Are These Budget Arrows?

The boys are back together shopping for some solid budget friendly arrows! We also take a deep dive on how to build arrows and dial in the NEW CBE Trek Pro 3V including sight in process! #ABT #ElkShape

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Uh shout out to CBE for making a site With 3900 Screws we're at Spokan Valley archery Jeff behind the lens needs to get some Arrows he's out at bullets after my Horrible score of 164 out of 20 targets Last video we published was a check-in Kind of a reality check hey I haven't Shot 3D since Tac let's go shoot the Local 3D course and just see what's up Litmus test was if you watch the video I Set on camera I I'm feel like I'm Shooting really well today like that to Me means I'm taking really good Controlled shots and my pen I don't mind A pen float but I didn't have much of a Float that day it was just kind of Buried and I felt like I had good Execution I as I alluded to on the video My um first axis was off so I'm not an Archery expert I I know a lot about elk Hunting and Fitness Nutrition training But I've been Boh in a long time and I Have heard people tell me that the first Access doesn't matter it's irrelevant And I think a lot of site manufacturers Don't even make it an adjustment so that You can do that um spot hog forever uh HHA uh Black Gold was one of the ones to Start where they had a little driver Where you can really adjust the rail so To explain the rail if your rail is not On that's just like the thing that holds Your sight housing that comes from the

Riser if that's off because maybe your Bow maybe you're Wheeling or maybe the Way your bow was made it's just not Perfectly straight well if that sight's Just a little bit tilted no matter what You do even if your second axis and your Third axis is good the further you back Up your arrows will go further and Further away and I was experiencing that So I want to show you kind of what I Decided to do to mitigate that the first Thing I did was like take the HHA out It's gone and I love the hhaa guys and I Love that they have three pin indicators Now the second axis also your bubble Your sight of choice could come from the Manufacturer to you and you stick it in Or attach it to a dovetail or direct Mount and you put a string level on and It's level in a vice and then you get Your bubble to match that string that's Your second axis and then your third Axis is a whole another can of worms for Steep uphill steep downhill shots that I Believe you should do side in but if Your first axis is not adjustable and It's coming out of your bow just Slightly off kilter you're going to be Like I was literally having left and Rights depending on if you're close or Further and then there will be a sweet Spot where everything will hit true so You'll be like oh it's me I hope to Mitigate and fix this in this video and

Then go to the Archer range and shoot The course and see what's up next so I Have the housing or the scope housing That I used on that video Dark owl three Pin their pins aren't dark even though The name's dark owl I can see them and I Don't have to have a light a light like This one so UV sent me a prototype three Pin Vertical but I want you guys to look at The differences so the one in my right Hand the pin gap's just too crazy so for What I'm shooting right now that top pin If it'ss at 20 that second pin's 37 and That bottom pin's like 512 this one was built with my specs in Mind I sent them my feet per second and I sent them my uh shot radius which is Measurement from my eyeball to the peep That's my pen gang it matches up 20 30 40 so I put on a UV slider and the UV is In the uh right now I got string levels This is the bubble I'm really paying Attention to the one out here that's Level I put two Jin two hamsky leveling Devices on the rail here just to make Sure level and level cuz there is some User air involved if you don't make this Perfect I got both Bubbles level I don't Have to make any more adjustments but I Can on this site right here with this Set screw I got it to where I want it Then I can put this on I will make sure That this bubble matches up with the

String level bubble then theoretically My rail or first axis my bubble second Axis all matches up with that string Level you can also use a good Oldfashioned Carpenter level and go from the Basically your limb pocket to limb Pocket this bubble is dead in the middle And my other Gen 2 is dead in the middle Lots of ways to do it skin a cat but I Can't hunt with this in a lot of the States I hunt so if I don't use this These pins are too dark it's kind of a Long hallway scope Vibe plus the pin Gap Is not adjustable it is fixed so if You're going to do a fixed why not go Dark owl where the guy can make it Exactly to your liking so we're going to Throw this on now click three pin Vertical the second pen is going to be The one that you're going to want to Really make sure nail it down even with This dark AIS scope because I can't Adjust the pin but I can't adjust the Pin indicators for the middle pin the Middle pin is what it is you can only Adjust the top and the bottom pin Indicators so make damn sure and what I Usually do is just match it up on a Sight tape we're going to go ahead and Just make sure we find where that middle Pin is 30 20 will be spot on and so We'll 40 Connecting all right let's get some

