop

Breaks which it Shouldn't yeah this is going to be the Go you tell me when you're on up there And I'm going to stop right there and Just use the wheel on the press to push Me a little bit at a time here Slow dude Justin I'm getting this little Little weird tips from you tonight that Are cool so this is pretty common right Here where we're just against we're just Against a stop up here and it's really Hard to tell but we're barely out here There's products on the market that you Can buy that bict the cables here in Bigger smaller increments to eat up that Little bit but what you can do is just Take a small Piece of loot material The amount of distance we have between Our draw stops now and the cables is so Small that a Twist or half twist is Going to start to bring the other one Out of play so there's a couple ways you Can do it really two mainly on a Unfinished end Loop like what Matthews Has on their bows um you can actually Put a half twist or a twist into the end Loop itself not the whole cable uh and That can shorten it a little bit I take A a little bit of of this Loop Material when you fluff it out to build A loop you'll notice that there is a Piece of core material in the middle mhm Here and we can pull that out and it

Makes this material act even smaller so You can pull that core material out and It's going to allow this stuff to Compress and flatten out and it's Generally just enough that the amount That your timing is out will be correct So you're not putting the core part in No I'm just the soft part the soft Material in and then I'll cut and burn Either side so that it doesn't look Hagger on the bow we should be able to Shoot it through paper at that point and And know without a shadow of a doubt That your timing is exactly where it Needs to be uh so we took the core out Our top cam was ahead so we're going to Shorten that and we're just going to Take this material put it in between the Cable and our timing should be Perfect and then burning it kind of Scares me bro um yeah a lighter around Your your string cables is um isn't Always the greatest but I'll be uh I'll Be careful okay so we have we have it Separated just like we do for our wedge Down here we'll just take this material Insert it in Between and then the compression of the Cables under load will kind of flatten That out but that's effectively from What I've seen like add in a quarter Twist Okay and then from here you can kind of Eyeball top to bottom so you can see

That our Gap here and our gap on the Bottom is the same um but we'll use the The wheel to finesse the wheel to Finesse It and without me being right next to it It looks like it's the go yeah so Timing's good um we got the rest timing Set loop on the bow at the length that Dan likes um and what we'll do next is Have him get a field point on here um Run it through paper just for an initial Um what do you think of that paper tuner It's pretty nice um I've worked in a Shop long enough not a lot of people Would uh would always hit the white Portion of this but um yeah I think I Think that's a great little tool um Especially with the information that it Has on the sides here oh yeah to Indicate what you might be getting on For for boys like me very sweet boys Like you so the last thing I do on um The Matthews especially is just triple Check that my string stop isn't pressing Into the string too hard um this is in There pretty good so I'm just going to Break these two set Screws free you can kind of press On the back scoot this forward if needed And that's more what I'd like to see Just a little bit of Gap in there like Could you get a piece of paper through There you think um yeah but before you Couldn't I'm just before I couldn't yeah

It was it was the string was indenting Itself into the the cushion on the back Of the stop there so just firmed up Against it centered against the back of The string snug those back up and Then before we run it through paper These rests have been coming with a Center Shot already set so I'll just Double check that looks good you looking For 136 13 16 yeah and it's right there Perfect what do you got for an initial Tear kind of a high left tear there yeah You guys when you hear top hats and Shimming I want you to think of it as You it's a way to manipulate the arrows Orientation without messing with the Rest per se correct think about as doing The Wheeling moves the string and the Arrow leaves the string took me a long Time to kind of put that together some Of you be like oh that makes sense some You like duh but for guys like me are Little slow knuckle draggers think about Wheeling is just moving the string so Which way do you think we'd have to move The string to get this point of the Arrow to be more in the center that's Why he said left and you're trusting That shot should I take one more or sure Yeah you can do another one I'll do one More just to I like to have people at The shop do three shots if they can Shoot the same shot three times in a row Then we can

