7 Ways Does Destroy Deer Parcels

Seeing lots of deer is enjoyable, but too many does on your land can ruin your herd and hunting goals. Here are 7 ways that too many does can destroy the potential of your habitat, herd and hunt.

Will contrary to popular belief and I Think this belief is shrinking Throughout the decades And especially the last 10 20 years but Uh having too many does on your lane and Having a lot of those isn't a good thing There's always that balance I talk about All the time the more those you have you Get to a point of balance as the number Of does increases So does the number of bucks to a certain Point That point might be right here where the Number of bucks you have Rises with that Number of does not the same number but Meaning the potential of the most box You have as the number of those Increases the number of bucks Goes down You know we'll talk about some of these Reasons right here and why you all Should always look at achieving balance Or some easy ways to take to to Really Achieve balance we'll talk about towards The end I think traditionally even People that recognize while we have way Too many does it's hurting the herd it's Hurting our hunt would look at it like We need to shoot every day we see and That's not a a good way to approach it Either trigger control is one way but it Might not even be the best way we'll Talk about that in a little bit and Especially people that are really

Managing their habitat well now this is Probably for you because there's a lot You can do to make sure that you don't Have too many doughs but you still have A good number of those you want to have Those on your property I'm not saying That's a bad thing You want to have quite a few dollars in October November but the timing of when Those dolls around your land is critical Too so why is that those take up space And mature box especially the older they Get they don't like to live in close Proximity of those does and fawns all Goes back I believe to a year year and a Half old Buck or a fawn so either Yearling or a fawn fawn's more an AG Country because you're only a few months Old mother kicks them out of the herd But they don't need to be taught the way To a migration yard or deer yard and to Survive that winter but a year and a Half old in more northern areas or big Wooded areas where you don't have that Abundant AG field and foods and and low Predator rates and winter survival then Deer have to be taught how to make it Through the winter so mother will kick Them out a year and a half hold that Bucks first Saturday antlers So imagine this dough is almost Violently kicking The buck out of the herd And that young buck and then he on

Average disbursed was about a mile and a Half so when he does that the last thing He wants to do is find a place that's Dominated by female social pressure and Let's face it a lot of properties have Female social pressure because they have Too many does very easy to get too many Does you know again bucks don't want to Live with them but it's easy to to have A lot of does on your property because If you get offered a lot of food you Create good habitat then Doles will Swarm to the property and you can track Too many that mature bucks won't want to Hang out there we'll talk about why But then at the same time if you hunt it Poorly which a lot of hunters do and we Go to a lot almost all the food plots we Watch are being over hunted most people With food plots over hunt their food Plots they spook deer off they create Nocturnal plots that creates a nocturnal Property But bottom line is Those does are really tolerant of Hunting pressure party set up properties And so you can pile a lot of does into a Property very easily just by offering Great food and great cover and uh mature Bucks is the hard part they're they're Somewhere else and so people say wow the Ratio must be ten dollars to every Buck No the Bucks are just somewhere else and That somewhere else is what I want you

For your property to have those dough Only properties mature box come in at Night even if they come in for the rut Here and there there'll be less of them Fewer mature box and they're only there For a couple weeks out of the year Instead of three months or four months So timing wise the person who controls Are herd is not the person that has all The does in the property they're they're Often contributing to the downfall of The hurt or to a poor herd structure in The area it's a person that has that Balance and I want you to be they take Up space what's that mean That means if you have a food plot here You're going to get does and fawns to Bed in this layer of cover if you have a Food plot here those and funds are going To bed up in this cover if you have a Food plot here those and funds are going To bed in there all of a sudden you Start looking by the time you access Around the land There's nowhere left than a mature buck Could live on the land and not be either Intruded on your access or as as forced To live with Doles and funds which is What he does not want to do and what I See a lot of times even in quality areas With big Parcels some only have a lot of Food they'll have a lot of cover but the Food is fragmented it's all over the Place it's random so you create a