Shout outs Dalton you got 20 shots in Man an 82% average score nice job I got To finish making up some arrows for Camera dude Jeff dods uh he talked to Mjj about Arrow options roll the footage We're at Spokan Valley archery Jeff Behind the lens needs to get some arrows He's out at bullets and he's got he's Eyeing a couple different eastn Offerings so we're going to go bug Josh To kind of break those down for him and Then Jeff's going to pick ultimately cuz You can always learn something from mjj Let's Go what do you see My Ying [Music] Yingang how many millimeters is this six How many millimet is this four and then You have this at 5 mm but it's way too Heavy wow you're you're very Opinionative they know how I I feel These are all 300 spines for Jeffrey These are all 300 spines go gpis I do Not know the GPI of this one honestly But I know these are like it says on There uh maybe you should do your job You don't want to tell me you just say It oh here we go this one is 10.7 GPI for a East axis 5 mil long Range 4 mil 9.4 GPI Sonic R 8.8 8.8 so these are all Good options Jeffrey you

Remember Sonics Sonics yeah you remember D torch uh the east or no the Michael Wadell D torch yeah basically that I Mean they're slightly different but That's that what's the price points Differential for the 1,000 straightness Those 150 like they're there everything About that arrow is great other than It's its own internal insert and its own Internal knock so the componentry Choices are very poor there's not a lot Of them but they do make so they come With a standard aluminum and then they Do make a 5075 grain breakoff brass Option so the beauty of a lot of these Different manufacturers is they're Giving you different straightness grade Options which is phenomenal when you're Not going to hunt with the arrow okay Cuz when you're dealing with a Straightness like a high performance Straightness that matters when you put a Broadhead on the front of the arrow Really doesn't matter when it's a fuel Point so if you're just practicing with Them by the cheaper version It's the Exact same diameter it's the exact same GPI exact same everything other than Straightness and you will not see a Straightness difference with a fuel Point you'll only see it with a Broadhead so so these are match grade These match grades are for hunting okay So that's a pro tip standard grades save

Yourself like 30 bucks a dozen or so 120 Yeah I think these are like 120 if I Remember right for a whole dozen I mean This is like I said everything about This Arrow if they just made this in a 5mm it'd be a freaking gangster Arrow But it's still very popular all right Let's go get him some Brass well at an 8.8 GPI what tips what Tip we do you want to use you want to Use 100 gra 125s what do you prefer okay So if you're going to use 125s I would Break those off to where that weighs 50 Grains then in your front of your arrow You'll have a 175 grains in the front at 8.8 at a 28 cut you'll be 15% give or Take which is a nice combination and Still a relative like these are Economical like they're not expensive It's a it's a really really really good Option for the average guy and Brass Inserts aren't super expensive I want to Say these are like 20 bucks a dozen or Or something nice it's not bad so so for The brass and the arrows were same price As the uh actual hunting arrows yeah Yeah yeah it's it's a nice little setup it lock it R to rock It okay so this is the front of your Riser that's the center of the bolt hole And that's your froner launcher okay go Ahead and set it forward so that's Basically shaft wise 262 now'll give you As long as you're not using a collar or

Anything like that that's still in front Of your launcher okay so that should be Adequate amount of room so we'll set the Saw at that and then chop them off Always just Mark your arrow and line it Up with the saw blade don't try to Measure it and then go off of a tape it Always ends up off a little bit so we Want to cut through that line make sure That's down tight and that's good yeah And you rotate into the blade slowly and Ideally You' go all the way around the Arrow about twice before you got all the Way through it so flip your switch on Just rotate in rotate in rotate In that'll give you a straight cut that You won't really have to square if you Push it in and rotate it over you'll end Up with Jagged ends and you're running Over square a lot then once you get the One set you can cut all the other ones The saw is already set for it you got The reservoir tip on again today the What the reservoir tip when when you Have those brain blasts it's got Somewhere to Go I do yeah uh are either one of you Married no no do either one of you have A girlfriend are you talking to the two% Right now 2% wait wait wait he's shooting Vegas Are you no not Vegas ready okay he might Be you might be shooting a higher score Than me right now I've shot once module

