August Deer Hunting Chores

The deer season is approaching FAST and that’s why these August deer chores are so important! Here are the deer hunting chores that you need to focus on in August to make sure that you are on track for this Fall…

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Now a lot of you follow The monthly deer chores and a lot of you Are here because of the habitat stuff That goes on from December January February March all the way up to June July but when we get into August we're Really starting to hone in on Purely Deer hunting stuff and now we do have Some food plot stuff that we have to do This time of year but We have a lot of our work starting to Wrap up on the property so we're really Focusing on hunting stuff and getting Hunting chores completed so we're going To go through those we'll go through What we're doing here on the farm And I could say we've gotten a whole lot Done this year I think maybe towards December I don't know but we'll do a Whole list of everything we accomplish Each year and it's amazing it took a Team and I've been working hard at this Stuff for many years and so for this Year for the first time we've really had A team behind me to actually get a lot Of stuff done and it's uh it's a great Feeling to be on track and on track with Each chore so let's talk about you know What's really getting serious right now This is August let's talk about what We're doing to stay on track and and so That we can really enjoy going out in September during opening day whether It's here in Minnesota or where we

Hunting in Wisconsin uh knowing that We're going into opening day confident That we've done everything we can to Have a great hunt and a great herd Number one tree stand setup People think well this is kind of late To set tree stands up Now it is if you have major shooting Lanes to clear major trees to cut down Especially when it comes to Bow Hunting Now gun hunting for you to go out and Clear some Lanes in in August get some Of that down you probably get some Regeneration Sprouts off some of those Areas you get some weeds Briar's popping Up bottom line is it's a little bit more Blended in by the time you get into September October and especially November during most gun seasons Then when you're trying to clear a bunch Of shooting lanes for a bow knock down Big trees and we're not that far outside Uh we're filming this about six weeks From most opening days a lot of them Some are about five weeks away and some Are eight or nine but bottom line is Really getting close to opening days of Bow season across the country Tree stand setup what I mean by that is This is the time we're putting our tree Stands in we're moving our tree stands Around and a lot of those stands we Already know we don't have a lot of Lanes to clear it's just getting those

Stands in moving them around and uh and Then making sure when we come down here Hunter access we have great access in Those routes we have one area where it's A Creek System I already saw one big Tree across we got to cut out those logs Give us good access to get in and out of That Creek system to keep our profile Down low but bottom line is when it Comes to tree stands making sure Everything's sat and ready to go in August and even you have to cut down a Little bit here and there we pull those Branches and cuttings mostly towards a Tree where we're sitting in and uh and Not leaving them scattered around I Think box can be mature box can be very Very wary it's interesting we have a Mock scrape recently and Bo came into That one of our six-year-olds but a lot Of other deer have already hit it bucks They just come in and hit it he comes in And stares at it and stares at it moves His head around looks at it a little bit And you could just tell that there's a New scrape and new spot some of the Other bucks don't care but he's a Six-year-old they act a little bit Differently so when you have older box And it could be that a three-year-old in Your area a four-year-old but when you Have those older bucks and the oldest Bucks in the area they tend to act like It it doesn't matter if it's a

Three-year-old or a six-year-old so when You have big trees you've cut down in Your shooting lanes and we're only five Weeks out away from the season you can Expect a lot of in a lot of locations Especially the normal states I'm talking States use this as a guideline if you Have over a hundred thousand bow hunters In your state it's probably a high Pressure State you know Iowa 65 000 bow Hunters Kansas 25 000 Kentucky has two Hundred thousand gun hunters and bow Hunters combined those are not high Pressure States Michigan had 425 000 bow Hunters at one time Wisconsin 350. Illinois had 250 000 bull hunters Look at it that way a lot of those areas Next to Chicago and in the urban areas Can be very high pressure you get over On the west side more like a Fantasyland State or southwest corner of Illinois Minnesota High Bowl hundred numbers over 200 000 let alone Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania the entire East Coast Northeast New York in a lot of those states there Are high pressure States meaning that Deer react unfavorably to changes in the Woods unlike they do They really don't care Suburban areas Deer don't really care as much a little Bit easier hunting they're used to People used to sounds used to things

Changing all the time but when you get Out into mixed AG areas and into Especially Wilderness areas or Big Woods Areas deer aren't used to changes Especially in the high 100 pressure States and they're going to react Unfavorably to change August is a great Time for moderate to light cutting of Shooting Lanes getting those tree stands In and enjoying the hunt and five or six Weeks away a lot of times there's only a Window of three to four weeks of Forgiveness you have to let pass by But when you're making major cuttings I'd be very wary well it's end of July And I hope most of you by this point in The year have been able to check out our Food plot seed company whs Wildlife Blends we've had clients and customers In almost 50 states by now and the cool Thing is you know I don't like you to Pay shipping if you don't have to we're Not going to have a giant dealer Network That's not the way we are we built a Business on experience and providing Good information and quality products People ordered online but if you live in The southeast Minnesota Southwest Wisconsin area Nelson agricenter out of Viroqua and Prairie Du schoeners our Only dealer in the country I don't know If that's the way it'll be in the future But they're very important to us because People in this region can actually

