5 Critical Hunting Land Design Tips

These are the deer hunting land design tips that you need, anywhere a whitetail roams…

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Now how many of you got to the end of The season this year and said man my Land sucks my setup sucks sucks my Habitat design my hunting setups I Really need to improve those these are Some Basics you can go back to Dylan and I came up quick just five points that Are really really critical to setting up Your land and making sure you find Success next year uh number one Separation of food and cover the worst Thing you could do and I just use this Kind of look at extremes let's say he Had great food plots or great food Sources you're hunting uh say a clearcut Even on public land let's say you had That but then the cover and the bedding Cover where the deer holding was full of Apple trees and white o corns and red Oer thickets and swampland meaning high Quality cover and food in that cover and Then you're expecting to go over this Food over here and there's not enough of A separation between high quality food And high quality cover that deer really Don't have to move during the daylight There's no no incentive for them to move Buck can sit back he gets up walks 30 Yards dines on an apple tree until dark And doesn't need to come out however When you have good cover which gives you Good brows briers shrub tips hardwood Regeneration maybe few acorns throwing In that's not the same level of quality

As a good food source so deer need to Move from their bedding cover they sit All day eating that brow it's hard to Digest but adequate for them they have Plenty of it you don't want to be those Deer if they're sitting in open Hardwoods they're not going to be there If they have a choice cuz they want that Browse during the daylight hours and That browse is critical for them Especially all the way through March but If you have that quality food source as It forces them to move and that's a Really good design feature on your land Or the land that you're hunting number Two hidden food the food has to be Hidden period food plots behind a cabin Clear Cuts behind a cabin meaning every Time you have to go out you have a Parking area you know in Michigan they Have food plots along the roads near Parking areas why would you want to hunt There that's a great place not to hunt Go a mile down the road get into a back Area look for some funnels coming back Into a swamp those deer going to hit Those food plots every night but it's Not really doing anything for the for The hunt maybe even the health of the Herd but you can use it to your Advantage still but not in that location And and if it's on your own land you Certainly don't want that in that spot On your own property taking place so the

Food has to be hidden and that so Critical that's say you have to go along Your South Edge for Access and you have A food plot or even a clearcut right Next to that access then it raises your Potential to Spook deer by several times Over so you either need to shrink the Food source shrink the food plot cut it In half offer a lot more screening Edge In that location let's face it you can't Have enough screening in 10 ft to not Let deer know that you're there walking By a giant food plot 10 feet away so you Shrink the food plot a lot more Screening but bottom line is you need to Be able to get on and off your property Without spooking deer on those food Sources Am Pm access and stance that Means that you access over in these Locations for evening food source Hunting or afternoon food source hunting Because that's where all the deer in the Neighborhood are going to but you also Need to be able to flip around and have Great morning stands you find that if You have a good parcel you'll have at Least 30 40% morning stands and the rest Will be afternoon stands it could even Be 50/50 on a really good parcel the Bottom line is we look at a parcel and The landowner or people online say well I just don't have stands I can never Develop them for morning that's because Of a very bad habitat design your food

Needs to be over here again separated Your cover over here what that does Gives you Am Pm stands it's one of the Quickest ways to tell if you have a Great parel or not is if you have a good Balance of AM and PM stands and if They're all afternoon stands or Something very wrong because what that's Doing that means that you have not only Can you not get on and off the property You can't access the property without Spooking deer that likely means that all The mature box or any bucks in the Neighborhood are going to be on your Neighbors and it's probably not just one Neighbor it's a collection of them which Means you never get to hunt a good herd Because if you put more bucks on the Surrounding neighbors lots of different Property lines that they cross lots of Different neighbors that could Potentially hold bucks when they're Young they don't get to be an old age Because they're Crossing fences over and Over again or property boundaries That's a very bad thing so really Important to have afternoon morning Stands it's a really good sign and in Order to have that you have to have Hidden food sources and separation of Food and cover crying baby setups the Reason I bring that up is uh Jen shot a Really nice buck this year had Jackson In the Blind and that's what we've had

To do four sets we've had two a piece Where we've sat with Jackson because if We were going to hunt together that Night one of us had to take Jackson it's Not that we don't want to take our son He's 20 months old now we want to Experience that in fact he was 3 weeks Old when he sat with Jen and Jen shot Her first or at Tom um that was his First hunt he was 3 weeks old it was 37° um he actually slept we meled him up Before he went out it was it was a Beautiful morning and she shot a great Tom and uh so and he was out in the deer Blind Thanksgiving last year he's been Out there a lot that's really important We feel like those sights sounds being With Mommy and Daddy when they're when They're happy being outside that's Really important but obviously when You're deer hunting if you have setups That you can't move in the blind without Spooking deer that's a very bad thing if You have setups that you couldn't have a Little kid faintly talking in the blind With You and your gun Hunting without spooking deer then That's a very bad thing now I'm not Saying all our setups are like that in Fact on this property here we probably Only have three legitimate blinds that We could sit in with Jackson and that Limits us