Central those are Mods dude the we have so many freaking Mods now it's nuts there's all the Target bow switch weight mods are down There I need a large click Heavy only got like 40 of Those I like the weight better at anchor And then I like the Click engagement Have you tried the Apex from CD uh no Not yet not the Apex core but oh yeah Yeah no I saw that yeah yeah I shot that Cuz you shot the C Sigma Sigma forever Yep this is true I Scott not CB you knew What I meant yeah I did are you going to Pay for that this yeah I pay for Everything that's in here it all belongs To me literally all this belongs to me Hey here's the lift mod section zero Please stop emailing calling or asking If I will sell you a module I can't I'm Not allowed to sell them until after May At the earliest so please stop emailing Me Okay inside out I don't know um it's a No not for sure it's a different release And I still didn't have it fully sighted In on Friday it was running arrows and Okay these are hitting a little left Little left all these are hitting a Little high I think they're high cuz the First two that I've shot were both High but they're breaking in the middle And that's really all I care about right Now all right so he's these arrows are

Here I got to finish building them I'll Do that real quick bring you guys along And then I got to go out inspect what I Expect get a few shots and then next Time you see us we'll be at the Archer Range we're going to get Jeff's Baseline Which is going to be great and then Hopefully I can do Baseline test number Two and beat the score of 164 out of 20 Targets conditions change and Vary it's Winter it's cold it's rainy it's snow It's awesome I love archery Jeff did cut A few arrows at the shop it looks like This is my new to me Carbon Express sof [Applause] So I've never ever touched Sonics and I Got to say I'm pretty interested in Trying them myself so these are the ones They did at the shop Josh cut them I Believe or Jeff cut some too but they Were all the ends were squared these are The ones I just cut that Carbon Express Saw is a million times better than the Cheapo Cabella saw that I've been having Forever that was quite upgrade uh Hopefully you caught that that whatever Way the blades going Spin it the opposite way it'll cut it so Much better and that's so important We're going to square off the ends and Then we'll clean it uh this is this G5 Squaring tool the newer one doesn't take Much to get your arrows nice and square Jeff bought the um if you guys caught

That he bought the not straightest he Didn't buy match grade knowing that These were going to be practice arrows Not hunting arrows so he'll be getting The match grade down the road and the Price point is really good I think he Spent 120 for a dozen that's awesome I'm Going to get him six arrows built and I'm going to save him six to build cuz I Don't think he's ever built his own Arrows just want to teach them how to do That some of you probably have never Built arrows either I want you to I Think you care more than the shop and Shops do a good job I'm just saying I Think you might care more so once we've Done this Square we're going to just Clean the inside outside with probably Just a little bit of acetone honestly Could do alcohol but that's really it The old AE wipes all right so we got That these Are clean the insides of those and then We'll see the arrow wraps that we have Now come with the diameter so I would Need the bigger one the 270 to 309 brass Inserts from eastn they're break offs so 75 plus the arrow we'll put you at 321 so if we didn't break them off cuz 25 grain could break break off he going To put him at 322 before we add a wrap Or veins Andor so he'd be uh Realistically use 100 grain Broadhead You'd be around 450 uh which is close to

What he's used to his draw Lan 28 1/2 uh We're going to break them off just going To call it for me if I'm going to add Weight I kind of want to add it look how Easy that is I want to add it in the Broad head so break it off and it weighs 50 grains on on the nose so we're going To try star Bond so we're going to open her up That's [Music] Nice [Music] Best your Best but as I progress and age the races Build their rage and still yet another Stage is set GA around place your Back 121 Col so Jeff you got your arrows that you You built the rest yes Sir nice so H hel helical here H helical Left Heal five something degrees more total a Weight 436 I believe we said so uh look What he busted out huh very nice we can Slap that together we're going to get Jeff's CBE TR 3v doped in real quick It's three pin vertical so imagine as an Elk Hunter archery elk Hunter what do You want your pen gang to be like 20 30 40 30 4050 30 4050 so you want oh so When you uh roll up all the way up to The dead stop 30 40 50 right there you

Want that top green pin to be at 30 Yards correct so we can move the green Pin which is the top pin we can move the Bottom pin but we cannot move the middle Pin so we need to go find 40 yards is And with this site you can kind of Adjust the entire gang moving this up or Down to maximize so basically what I'm Saying is to maximize your sight tape go All the way down go to the dead stop and Then move things and until the 40 is Where it wants then that'll give you as Much travel as possible to hit some long Bombs get much yard so I'm going to move This all the way up it's got its own Dead stop nice and then I'm going to Show you guys how we not only adjust Well let's do it right let's check your First axis okay let's we found out that That's pretty important yeah especially At long range this site has an Adjustment for your first axis good job CBE then we'll check his second axis and You can shoot in your axis if we're Being real so grab that bring it on over We'll throw a string level On right now we're pretty far right We're not going to look at that bubble We don't care about the bubble we care About this rail I want to get this guy Absolutely perfect I think the hamsky Gen 2 is your best bet it tells me that It's pretty much Check hamsky Gen 2 I have these two

