Best Tree To Cut For Whitetails and Wildlife

Hinge cutting is a viable tool in any competent deer habitat manager’s tool box. Even then, I only recommend hinge cutting about 15% of the time, to all of our clients. Check out this perfect location and tree to hinge cut in this 2 year old hinge cut bedding area…

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Now we're out here investigating a 2-year-old cutting that we completed About this time two years ago really Cool to see all the Regeneration Especially when we come up here some of My favorite trees now we have some Maple That we cut down in here some Aspen We're getting some Aspen regeneration But I would have to say my favorite tree Out of them all is a box elder and There's a box elder tree standing behind Me and kind of the goal of coming down In here we opened back up this road it a Lot of blowdowns had fallen down on it So we cleaned it up uh yesterday got Back in here and love coming into this Spot because it's turned into such an Exceptional bedding area this is pretty Open before you could see right up into The woods you still see up into the Woods in the back but this lower bench And flat area that's probably 50 yards Across and hundreds of yards wide is Getting really thick so my favorite tree Box elder what are we going to do with It we're going to cut them down and what I mean by that is when we have have box Elder they're great they're already Leaning so then we can take that tree And put a back hinge cut on it we're Cutting usually only halfway through the Tree and that tree will start to fall Down with the lean and it'll hold up and Then it'll prolifically Sprout and so

What it'll do is it'll shoot up side Sprouts and the reason you want those Hinge cuts to be a little bit lower Maybe waist high thigh high for us and You just put that straight back cut Flush on the on the back back side is we Want when that tree falls over we're not Doing this so the deer go under it you Know rabbits can go under it grous can Go under it that's okay but what we want We want sprouts to come off the side of That trunk that goes down and all those Sprouts equal food and brows for white Tails you know yeah cover for grow cover For rabbits we're doing that at the same Time but it equals food very important Food and cover for white Tails from Sometime in October all the way to the End of the winter before that herbaceous Growth starts popping in the spring and We get that spring green up that's a Time of Plenty in the white tail Woods That's when deer don't need our help in Any way once that green takes place then The purpose of this bedding area down Here now it could be that those have Fawns in here we have plenty of fawning Cover we don't we're not lacking fawning Cover we don't have to come out here and Create fawning cover what we need is Really good fall late fall and winter Brows and box selder is one of the best Trees for that it's one of the easiest To cut down and I'm not saying I don't

Like Aspen we have Aspen right over here That I can cut down in combination of This and that'll extend this across the Trail and get more regeneration down Here we completely cut the Aspen down Completely cut it because you want to to Sprout out of the lateral root system Where the Box Elder is going to sprout Out of the trunk and the actual log Itself of the tree once it's hinge cut And so two different cutting methods Doing the same exact thing and that's Putting stem count and hardwood Regeneration up in the air and then also Creating side cover side cover is Critical side cover is that cover that When we're looking through this flat Right here keeps us from looking all the Way through we can only see about about 10 12 yards into there 15 yards at the Most and there's little Trails we found Beds right up here yesterday I'm sure There's beds all the way around the top Side of this if we looked around but We're getting incredible regeneration Here box elder is one of my favorites Aspen is a close second you could say They're my favorite if we don't have any Box elder around sometimes we have all Box elder we're blessed with both of Them in this area and so the answer is To cut more down and that's what I'm Going to do right now so what we've done Here we already had an area that was

About a/4 acre to a third of an acre in Size where we cut the timber down uh Quite a bit almost in a clearcut and That was going back a couple years so a Lot of times when I come back to a Bedding area like this locations already Good what we want to do is just extend Out from there and kind of more of a Excuse me a time management thing Where're we're looking at let's get in Here get the bedding area cut spend an Hour down here and get out next time we Come in there's a lot of openings in and Around this cutting where deer are Traveling through there's good deer Trails coming in and Out and we take a pocket like this it's Behind Dylan I can add a add a box elder Cutting right here boxelder cutting down Here and now we isolate this pocket but Deer can still crisscross and get in and Out and side to side so what it's doing Is it's extending that value of the Bedding area where deer can actually get In out have favorable brows and of Course when the sunlight's now hitting The ground we can explosion of all kinds Of growth in here so that's a lot of fun What's the whole purpose of this you Know this is an area that by location It's a perfect beding area perfect flat Down here it's very isolated and hidden In fact from our nearest food here we Have food that way4 mile or more we have

