Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand – Best Hunting Bows In 2022

Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand

There are many different points to take into consideration when choosing your bow. Limiting all the choices can be so overwhelming. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

Would not it be great if somebody produced a checklist of points to help one pick their excellent bow?

Look no more, buddies! In this blog, I put together as much info as you can find concerning all the many points to take into consideration when you are seeking your very first compound bow. At the end of this article, you must feel great that you know what to look for throughout your bow shopping.

While bowhunting and rifle hunting are both risky in their own right, I absolutely believe that bowhunting is much safer. Yes, broadheads are sharp as well as you can definitely cut yourself; however, bows aren’t inadvertently fired when walking with your hunting companion.

Not unless you’re simply walking at complete draw, which isn’t realistic at all. If you drop a bow, there isn’t a chance it will certainly shoot an arrow into your pal. As well as while incidents do happen every now and then in the archery hunting world, they occur much less.

Exactly how frequently do you hear about somebody inadvertently shooting their buddy or complete stranger with an arrow? Not quite often.


Best As Well As Inexpensive Compound Bows In 2022

Bear Revival

Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand


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The Bear Revival is flawlessly called due to the fact that it is obtaining Bear back right into the target world once more with an offering that goes to the most inexpensive price factor for a brand-new target bow of any type of on the market at just $699. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

For brand-new target archers wishing to dip their toes into the inside or 3D world, the price of compound target rigs are generally near to what a shooter would certainly anticipate to invest in a fully rigged out hunting bow with some relatively nice extras. For those simply intending to try it out, that is a large dedication or suggests shooters will need to consider something utilized in order to maintain the price down.

The Bear Revival at $699 permits shooters to obtain a 37.5-inch axle to axle target bow, which would certainly do indoor or 3D similarly well, draw weights from 45-70-pounds, as well as draw lengths of 27.5-30-inches to accommodate almost everybody curious about a target bow, and they are offered in right and also left handed designs. Often times budget plan pleasant models are just accessible in right handed mastery, however in the case of the Revival, all shooters can utilize this bow.

Bear is only providing the Revival in 2 surface options, and also has some limitations on personalization many devoted target shooters are not going to love, yet these are actually minor cons due to the fact that the price is less than half what competitors would sell a similar target bow in regards to specs for.

For any individual brand-new to the target world, or just not interested in spending high-end target bow prices, the Bear Revival is mosting likely to be really great.

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  • Among the cheapest target bows offered with a $699 retail price.
  • Hybrid cam system has all the adjustments built into the system.
  • Will suit shooters from 27-30.5- inches and also 45-70-pounds of draw weight.


  • Only provided in 2 coating alternatives.
  • Not as many fine tune choices many target archers prefer.


320 FPS

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs


AXLE-TO-AXLE: 37 1/2 in

LET OFF: 75%

DRAW WEIGHT: 45-60 LBS, 55-70 lbs

DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 27in-30.5 in

The Bear Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand


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Bear created the Cruzer Gen 2 to fit any ages and skill degrees. The bow is flexible between 12 as well as 30 inches of draw length and draw weight between 5 and 70 extra pounds. This adjustability makes it among the most effective novice compound bows. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

The Bear Cruzer G2 really feels exceptional in hand. The hold is long, perfectly angled, narrow, as well as flat-backed. It advertises regular hand placement, as well as I was thrilled the throat really did not dive unfathomable under the arrow rack.

The draw cycle is typically smooth, and the bow’s 70 percent let-off doesn’t take you by surprise. There are no limb or cord quits on the bow, which develops a squishy valley. The more you have the arm or leg screws turned in, the more the bow is itching to go. Pull hard into the valley as well as approve the squishy feeling. If you slip, specifically at draw weights north of 50 pounds, you’ll understand it.

This is a bow a shooter can grow with over time. As a young archer finds out to shoot it efficiently, their confidence will grow. They can delight in the Bear Cruzer G2 for five or more years while establishing abilities to become precise in the field.

Is it a hunting bow? Yes. Evaluate reduced poundages and with noise and also resonance devices attached, this rig could be a superb deer hunting bow.

I’ve been firing bows for more years than I sometimes care to count, and also if you ‘d have informed me a couple of decades ago a person can develop a compound bow with this type of adjustability, I would certainly have stated you were nuts. Here’s the Cruzer G2, a bow Bear declares “is crafted for all ages and ability levels.” I could not have claimed it much better myself.

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  • Whisper Quiet.
  • Smooth Draw Cycle.
  • Only 3lbs.
  • Easy to adjust draw length as well as draw weight.
  • No bow press required.
  • Comes With 5-Arrow Quiver, Stabilizer, Peep Sight, Arrow Rest, and a D-Loop.


  • Rather Lacking 70% Let-Off Factor.
  • Lack of a rock-solid back wall.

