Black Gold Light Addition and Pin Indicators
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NEW ElkShape Arrow Wraps
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NEW Carter Adjusto Triggers
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4mm Arrow Set-Up for Elk
11:36 -12:21
Overview of Dan’s Archery Sight Set-Up
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Well this is going to be a quick little Tinkering session on today's video we Are looking at this Montana Black Gold Dual track ran it couple years ago loved It I wish it had three pin the reason Again with elk realistically 30 to 50 Yards you're going to not want to have Those ranges where you have to dial Because an elk can come charging in and Run away within a split second you could Cow call and stop them and you're going To have to guess the yardage and it Could be going from 20 to 47 yards like That and if you have a 20 30 40 I Personally don't feel comfortable Putting my 40 yard pin at the top of Their back uh I just I'm not that good Especially In the Heat of the Moment and I'm not a built-in Rangefinder I could Misinterpret the terrain and maybe he's Only maybe he's 53 yards and I'm like oh I'm shooting them for 47 and I'm using My 40 yard pin that's the fastest way to Shoot under an elk shoot over an elk or Worse yet wound an elk so I don't like Dialing for Elk unless it's beyond 50 Yards preferably like a follow-up shot Shot and if it's beyond 50 yards Preferably they're feeding or not Knowing that I'm there when they're on Full alert that's just a lot of time for The arrow to get there so last year I Ran a 30 40 50 setup which was pretty Dope that worked out covered a lot of

Ranges you know anything at 20 yards was About an inch and a half High anything You know 25 yards was just a touch high And everything at 30 to 35 was pretty Manageable this pen gang here is just a Double so the top pen is 20 and then Over here they have these little Attachments where you can put dual pin Indicators and these dual pin indicators Are funky and what came with this I Didn't like so I ordered a package from Black Gold's website and I have multiple Of These Guys these indicators and a Couple of bolts or screws to use so Hopefully we can find one that fits and And pairs up so we'll do that the other Thing is if you're hunting wear legal And you need a light there's nowhere Really to screw in a light on a black Gold unless you take this screw out and Put this doad in right here and I think A lot of people don't know about this uh So I figured I'd order one I had one on Here and when I was El hunting it got Ripped off in the brush so you do have To be conscious of this and you have to Pick the right States like Idaho I Always use Idaho as example but they Don't allow you to put this on there While hunting let me just show you this First part first that's full brightness That's all the light for going on the Fibers I'm G turn it off can you Definely tell so black gold with this

Chromatic patented system this thing Does gather a lot of light when it needs To and it also does a great job of Shielding you when it's really harsh Light protects you from that star Bursting when it's really harsh light This does that on on its own the only Time you'd really need this is if you're Probably like in a tree stand and it's Last legal shooting light last five Minutes pop that on wear legal or if You're in a dark ground blind pop that On wear legal as far as like hunting out West and stuff I've never ran into an Issue where these pins weren't bright Enough and I've ran into other pin Manufacturers or site manufacturers Where I'm like man this is such a dark Site so that's something to consider and This is an attachment that a lot of People don't know about from Black Gold Now we need to get the dual indicators Figured out here so I like let's see how Many it came with this so it gave me Four and I need enough real estate to do Something like this where this guy will Read 20 and this guy can read 40 and They don't hit each other so that one's Not going to work this one probably will Work oh yeah so here we go so my Situation based on the amount of real Estate I have here is I have 20 and 50 I Can adjust that bottom pin and I will Need to bring it down quite a bit in

Order to do that there is a set screw Here and then go in here inside the Sight and you can move that pen up by Loosening it the Pen's getting closer to The top pin we want to set it for so We're going to need it to be as low as Possible that's as low as she goes Making the pin Gap as far as possible We'll tighten the set screw back up it's Snug and that is our pin Gap when my top Pin is at 70 that bottom pin's at 93 and It will maintain that relationship which Will allow you to shoot further Distances so I can slide down to 100 for The top pin which gives me about 121 on the bottom pin and that's to be As far as I can shoot with this Particular bow the way that it's set up But so what did we learn we learned that You can add a light to Black Gold's this Is how you do that I bought this Directly from black Gold's website their Pin indicator systems I don't love and You can buy like a little shorish board Black old it's a good option when You'reall going to make three pin holler At your boy so Arrow wraps guys I've Been a guy who ran them in the beginning Stopped running them cuz they're kind of Heavy they put weight in the wrong part Of the arrow but I worked with this guy To make our elkshape Edition ones and This is what we're looking at so we have Several colors different designs I pick

The topography a lot of times I run Yellow veins so I kind of went with two Different offsets of yellow this is cool Feature so we have three options based On your arrow diameter but we have the Exact diameter ranges this is great for Not having your wrap overlap so it's a Precise fit and these suckers only weigh Eight grains so if you run pretty light Veins like I do your total weight in the Back with wrap and three veins is right Around 25 grains total and if you're Going to run a lighted knock not a big Deal I personally love having a arrow Wrap to put veins on because if I want To change things out I can just take it All off and it's pretty clean it also Helps identify your arrow and it also Helps you find your arrow after you shot An animal if you don't run lighted KNX Which I usually do not but we have a Whole variety coming to the website so Check it out and get yourself some elk Shaped wraps they don't weigh as much as The competition and we have specific Sizes to match your arrow diameter I'm Having a little pre-workout I do fruit Leather before I work out last part of Our tinkering segment Carter came out With a new and improved trigger system So this is The Whisper 2 we'll check that out and we're going To compare and contrast it with the old Trigger