But a lot of times it's it means either Going out or not and i' choose to go out Even if uh I have a crying baby in the Stand and we'll just go to an Appropriate blind where we're a 100 Yards or more off of the shot you know That's the thing too we go to a lot of Spots where you have people say well how Can you have that set up it must be Overly easy no it just took a ton of Strategy and a ton of work to make sure That when we get in and out of that Blind we're not spooking deer and Therefore when we're in the blind we're Not spooking deer if you can't burp in The blind without spooking a deer when You're gun hunting it's probably way too Close to where you're observing in General I'm not saying all blinds are Like that but you should have those on Your property and that's a sign of a Good property call them family blinds Blinds that you can take spouse kids all Sit together that's awesome but Obviously those can't be right on the Food source or right in the bedding area It's off to the side you can repeatedly Watch Deer mov movements you basically Set up the deer because they can come Into a spot over and over again bedding Or feeding without the fear of being Hunted or any kind of pressure in any Way that means you have good parel let Alone a good blind setup not all blind

Setups again are going to be like that But you should have one or two at least Edge diversity what I mean by this is if You have a solid hardwood piece 40 acres The ratio of the outside measurement to The side is one: one meaning that There's no Edge on the inside you can Even say it's one to zero however you Want to look at it but you have your Outside edge borders and what they equal And then that inside it's all the same So there's zero Edge if you have Hardwood you have a lot to do because You want to have areas of shrubs Conifers hardwood regeneration even Hardwoods around your outside maybe a Swamp in there hills that create Different levels of habitat age ofit Habitat all those equal Edge the more Edge on you have on your land not only The better white tail habitat you have But the better wildlife habitat you have In general so always think about that Ratio that outside measurement should be 1/10th what the inside is for Edge and All those little pieces you have Together the more pieces you have the More potential you have and when you add That all up that potential of what you Have on the inside and Edge you have These setups where you're not spooking Deer that means you're not right in the Middle of the property you're not you're Not uh right on top of deer when you're

Watching them you have amm stands Meaning everything's separated obviously If you're hunting in the middle of that Separation of food and cover those deer Are not going to be in the cover so you Wouldn't actually have am stands cuz They're all living on your neighbors if You have all these things right here Hidden food sources you have that Separation of food and cover then you Have a highly efficient parcel most People do not and what I mean by that It's all deer all the time you have a 40 Acre parcel right here you have one Trail going from front to back you use It with any wind Direction let's say you never walk Around the outside edge the only piece Your wind's going to go about 15 yards In either direction so that means you Have about out outside 65 yards on Either Side that doesn't so maybe you have 8 Acres left out of 40 and let's say your Neighbors have an access road going Along border there's a cabin nearby Maybe there's a lake on one side where Deer can't go now you cut that down to And you add two more Trails on your Property you have zero% efficiency on Your land so always think about that Level of efficiency if you do it right On a 40 acre par you have at Least half of your Acres that are

Dedicated to all deer all the time and That's one contiguous chunk there's no Roads there's no Trails there's nothing Separating that chunk doesn't matter What what way it lays out on 80 acres You can bump that up usually to 60% or More and by the time you get to 160 to 200 Acres or more you should always have At least 75 80% of your land that's all Deer all the time you have plenty of Room to still get on and off your Property me interior thing and if you Have a cabin in the middle then you have That big contiguous area like a doughnut All the way around even going over your Driveway where it's all deer all the Time you can still hit those percentages Even if you have a cash in the middle That creates an efficiency efficient Parcel that's we talk about how Efficient is your land a lot of clients We go to they have zero to 10% that's Dedicated to all deer all the time and That's quickly to CH easy to change and Then in Reverse when you change that you Have AMPM stands you have crime baby Setups you have separation of food you Have everything that it takes to create A good white tail parcel let's think About this all for a second I put p and P land what's that mean private and Public land when you're looking for a Good spot on public land you want Separation of food and cover so you can

Find out where actually deer are Traveling if you're hunting where their Food's at you're spooking them if you're Having that cover and there's food in it You're spooking them either way you go In Hidden food sources on public land it Might be a uh hidden hesite with apple Trees around it might be a hidden Clearcut that they shut the road down to On public or private land I've seen that In Ohio and Pennsylvania then you can Actually have morning and afternoon Stands on public land it's not all one And the same usually when you're sitting In one stand all day you're wasting half The day as far as capturing the amount Of potential that you could otherwise Have if you were in a different location Crying baby setups you know public land I'd love to watch big open areas get Into areas that are unpressured away From people maybe a big Oak flat out in Pennsylvania where we hunted Edge Diversity the more diversity and Edge You have on the land land the better of The wildlife so I always think about a Lot of these Concepts people say why Hunt public CL I had someone I put a Video of bo a big buck I shot the end of October that we actually had four years Of video from I was really looking at Him for for uh three seasons passed him Up three seasons ago wanted to shoot him Last season finally got him as a

Six-year-old this year but uh someone Made the point on there but yeah this Isn't public land da public land you Have to work really hard to build this All into a small area really hard and Sometimes it takes years and a lot of Resources of time and money to get it Done right public Landes go find it Which is what we did in a few hours of Hunting this year in Pennsylvania that's What I've done on public land for a long Time the point is a lot of these Concepts apply to both public and Private land and if you hunt like that On public and private land you're going To find success not saying there's not a Better way but it's worked for me for Decad ades and I know it'll work for you And these are five proven tips that we See over and over again at work in the Field that you can make a difference on Your land in your hunt no matter if you Want public or private land this next Season I appreciate you guys watching The YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white till Habitats solutions.com our webssite or Whs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books

Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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