5 Ways To Make Food Plots Last Longer

Did you run out of food? Here are 5 ways to grow more food, without shooting more deer or planting more food…

Did you run out of food last year on Your small private parcel and on your Food plot program I think a lot of folks Do and there's a lot of reasons other Than you just need to shoot more deer And it might be that you don't need to Shoot more deer you just need to do it Right and so a lot of times someone to Make a recommendation well if you if you Have an exclosure cage and there are Lots of foods in the cage lots of food You know that's eaten down to the ground Outside they need to shoot more deer That's not the answer in fact try to Focus on doing it right we're going to Talk about these real quick of some easy Ways to make sure that your food lasts Longer next fall and uh and that you're Not left scratching your head wondering What could I have done different and I'll start out number one daylight Brows I would say the opposite of this Is you just have a Pine Forest Plantation or you have a mature uh woods With no brows in it no acorns no Mass Crop and even then Mass crop is just for A limited period of time you need Something that lasts from the beginning Of the season to the end of the season At least we're just looking at a hunting Season window hardly anyone has enough Land to manage a deer herd for 365 5 and Takes thousands of Acres not a few Hundred or less or 40 or 20 acres we're

Looking at what can we do during that Deer hunting season which is actually The size of the herb that we can Actually do something with in the first Place so when it comes to more food that Lasts get more Daylight brows don't send Your deer out of starving Woods starving To a food source or a food plot in the Afternoon expect them to not eat that Much food I go in the up of Michigan Where I have my property for a long time We had up to 200 55 Acres at one time we Had a lot of low value Timber around There a lot of fur Pine Spruce tag aler Little bit of red maple a little bit of Aspen but the the soil is so poor when You cut the Aspen there wasn't much re Regeneration in some of those areas and They're really old for their size and Diameter of tree the bottom line is the Food pots we had 8 and 1 12 acres were Carved out of the sand and I I spread 50 To 60 tons 60 some tons of lime by hand On those plots put a lot of TLC into Them they just didn't produce a lot of Food that would last into the season but It was the only game in town the deer They would feed five times in a 24-hour Period some of the dos and fawns on Those food plots cuz there's nothing Else they bed nearby they come in and Hit the food then they go back eat a Little brows and garbage back in their Uh bedding areas and then they come back

Out if I would have had really good Aspirin regeneration hardwood Regeneration lots of briers shrub tips Then I would have taken that those Hunger pains that happened during the Day in their bedding areas and reduced Them greatly so that when they went to The food plots it would allow that food To last longer because not going into Those food plots with hardly eating Anything of any kind of quality during The daylight that's why brows is the Number one thing you need on your Property during the daylight outside of Your food plots if you have lots of food But no brows why that you're going to be There if you have lots of brows but no Quality Food they'll just go to a Neighbors that has quality food you're Not going to hold deer because of just The food plot or just the Brows you need A balance of both very critical pockets Of grain what do I mean by this you ever Guys ever like like had a farmer leave The outside eight rows of corn when you Get into November there's no corn it's Because every Critter comes out with That linear planting hits the corn goes Back into the woods hits the corn under The cover of Darkness or during the Daylight and they consume all that Between birds and critters and deer Raccoons especially that corn is gone if You take that same amount of corn let's

Say it was 2 Acres spread out over a Half mile and you put it in a 2 acre Cluster or pocket then what I find what We see on properties is that that Interior portion of the Corn will remain Intact and you'll a you're able to bring That same amount of acreage of corn that You plant in Pockets the same goes for Beans into the fall as opposed to those Long linear lengths of grain hope that Makes sense it's one way to make that Grain last a little bit longer November Focused your food has to be November Focused what I mean by that is you want Balance during that time of year you Want diversity you want food that is Good for sometime in mid late September Sometime in October sometime in November December and that that take creating we Plant in two different types of Plantings in each plot sometimes three If we have corn added the bottom line is You want them to feed over here and this Time of year feed over here in this time Of year or this time of the season and If you don't have enough food to last Through November December you need to Get rid of your summer food you never Want summer food if it's at the expense Of the volume you need to make it Through the deer season you really need To think about that and the summer food If you don't have enough to make it Through the fall then you need to get