Situation where a buck grows out of the Property meaning the older becomes the More reclusive he wants to be you can't Tolerate a lot of herd stress and so he Goes and finds someplace where it's a Little bit quieter not that doesn't have Does because if there's no does there Then how attractive is the parcel in Either cover or habitat Food So if those don't want to be there why Would a buck be there so he's going to Find a place there's actually those and But it's going to be a lot more balanced He's going to have that depth of cover That I talk about where he can actually Bed somewhere away from that food to 300 Yards 500 yards have a little place to Call he can call home he's not intruded On by you while you're hunting or by the Doors and fawns and Young Bucks that are On the property that's why take a 40 Acre parcel you stick seven or eight Does on that parcel some fawns you Locate food accordingly now there might Be 150 yards of cover in the back where A buck can actually bed and feel like he Has his own space and he's not intruded On by those does or your Hunter access So that's kind of what I want but You add 15 dozen fawns 20 dozen fawns 25 On that 40 because you have seven acres Of great food plots and really good Cover now you make a property that's so

Full of those you don't have a lot of Boxes other than just the rut Consume habitat This is a big one too Too many deer in general they'll eat out Of house and home part of that can be Your food plots but it could be the Shrubs that you plant it could be the Brows that's in the woods it could be The cover thermal protection that the Deer need during the late fall and Winter time so they consume resources Because there's too many there you Create a vacuum a lot of times because You keep planting food you keep planting Habitat you shoot a bunch of does and Then more and more come when you have to Shoot a lot of does it's disruptive Every time you shoot a dough so and There are properties that need to be Built you know in the up of Michigan I Was given the qdma's deer manager of the Year Ward no four that was after I built The herd from 99 to o4 because in that Area there were too few deer per square Mile there are two Feud here for the Property so I built the herd and that Was safe to do so because I had the Habitat to support it but I had to Change the conditions of how the land Was pressured how much food was on the Parcel and what kind of habitat was There on any parcel you can attract more Does if you work on it hard enough even

With Extreme Hunting pressure on your Edges because you just create those Conditions those those and funds move Very little during the day if you have Quality food during October November They might move 100 yards during the Daylight after dark they go wherever They want to go but you're just Controlling that daylight movement Because there's no one hunting them at Night legally in most areas so So consume habitat that's a very bad Thing And again you create that Melting Pot or Vacuum where they just keep coming keep Coming those fawns come from everywhere When you have great habitat and food and Again they just take up that space find Hunters this is what's tough too you Know there's been studies done where the Average age of dough the higher it gets The older they get then the more wary They are of hunters they're used to you Always sitting in that stand location or That blind or accessing the food plot During daylight hard to get on and off The property without spooking gear Because of access issues so it's not a Good thing a lot more eyes a lot more Noses a lot more ears really hard for You to get on and off the property when It's overrun by those and that's a bad Thing I go to properties all the time There's lots of does we can see them

Just driving around the side by side on The land they stand and watch you But those rare mature bucks that they See and have on the land for a few days Here and there during the fall Especially during the rot Aren't there the rest of the season They're just coming through for the rot Here and there but they're coming from Home The land isn't the home they're coming Somewhere else is their home and that's Where they spend the most amount of Weeks and time and so they're only on Your property for a little bit and it Becomes a lot harder to consistently Shoot the best bucks in the area and You're certainly not controlling the Herd because wherever those mature bucks Live and call home during the fall those Are the people and those are the hunters And landowners that get to control the Herd because the hardest portion of the Herd to actually grow and control or Hunt our mature box in a lot of lands You can go out almost every day and find A doe to shoot even on public land that I know of but trying to do that with a Mature Buck saying well I'm just gonna Go shoot a mature Buck every time I sit That's that's what's really really Really tough it's not not easy to do and It's hard to do that even you know if I Say we shoot a mature bucker I do every

