3 Proven Rules For Late Season Deer Hunting

Here are 3 decades-proven late season deer hunting tips that you can use to find success any time after the primary rut!

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Now you know most of you don't have a Real glimpse into what goes on behind Whs and that's not what this video is About this video is about proven late Season deer hunting tips and the reason I'm wearing bibs right now is because This morning Dylan's coming for filming Jen shot a buck last night we didn't Have any blood last night we didn't want To really look too much further than we Did so Dylan came early and we actually Tracked the buck found the buck this Morning and we just got him out of the Woods so instead of us shooting videos At 10: it is now 7 minutes to to noon And so we're a little bit late I'm going Hunting for Barry this afternoon and it Just all worked out that Dylan was here And we could actually recover the deer It was pretty freaking awesome and it's A late season you know it's December 3rd December 4th right now don't correct Fourth yeah fourth right now so we're Getting into this late season time and All the tactics we talk about that's What we were doing last night and I'll Just go through these really quick Number one afternoon food ources are Critical and that relates to number Three that I'm going to talk about but So critical Jake and I were sitting in a Location where Barry has been hanging Out he's a six-year-old he's limbing bad Uh pretty cool Buck uh the other night I

Had him at 80 yards and which just Relates to number three too but he's at 80 yards at a frozen water hole for 45 Minutes we had shooting light till 459 He actually came out at the water hole At 418 so imagine having a cell camera And looking at your target box 80 yards From you just 20 yards across the corner Of a field about 30 yards through the Brush and then 30 yards below that on a Water hole standing there your target Bach a beautiful six-year-old for 45 Minutes literally last pitcher was shoen Light till 459 he hung out till 5501 I'm On an evening food Source waiting for him to come out to That food he's injured we're not even Sure how far he's moving we are Surprised he's a couple hundred yards From there this morning he's moving Around we still see him we move him in These three areas Jake and were sitting On food Jen sitting on food Jake and I Were sitting in a location where you Have an open air blind it's one of Jack's Tower stands we do cover it with Netting and carpet pretty comfortable But no windows it just open so Jen was In an area we shot a beautiful late Season muzzle loer Buck uh four seasons Ago because it's time flies watching That food source and watching those food Sources means that those deer they hurt Up this time of year they might be

Moving here might be moving there we Have a lot of food sources on our Property you know the buaka shot out in Pennsylvania we're in a south facing Slope area where they're not necessarily A bad it's it's not always that they bad Facing the south facing the sun because If it's super windy on that side they go On the North facing to get out of the Wind that's critical for them but what They do relate to are is that higher Stem count which means more brows more Diversity facing the sun that's where We're hunting so we're hunting that Browse Food Source on the top where Acorns are falling and then that's what We're doing tonight so I'm watching an area and we'll talk About this number three because this is So critical that you protect the Movement where literally we're thinking Barry is 250 yards down over here or 200 Yards from us the Temptation is just to Go in there and hunt but then we're Going to Spook it and we spook out the Whole movement so we're hunting food Sources off to the side so when they Want to get a bite to eat like it was Snowy last night snowy yesterday morning Snow had settled down then Jen's putting Herself into position where she could Wait for the deer to come over come into The food plots come into the food source That she's watching and not spook it out

She happened to be sitting with our son Jackson who's about 20 months old you Can imagine a 20-month-old banging and Banging in that blind dropping his milk Standing hitting the windows throwing His head on her chest like a headbutt uh Crying screaming she had to have the Windows down they're all fogged up on The inside and all of a sudden she sees This Buck out of the corner she opened The window got down on one knee she was Doing the super mom hunt and and Actually got got the buck which was Really awesome but it's about watching That food source and protecting the Movement I can't stress that enough food Sources in the afternoon if we' go in There in the morning if they're feeding Out there you spook them doesn't matter If it's a bait Pile in baiting States Doesn't matter if it's an acorn flat Back in public land the edge of a Clearcut you're watching a food Plot an a field any of those food Sources that you're watching this time Of year it might even be an Upland mix Where you have different apple trees Mixed with some conifers some Briars Some shrubs coming in beautiful habitat Where there's rabbits maybe some Pheasants you're on the outside edge of That you're watching that in the Afternoon but if you go in the morning A Lot of times you're spooking deer so

They don't come back in the afternoon And this time of year when you spook Deer like I said number three you have To protect the movement they're gone and That leads into number two I want to Make sure to let you guys know that our Friends at quiet cat are offering a Major discount for our viewers here on The channel just go to the link in the Description it's a giant savings and uh It's just in time for Christmas there's Some great morning activity this time of Year but when you go in the morning that Means bedding area and if you don't have Second rut movement you don't have Scrapes opening up you don't have fresh Shavings on the snow you're not seeing Bucks chasing Doe's you're not seeing That traditional Runing Behavior like You do in early November then I would Not head to those morning stands because A lot of times deer are bedding at the Break of the day because it's the Coldest time in the day so let's say the Low of the night before was 17 that Means it's 17 at Daybreak it's always Deceiving because you'll look at a Forecast it'll say Tuesday's low is 17° I hope you know that makes that means That Wednesday morning at day break is 17° Tuesday's low is the next morning's Temperature and so if it's Tuesday says Low of 17 that means That's what the temperature is going to

