3 Ways To Hunt The 2nd Rut RIGHT NOW!

Don’t miss out! The 2nd Rut is happening in your area now or very soon, are you ready? Here are 3 highly proven 2nd Rut hunting strategies that you can use to fill your tag with a buck very soon…

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Well I'm shooting these videos with my Bib overalls on because we J shot a nice Buck last night we recovered him this Morning and he had his stained tal Glands in the back we found open scrape This morning and it's just on the cusp Of the second rut and uh you know first We talk about in another video you have To believe the second run is an actual Thing and it is it's very very important And you really want to fast forward About 4 weeks from your R lockdown date Which is early November around here last Couple days of October sometimes early November and that's when that ramp up of Do are taking place they coming into Estrus and Bucks are waiting they're not On Do's cuz they haven't been coming and All of a sudden a bunch of do's come in All the Bucks get on Do's cuz there's a Lot more do's and bucks and Do's get Missed because bucks are with Do's for 2 Or 3 days before they actually breed Them and finish the process then you get In the peak R it's more random and you Can have Do's missed then too but boy There's a lot and a bunch missed and you Go back to early November it's December 4th right now you go back 4 weeks and That was about that time right in early November and so believe that it takes Place and it's a huge opportunity for You to me I talk about the second rut Being the most missed time in the

Deerwoods every single year Jen took Advantage last night with a nice buck That was probably participating runting Activity he was hanging out with some do Feeding and I know you can too but here Are some of the kind of the rules of That second rut strategies that I follow Tips that have helped me throughout the Years and it's at a favorite time of Mine to hunt not a lot of hunters out in The woods hardly any muzzler season There's snow on the ground at times in Fact Dylan found the blood this morning From the buck that we recovered and it Was in some snow it ran across an open Elf elf field a little bit of green Mixed in bunch of grass hardly any snow Very very hard to find blood especially With a gunshot you know a muzzle loer Shot a lot of times they don't bleed for 50 yards 100 yards unless you get a Complete pass through Jen actually Perfectly shot her as meeting midbody All the way up she shooting uphill at The buck ended up just behind The the shoulder on the opposite side Right in the rib cage we got the sabbot Back so she took out the heart the guts Unfortunately going in at least one lung So probably the liver I know the liver So there was a lot of damage and he went About 150 yards and got into the brush And he was what Dyan 10 yards in I mean 20 yards at the most yeah found where he

Bed down which means probably fell down And and then I got up from there and Didn't make it very far so probably Really quick process but again second Rut opportunity this time of year not Just the normal activity so what do you Look for where do you hunt and first Morning rut stand what's a morning rut Stand anyways you know people have them On a small food plot somewhere on a food Source in general corner of an a field Those aren't rut stands they're thinking Well deer move through here during the Rut morning rut stands to me have to do With bedding areas whether they're Buck Betting dough betting not in the betting But off to the side where you can safely Approach those blow your wind into a Safe Direction on the outside of the the Bedding area and sit back and see what Happens in the morning my favorite times To hunt not all stands are created Equal has to be to me next to a bedding Area I would say 70% of my bucks account For this somewhere around there where I'm hunting these morning rut stands and Waiting for deer to come back that Morning rut stand downwind edge of buing Bedding areas that are currently being Used by Buck either traveling through For Do's or actually being used for a Buck in this bedding area could be 5 Acres 10 acres I'm not talking a deer Bed that's not a very good tactic to try

To find a deer bed and sit over it and Wait for a buck to come back that works In low pressure states where you bump a Buck wait for them to come back the next Day set up on them that works some Placees doesn't work in the midwest Doesn't work in the Northeast doesn't Work in the central part of the country Where you actually have hunting pressure Might work in Kansas Iowa locations Nebraska South Dakota if there's areas That you can find that even Iowa can Have high hunting pressure areas but if You find those low pressure areas some Of those tactics could be golden but I Hunt morning beding areas deer in the Rot wait for those deer to come back to You I want to make sure I can get in and Out without spooking deer so the cool Thing about hunting a bedding area stand In the morning is you can see what deer Are behind around you you're sitting There for 3 or 4 hours you know if They're moving through feeding through And you get out when the getting's good Problem is you go in that stand in the Afternoon you don't what's there A lot Of times you just end up spooking deer So I want to be able to get in and out Without spoken deer I want to be on the Edge of a bedding area and I want my Scent blowing away from those bedding Areas that's a morning rut stand to me And I say morning rut stand because I'm