Five six sets I go out or seven sets Whatever it is There's a lot of preparation and timing That goes into that so I make sure I'm Hunting the best times to get on that Property So a lot of eyes a lot of ears a lot of Noses makes it very difficult then they Destroy fall food if you have doughs on Your property a lot during the Falls Because they were there during the Summer it's hard to have a lot of those In the fall without great does in the Summer now if you have really good fall Food fall covering you don't have summer Food then you might not have those Doughs and fawns we'll talk about that In a little bit so they're not waiting Like an army if they're there during the Summer to destroy your food plots as Soon as they come up and that's what I See happen a lot too so let's say you Have a lot of does and fawns there During the summer You plant your August food sources September Late July whatever that timing Is for in what you're planting and then That Army adults and Falls is waiting For those tender young shoots of green To come up and they just hammer it where If you have a lag time in there where Does and fawns are somewhere else during The summer then you have that four weeks Five weeks six weeks of lag time where

You can actually grow appreciable plots They get good volume on and then the Dozen fawns come in so now your plots Have been able to establish the Dozen Fawns are coming in even that alone is a Good reason not to have a lot of Summer Deer on your probably property but it Can really destroy your fall food and Limit your fall food one of the best Ways to increase the amount of fall food You have is and make sure the dulls and Fawns aren't there like an army waiting For them to come out come up we'll talk About what to do about that they can Ruin the rot you know if you have a lot Of duels and fawns that buck finds a Doll to breed he doesn't need to move Very far to find that next door to breed That's pretty standard in a lot of areas But if you have a little bit more Balanced herd and you'll see this a lot On public land you know public land a Lot of times have more balance than the Herds than uh than private land because Private landowners put all the their Time and efforts and resources into Cover and food they attract a lot of Deer and then if those deer are there During the summer they're in the former Does and fawns they stay and then they Hunt poorly spook the deer off they come Back on mature bucks can't take that Type of stress either from Hunter stress Or herd stress they're not just not

There public land a lot of times you go Back deep enough where you find a better Herb balance and herd structure make up So that box will actually move a long Ways on public land to find another doe Because there's so few deer you don't Have those concentrations of pockets of Big dull herds and so they have to move To find them we're on private land There's concentrations of those they Literally don't have to go far to find a Next door to breed and that makes the Rut very difficult for you to navigate And not as much fun and you'd think it'd Be the flip side you have a bunch of Does but because those does are there Because likely if there's a lot of does There the mature bucks look at it as a Nocturnal partial that means there's not A lot of mature bucks that actually view Your parcel as favorable even during the Rut they'd rather be somewhere else Where they've gotten used to and Accustomed to a lot lower level of Stress they don't want to travel because Again they're coming from home they're Not your your land's not home just Because they show up there at night Wherever they're at during the daylight Is where Homes at so you can have very Poor rut even when you have a lot of Does because you're going to limit the Number of mature bucks and come on your Land anyways again they're not coming

From home they're just visiting so They're not there for that long you Don't get to see them for that long Maybe they come out of late season food If you have a whole bunch left over but If you have a ton of does a lot of times You don't have a lot of food left over Going into December so bottom line is it Can really destroy your rock by having Too many does So what to look for one of the ratios I Like to see is think about Really doesn't matter how many deer you Have in August like if you have no deer That doesn't mean you don't have a good Property If you have a lot of deer it typically Means you have a bad property but even Then that doesn't mean you have a bad Fall or a bad herd so what I like Looking at is how many deer do you have On your land in October November and Just looking at your food sources how Many does and fawns do you have do you Think you just add them up on your food Sources everywhere meaning that you have 20 dozen fawns on a 40 acre parcel just Looking at General numbers you're Probably about 10 too many on 200 Acres If you have 40 dozen fawns on that Property you probably have 22 many 15 Too many whatever that number is that's Based on a host of factors depending on How much food you have how much habitat