Make an adjustment that's going to Actually work if they can't get the same Tear three times in a Row had all right so we can roll with Two that's good enough for me all right Check out this guy little Pro tip yeah I'm going to hedge my bets on uh that This is going to want to walk uh a Little bit potentially just cuz you can Only get these fingers so wide so we're Just going to uh make sure that doesn't Move so you're thinking Swit switch this System is um and I can see why they did This um in the phase four the top hat Went through the limb and these um Dampeners in between each limb would Bind on the top hat and I think they um I think they approached this in a Correct manner but this is so much Easier to slide in and out uh night and Day better yeah so this Is the two hash Marked One and this will Be the Single these just need to add up to Three we're going to move to the one That has the two in the middle and the One in the Middle you need to add up to three you Need to add up to three so we'll go from This which was originally in the bow to That and we want to move the cam to the Left a little more so we're going to put The bigger one on the right Side the smaller one wrong hole off the

Left make sure everything is on there Back in and this is where it's important To have proper pressure against your Fingers because your Axle your axle needs to line up with Each side of the limb to be able to go In relatively smooth without uh having To bang that thing in too Hard so it's it's cool to have a mirror Image you know the same top hats top and Bottom it's not necessary though so Dan Has a small enough tear that we're just Going to do it on the top cam to begin With see how much it moves it and then If needed um we can come and apply that Same um method to the bottom set here so We'll just start here don't forget to Put this back In and don't overtighten this just Better say that again don't overtighten This you don't want it binding um the Cam so just snug there's locktite on This hardware for a reason you should be Able to freely move if I press this a Little bit more you should be able to Freely move the cam here um without any Resistance so if you can't and you're Doing this at home you get these to Tight or you accidentally put the wrong Top pets um like a two and a two instead Of a two one one so we're good there uh We're safe to shoot this again and see What we get through paper so we've moved Our rest

Up going to cut our zip tie I didn't Come up with that trick it was Actually um kid I work with but it made Things safer for us until we pretty much Got it figured out now we don't need Them man that is Legit that might be into the Wall it's ripping man it is into the Wall God I'm going have to do double Targets that is this bow has got to be Shooting 300 ft a second dude it's going So it's a good thing that we stopped at Just doing the yeah one because now our Lateral tear is I'm push that point in So people can about exactly where we Want it we think seven more clicks on The rest or um yeah we're going to give It quite we move the dloop down what do You think um we could move the loop down Um but like I said a number of people That shoot um these bows competitively Um tend to run that Loop a little higher Up let's stick with what you got I like Let me try to get this Arrow out of the Wall and then uh just so Justin you're Going to move this Rest you can probably just do it here Real quick Up this is a nice custom M stand this is A a Jake Web special Jake Web this Arrowman oh my gosh did you hear that Hopefully I didn't bend this Arrow so I've never hit that wall through this 365 Target you guys should come around

Here and look so this target this Arrow Went now was this isn't the thickest Part of the foam I should try to hit Here next time but it went into the wall Dude wow it's got some serious energy Ripper Matthews ain't messing around no More so you just mooved the rest up six More clicks um I I moved it quite a Bit going to need to get a sling on There uh ASAP what do you think Justin so I'm Nitpicky it's a little you're being Nitpicky I want to know why what exactly Do you not like about that um our eyes Can see symmetry pretty well and to me It's it's still just a little knock High Knock left or Point low Point low and Point right so we're going to use the The micro adjustments now on our rest to Do this I really want to show the people What you're talking about there we Go just Slightly slightly knock left yeah Slightly knock left slightly knock high So we'll probably give it two or three Up with the rest and then probably the Same amount right okay to get it dead on See huge fan of the skateboard tape have You ever tried it um no I haven't but It's G grippy that'll probably this is Actually I think you locked out in this Material it's like the perfect length if You want to get your hand out of the co Sling there perfect a little more that's