Screws cracked so we can tilt it until It is absolutely level right There level level now I care what the Bubble says and if I look at the bubble I see that it's a little bubble left you Guys tell me what you think does that Help yes it's a little left a little Left right A little left is going to Show up big time not right so first Thing I want to do is now that I got the Gen 2 level I just want to get these Secured so I'm going to give them a Little extra mustard we don't want Anything moving and I would suggest that When you do your second access Adjustment here in a second I'll show You guys you're going to want to make Sure that they once you get it level That they sit level and that you tighten The bolts cuz the last thing you want is To walk outside and all of a sudden it Bumps and it's loose again and I'm just Talking from experience all right so We're going to move the lights and these Are going to be our second axis Adjustments it's going to be very subtle We're going to loosen and tighten they Work against each other to get that Bubble reading Level yep okay we're going to go here Give it a loose give it a little Loose oh you see how that moved it So staying over here I'm going to lift It up until it's absolutely

Perfect right There first Try now this is the part I'm talking About you can't really leave these kind Of loose or just barely tight it will Move uh shout out to CBE for making a Site with 3900 [Laughter] Screws oh they're in second place to the Landslide and Blake if you're watching Blake kid sells rep for CBE that was a shot that was a shot show But I got nothing but love hey we're Running this so I'm just one thing to Know is the ins and outs now let's look At what we're going to do next we're Going to show you then we're going to go Do it this dude right here is maxed all The way up so all the way up there's my Dead stop but I can manipulate this by Loosening four screws 1 2 3 4 so I can Keep it completely maxed out at the dead Stop but I can manipulate this cuz I Guarantee when he walks out and uses his Red pin middle pin trying to get that Zeroed at 40 yards cuz the middle pin is Not adjustable we're going to move this Down until we hit 40 perfect once 40 is We're going to lock it in and then I Will show you guys how to adjust the Green top and bottom right here and we Might have enough light so this screw Right here is your top pin set screw You're going to loosen that and then

Right in Underneath this guy You either tighten Or loosen it to move it up or down once You get it and there's little little Marks right here these little hash marks Can help guide you set for 30 perfectly For Jeff then we'll do the same thing Can you see that set screw right there Kids kids at home do you see that set Screw y That's your bottom pin you'll Loosen it and that's your mover screw Right here you'll move that up or down Right there and then Jeff should be set Then he can work on using the side in Tapes that come with the sight first Things first though let's go shoot your New arrows and find 40 yards with your Middle pin Karo hip Quiver Check you can this is your little pant Leg they they keep it in there so on the Back here something like that you have Big thighs Jeff I do So you may or may not use this I use it Probably like at Tac when we're hiking But if I'm in my backyard so give us a Story about why you started running this Thing Tac no the run this yeah oh man Use it every time you shoot your bow It's it'll make sense once you use it It's just like you grab all your arrows They're on your hip and you're good to Go so I'm going to go Up pull it through

Your Molly get it spread Out check do the same one Here Boom we're going to go through the Bottom of these Ones one more Time you can stay hydrated boom okay Then this can cinch down depending on How tight you want your analine this Guy's cool you can keep I usually keep Like one of These a pen to mark all my 11s that's a Joke all your fives two fives on the Last session secret pocket for your Marijuana nice you can put your pipe Right there or your Joints joking kids these are jokes we Just keep you live in Washington though So I do live in Washington that'll work Let's go freaking shoot been here a Month this is the first time shooting my Bow as an elk shave employee you got a Release I do let's Go all right we're going to walk up to 20 yards and have him shoot that middle Pin and I hope he's 5 6 in high that'll Mean we're pretty close to 40 and then Luna you guys have seen Luna she tries to get in front of us When we're shooting bow it's [Music] Cool you Know

I said 6 in high where did you aim a Little bit low you aimed a little low Yes I'll do it again though nah we a't Got time for that get out of here get Out of here get out of here no no wrong Way get out of Here get out of Here aim for the 11 check 40.3 we know you're going to be low We're going to make an adjustment right Now okay can you see these little screws Here no I'm Loosening and because you're low we got To follow the arrows so we got to move The whole gang down so I'm Loosening and then on the other side the Exact same thing Jeff will you be my Assistant yes this is a two-hand deal so I want to hold I don't want this to just Fall all the way down the bottom So we're going to loosen this guy and Loosen this Guy and so I'm going to move It so we're still maxed out on your and Don't worry about these pin indicators We'll we'll set them where we like them And this is the only quite coarse non Micro tuning part that take your time And then once we get this set this is Your home and home will be have a dead Stop you guys wble to see this but I'm Just tightening the same screws on this Other side okay so we just moved the