You have what type of cover you're at What region you're in So it's really subjective on that Overall number well it's not subjective What I see on a lot of quality Parcels Is that the number of Doles and fonts Should equal the number of total antler Bucks you see over the course of an Entire season now your cameras and in Person so if you have 15 I go to a Property and it's 100 acres they're Telling me yeah we probably have 60 Dozen fawns well I can guess they're Probably only seeing 15 20 different Bucks maybe they're seeing 25 different Bucks the bottom line is the ratio is Way off I want to see one to one meaning One don't fall in for every antler buck And on good Parcels what we often see in Wisconsin Minnesota is you'll see more Of a factor of two to one two bucks now Those bucks are not living there this is Not a sex ratio it's just a ratio of Number of Bucks versus dollars and fonts So what I'll see is see property of 15 18 dozen fawns and you'll see 35 Different antler box or you'll see a Property that's 45 Antler box throughout the entire season Some of these bucks might be there for a Week two weeks some in a few days Some that are there for a few months off And on but bottom line is you're seeing More ratio of 15 20 dozen fawns 45 bucks

Or 20 25 dose of funds of 45 bucks That's where you start seeing good Ratios so really you can know things are Out of whack when you say wow I haven't It's again it's not a sex ratio because Always look at it like if you're seeing Ten dollars to every Buck that's because Someone else has a pile of bucks that Ratios never tend to one because there's Always button box coming into the herd There's always buck fawns that are born The ratio I believe scientifically Biologically going into the hunting Season can never be worse than about 3.2 To 1 3.2 dollars to every one bucks so If you're not seeing a lot of Bucks Versus the number of those you have on Your property it's because they're Somewhere else and think about that why Are they not on your land you know it'll Give you some really good Clues but look For that ratio of at least one Dome fawn To every antler Buck every antler Buck Meaning what you accumulate for the Entire year spikes little box whatever It might be but something with antlers Meaning they're a year and a half old And older and then count up those does And fawns look at that ratio we talk About that a lot with clients in that First hour hour and a half on their Property just to get an overall feel for What's going on because if they say well We have thirty dollars in fonts 25

Regardless of the property size well We're seeing 25 to 30 dollars in fawns And we're seeing yeah about 15 antler Bucks we know that there's probably a Dull herd problem during the summer what I call a dole Factory problem because There's too many dose of fawns There's probably a lot of hunting Pressure being applied during the season So the mature bucks Recognize this parcel is not someplace They want to be during daylight so only If they're looking for a doe will they Be there which isn't very often But we start seeing some problems Instead starts leading us down some Questions well where are your where are Your blinds and stands on your food Plots What are you planting do you have summer Food You start to see the same problems over And over and over and over again and It's really enlightening as to what an Overabundance not that those in general But an overabundance of those can do on Your land and how bad it is so look for That ratio what to do about it of course With trigger control I like early season Shooting does if you need to in late Season but the closer you get to that November time period in November so November on the timeline right here Beginning of the season to the end of

The season I like to see you shoot does here But as it gets close to to that Mid-november rut time gun season time From many states you shoot fewer does And then when it gets to later season You shoot more So then when you're during the rotten You're at the highest hunting pressure Times you're not shooting does on your Land and they just run off to someone Else's land box and get shot and you Have less control to hurt if you're just Trying to shoot does all through the Year I like that late season time if we Haven't shot anything early because You're setting them up you haven't over Pressured your food plots haven't over Pressured your land the dolls do the Same things every single day where Mature bucks do not and they become easy Pickings to go out there if you need to Lower some numbers but Before even do any of that with trigger Control look at how much habitat you Have during the summer time does want High stem count cover to hide their Fawns in the best fawning cover has the Most stems per acre whether that's Grasses Briars weeds hardwood Regeneration shrubs that's where they Need to hide those fawns so if you have That type of cover what kind of cover is That that's the best kind of cover that

You want for the fall to attract your Deer in general because deer need that Heim stem count good regen thick cover Especially as you didn't go from October To November November December let alone All the way through January February March so that's critical and then if you Add summer food In high value High Acres out here we'll Have about 17 total Acres this year We're going to expand about an acre and A half and we'll have about an acre acre And a quarter of clover Because those are small hunting pots but Our big plots won't have any summer Green on it the deer can actually access I want to spread those doughs and fawns Around the neighborhood I want them to Be them to be on my property or my Neighbor's properties that have lots of Beans on them well they're over hitting Their beans their food plots All Summer Long we'll have beans on our property Again this year in our properties Overall we had some beans on our Property in Wisconsin last year but we Found some we don't want deer hitting Those beans all summer long because It magnifies the number of does and Fawns are there because they love those Summer beans lovers love summer Alfalfa Love summer of clover so if you have if We had eight Acres of clover that's what I used in the upmish tonight eight and a

