5 Bad Food Plot Locations To Avoid

Not all food plot locations are good food plot locations! Here are 5 major food plot locations to avoid on your land during this food plot planting season…

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Yeah it's end of June and uh Jen and I Have successfully burned out this area For something to be planted I'm going to Talk about why I feel this is the worst Spot for a food plot Which leads me to where what we are Going to plant here to end with but I Want to talk about five locations That you need to avoid when it comes to Planting a food plot and uh and this one Has all five believe it or not so it Really and I even I still look at even Dylan even coming down here to make this Video I'm like sure we can't plant Something here food platters use it some Way we can put a blind here and Dylan Was a pretty resounding no no no so Dylan has to keep me on the straight Narrow sometimes so but this is one of Them and really one of the things I want You to look at these five locations and Understand why they make bad food plot Locations This area right here it's in the middle Of some of our most secure cover in fact We drove in here I found a shed right Down there why is there shut here we Don't find any sheds in our yard they're Here because We find lots of bedding in this area It's very secure we don't walk in here We found berries sheds right over here About 80 yards from here so not very far And he's our number one target Buck if

We can find him next year for hunting Season he's a he's gonna be a monster a Six-year-old He was already probably pushing 170 last Year and who knows what it'll be this Year that they have a tendency to blow Up which 170 if it wasn't blown up Enough already he is he's going to be a Giant well bottom line is this right in The middle of cover what does that do When it's good Buck batting cover you Know we have big food up there We have big food about a quarter mile Away over there we have pretty solid Food a little over an acre and a quarter About 500 yards that way and that gives Us this depth right back here that we Talk about often we're a buck my bed We stick food back here in this case Three quarters of an acre or half acre Whatever this is two-thirds of an acre Then we displace Buck bedding the reason Boxer bedding back here is because it's Not on a major food source we have does Up by that food source that one over There that one over there that means When we get down to this location right Here this is mostly Buck bedding all the Time we put a food source down here now We just destroyed Buck betting it Doesn't matter if it's high or low what Direction it is if we had major food all Down the bottom here Box would be right up there we put a

Food source up there where do they go You know there's not going to be a lot Of room once we put food down here now We put a bunch of doughs and fawns here Other Young Bucks Deer that can tolerate a lot higher Stress level because food is stress now You can actually pinch those bucks out Because you put a food plot back and Bedding cover that's why it's really Critical that if you're going to put a Hunting plot we have a hunting pot off To the side which is near this yard you Can see our neighbor's house down there We walk right along your yard we go into A hunting plot that's right down the Bottom here floor sent back at the yard It's just a pass-through It's about a quarter acre hunting plot It's not displacing deer now the Bucks Won't bed right next to it but they Didn't already So that's not a bad thing they'll still Bed here 150 yards away 100 yards away Even though we have that quarter acre Food place just to pass through that's Two and a half acres up there two and Three quarter acre that's an acre and a Quarter over there we have a combined Acre and three quarter that way we have Four and a half over there So we get down here put a quarter acre It doesn't even compare to those other Areas if the food plot is big enough you

Start putting dough bedding next to it Because it's so big and they want to Consistently use it and it's either on Their way or right next to big food Sources like all those other food plots Then that's where it starts to displace Buck bedding this in this case we can Have it just as a pass through mostly For box effect we see more bucks down Here than dolls quite often so that's Number one if you're in a displaced Buck Bedding displaced bedding in general Then you can't have it Number two if you can't hunt it Don't put a food plot in the middle of Your 40 acres if you have to hunt the Outside thinking that deer going to go To that food source every afternoon that Means when you come into the property You're potentially coming in on bedding Area because they're all focusing in the Afternoon in the food source you can't Hunt it so that means the last hour of Daylight if a box on your property on That food source is which is a good food Plot that's what it should be that he's There during daylight often you can't Hunt them So what's use of having that food plot Now we have food plots that we can't bow Hunt say our we have about 15 16 food Plots in all but three or four are gone Only Meaning we can't bow hunt them because

If we get on them we're spooking deer But if we sit off in 150 yards 200 yards 100 yards off to the side safely we can Watch deer come out to it every night Never Smoke them so if you can't hunt it It's drawing deer away from your stand Locations and you can't hunt those deer Really really bad strategy no no Different than having a water hole in The middle of your property that you Can't hunt that's a sin you want to have A bow stand over a water hole and if you Can't it's drawing deer away from your Bow stands can't hunt it if it's back in An area like this That's going to displace Buck bedding Both bad but also if you have to pass Through it so if we have to pass through It to get to a stand location or an area We want to hunt very bad location Because then every time we walk by it We're going to Spook deer neighbor's House right there that means if we Access right behind the neighbor's house Which we can about 30 yards behind their Property We can come in from the bottom down There and we can go into stand locations Over here really good stand locations For bedding area bucks in the morning Because we're not putting food here Then if we if this is food right here And we access down there we're going to Spook deer here and if we're spooking

