All About Frost Seeding For Wildlife

Would you like to frost seed some seed for deer and other critters Here is your complete guide for frost seeding all kinds of seed for food plots, switchgrass, pollinator and wildlife plantings.

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Now Frost seeding is a great tool in the Toolbox for getting seed on ground with Minimal equipment and getting successful Stand of whatever you're planting first Started Frost eeding Clover back in the Day and it was not that I had the ground Prepared and I just Frost heed Clover For the springtime to grow it was to Fill in patches of clover and so I'd Purposely plant light in the fall with a With the intention of coming back in the Spring planting the other half of the Clover and letting it come in and I did That so that other things could be Planted in the fall for example we'd Have Braska mix with that rye oats Something like that so it was a partial Mix and uh and then I looked at it like I was back in the day it was boy if I Had a fall failure because we had Drought I wasn't putting all my eggs Into one basket I couldn't afford to Plan on planting a lot of clover and Then have it all be gone because we had A drought so I wanted some of it to get A good start in the fall that way it Avoided the drought the following year And then the other half of it I'd start In the springtime the portion that had Been sted in the Fall Would nurse crop That portion along and so it would Actually give it some shade and Protection the older Clover versus the Newer spring Frost seated but it was

Great for filling in holes but we're Going back a long time that was uh early 2000s somewh around there about 20 years Ago and then for switch grass great Practice Birds foot tree foil chory is Really good too so there's a lot of Applications for seed types for growing Even our pollinator Blends um through Pure Wildlife Blends or Seed Company you Know that's something you can use this For but uh really wanted to go over some Of the specifics of it some of the dos And don'ts and uh see if it fits for you We Frost seed I can say of some type of Of of uh seeding every single year and We use minimal equipment and tillage we Have a lot of hills around here so when We're starting to till we get erosion Right away and we try not to do that uh We want to conserve the top so we have Because a lot of times in the past That's why they're not farming into the Woods like they used to anymore because It was steep enough they found a lot of Their Topo just washing down and uh they Found it a better practice to just let That return to pasture and woods and uh Not lose that soil which then it didn't Affect the big fields um it wouldn't Allow it to go past a certain point so That's where the terrorists came in to So when do you frost seat now Dylan just Told me while we're I was writing down The notes for this video that he Frost

Heated last week before the snow came And uh we're in uh early to mid January Right now so when there's no snow on the Ground great time to frost seed the Purpose is just to get that seed on the Soil it starts to get worked into the Soil so then when the soil temperature Hits in the spring at whatever Temperature is going to grow the Clover Or in the 50s 50° range for switch grass That switchgrass is already worked into The soil those little seeds of clover Already worked in and they just Germinate right away so anytime time That you can plant and you don't expect Germination for example Clover switch Grass sometime after Labor Day in most Of the upper areas if you're down south A little bit more you might want to wait Till November December but anytime you Can put that seat on the soil and you Don't expect it to germinate with a late December warmth warmup or something like That for switch grass you're pretty safe In the Upper Midwest anytime after Labor Day uh that's a safe time but bottom Line is great to do in January December Fe February when you don't have snow on The ground weed control though is Critical so when you when you shouldn't Frost seed especially with Clover maybe The pollinator Blends is when you do not Take proper weed control measures in a Certain area as then yous weeds are

Going to take over they're always going To come even if your seeds germinate Which they probably will but then They'll be overtaken by those weeds Because it's already growing there's not A lot you can do with weed control Control um at that time so weed control Is critical with switch grass for Example and just about anything I like To have at least three weed controls What I mean by that is let's say you're Playing a switch grass in a in a a area That was food plot the year before well You could Frost seed during the winter Time you already had a chemical control Or weed control on that food plot the Year before especially going into the Late summer you can spray simazine on Which is a a pre-emergent it won't hurt The seed on the ground you spray the That before the spring before spring Green up about 3 qu per acre that's your Weed control number two and then when it Germinates by May late May early June in Most areas then you can also fit in Between a simazine and that germination A spring of glyphosate mixed with 24d we Go with two quarts per acre of Glyphosate one pint per acre of 24d then You've had three weed controls I hope That makes sense it's at late food plot Control simazine and then the 24d and Glyphosate so that's what we do on Switch grass now you have to be careful

Because some of the switch grass that There come some of the new varieties They germinate at colder temperature say 47° instead of 56 or 55 well if it Germinates too early you can't get Another spring of 24d and glyphosate on It because it's already starting to Germinate and you kill it so there's Always that balance of you'd rather have A switchgrass germination of in the 50s That allows you to get that one spraying In and that could be your third spraying And you'll get it to grow and now Clover A little bit different I want to have a Weed control in the spring I want to Have weed control before you can't use Simazine because it stays in the ground For about 60 days it'll set back your Clover or kill it so I like to look at When it first you first get that spring Green up great time to spray with Glyphosate 24d if you have an a really Persistent weed problem you can spray Glyphosate again and if this is on uh 4 Weeks later and if this is on a previous Food PL there's your three weed controls Now think about Clover when you plant That in the spring or you're Frost Seeding you're putting that down that's In that case I wouldn't actually throw The Clover down in the winter time I'd Want to get those weed controls out of The way first in the spring and then if That second spray in the spring is just

