Bear Archery G2 Cruzer – Best Hunting Bows In 2022

Bear Archery G2 Cruzer

There are various points to think about when choosing your bow. Limiting all the options can be so frustrating. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

Would not it be excellent if someone created a listing of points to support one select their best bow?

Look no more, pals! In this blog post, I create as much info as you can find about all the many points to take into consideration when you are trying to find your initial compound bow. At the end of this blog, you ought to feel confident that you know what to search for during your bow shopping.

While bowhunting and also rifle hunting are both dangerous in their own right, I truly believe that bowhunting is more secure. Yes, broadheads are sharp and also you can certainly cut yourself; however, bows aren’t mistakenly shot when walking with your hunting companion.

Not unless you’re just walking around at complete draw, which isn’t reasonable whatsoever. If you tumble a bow, there isn’t a chance it will fire an arrow right into your buddy. As well as while incidents do take place every now and then in the archery hunting world, they take place much much less.

Exactly how frequently do you read about somebody unintentionally firing their friend or complete stranger with an arrow? Not very often.


Ideal And Also Cost Effective Compound Bows In 2022

Bear Revival

Bear Archery G2 Cruzer


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The Bear Revival is perfectly called because it is obtaining Bear back into the target world once more with an offering that goes to one of the most affordable price point for a brand-new target bow of any kind of on the market at just $699. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

For new target archers wanting to dip their toes into the indoor or 3D world, the price of compound target rigs are normally near to what a shooter would certainly expect to invest in a completely rigged out hunting bow with some relatively good accessories. For those just wanting to try it out, that is a giant dedication or indicates shooters will certainly need to check into something made use of in order to keep the price down.

The Bear Revival at $699 permits shooters to get a 37.5-inch axle to axle target bow, which would certainly do indoor or 3D equally well, draw weights from 45-70-pounds, and draw lengths of 27.5-30-inches to accommodate virtually everybody interested in a target bow, and they are available in right as well as left handed designs. Many times spending plan pleasant models are only offered in right handed dexterity, however when it comes to the Revival, all shooters can use this bow.

Bear is just providing the Revival in 2 finish options, and also has some restrictions on customization many dedicated target shooters are not going to love, however these are truly small cons because the price is less than half what rivals would certainly sell a comparable target bow in relation to specifications for.

For anyone brand-new to the target world, or simply not interested in investing high-end target bow prices, the Bear Revival is going to be truly excellent.

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  • Among the most affordable target bows offered with a $699 retail price.
  • Hybrid cam system has all the adjustments established into the system.
  • Will certainly fit shooters from 27-30.5- inches and 45-70-pounds of draw weight.


  • Just used in two surface choices.
  • Not as many fine tune options many target archers like.


320 FPS

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs


AXLE-TO-AXLE: 37 1/2 in

LET OFF: 75%

DRAW WEIGHT: 45-60 LBS, 55-70 lbs

DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 27in-30.5 in

The Bear Cruzer G2

Bear Archery G2 Cruzer


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Bear established the Cruzer Gen 2 to fit any ages and also skill degrees. The bow is adjustable in between 12 and 30 inches of draw length and also draw weight between 5 and also 70 pounds. This adjustability makes it one of the best beginner compound bows. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

The Bear Cruzer G2 feels outstanding in hand. The grasp is long, flawlessly tilted, narrow, and flat-backed. It advertises constant hand positioning, and also I was thrilled the throat really did not dive too deep under the arrow rack.

The draw cycle is generally smooth, and the bow’s 70 percent let-off does not take you by surprise. There are no arm or leg or wire quits on the bow, which produces a spongy valley. The even more you have the limb screws turned in, the much more the bow is itching to go. Draw hard right into the valley as well as approve the spongy feeling. If you creep, particularly at draw weights north of 50 extra pounds, you’ll know it.

This is a bow a shooter can grow with over time. As a young archer discovers to fire it efficiently, their confidence will certainly grow. They can take pleasure in the Bear Cruzer G2 for 5 or more years while establishing abilities to come to be precise in the field.

Is it a hunting bow? Yes. Set at reduced poundages as well as with noise and resonance tools affixed, this gear could be an outstanding deer hunting bow.

I’ve been shooting bows for even more years than I in some cases care to count, and if you ‘d have told me a couple of decades ago a person might establish a compound bow with this type of adjustability, I ‘d have stated you were nuts. Here’s the Cruzer G2, a bow Bear declares “is crafted for all ages and ability degrees.” I could not have claimed it much better myself.

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  • Whisper Quiet.
  • Smooth Draw Cycle.
  • Just 3lbs.
  • Easy to readjust draw length and draw weight.
  • No bow press required.
  • Features 5-Arrow Quiver, Stabilizer, Peep Sight, Arrow Rest, and a D-Loop.


  • Rather Lacking 70% Let-Off Factor.
  • Absence of a well-founded back wall surface.