That's great that's Great I know y'all want to see this hole Which is weird to Say Che this Out look at That that is a be and it's it's close Enough that you can start to shoot Broadheads with that comfortably and not Have to worry about too much missing a Target yeah okay so Dan has the new UV What's the exact UV slider slider site Uh we've got the Locking lever roken Free at the moment uh need to come in From the bottom here it'll click it'll Click there it is we'll get the bridge Lock screw in initially indentations Three of them here so three positions That you can locate this is the bridge Lock bar on this closest position this Rail from Ultra View and the scope Itself so the rail leveled to the scope These are slaved to one another yeah so When you make a first AIS adjustment Which is effectively moving your rail in This manner this is slave to it so right Now with the string level in both Directions so this this bow is sitting Um completely vertical uh we've got the Level on the string the level in the Scope matching so maybe dumb luck that You got that I do want to do third axis With you here Sure Yeah definitely sh ain't going nowhere

Justin that's going to be your new Nickname if it was a if it was a ratchet Strap it it was tight man your soft Knots your DLo you're the the one thing I noticed in you know I'm My Own hardest Critic is I don't know where it happened The process but we've gotten a little Tighter um on the loop throughout this So probably at at some point it might Behoove you to untie the bottom portion Of this and just tie little thinner to Winner yeah just a little thinner give Yourself a little more room in there It's not bad but it's not Great oh Yeah okay and Then Peite Justin solid yes so how am I tying it in Loosely I would I mean I really wanted To film your special tie-in way did you See the way I tied that one in uh it's Probably the specialty way look at it Yeah that's very similar to um how Specially but that takes a long time it And look at the thin I used the thin Thin serving that took me like 30 Minutes yeah when you pull against e Each of these tag ends that we've Created it's going to help Cinch and pull everything into place This 400 nylon just soft enough that I I Don't feel like it ever really breaks Through yeah that stuff it ever breaks

Through these um nose buttons when we Put them on put those take in here and Being sure not to Pull too tight Because this 400 nylon has a tendency to Snap if you Goose it too Much just get it started always flame up Don't go flame on the underside take and Twist this to the Upside burn a little bit of it Off might left it a little too much but That should work so we'll just go Around peep here top bottom top that way She doesn't fly out at this poundage Pretty important to make sure it's Secure and then the tag ends here we're Going to bring through the split on the Bottom hold them back through and kind Of create a knot here that will slide Into the groove of your peep like so get Snug hit it with a Light hit it with a light and now he can Shift that up and down a little bit if Needed if he needs to move his nose Button um we were using a little bit of You could use 5 550 cord you could use Loot material um you can wrap this Around the string and you really have to Pull Tight and give a good amount of pressure To the way that we tied this in for it To shift anywhere um but that would Allow him to fine tune where this is Located on the string you don't want to

Use something that's too abrasive on String material um you don't want to Wear it down prematurely this will Probably settle a little bit he might Get a little bit of Peep twist in there Um somewhere along the line our soft Knots compressed on each other a little Bit so be wise of him to cut this bottom One out and probably make it a little Smaller Uh to get to where he doesn't have There's no knock pinch in here but it's Not perfect so outside of that this bow Is leveled tuned timed top to bottom Probably shooting well over 300 I think Definitely with 430 425 yep 425 425 so It's it's Spitting the lift 292 80 lb 80% let off some custom things That if you guys have watched um Josh Jones set these up he does things Similar to how I do them just just in a Different fashion but from an overall Bow setup standpoint I think Josh would Agree with a lot of of how I did things Today um if not I'm sure he'll tell Dan Uh or me um about them the only last Thing we'll do and and uh it's going to Be the same sort of serving tie that we Did on on the nose button is just a Little bit of insurance serving below The wedge here in case this were to get Pulled on really hard uh and come out When you do that just simply take the

String stop out don't forget to put it Back in and that'll give you a little More working room to put that serving in Here from what you're shooting on a 75 P Bow but probably not a ton like look at That let off that's crazy where you At 82 yep sweet just give me like an aha So 19 and 12 lb holding weight okay That's a cool trick which at 80 lb That's that's a that's closer to what a Target guy would probably have on his His Target vat yep I'm super thankful That Justin came over the Highlight for Me was getting that qad absolutely Perfect the way he set the Timing all right guys I just put the Felt on the Shelf I put a little bit of The felt that comes with a new qad rest On there uh I put the quiver on and I Wanted to shoot through paper one more Time before do the side in process hole Is still money money so now we're going To do the side in process so what we're Going to do is we're going to put our Side in tape right here and we're going To find 20 yards with the center yellow Pin the pin that's fixed we're going to Go find 20 we'll move this dial until we Are hitting 20 yards with the middle pin Okay once we find 20 we're going to put The side in tape on to where the side End tape is with this back side Indicator and then we're going to slide Down until we find 60 and I mean like