Whole gang down the thing is maxed out At the top shoot it 40 oh I think middle pin is very very Close yeah it is So let's adjust such a great bow let me See this so the whole site needs to go To need to go that way we need you can Mess with your course if you wanted to But we're going to loosen This and then you're going to move your Sight to the left so you're going to go Backwards a little bit sorry I'm going This way left you're going to move this To the Left yep keep Going tighten that down shootter again I Expect your arrow to be closer to the Where you're aiming and same elevation Is the most important part but I think We're Close punched that Guys do you guys punch the trigger cuz I Definit I did so we'll be able to work On that weakness Together dude you that I really like Where that middle pin is those those Arrows are right where 40 needs to be One thing you need to do here I'm still Left though Loosen loosen this slide that thing over All right Probably took you too far over to the Right but let's go look at your arrows Real quick I think 40 is locked in

Arrows you're going to want to focus in On so he's aiming for this right Here these are his last two shots at 40 And then his last shot at 40 I moved him Too far over so we'll split the Difference I'll move his sight to the Right just a couple clicks and he'll be Right there so I I like where 40s at I Feel really good about that show the Viewers your PIN Gap real quick so we Can look at it uh yeah it should be Close let's see if anything I bet we Have to move your pin down a little but I think we're going to be hot too oh and I also wanted To loosen this for a second and go just A couple clicks to the right one 2 three Four Five here we Go that's not bad that's like really Good elevation yeah it is still to the Left so I question your first axis a Little bit so I think the first thing to Do is make Josh double check your rails Cuz hky gen 2os man they're finicky but Or maybe you're just twerking I could be Give you the Ben for of the Doubt folks I think his 30 is dead on You guys are probably thinking wow this Is easy no we're getting lucky we are Getting very lucky Jeff I'm pulling These you're 30 set okay that's an 11 both those arrows the same elevation Should we try 50

Yeah so 50 let me look at your site Picture it might need to come down but We'll see we said the same last time do You have room to come Down oh you got lots of room to come Down plenty of room okay let's see It are you kidding me this has never Happened Before then again when we originally did This we did take it to Josh and we did Mess around with it quite a bit does Help it Does little low on that one Low dud that's pretty freaking good Freaking that one felt like the best Shot I made need to make any adjustments On the site but we did show you guys It's the set screw and then underneath Up or down it's got a little hash marks Awesome so he's got his 30 40 50 and Then so the key for you is to only focus On your middle pin and I would probably Go to Josh's flat range on Friday right Have him double check your first axis Because I don't like my second gen I Can't tell if it's really perfect I'm Just being honest and Josh has done it About 2 3on 10 10,000 more times than me Literally so I think your rail might be Off or you're just torquing cuz you got Some left and rights but your Height's Good so let's double check your first Rail before you shoot for score right And then what we'll do is we'll actually

Get your 80 with your Center your middle Pin just shoot with the middle pen until You get groups and at 80 what is your Best advice to not torque get the shot Sense put it in your and your phase four Is compatible I saw that so we get you a Shot sense but uh Your self-esteem will get lowered mine Has been lowered significantly to some Days I look at it but I would say guys So he's going to get his middle pin at 80 get that we'll bust out the calipers We'll get that measurement we'll shoot The Chrono at Josh's with that new Garmin get that number we'll log in Precision cut and we you out here no not In my not in my neighborhood you got to No so I did click back to the right Before my last shot this was my first Shot second shot third third shot and Then this was my last shot after Clicking you might be you might be a Touch a touch low yeah but you can Finagle with that a little bit once you Get some more reps with the bow for sure I wouldn't mess with it today Jeff's Elected to have his top pin indicate 30 Yard when it's at home so just moving His pin indicators to where they're Towards the top of the sight tape boom So this is his 30 mark and Then this will probably be his 50 Mark That he'll set once we get the actual Sight tape on but now he's going to he's

Got home and it's at the dead stop he's Going to move this down until he finds Where that middle pin is 80 yards and He's going to mark that then we'll get Top right middle which use middle cuz It's like fixed doesn't move and once we Get 80 we'll measure the distance and We'll put uh we'll get a new Chrono on Your arrow for feet per second get your Sight tape print out from Precision cut And uh Tristan from Precision cut I Better still have a membership when I Log in it better not say like oh it's Inactive better say welcome back Elkshape you're a stud

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