Pure glyphosate you can throw the seed On the ground the same day the Glyphosate glyphosate's not going to Hurt the seed glyphosate is the least Powerful herbicide you can use so it Won't hurt the seed that's laying on the Ground where 24d stays in the ground for 2 weeks simazine for 60 to 90 days Atrazine there's a lot of herbicides are A lot stronger than glyphosate but Bottom line is you need those couple Weed controls in the spring and GL and Uh and clover and birst for tree foil Even chory germinates with just a little Bit of moisture and rain so you don't Need to have it dig into the soil like You would that switch grass it needs to Be covered up a little bit and get Sucked down in the soil and in some Cases if you have a lot of hard seed in Your switch grass then you need that Seed to sit there and stratify in wet And frozen ground consistently thaw and Spring and thaw and wet and uh in order For the seed to be viable for Germination where we don't have a lot of Hard seed in our Blends us our soft seed Count isn't that 80 90% germination rate Is 90% so we're selling quality seed That you can expect to grow right away But you really have to be careful um Looking at your hard seed cting your Switch grass and and watching that Percentage weed control is critical and

So a little bit different with Clover I Hope that makes sense you want to make Sure that you can spray a couple times In the spring if you haven't done so Already so that you don't have your Clover competing with weeds and so I Wouldn't Frost heed during the winter Time then if it's on completely Controlled ground and you're just trying To fill in some spots you could throw Clover down in November December January February March anytime before spring Greenup and what if you have snow like Dylan said he did it right before snow Well depending on how your snow is Crusted and layered seen properties Where we go to where they Frost heed it In on the snow and then you get a fast Melt with hard ground clay soil whatever It might be and your switch grass is all In a pile down there growing and a Pooled area where it's eroded off to the Side so you have to be very careful with Fast spring melts even with just a Little elevation change with the pooling And erosion of seeds and how that can be Carried over to the the side and you get A very poor catch so I like to frost Seed first get that soil worked into the Or that seed worked into the soil and Then let Mother Nature do its thing it's Already getting worked in and you don't Have that erosion and pooling of your Seed off the side so I always recommend

Frost seating when there's no snow now The exception might be let's say you had An inch 2 in of heavy wet snow next week Supposed to get up to 50 60° and that's Going to be gone in in a few days well Then that might be okay to do because You're not doing it on layered ice Frozen ground it's a different time That's like a April April snow shower so A little bit a little bit different like I said the Clover and pollinator I want To make sure that I have really good Weed controls and that sometimes means That you're going to spray a couple Times in the spring and then throw the Clover down and pollinator and Let It Go But you have to control those Weeds and then again the switch grass Switch grass is really critical we sell High quality Blends our switch grass Does not germinate at 47° it germinates more typical in the Mid-50s range and that allows like for Around here in southeast M Minnesota for Example we can expect our switch grass To start growing in early June that Might be when the soil temperature hits But we have to have moisture so you have To have a lot of moisture the earlier I Can Frost seed and get that into the Soil and let that seed get worked into The soil then the less moisture will Take to germinate in the spring when the Soil temperature hits because it's been

Worked into the soil more so earlier is Better but at the same time if you have Some of those switch grass that Germinate too early in that 40 some Degree temperature range then you Eliminate one of your sprayings that you Can do and you always want to have at Least three sprayings to take care of Your switch grass and it will take care Of you the cool thing is once you spray You let that switch grass go you still Might need to mow there's other things You can do with it we'll talk about Switch grass maintenance in another Video video but uh you really want to Give yourself a chance Frost seed at the Right time let that seed break open make It viable you have to control weeds Watch it if you're Frost seating on snow That could be a big no no Frost seating Is a very viable tool and then what we Find is switch grass you're better off Drilling if you can because then you can Drill it down into the soil you get Earlier germination because it be more Moisture a/4 inch down half Finch down Then right on the top and on the surface But not everyone can afford to get a Drill buy a drill or use a drill they Don't have the resources to find or Borrow a drill so Frost SE is a viable Uh really a viable option we have a lot Of switch grass about 15 Acres of Switchgrass out here and I would say 80%

Of that's been Frost seed and doing Really well we have different stages of Different weeds that we have to take Control of but again if you take care of It it'll take care of you back and if You frost seed your pollinator your Clover alal Birds foot tree foil chery At the right time where you've practice Weed control then Frost seaing can be a Great way to get seed to grow very Well with very minimal equipment and Tools required I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that We have to offer whether it's on white Till habitats or website Or whs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this this isn't The end of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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