Perfectly 60 the white numbers on the Site indicator tape are odd numbers the Blacks are evens once you find the Corresponding number then we're going to Take this part of the site off we'll put The corresponding sight tape on the Table we'll line it up and we'll make Sure our penss are matching 20 30 40 and Then we'll uh go out and get some arrows To this and I'm probably going to shoot 50 arrows we Chrono it and I'm not going To tie this peep in all the way until I Know it's absolutely [Applause] Perfect all right we're going to Chrono The phase 4 and the lift 281 for the Phase 4 300 all right guys let's recap this Build and initial Impressions out of the Box Earth Riser ordered it side on scene Love the color it's my new favorite Ambush green limbs Ambush one piece I'm Running my Mountain series from aee the Elkshape Edition kit look for that on my Website you can get everything the Gripper the 10° drop the quick Disconnect 8 in 12in Set uh at my Website and you'll save a lot when you Buy it as a kit that's why I'm running That uh new engaged leg limbs they are Different to fit these you know the new And improved design of the limb pocket And the limb length newer Cam little bit

Bigger cam deeper grooves really Protects your string running Matthew Strings for the first time in my life um They're calling them the match strings I'm super impressed the serving the Tolerances I've been a harsh critic of Their zebra strings in the past I'm Super confident in these can't wait to Run it the Matthews integrate Edition With the upgrades from qad they did a Bang up job I don't have to use any heat Shrink tube or anything quiet everything Down with some own custom felt running The UV slider you guys saw how I doped That in I got my middle pin doped at 20 Used the side end tape dropped it down To 60 it was actually number one so this Bow is 300 ft a second holding um my Draw weight's 82 lb and I'm holding About 19 lb so it's kind of like a Target Archer setup love it feels great Getting used to it put about 200 arrows Through it the last 12 hours it's been Chaotic my arm's going to fall off elk Shaped side plates I'm using skateboard Tape that I bought off Amazon the felt I Bought off Amazon love the way this Thing grips and feels really impressed With the UV slider going to run it this Year this going to be my primary bow This is going to be my backup bow this Is the pH 429 this is the new lift 292 You can also order in the 33/2 timing Justin put a little bit of loot material

In this cable and we got it timed Marvelously I took the battery out cuz Some hun Idaho running the viz White Ring which is awesome sight tape doped In I got my secondary sight tape right Here so my bottom pin on this side on This indicator will start at 70 and go All the way out to 170 this bow is fast This bow holds like no other and you Guys don't believe the hype in a lot of These new drops every year so you can Believe me or not but this bow is Quieter than this bow and I didn't think That was possible this bow is 19 ft a Second faster and I feel like it holds Better it's got more of a Target Vibe Even though it's only 29 12 super Compact I haven't got to hunt with it Yet I'm headed out tomorrow so hopefully We can put some elk down and give you Guys our you know some feedback on that But right now very flat trajectory my Top pin is set for 30 it's about 2 3 in High at 20 my second pin is set at 40 my Third pin is set at 50 my bottom bottom Pin is set at 70 like I said I can slide On my front uh side tape 20 to 145 and Then on my backs side tape I can slide From 70 to 170 it's insane and uh I'm in Love with this bow I've shot Matthews For several years they continue to make Small improvements except for this year I think they just jumped giant Leaps and Bounds and this is different this is

What people wanted you're going to get What you want with this bow and uh don't Sell your face for keep it as a backup Bow this is to be my backup bow but uh Wow super impressed hope you guys Enjoyed the video um it's August but You're watching this November I hope you Guys are in a tree stand elevated and Excited to go down to a local dealer and Give this a spin and see for yourself Separations in the preparation we'll Catch you on the next One

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