System Mhm this looks like a wise choice which Is a wise Choice this is a wise choice 24 you can see the different trigger System so this is going to give you a Lot more adjustability here's their old Design right here they're going to go Away from that now you guys are going to Ask what's that that's a custom knob From XI I love this guy's knobs so check Him out he's on Instagram only and you Have to send him money via PayPal or Vinmo it works cuz he I sent him money And I got that but these are the new Systems going forward for Carter so when We do our third batch of these on the Oak shape website they will come with This which is just going to give you More flexibility in where you put this Barrel or button to your liking some People will want it to be here some People might want it back in here I like It to bite a lot of skin personally I This will have your thumb back here Versus closer so you'll have to kind of Adjust and play with it to see what Style is going to suit you let's mess With it for a Second so we can kind of swivel that to Where we like it So I got it kind of loose I Typically for a three-finger would want It somewhere

Here some people might not like that but I kind of like to have an index and Thumb touching and then I can just Slowly pull and open my hand and expand So you can swivel that to where you like It I like it there let's just tighten it Down this is a shot trainer we try to Keep these in stock on Oak so I'm here Here that is just too much there's just Too much tension in there if you guys Can't tell so we're going back to the Drawing board invert it go One Two set it set your tension turn right Until it Pops then back it Off this is Carter's way of giving you More adjustments with that thumb barrel And this is what they're going to change Going forward in 2024 There we go so a few adjustments this is The wise choice okay so the whisper two With the new and improved button Attachment giving you more real Estate and take a magnet out by just Pushing him Out now I just made it lighter and then You can store it in Here so there's I just took two off I'm Going to go I'm going to leave it as is Let's just shoot it so this is I've Adjusted the basically the amount of

Pressure is going to take for that Spring to break you're going to get it's A single hook so get it set and push Your button now it's set this is Adjustable as well so you can kind of if You're more of a hinge and you want it Back here or take it off and just have a Two finger which gives you options I Like options we're in I like where the Barrel is and now I'm just going to Pull that's very clean you can take out The second magnet and store it as well Right here Or you can run all three if you want It's up to you lot of adjustability two Is one let's look at the other one for 24 this is the Revelation same system you can see three Magnets already in we have a spot for Two we know that I like them a little Lighter than how they come so we're Going to push these two Out there they Are we're going to Stow them there they Are we got one magnet in let's shoot it There's no adjustment here if you're not Certain get the whisper Too so I'm Here I'm On I'm into it let's have some real talk Just something to think about if you're Going to hunt out west for real and take This in and out of your pocket where It's dusty it's dirty there's debris

There's brush you know could you lose a Magnet potentially could you get dirt Dust Grime in here potentially so if you Are going to use this system which I do Like it I want you to have some sort of Plan to double check this periodically To make sure you have all the magnets in Because Murphy's Law anything that can Go wrong will go wrong and the last Thing you want is a magnet to get dirty Or Dusty or pop out worse yet and have Some something off from what you've been Training with but ultimately these Head-to-head I'm going to vote here Because of the adjustability to suit it To to your fancy but these are both Great options with the new trigger System from Carter in 2024 last but not least I'm running this Easn axis uh match grade it's a long Range so it's a 4 mil this is the easn Titanium half out with 125 grain fill Point you notice how those fit nice and Flush that's important for not putting Excess torque because this is the Weakest spot of the arrow uh down here We have those new elkshape wraps I cut It actually pretty pretty short so stock Would be here I cut that much off and Matched them all up so this actually Weighs about five grains and then 1 two Three that's 17 grains so 22 grains on The back with the Ip4 this is an FOC of around 14% And the

Total Arrow weight is at 443 I believe somewhere right around There and then I'm running this sight Tape right here guys we are set at 20 30 And 40 these three pins are adjustable For your gang which is great and then I Can slide all the way out to 130 yards On this sight tape using my bottom pin I Also have the dark owl scope with custom Three pin configuration based on my feet Per second and my shot radius which is The measurement from my eyeball to my Peep at full draw so those pins are Vertical and they are set to my exact Game 20 30 40 that's a 10,000 size pin And I have no light attached to it and They're very bright I love the sight Picture and that's what I'm currently Running um for a sight option at the Moment but we don't want to lose our Strength and power because when we kill Now we're moving large loads long Distances we want to be durable we want To be sturdy we want to be injury Resistant sometimes you need to produce Or Express power uh when El hunting like Literally having a 50 lb pack and you Got to Sprint up a hill to cut a big Bowl off that's not an aerobic event That's an Anor robic event so you kind Of want to have all these Energy Systems And maintained muscle as an elk Hunter You want it All

Yo you [Music] Got Warm up everything 48 minutes you make Time for the things that you want to Make time for the end if you make time To check Tik Tok Instagram every day You're going to make time for it and Then it'll be a subconscious thing you Do if nothing's in front of you you're Automatically going to grab your phone And scroll for no reason if you found This channel there's a reason I think Somebody wanted you to see this and Figure out a way to make you better That's our [Music] Goal

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