Arrows without a spine? Interrogating the Altra Arrow Sales Rep!

EP 1 – Arrows without a spine? Interrogating the Altra Arrow Sales Rep! Welcome to Episode 1 of 4 – we’re hanging with my good friend Blake Kidder of the Outdoor Group all week. We’re going to take a deep dive into some of their best offerings in the archery space. #ABT

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So what's up without the spine like you Guys are claiming there's no spine on Your arrows what do [Music] You what is good what is up it's not Cold yet welcome to spoke Compton yeah [Music] Spoke the ultra Arrow video isn't there A clip of you cleaning mhm what was that 365 yeah my kids are like my kids saw That like Dad are you strong as him and I'm like let me Look nope I don't know what that is but Nope L kid all the way from Texas yay Told you he was coming and then my boy Tyler Denham and he is the guinea pig to Run Ultra arrows um so what are we going To cover in this video I'm glad you Asked I'm going to put Blake in the hot Seat and ask all those hard questions About these new Ultra arrows and for a Channel that specializes in covering all The brands and tinkering and just trying To know what everyone's offering is Doesn't mean that Dan ston is sponsored By Ultra the reason why I say that is Some I read y'all comments and some are Like oh pretty convenient that this Video drops the day that Levi announces He's with ultra that was a coincidence But uh we are friends I've known you for Several years we have a lot in common You are the sales rep manager for the Western Regional yeah territory manager

For tog uh which is the outdoor group um We have multiple Brands Elite Archery Scott archery CBE Slick Trick winners Choice Ultra uh clutch Outdoors Okay Tyler you we built these arrows yep and The elephant in the room is that I Overheated your aluminum Inserts and ruined some of his arrows Yeah you did that right from the start I Had to bust you on that one sorry guys So Tyler we set you up with the 2 4 sixs Yep and the GPI was 10 uh or nine Actually under something right n you What spine are we shooting here he is uh 300 at 9.7 grain per inch and this is Over 10 this is the 166 that one I Believe is 105 uh yep 10.5 on a 300 on the 166 okay And then what he decided to do was run On the 166 he decided to run what comes In a package okay so it's kind of like Your Uh and it has something that threads in And goes down the shank of the shaft and It's kind of your system and it weighed 49 grain if my M memory serves me Correctly be right there at 50 grains 49. 8.7 50 grains the toleran is on the Arco system is extremely tight what's The material made 775 Alum or you Brought the brass let's show off the Brass let's go over these cuz that That's a total Arrow weight or total Weight of 50 gra so he could skip the

Nonsense of going through the back door Door yep and uh that's what she Said is that funny and then uh it's one Solid system it's brass is brass more Durable or is it what's the difference I Would definitely say brass is more Durable but you're also able to you know Achieve that 50 grains with having less Components in the area worrying about Things coming loose so you know if You're someone who's looking to increase That FOC uh highly recommend just going To the Brass components um and just Rocking with those all right are you Ready for the hot seat let's go for it Okay when and Tyler put him in the the Ram spine tester which I have right here Mhm we I Didn't Do It Tyler did I just Showed Tyler how to do it yeah and Tyler Said off camera he was having a tough Time really finding a stiffest spot like There was a little bit but nothing like A normal era where you're like oh There's the stiffest yep or there's the Weakest you know and but he also noted That why don't you just say it you said The tolerances were pretty Inc insane Yeah Arrow to Arrow it was almost Um on the spine test is that good I Think so is that good 100% percentage so What's up without the spine like you Guys are claiming there's no spine on Your arrows what are you saying let's Get that correct um we are calling it

Zero spine technology um Ultra is built On just premium Precision from the Components down to the shaft from start To finish we wanted to focus on building The highest quality the most consistent Arrow that you can get your hands on Because you know guys like you and I who Like Tinker it can take a lot of time to Build the perfect dozen arrows um and Not everyone has that time or like the Perfect Five Arrows honestly when you Look at Ultra arrows and you talk about Zero spine technology don't get confused Every arrow still has its spine whether It's a 250 300 350 Etc but what you guys Ran into and I'm glad you did this and And challenged it is you weren't able to Find a true high side or low Spide spine Of that arrow and through our build Process we were able to develop a Specific process for us to design an Arrow that that consistency of that Spine was 360° around now I had never Experienced it myself right me neither But until you experience what that Actually does for accuracy dude it's Going to blow your mind well let's this Is all I really care about where in the Blank that's a swear word should I put My Fane if I can't really figure Out the stiffest or weakest spot you Don't have to worry about it so I just Still do I have to KN tune if you want To I it takes a long time it does after

I built those arrows up it was just Nob Brainer I didn't have to worry about Clocking I didn't have to worry about Knock tuning I just simply you know put My inserts in went went to Fletch them Like I you know have done in the past um Not worrying about where the high side Or low side of the spine was took him Out s them in 20 to 90 yards and I just I had the best groups I ever had last Season uh shooting Ultra arrows 246 166 Cool but I've shot more 204 than Anything in the last 3 or 4 years are You guys going to address that part of The market this is where I want to Finish this video and by the way guys This is Blake week we're going to drop a Video a day until we run out of video so Hopefully you like this stuff what's up With the 204 well clearly we've seen it In your comments I know you like a 204 And I know a lot of you guys out there Like a 204 so think for a second that we Haven't talked about it and are Considering it so uh just stay tuned 246 Or 166 which one are you going to shoot A spring bear with right now the 166 why A lot of reasons good tell Us uh I'm used to because this came out To almost exactly what I was shooting I'm used to shooting that trajectory Trajectory y um and I just want to Tinker with a little bit smaller Diameter Arrow which dude he never had

Shot Smalls and so he was like is this Real life it feels it feels small it Just feels like it would break easily You used to big things in your hand I'm Used to Yeah I'm us that's what she Said and on that note that is why you Come to this channel guys so part two And maybe part three and four we're Going to go over let's tease him show Them we got four releases from Scott They are the S2 Apex core we got the Apex and then a standard hinge which I'm A big fan of as well it's called our Select so next video tomorrow we're Going to shoot these with Tyler and We're going to try to talk Tyler and Maybe running CBE which I do think is a Good option I don't think it's as Durable as a spot hog I don't think Anything is but I do think it does catch A price point that more people might be Interested in and I am guilty of not Covering price points I'm always Grabbing high-end stuff and I apolog so We're going to try to cover it's not Cheap no but it's not as expensive as Some other option out there so that's Your next two video separations in the Preparation smash the sub button we're Getting to 100K and we're buying Somebody a bow and flying them to spoke Can and building that bow and working Out so we might already be there right

Now we're going to announce the winner Soon separations in the preparation Catch you on the next one

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