Deer here it affects two to three Hundred yards in every direction that's A really bad thing so if we can't hunt It if we have to access through it if It's going to bump deer be in the middle Of deer that's a really bad thing now at The same time that's what I see in a lot Of cabins we have a major food source Here and we have a cabin or a home right There it doesn't matter if it's ours Or the Neighbors in this case every time He mows the lawn every time he comes out Every time he's a hunter he seems like a Nice guy we've met him but every time he Comes on that backyard no matter what He's doing he's going to Spook deer off This food plot at the very least he gets To see him and since we can't hunt back Here or it's really difficult he gets to See more deer than we can on this plot That's a bad thing back side of your Cabin I've been to a lot of properties Where they have to go through their only Food plot To get to the rest of their land they Spooked deer every time they come in and Out of it and that's no different Whether it's your cabin or your Neighbor's cabin very bad So if it's right behind a cabin behind a House if you're in a displaced bedding If you can't hunt it if you have to Access through it to get to good stands Really bad and finally if you're putting

This food source here and this is big Enough that it holds deer decks to the Neighbor's house he has good cover down In the valley down there what's that Doing we put deer here in the afternoon Evening that are living on his land all Day long that's a really bad thing we Have a lot of food sources next to at Next to AG land but the deer don't live In ag land during the day they live on Our land they go to what we call holding Plots because we hold them till dark and Then they go out in the AG land after Dark But if we're putting a food plan on the Edge of our border and it's because of That food plot we're putting deer on our Neighbor's land that they get to hunt Especially those great cold morning toe Numbing mornings during the rut they get To look at them all morning that's a Very bad thing So we don't want to put deer on our Neighbors because of this plot we don't Want to have to walk through it and Spook deer ever if we can't hunt it why Put it here if it's just placing Buck Bedding that's a really bad thing so There's many reasons that you can come Up with why a food plot is in a bad Location You notice I didn't even talk about what Type of fertile uh what fertility level Of the soil is

If it's facing west and going to get Burned out or not if it's dry soil if It's rocky soil if it's wet soil because All those other factors of hunting Strategy And property design strategy need to Come first I could really care less what the soil Is here if I can actually throw seed Down it's not all rock it's not all Water if it's a good spot for a food Source because it isn't one of the in Those five locations then I'm going to Plant a food plot here I don't care what The soil is to learn that years ago late 90s early 2000s in the European Michigan I learned that I could change the parts Per million of nutrients in the soil 100 Times over with just in a couple years By crop rotations lots of Buckwheat lots Of Rye that's how we incorporate a lot Of our soil like our soil Builders some Are soil Builder whs Wildlife Blends a Seed company I now own Because you can plant anywhere you just Have to pick the right seed for the Right conditions for the right time that The moisture comes get rid of your weeds Like we did here so what are we planting Here we're planting switch grass and I Want pure switch grass here now pure Switch grass if we have pure switchgrass Here they're not going to bed on on the Neighbor's property down there but they

Are going to bed more in this thick Cover we have surrounding here because It's a thermal protection it's screening Protection they can't see through it They don't like to bet in it so that Means when we access down the bottom at The bottom of the switchgrass we're not Spooking deer because they're hidden all Around up here that complements that Hunting plot down there we actually hold Deer closer to the hunting plant in the Form of mature box because we have the Switch grass here so we're getting this Ready for switchgrass which is the Opposite of food typically if it's a bad Spot for food it's a great spot for Switchgrass and cover like it is right Here typically if it's bad for food it's Great for bedding if it's good for Bedding it's bad for food I hope that Makes sense we don't want deer bedding In this we use pure switch grass they'll Bed around it they're obviously I like I Said not bedding in the yard down there At the neighbors so For all the reasons that this is a bad Food plot location and I hope any one of Those reasons should be enough of a Reason for you not to put a food plot Location But for all those reasons is this is a Bad spot it's a great spot for Switchgrass we'll bring that to you next Year down here watch how this brown you

Know terrible soil you know never been Planted location turns into a beautiful Feel of switchgrass like we've done just Right up there about 150 yards up high Try to avoid you know always remember That soil used to be I even saw it on a TV show like find your get a soil map Pick your best soil plant a food plot oh Terrible advice no that's no different Than saying I like to hunt red Cedars so I'm going to find the best red cedar on The the land and put a stand location There terrible advice Instead make sure those five things Aren't happening do the opposite and Figure out what you have to do the soil To plant the right food for that Location that's how you're on track to a Great food plot program that's what we Help our clients do every year whether It's Dylan Joe Kevin Wes will be going To some clients this fall too he's the One that manages or seed companies a Farmer The bottom line is you can have a great Food plot program if you make sure you Don't do those five things this year That'll help you have a great hunt help You have the ability to build a great Herd be an actual herd influencer in the Neighbor neighborhood because most People do at least one or two Out of five of those things let alone Five out of five we see that all the

Time don't be that person and you'll Have a great taunt and an ability to Enjoy a great herd this fall this winter And Beyond hey folks I really appreciate You watching and I want to invite you to Check out our main website Whitetailhabitat solutions.com I'm gonna miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so We have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and uh most of all thank you Very much for watching reading listening Being a part of whitetail habitat Solutions if you want to check this Stuff out awesome links are in the Description

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