Half acres of plots 14 different plots I Had all eight and a half acres growing In Clover during the summertime and then I'd convert about two-thirds of that Into fall annual cool season annual of Different varieties with a clover base Then the Clover would come back the Following year that was when I was in Herd building mode when I built it to The numbers I thought were safe safe Then I cut the Clover out but bottom Line is if you have great fall and Winter cover and you add great fall food And you throw in just a little bit too Much hunting pressure you're going to Have you're going to be overrun by those And then your property gets a stigma Of not being a daylight parcel when it Comes to mature box So trigger control is one thing but Before you even do that look at how many Does and phones you have in your Property now if you're surrounded by Agland big bean fields People say well there's not much I can Do about it and that's true because Sometimes there'll be a big bean field Here and your cover is what they have For summer time so pretty easy for them Just to flip around and hit your food Plots in the fall there's not a lot you Can do about it but a lot of other Property like here we're surrounded in Alfalfa all over the place single farmer

Farms on two sides of us hundreds of Acres and so the deer can go out Anywhere they can be on the neighbor's Property our property and for that if my Neighbor has some summer food source he Might shoot a buck like Chad did last Year he shot a giant middle of September We were hoping we had pictures on a lot Of video October November December the Previous years But he was still on that summer Bean Kick over there and we lost that buck But bottom line is is there's a good Trade-off you know I'd rather have a Balanced herd than focus on that one Buck even though it was a doozy but Bottom line is I want those dos and Funds spread out everywhere invite them Back during the fall then you lose some Of those doors and fawns to your Neighbors they get to actually Harvest For dull population removal deer removal Work on the population you end up having Fewer deer overall on your property but You find that balance a lot more Achievable when it comes to that number Of overall 800 bucks throughout the Season compared to your average adult And fawn number in October November So that's those are those steps you know Really good steps you always want to Work on your property for Great Fall Food great fall cover But that doesn't mean you want deer

There all year long you know some people Have thousands of Acres they can work on Summer and fall but even then I really Want to limit the number of summer food Because then it gets into a situation Where you just don't have enough friends And tags and tag numbers by yourself Time to actually lower the number of Those I've gone to properties they've Shot 30 40 50 in one season and that's Because they have that summer food and They've had to make some drastic changes To reduce the number of does so they can Have more bucks and have more balanced Herd and be the actual herd influencer In the neighborhood because the property That has a pile of does on it is not the Property that influences the deer herd In a positive way throughout the deer Season typically a negative way be that One that has more balance hey this is Coming from even summer food that's Coming from we have summer food we have Our summer plow down we have Clover that We sell And I don't want you to have extreme amounts Of summer food because it it can create A big problem when it comes to does so That's why you don't see me pushing a Lot of summer food again we'll have some Great Clover plots little hunting plots Or pass-through plots but those don't Drive a deer herd during the summer time

Those are just a percentage of the food In the fall and meant to be more of a Hunting plot on the way to something Bigger and better that's more completely 100 percent fall slanted that's why Those can be a problem with too many Numbers pick up space they ruin your Resources of habitat they ruin the rot There's a lot of reasons to look for Balance in the herd I'm not saying no Dose because then how attractive is your Lane if you can even attract a dough They're the easiest to attract it but You want balance and these are some Thoughts on that and some strategies That have worked for decades for me and Work for our clients too all across the Country there's no State this is Specific for it's more of a concept that Works anywhere I'll wait till roams It'll be good for you work on that Balance the summer off season it only Takes one growing season meaning this Summer to turn this around and I hope You can do so and experience a great Herd With not too many does going into the Sunny season now I don't know if you've Checked out our main website lately Whitetailubattetsolutions.com but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll

Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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