5 Reasons Your Small Deer Hunting Parcel Failed

There are very specific small parcel deer hunting fails that I have consistently seen on over 1000 parcels in 20 seasons of designing client deer parcels. What’s great about these fails? If you learn how to avoid them, you will find success…

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Well you get into this time of year it's December 4th and we're shooting this and It's a really good time for Reflection and it's no wonder that this Time of years when we start talking About changing your property for next Year changing your hunt for next year And uh and really improving a lot of People start thinking about that boy This was bad this year how can I do Better next year at least I I hope That's what you're doing you know I this Channel is not for the person that just Wants to do the same thing every year With the same lackluster results and Never improve themselves we had people Say you know this is too much strategy Hunting should be more fun than this Quality equals fun to me if I want to Just hike and enjoy the scenery I'll Just hike and enjoy the scenery I don't Eat a weapon I love just sitting on the Ground out in the National Forest love Just watching the woods wake up but when It comes to deer hunting I want to Actually succeed and I demand it of Myself I want consistent success I Demand that if I can't do it myself how Can I teach you to do it so it's Critical that this is a time of Reflection and I want to talk about why Your property failed this year you can Relate this to your hunt you can relate This to public land in a lot of ways too

Now look at number one bad food now if You if you planned your hunt Around soybeans and they were all Devoured by September then you don't have that food Source to Anchor the deer movement it Doesn't matter how great it was during The summer time if you planned your hunt And your property around Brasas and the deer didn't start hitting Them until December well you failed Because if you don't establish the Pattern of use early for them eating in August September October then why are They going to be there in November December you're expecting them to come From their fall ranges and that they've Established and then just move back Because you have a a great late season Food source the bottom line is you Really need to have that food source That's kicking end of August September October November December and that's What you can do on private land public Land is different it's the food source Of the moment so if they're hitting in White white oak Acorns during September but those are All gone in October you need to change Just because they during the September And there's lots of sign lots of rubbing Activity get some good trail cam photos You need to look at anticipate that hey They're going to go feed on the Red Oaks

Over here or maybe they're going to feed By this clearcut Edge in December where There's not a lot of pressure and it's Deeper into the woods so your food Source is going to change monthly if not Weekly on public land private land you Want to have the same deer hitting the Same food sources and you want to have That Combination throughout the entire year If you don't have that you're not going To have consistency here out this Property right here in Minnesota that We're at now I'm wearing bib overalls Cuz Jen shot a beautiful Buck last night We recovered them this morning and Dy And I were what an hour and a half or Two hours behind starting videos and we Had eight to shoot in like two hours and So we're just just going and uh but you Want that food source that lasts for the Entire season and that's what's critical Then you have deer that you can plan on In early season midseason late season They're hitting these food sources these Deer hitting here you have that Consistency if you don't have that Consistency everything's random you have Holes and same on public land you're Just finding the food on private land You need to build it so you want that Food to last for the entire time bad Cover and what I mean by that Is a deer will hang out especially an

Older buck and just about any cover That's open in July August early September but sometime in September Early no early October his needs start To shift he needs brows during the day He needs thick stem count cover hiding Him and his cover needs drastically Change going into October especially November and December as opposed to what was great During the summertime you know a lot of People have great summer properties and That usually means you're going to have A very very bad fall property so I mean One of the telltale signs if you had Great summer bucks you're probably going To have a bad season because then you Have summer food summer cover and you Need the opposite for mature box you Need the type of cover that Doe's need All year long they need High stem count Cover for fawning cover they need thick Cover that's what you need all you know That's what you need for your entire Hunting season for a buck if not they're Not going to be there so you have to Have cover and it has to relate more Towards the cold season meaning when They're in their bedding areas during The daylight they need to eat about Every 4 hours they need to stand up and Have brows that could be a combination Of briers hardwood regeneration shrub Tips could be some acorns and uh White

Oak and and red oak acorns but that has To be a complement to your cover it Can't be the cover and the Brows all Alone if you just had a property of all All apples that's not a good thing you Need to have cover you need to have stem Count you need to have variety and bias And Diversity so that's why a lot of people Whether you don't have good food you Don't have good cover then you're in Trouble number three bad access we're Getting into the really important ones Here because if you have great food Great cover but your access is poor and The deer know every time you're coming On and off the property you have a Horrible property doesn't matter how Good your cover is and your and your Food is if you have bad access let me Repeat this if you have bad access you Have a rotten Property and that's why we get down here Your good property can't be found with Money or work or great habitat it all Boils down to how well you can get on And off your property without spooking Deer and the more you improve the Habitat and have bad access the worse Off it is because now you're educating More and more deer in the neighborhood The more attractive you make your Property you're better off doing nothing Sitting out in the woods and just having