Rid of your summer food because you Bring more deer into that area you Create a dough Factory dos and fall and Stay there all summer and then when you Have food in the fall they stay there Their home bodies they don't leave and It puts an extreme amount of pressure on Your land and you can get rid of those Summer do and Falls by just simply Getting rid of the do and of the summer Food let them go elsewhere let them Spread out and establish themselves Establish their falling ground somewhere Else and that means that when you have Your fall food growing you get more Volume because you don't have an army of Do and fall waiting for it to sprout Right up as soon as it's green they just Hammer it there's a little lag time in There 3 4 weeks 2 weeks doesn't matter It allows you to get more volume and That'll last so for one thing you don't Focus on the summer at the expense of November and at the same time by getting Rid of the summer food you automatically Reduce your deer population without ever Firing a shot that's the first step in Herd reduction is getting rid of the Summer food and obviously if you have Fewer deer your food lasts longer and Then number five down here nutrients pH Weed think that was Important you got to put fertilizer down In fact sometimes I forget to mention it

Because it's so basic that you just Assume everyone's doing it when they're Not you have to have good weed control Address your pH levels because if your PH levels aren't correct they're not Going to be able to take up the Nutrients we use deer grow and I love Deer grow if the pH is really bad let's Say it's a 4.7 5.2 you're better off Instead of four tons of lime per acre Maybe you put a ton and a half 2 tons And then we use a two and half gallon or A jug of uh plot start within deer grow Or two and that helps that growing Season it helps the plants take up the Nutrients without totally change in the Ph and it helps you leverage the amount Of lime that you're actually putting on The ground and reducing that so you can Use those that time and money elsewhere Helps you be more efficient so bottom Line is you still have to do it you have To put the fertilizer recommendation Down and then we use plot boost on top Of that where we're spraying it on the Green foilage so it can make the plants Can actually Biologically take up the nutrients out Of the soil better but if we don't put Fertilizer in the ground guess what After 3 or 4 years there's no more nut Nutrients even if you use a plot boost Or something like that from deer grow to Take up the nutrients weed control

Critical this should be basic Unfortunately there's people that don't Out a food plot out there or whatever And they'll say weeds are good on a food Plot uh it's some diversity during the Summertime but most people shouldn't Have summer food plots anyways and then At the same time when you get into the Fall those weeds take up valuable space And volume so we've been to 10 acre food Plots are so full of weeds they're only Getting about an acre of food out of That 10 acres total food and volume the Rest are weeds that turn brown they Offer no value in October November again You need to be no November focused so They just have a 10 acre food pot they Spent a lot on whatever type of magic Bean food plot program that they planted They didn't address weed concerns and Now they're left with a very poor Attraction Level on a 10 acre field that took a lot Of time money and various resources to Actually get planted and they didn't Plant it correctly because they didn't Address the Weeds we have a food I have a food plot Company pure wildlife blun and I'd love To sell this seed to you you know I Appreciate you guys that have supported Us we had huge support last year and the Year before but the bottom line is if You're going to buy that seed and you're

Not going to dress weed you're not going To addess pH you're not going to dress Nutrients I don't care what seed you buy Ours or anybody else's it's not going to Grow and for that you're not going to Have anything left in November and December so if you're not going to do That please don't buy our seed or Anybody else's focus on this first You're better off having two acres and Get two acres of volume of food plot Than having 10 acres and getting an acre And then when you have that acre within That 10 acres it's so spread out that it Doesn't equal a real good attraction Because deer have to move so far within That acre to actually eat and fill their Bellies you're better off having 2 Acres Of solid volume good food growing and Then when you do have that food in there Part of the reason there's so little Volume on a 10 acre field Full Of Weeds Is be is because you don't get full Growth within that acre that's left of The intended plants within the food plat Forage so you don't get height you don't Get volume thickness of stem you don't Get the moisture content and so you're Far better off having 2 Acres of solid Food that you've taken care of the 10 Acres of bad food plot that you didn't Address weeds pH and fertilization so Those are all ways to make sure you have More food going into the hunting season

And and maintaining during the hunting Season without actually ever shooting a Deer because population is only a small Part of it you have to do it right and Of course you could plant more Acres but In the case of the 10 acres and you only Have an Acres wor the food they could Have 30 Acres like that they probably Don't have enough still because they Plant it and they do it poorly so here Are some ways that we use and we address On our own lands and for our clients to Really look over hard and say have you Addressed these issues before we even Talk about expanding food plots and can You do a better job most of the time They can check off three or four or five Of those and say we can do a better job With each one of these and then you know They're probably going to have twice as Much food in November next year and That's what it's all about making sure You have enough food enough brows in the Woods and a good balance you make a Healthy happy home for a good quality Deer her on your property when you have That you'll have a quality hunt and Don't forget about how you manage the Hunting strategy and how you manage your Hunting pressure because if you don't do That this is all for not I appreciate You guys watching the YouTube channel But I don't know if everyone knows Everything that we have to offer whether

It's on white tabat solutions.com Website or whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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