BEST 4mm Arrow Ever? #elkshape

I bashed up these X10 parallel Pros hot Melted the 55 grain aluminum half out Option that's new for 2024 so I don't Want to heat up this component right Here cuz it's got silicone so I'll heat Up the Hot Melt instead once I get that Nice and hot I'm just put it right here A wobble so why it's still melted give It a little turn quarter turn send it Money dud 125 Point same veins use an Elkshape wrap so I have two 4 mm arrows That weave this same and we'll be able To shoot them head to-head and tinker And see which one groups tighter you Could hunt with both you can be to Attack with both but hopefully you can Find one to send through the lungs of a Big bull out cu that's my only goal in 2024

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