Tally typically not hunting that area Outside of the rut so I'm looking at Early December mid December to where you At in the country a little bit later Down in Tennessee might be the third Week of December uh Virginia same thing Middle of December but bottom line is You're seeing that runting activity Place and then take place and then You're going into that rut stand I don't Want to go in there before because the Deer are usually already there Especially a box that's recovering from The primary rut and just trying to Conserve energy once the rut takes place You don't know where he's at in the Morning just like the peak rut rut lock Down pre-rut you don't know where They're at so you can get in in the Morning they're usually out making rub Scrapes chasing do chasing other bucks Off they're very active which means you Can get in and slip in in the morning Just like you can during the second rut Want to make sure to let you guys know That our friends at quiet cat are Offering a major discount for our Viewers here on the channel just go to The link in the description it's a giant Saving And do it's just in time for Christmas afternoon bedding think about An afternoon betting staging area shut Some really nice bucks 300 yards away

From food he was moving towards food He's coming out of his bedding he's Within 100 yards of his bed you're Waiting for them to come out it's an Area usually with a lot of rub sign Scrape sometimes we have water holes in That area getting out of their bedding Moving through this area and then once They leave that area they're typically Just walking straight to their food Source safe cover to get there so think About it as like a food source staging Area that's the last safe patch of cover Before a buck exits to go to a food Source great place too but a lot Different than a bedding area staging Bedding area stag is more remote and This time of year A lot of times those Bucks aren't moving till the last a Little bit of light even during the Second rut you're going to go find Doe's After dark out in that food source so I Like if you can get back to a bedding Area and you say I know I can get back Here to this point but boy on the other Side of that Ridge that's where he's at Or around that corner in that swamp That's where he's at maybe in that Middle of that clearcut that's where He's at I can get to the edge but I'm Not going to go sit in it I can get to The edge of the ridge but I'm not going To go over the top and get into that Location so an area where you can get

Close to him and you're waiting for him To come out now he might go a different Direction bucks are un unpredictable They're not like Doe's so I really like That staging area bedding area staging Area and then of course the food source Itself the cool thing about the food Source itself compared to a bedding Staging is you can if you're hunting it Safe with a muzzle loer for example from A distance or you're hunting a corn Corner of the food source as they exit And go out to a big food source that's Hidden then you can hunt that o area Over and over again as long as you can Get in and out without spooking deer and You can blow your scent safely and That's why in a big food source it's Almost impossible to sit with a bow you Sit there one time now you just ruin the Entire the entire hunt the entire Movement so afternoon food source Movements either that beding area Staging area where you're not getting Into the bed you're getting close to Where you know you can get in safely and Then see if he comes Out but the more conservative approach Is to sit and watch that food or off to The side of the food so you can check For that movement going to that food Source the thing is you can't spook out Either you can't spook out the bedding Area you can't spook out the uh food

Source movement or you're you're done Those bucks will just go somewhere else They have lots of choices where they can Go safely meaning they don't mind going Three miles two miles a mile to find it Do or home bodies they'll go a half mile And just move around the corner or Something but Bucks have five or six Times a home range and they'll go find That afternoon food source is not all Created equal Just cuz you have a big beautiful food Plot a standing egg Field a great clearcut on public land Maybe a swamp Edge maybe an Upland cover Habitat with lots of briers stem count That doesn't mean deer are going to be There I want to make sure it's Unpressured and when I say unpressured I Mean by you or by anybody else now if Your neighbor is 300 yard away making Some noise that's not necessarily Pressured because they can get to that Food source and leave and they never see Another person you spook them one time Thinking well I'm just going to go I Can't tell you how many people I see With rednecks and really super nice Blinds on a food plot folks if you can't Get in and out of your Blinder stand Next to that food source it's pressured I don't care if you think well I only Use it once a week that's too much maybe Get away with it once every five six