Specifications of Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow:
315 FPS
WEIGHT: 3 lbs
BRACE HEIGHT: 6 1/2 in
LET OFF: 70%
DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 12in – 30in

Included Accessories:
Our RTH bundle bows come prepared to hunt right out of the box furnished with six Trophy Ridge accessories.
Included Extras:.
Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight.
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit.
Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver.
Peep Sight.
Nock Loop.

Bear Archery Moment 340 Fps

Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand


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For shooters requiring a short axel to axel rig, this 31-inch compound will meet the demands of maneuverability shooters demand from their equipment in the field. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

The light weight aluminum riser expands a fair quantity giving the bow some added stability and also a nice position for the limbs to collaborate with as the bow is drawn.

The bow suggestions the ranges at the magical 4-pound mark, which maintains the rig at the weight many shooters really feel is the best weight for a light weight aluminum model.

The EAZ hybrid cam system is a modular cam system adjusting from 25-30-inches is paired with 80% let off and accelerate to 340 feet per second. The web cams begin fairly rigid at once, yet the second fifty percent of the draw cycle feels comfortable. After the shot, the bow has a mild felt resonance, however including some extras can go a long way in making that much less recognizable after the shot.

The Bear Moment backed by the legend Fred Bear himself is a quite great deal for $899.

The Bear Moment is a made hunting bow based on its shorter 31-inch framework, high let off cam system, and also maneuverability attributes. Shooters will certainly delight in honing their skills on the range, and will love the precision all the modern technology going into this bow has produced. Nonetheless, the Moment is a hunting bow, as well as a quite dang good one at that.

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Among the fastest compound bows on the marketplace.
Integrated systems to minimize noise and also resonance.
Durable building and construction.
Compact, light-weight style.

Small kick on release.

Specifications of Bear Archery Moment 340 FPS Compound Bow:
340 FPS.
WEIGHT: 4 lbs.
LET OFF: 80%.
PEAK DRAW WEIGHT: 55-70 lbs 45-60 lbs.
DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 25in – 30in.


Selecting Your Compound Bow

I want to start off by saying that you require to really think of every one of the below information prior to making your choice. There is no one-size-fits-all compound bow, and what help somebody else will certainly not work for you. Every archer has their very own distinct skills and also needs. That is why it is very important to consider these three things when choosing your bow. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

  • Eye Dominance
  • Draw Length
  • Draw Weight

1. Eye Dominance

In fancier terms, this is referred to as “ocular dominance”. It essentially just means that your brain trusts among your eyes more than the other. You see more clear with one eye than you can with the other.

This is one point that is frequently overlooked when choosing a bow, yet it is one of one of the most essential. If you can’t see clearly, you can not shoot accurately.

  • With your hands outstretched before you, create a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers.
  • Check out the triangle with both eyes open, as well as concentrate on something secure, such as a picture on the wall or a light button.
  • Close one eye, then open it as well as shut the other eye. Bear in mind of which eye maintains the thing in its area, as well as which eye makes it move or leap a little sideways.

The eye that maintains your object centered in the triangle is your dominant eye. If your dominant eye is your right eye, then you must shoot right-handed, as well as vice-versa.

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2. Draw Length

This is describing how far you can draw back the bowstring. Your draw length need to not be as well brief or also long. Compound bows have a restriction of the draw length before the string quits, but many have an array that can be gotten used to conveniently fit the draw length of the shooter.

An archery pro from an archery store can measure your draw length easily and accuracy, nevertheless, it is easy to measure your suitable draw length yourself. Ask a buddy to help you, or do it on your own. Complete the steps below:

  • Stand directly and stretch your hands and also arms out to each side. You want to create a T with your body and arms.
  • Measure from the tip of one center finger to the pointer of the various other center finger( your wingspan), keeping the measuring tape as straight as feasible.
  • Take that number, as well as separate it by 2.5. This is your ideal draw length. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

3. Draw Weight

Numerous archers attempt to go with the heaviest draw weight they can enter order to produce faster shooting speeds.

This is a poor idea for numerous factors, the primary factor being that a draw weight that is uncomfortably heavy will result in tension while trying to shoot.

Anxiety while capturing will certainly create shakiness and lack of focus, which will certainly shake off an excellent shot for even the most advanced archers.

Compound bows have a method to reduce the weight required to hold the string at full draw. This is called let-off. Numerous archers recommend a let-off percentage of around 75-80%, therefore conserving as much power as you can.

As a guide, match the weight to your strength. For example, when checking the bows, draw and also hold for 20-30 seconds, when possible. You must have the ability to preserve the hold throughout this time without shaking or quivering. If you can, after that the draw weight benefits you, and you may also be able to test another bow with a greater draw weight. Bear Archery Cruzer Right Hand.

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