Be at Daybreak on Wednesday and then you Have to look at Wednesday's high is Let's say 37 so if it's 17° in the Morning so deer can conserve energy a Lot of times they're not feeding in that Coldest portion of the day but they Might feed midm morning it might feed Late morning we see that a lot we see When you have periods of really cold Temperatures let's say there's snow on The ground when the snow gets soft Meaning it's 30s during the day or Higher then you can count on some really Good deer movement either midm morning Middle of the day afternoon but Certainly not going into that betting Area then when you're not seeing that Second run movement when you're seeing Second run movement that buck might be a Quarter mile away 300 yards a mile away Mile and a half at day break and he's Coming back to his bedding area and You're waiting for him but if you don't Have ring activity probably already There and you're just going to Spook out The movement now there's random times I'll even add this for that morning rut Look at it as mid morning opportunity It's really critical midm morning Opportunity that's when freezing cold And you're getting that warm up during The day you can sneak into the side of a Bedding area you're not walking through It you're not walking in it you're not

Spooking the deer in it for example we Have them around here where there's Ridges and we know on the back side of a Ridge is where they B some really good Benches hidden area think of some of the Best ones around it just works out this Way in Wisconsin where we hunt here There's a lot of south facing areas in Wisconsin somewh our best betting years Are actually north facing again that Doesn't really matter north south as far As people get really hung up on that They got to face the sun think what has The most diversity of habitat which a Lot of times is self facing but what's The most hidden where can they get out Of the wind the most cuz that's critical This time of year more critical than Facing the Sun so think about that but If you can get in next to that bedding Area might be that you have a swamp Edge And you go through the hardwoods and Then it drops down the swamp and before It does so even this 8 ft in elevation You're staying in that hardwood Edge Looking at the swamp Edge so that any Bucks that are moving around during Daylight feeding that on that diversity Between Hardwoods and swamp you have That opportunity those are some great Places to sit where you go in and you Say okay I'm going to sit here all Afternoon so you're going in at 10:00 in The morning 9:00 in the morning right at

That time where they might get out of Their beds and feed a little bit and Then you're just sitting till dark so Really good midm morning opportunity That all relates back to that morning Second rut movement if you're going to Go in before daylight and sit like you Traditionally would during the rut make Sure you see that runting activity if Not look for that mid morning uh morning Opportunity as well well even if you're Outside of the rut that's when they Start to feed a lot especially when it's Really cold but bottom Line I talk about don't get go into that Bedding area if there's no rut Movement don't spook the deer out of That food source because you're trying To push it too far Jen happened to be in An area where we could take Jack to Because she's looking at longer distance Shots she shot her bucket about 100 Yards with the muzzle 125 where I was Sitting with Jake the other day the best Shot is about 125 and so you have to be Really careful I'm going into a spot This afternoon where bury that buck he Comes through a water hole area to go to The food I'm going to sit with my scent Blowing out into an open area I can look Down into the woods over that water hole I can look over to the food a little bit But bottom line is I I'm not going to Spook out that food and that's so

Critical you can't spook out the Bo the Food can't spook out the bedding area And if you do you're going to have a Long December because you're not going To see much they'll move Deer always Move a long ways this time of year and What ends up happening especially in High pressure is deer will get herded up Into areas that don't have hunting Pressure so not only are food sources Limited this time of year and deer get Hurted up because of that bedding areas Are limited this time of year they're Not bedding out in the open Hardwoods Theyed they're bedding where there's a Lot of thick brush High stem count so They have a lot of brows to consume During the day but certainly there's a Lot of areas whether it's food or Bedding that just aren't any good to Deer anymore especially older Buck just Got got to face it do fawns they're Really resilient for hunting pressure They'll just move a little bit bucks Move a long ways they move five six Times more than a than a do family group That's their that's their home range Size much much larger than a do family Group and if you don't maintain a level Of lack of pressure in those areas then Those mature bucks will be gone if you Put too much pressure on the do's and Fawns are gone too and certainly there's Just not a lot of habitat cover and food

Available this time of year so you have To be really critical of how you hunt be Very safe protect that movement at all Cost even if it means sitting out to the Outside you know I sat in that blind Where Jack where um Jen was just a few Days ago with Jack in The Blind he made A lot of noise we had a four-year-old Buck we call Junior that's a definite Off limits Buck this year come in walk Right by at 4550 yards Jack is talking And Jibber jabbering the whole time and He didn't spook because we're backed up Far enough we have a blind obviously we Can be a little bit closer when we have That but we're thinking about where We're sitting based on our access being Based on how invasive we are and of Course our weapon you know for tonight I'm hunting a spot where I could use a Bow if I could use a bow your muzzle I Can't on my gun tag anyways or muzzle Tag so we're being very careful when we Get in making sure we pull back but Again have to protect the movement if You do that during December and you have Some deer hanging around you protect Prot that morning movement protect that Afternoon evening movement you're going To have a great hunt during the late Season I appreciate you guys watching The YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white tabat

Solutions.com our website our whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very Active on Instagram putting strategies On there photos of what we do every day Uh much more active there than Facebook But our seed web classes book book Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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