A random Buck walk by during the rut but I want you to have a lot better property Than that I want you to work on the Property and that mean and and improve Your property but that means you have to Have places where you can access in and Out get off your property that means you Might have to shrink that food plot or Get rid of it that means you shouldn't Put that bedding area in that location And that's why these food sources Bedding areas native grass fields can't Be put into locations based on the soil Type or ease of putting it in you can't Look at it say well this type of cover Would be great for a bedding area it's Not great for a bedding area if your Access goes alongside it it doesn't Relate to your food source movements There's a lot more strategy involved and That's why when you get academic types That want to go design your property From a state wildlife agency they're Yeah they might be deer hunters but They're not looking at it how are the Deer going to move around this property And how does that relate to the balance Of me getting on and off the property And not spooking them cuz unless they're Really good successful consistent Buck Killers mature Buck Killers they're not Going to know what it takes to design This property you can't learn in a Classroom I want to make sure to let you

Guys know that our friends at quiet cat Are offering a major discount for our Viewers here on the channel just go to The link in the description it's a giant Savings and Dodge just in time for Christmas number four that equals a lot Of bad stand locations bad stand Locations meaning you're spooking deer But they're not consistent they're Random so if you don't have this food Source of entire season that starts in August and September on your private Land and it relates to this bedding area That has great cold season diversity of Habitat and stem count if you don't have That then whatever stand locations you Do have are just random and bad they're Not relating to anything at least on Public land public land is such a Different place different animal you Know we went out to Pennsylvania uh last Weekend went out in the morning on Opening day hunted shot my buck the Second day at a little after 8 in the Morning no scouting it's an area I've Hunted for 31 31 years ago was the first Time so we've been there I've been there 21 Seasons average about two days of Hunting per season and I haven't been Out there to step foot and Scout in at Least 10 years if not 12 the point is is That Not much work you just have to be able To understand people movements where

People are parking where they're getting In and out understand what deer need at The moment their current food source of The mve moment the current unpressured Hot spots food sources and then going And Hunt funnels use the wind on your Side good use good approach you're doing Everything you would on private land but You're just doing it in a split second Day-to-day decision changing and I'll Tell you a lot of there's a lot of great Public land hunters and I'm not knocking Public land Hunters I'm one of them but The point is there's a lot of great Public land Hunters that devote time to Go hunting they'll Scout several times During the summer they might have a week Off for rotation they might even go Another couple weekends folks takes 10 Times more than that on private land to Do a good job 10 times more because not Only do you have to make all those good Decisions you have to do it within a Compact 40 acre parcel 200 acre parcel Not 10,000 or where we hunted out in National Force out Pennsylvania hundreds Of thousands of Acres completely Different I can screw up on on public Land and just go move you can't do that On private land you have to be very Careful and that boils down to bad food Bad cover bad access and then certainly Bad stand locations that come from all Of that that's why the number one reason

You fail on your lane is you it's the Pressure you place you can't overcome Bad hunting you pressuring your food Sources or cover accessing on and off Your land without spooking deer you Can't overcome that with money while You're on stand you're pressure and deer They're downwind of you you're accessing You're pressure and deer when you're Moving around your land deer downwind of You you have to think about all this how Can you move on and off your property Without spooking Deer that's why a lot of times we look At client Parcels almost every time We're starting okay where can you put Food and then where can we put food Safely I'll say well we have this food Source here and you can you can look at It say you have to access 50 yards from There you have to park 50 yards from There how are you going to get on and Off that land without ever spooking deer On the food pot and the answer is you Can't the answer is pretty black and White to us you have to get rid of the Food plot or Shrink the food plot just Have To it's just it's it's a black and White and if you can't with that Property go find a different property You have to go get on and off the Property that was spooking deer that's The number one reason that property

Owners fail because they can't get into A stand location they can't sit on a Stand location they can't move around Their land without spooking deer and When you build food plots in the wrong Spot you build cover in the wrong spots Or you don't have cover you don't have Food that lasts the entire season you're Going to have bad stand locations you're Going to have bad hunt there's no amount Of money that can over overcome that it Has to be built you're better off having A well-built property where you can Access on and off and you have a little Bit of natural food here and there You'll you'll experience some success You won't experience predictable success And the oldest bucks in the neighborhood Every year you won't be able to build a Herd you won't be able to improve the Herd but you'll at least be able to hunt Without spooking deer like you would on Public land and heck it doesn't take Much time so you're better off doing That than thinking you're doing all These good things on the land doing it Wrong and leading deer away there's a Lot of strategy that needs to be Incorporated on your land I encourage You to look at other sources besides Myself look for people giving Advice out there look for the advice Look at the track record and make sure It matches yours matches your conditions

If they're talking about great things They do in Southern Iowa and you have a Completely different set of pressure Neighbors size of parcels probably won't Apply to where you're at at the same Time if you have people out there Telling you what to do they better be Shooting one or two mature bucks a year Consistently for Decades or at least consistently from Say they're 28 years old they've been Doing it for 10 years and they've been Doing a good job that's someone I want To listen to and I want to relate it to Where I'm at if it doesn't relate then Maybe it's just not a fit but you have To have Results there's other people out there You can follow look for results look and See what they're Doing and uh and that might be a good Fit for you in the way they Teach but bottom line is you have to Apply that high dose of strategy to Everything you do and that involves not Spooking deer if you do that and you Combine all these good food good cover Good stand locations you can't help but Be successful every single season I hope This talk right here helps you really Set the table and reflection for next Year and Beyond I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that

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