Food up and over on the other side so Strays of crow flies it might be a Quarter mile but lay of the land at 6 700 yards so when we get back into an Area like this it's hidden and remote Great brows we're getting to that back Side of bedding where we have a lot of Doz and fonds beding closer to the food And then when we get down here we have That actual Buck betting Opportunity what that all means for us Is that we have access down low here We're down low in this this uh this Portion of the property so we can park Across over there working on a road System come all the way through here in The morning and then we can get to the Back side of this bedding area in the Morning with Northerly winds we didn't Expect our winds to go right up that Knob or right off to the side that knob Is so steep there's not a lot of deer Movement they're either coming around The bottom here or they're coming in From this shelf up above here up high Over there so as long as we keep our Wind blowing from north to south in this Location in the morning then we'll keep It ramping up and keep it out of the out Of here so what we're actually doing is We're widening this road down here Keeping it clean we'll plant our green Max traffic blend that allow us to mow This walk in with rubber boots we always

Use a rubber lacrosse boots we're not Leaving a lot of scent and then we can Get behind this bedding area in the Morning when deer shouldn't be down here In the first place they're all the way Up in the a Fields feeding we're walking In through non-ag area we can slip Around the back back side of this find a Tree on the back side of this bedding Which we're going to do here in a little Bit and then we can wait for the deer to Come back to us in the morning of course If we have a mck scrape in front of that Stand of all the trails crisscrossing Around and through here it'll tell us What box are back here and when and so We don't have to come all the way down Here and check it out we've we've Actually never hunted this portion of The property we've made it better to Hold deer we actually have bedding up Behind us on the Ridge Point uh uh Helped us helped us with that last year And uh and then we've created bedding Pockets here and there so really cool Spot to create a bedding area we can use That box elder as my favorite tree in Fact I'm looking at one to the right of Dylan right now and it just looks like It needs to come down so as long as it's Not coming down over our road then I Want to get that one down before we Leave and again we're just isolating This pocket I was able to hit a few

Aspen down on this side drop off of the Cliff right here so we can get more Aspen regeneration coming in with the Briers down here and it's crazy with Those Aspen they'll they'll create Shoots going out almost as high as that Tree is off to the side that lateral Root system really spreads out when you Cut the tree shoots come out of the uh Rut system get an explosion of growth And again side cover and food it's from That October time frame sometime when it Starts to get cold weeds are dying Herbaceous growth is gone that's a big Difference you know you get down into Missouri Tennessee Louisiana there's Areas like that where you can create Herbaceous growth in an area like this And get value out of it all hunting Season long and that's a really cool Thing but when you get up here in the North half of the country when you get Into late October November it's starting To get really cold all the greens dead And so what really your property is Going to be defined and the success is Going to be measured on how much quality Woody brows you have doesn't matter if It's shrub tips hardwood Regen briers If you have that for the deer for that Entire late fall and wintertime then You're winning as far as it goes for Creating great deer habitat couple it With good food plots area like this

Where we can work on the buck beding Area slip in we have a way to hunt this It all comes together and you can bet We'll bring it to you this fall I Appreciate you guys watching the YouTube Channel but I don't know if everyone Knows everything that we have to offer Whether it's on white to habitats a website or whs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram You can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting strategies on there Photos of what we do every day uh much More active there than Facebook but our Seed web classes books clients articles I have over 600 articles on wh habitats everything whail strategy Of course we have hats on there and then Make sure to check us out on Instagram Again but lots of stuff to offer we're Always coming out with new things and This isn't the end of it we have more Things coming soon make sure to check us Out

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