Weeks but who of us has all these Resources spent of food source blind and Stand just blow it out every four or Five weeks out I like to hunt more than That so what I do is and and even then Where do they go do they go to your Neighbors to get shot that's how you Reduce the age structure in your area Bucks by spooking deer off food sources It doesn't even matter if it's once a Month yeah maybe you can get a good hunt Out of it once a month that's not enough To me so by all means you can't pressure Your food sources ever number two it's Got to be good food notice I put Unpressured before good food unpressured Food source that's adequate is better Than a good food source that's pressured It always wins when it comes to mature Body you might have a bunch of do's Running around that's why I put Do's Last obviously if you don't have Do's Coming to this food source why would a Buck come there it's not because he's Going there because the Doe's it's just That the Doe's aren't going to eat that Food source if they're not going to be Out there why would the buck eat it the Doe's are telling you yeah they like This food source a good food source Planted food plots on private land Combination of good brows in the woods On private land clear cuts on public Land swamp Edge diversity of habitat

Where Old Timber meets young Timber Meets Upland habitat the more diversity You find in public land the more deer You're going to find the more wildlife In general I'm talking good food sources A standing cut corn field Standing meaning they haven't plowed it Under that's not necess good food source Deer might come out to it every night But they can find better typically Somewhere has to be hidden if you watch Cars Go by in the distance and you see Your neighbor walking out in his Backyard if deer can see you walking by In and out to a food source or to stand Location even if you're not hunting Right there quarter mile away they see Your flashlight across the Field it isn't hidden Enough number four second rut hunting Means rut sign if you have rubs and Scrapes around that food source it's Hidden it's good food and it's Unpressured guess what you're not only Have Do's number five but you're Probably going to have the oldest bucks In the neighborhood because when it Comes to this time of year it's pretty Easy to find a good food source because Cuz there's hardly any so they really Stick out food plots a Fields hay out in The fields alala is all dried out stemmy And yellow there's not a lot of good Food sources you have lots of great

Properties that are rut properties They're not thick enough or have the Stem count to support daytime brows for Bedding mature box or do in general deer In general during December January February March they're really not Available so the ones that are there Really stick out it's kind of like up Michigan where I like to hunt them Public land unless you're around a bait Pile you don't find a lot of sign so When you find one rub out in a funnel That's a really nice rub looks like a Mature Buck it mean something greatly They might they might only hit that rub Twice a year but what it tells you is There's a mature Buck there because There's not a lot of sign not a lot at All so when you have a good food source You have Do's on it which is least Important there's rot sign around it It's hidden good food Unpressured you're going to have vure Box around it and it's an incredible Spot to hunt for the second rod and Build your entire hunt because if They're beating here they're obviously Betting adjacent they don't travel that Far this time of year to their favorite Food source so you can count on not only Having that great food source but that Sets up that entire structure where you Have movement bedding staging area food Food source staging areas you have

Bedding area stands from morning you Have evening stands afternoon stands Around that food source it sets the Entire table again not all food is Created equal and that's why there's Very few food sour food sources this Time of year in food Plots Agland areas on public land that Have been pounded that actually set the Table for movement for mature box and Deer in general for the entire day Entire season entire second rut you find Those food sources build your hunt Around these tips right here and you Have a great second rut you got to Believe in it first but once you do You'll have a great second rut and You'll be able to count on that during a Time where there's hardly any other Hunters in the woods for the rest of Your life I appreciate you guys watching The YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white to Habitats solutions.com our website or Whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 00 articles On wh habitats solutions.com everything Whail strategy of course we have hats on

There and then make sure to check us out On Instagram again but lots of stuff to Offer we're always coming out with new Things and this isn't the end of it we Have more things coming soon make sure To check us out

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