Travel to them whether you're in Northeast Iowa or Northwest Illinois and Pick up that seed without shipping so Give them a call check them out and Check out the food plot company check Out the website if you haven't done so Already and I really appreciate you guys Giving us a look for your food plot Planting needs this season Fall food Plots you know we're planting ours this Week the first is on Tuesday we're Planting ours this Thursday Friday so We're right at the end of July getting In and I want to get those in before my Next client trip still going on client Trips so that takes up nine ten days out Of the out of the month for me doing Anything else for the most part that Means getting our fertilizer on Everything getting our plot start on Everything because we have some low PH Issues the plot start will take care of That by changing the biology of the soil Pot start is not a liquid lime change The biology of the soil completely Different so in a lot of our areas we're Changing the biology of the soil with The plot starts so the plants can uptake The nutrients in the form of fertilizer And whatever's in the ground we use plot Boost later but fertilizer plot start Plot boost later and then actually Seeding and getting that on the ground We're doing that all right now so this

Is the big push it's not going to run Into August but traditionally early August is at planning time but I'm going To be gone so we're getting that in Right now plus we have a forecast a Little bit of rain possibly on Saturday Friday maybe tonight it's Tuesday night So we're hoping we get some stuff into The ground here really quick this week So you can take advantage of the rain Because it's been drought and I'll Mention a lot of areas we use the Buckwheat ultimate no-till I like having Three foot four foot high buckwheat all Summer long it builds the soil limits Weed growth doesn't let the salt dry out It's great for your food plots but this Year's drought we got some rain Literally one rain in early May then it Was Father's Day June 18th and then We've had two or three rains since then And it's end of July so really really Bad rain so our buckwheat didn't grow or Didn't grow very well we have some right Out there right now it's 8 10 12 inches At best so at the same time a lot of our Seed Blends are Big Boost Brassica the Dual threat 365. Our perennial blend the fall power Greens are another one that we designed So that with they need minimal tilling We'll scratch the surface we'll throw The seed down or run it over with the Packer Max so we'll get better seed soil

Contact but you don't need a lot these Are small seeds that germinate quickly And uh and so a lot of these you can Throw on the top of the soil without That buck we've done that for years if You just look up no-till planting No-till food plot planting you'll find Articles my videos in the past of how to Do that I don't like doing that because It takes more chemicals I'd rather put That cover crop here in the summer of a Pure cover crop we even have our summer Soil explosion cover crop I like Actually buckwheat better just pure Buckwheat we sell both The summer soil explosion is for someone That wants to leave it on the ground Three months two and a half months but You want buckwheat you want it to only Grow about thigh high waist eye so you Have that timing issue the problem this Year is just no rain so we're throwing The seed on the ground we'll get good Results if we get rain can't do that With soybeans oats even peas will sit There for a long time unless they get a Lot of rain Peas are Hardy though so it's one That'll germinate later when you're Using tillage radish late planted Buckwheat brassicas Clover Birchwood Tree foil chicory all those type of Blends Alfalfa they all take really fast With just minimal moisture so great

Thing to do even with the strout now Trail cams and mock scrapes this is a Great time doesn't matter if you're on Public land private land getting on Traditional perennial scrapes out on Public land this is a great time to make Sure your trail cameras are loaded up With batteries they're ready to go and We have a mock scrape at every stand Location you can bet that's where our Cameras are So we want all three of those Combinations in Step we're putting the Tree stand set up trail cams and mock Tray they'll go all together when we Pick a stand location we pick okay Here's where the mock Stripes gonna go Here's where the trail camera could go Not to say we have a trail camera at Every stand location but the point is we Look for that package together it's a Great time to finalize those For your tree stand set up and then of Course your Hunter access Trails getting Those mowed if they're out in fields Sticks and debris cleared some people Leaf blow theirs this time of year I Would not leave below the end of October After the leaves come down But you're trying to get quiet access Clean access clean access is almost more Important than quiet what I mean by that Is you're not leaving a lot of scent When you go in the woods because

You have Taken care of weeds taking care of Sticks brush debris Briars you have past Your Trails Road you don't have a lot of Herbaceous growth sucking out your Hunter set and human scent to leave a Trail every time you go to a different Stand there and back and that's often What kills a property With the lack of scent control or scent Control that isn't managed because you Leave so much sense around as opposed to When you're actually on stand it's Almost more important to keep your Trails clean and get in getting in and Out without spooking deer by leaving a Central than it is when you're at your Stand best form of Sun control is Actually stand location make sure you're Not blowing your scent when you're on Standing into Deer and you'll do okay Major bow shooting this is the time if You haven't been shooting your bows got To do it now it's getting down to crunch Time and now it's hot and heavy time Maybe you thought well shoot once or Twice a week and you've been wanting to Do that for months things took place now It's a time where you need to be at that Five six seven times a week shooting Your bow until opening day so that you Can be on target when the season comes Around it's not just On Target and Making sure you have good accuracy it's

Confidence And that big buck comes in you know You've been shooting well you feel Comfortable your arms aren't fatigued You know you can pull back you know you Made a good shot because you've made a Thousand shots or more leading up to That in the months before a couple Months before So now is the time this is what we're Doing in August again it's getting down To crunch time hope you guys are on Track we're on track there's a lot to do Hunting related you know I love taking Care of switch grass and planting food Plots and watering our trees and mowing Trails putting out water holes filling Water holes But now it's that time to let the fun Begin and let hunting season begin hey Folks I really appreciate you watching And I want to invite you to check out Our main website whitetailhabitat I'm gonna miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so You have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and uh most of all thank you

Very much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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