Specifications of Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow:
315 FPS
WEIGHT: 3 lbs
BRACE HEIGHT: 6 1/2 in
LET OFF: 70%
DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 12in – 30in

Consisted of Accessories:
Our RTH bundle bows come all set to hunt right out of package geared up with 6 Trophy Ridge accessories.
Consisted of Extras:.
Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight.
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit.
Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver.
Peep Sight.
Nock Loop.

Bear Archery Moment 340 Fps

Bear Archery G2 Cruzer


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For shooters requiring a brief axel to axel gear, this 31-inch compound will certainly satisfy the needs of maneuverability shooters require from their devices in the field. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

The aluminum riser extends a fair quantity providing the bow some added stability and also a nice stance for the arm or legs to collaborate with as the bow is drawn.

The bow suggestions the scales at the wonderful 4-pound mark, which keeps the gear at the weight many shooters really feel is the perfect weight for a light weight aluminum version.

The EAZ hybrid cam system is a modular cam system changing from 25-30-inches is paired with 80% let off as well as accelerate to 340 feet per secondly. The cameras begin fairly rigid immediately, but the second fifty percent of the draw cycle really feels comfortable. After the shot, the bow has a mild felt vibration, yet adding some extras can go a long way in making that much less visible after the shot.

The Bear Moment backed by the tale Fred Bear himself is a rather large amount for $899.

The Bear Moment is a made hunting bow based on its much shorter 31-inch framework, high let off cam system, and ability to move qualities. Shooters will delight in refining their skills on the range, and will certainly enjoy the accuracy all the innovation entering into this bow has created. Nevertheless, the Moment is a hunting bow, and also a rather dang good one at that.

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Among the fastest compound bows on the market.
Integrated systems to reduce noise and resonance.
Long lasting building and construction.
Compact, lightweight style.

Minor kick on release.

Specifications of Bear Archery Moment 340 FPS Compound Bow:
340 FPS.
WEIGHT: 4 lbs.
LET OFF: 80%.
PEAK DRAW WEIGHT: 55-70 lbs 45-60 lbs.
DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 25in – 30in.


Picking Your Compound Bow

I intend to start off by claiming that you require to actually think about every one of the listed below details before making your choice. There is no one-size-fits-all compound bow, and what benefit another person will not help you. Every archer has their own unique abilities as well as needs. That is why it is very important to think about these 3 points when choosing your bow. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

  • Eye Dominance
  • Draw Length
  • Draw Weight

1. Eye Dominance

In fancier terms, this is described as “ocular dominance”. It primarily just indicates that your brain trusts among your eyes greater than the other. You see clearer with one eye than you can with the various other.

This is one thing that is frequently ignored when choosing a bow, yet it is just one of the most crucial. If you can’t see clearly, you can not fire precisely.

  • With your hands outstretched before you, create a triangular with your thumbs as well as forefingers.
  • Browse the triangle with both eyes open, and also focus on something stable, such as a picture on the wall surface or a light button.
  • Close one eye, after that open it and also close the various other eye. Keep in mind of which eye keeps the product in its place, and also which eye makes it move or jump a little sideways.

The eye that maintains your things centered in the triangle is your dominant eye. If your dominant eye is your right eye, then you ought to shoot right-handed, and vice-versa.

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2. Draw Length

This is describing just how far you can draw back the bowstring. Your draw length ought to not be as well short or as well long. Compound bows have a restriction of the draw length before the string quits, but the majority of have a variety that can be adapted to easily fit the draw length of the shooter.

An archery pro from an archery shop can measure your draw length effortlessly and also precision, however, it is simple to determine your perfect draw length yourself. Ask a pal to help you, or do it on your own. Total the actions below:

  • Stand right and also extend your hands and also arms out to each side. You want to form a T with your body and also arms.
  • Measure from the tip of one middle finger to the idea of the other middle finger( your wingspan), maintaining the measuring tape as straight as feasible.
  • Take that number, and also split it by 2.5. This is your perfect draw length. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

3. Draw Weight

Several archers try to go for the heaviest draw weight they can get in order to generate faster capturing rates.

This is a bad concept for lots of factors, the main factor being that a draw weight that is uncomfortably hefty will bring about anxiety while trying to shoot.

Anxiety while shooting will create shakiness as well as absence of emphasis, which will certainly shake off a good shot for also one of the most advanced archers.

Compound bows have a method to minimize the weight required to hold the string at complete draw. This is called let-off. Lots of archers suggest a let-off percent of around 75-80%, therefore saving as much power as you can.

As an overview, match the weight to your strength. When examining the bows, draw and hold for 20-30 secs, if feasible. You need to be able to maintain the hold throughout this time without shaking or quivering. If you can, after that the draw weight benefits you, and you might even be able to examine an additional bow with a greater draw weight. Bear Archery G2 Cruzer.

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