Big Buck Fights Off Coyotes And WINS! #shorts #deerhunting #deerhunt #coyotee

Man these big ole bucks are hard to kill by coyotes…even when wounded!

Really cool story with Barry uh you'll See in a little bit how he fought off or Pushed off charged off some coyotes I'll Give some perspective we've been Watching this Buck for three years we Have sheds from him for two uh two years Both sets and well we see him during the Summertime all summer and he's one of Those that early September he leaves and Then he comes back in December November He did that the same this year last time We saw him was September 8th and he was Limping when he came back in November November uh 19th November 22nd we see Him limping again and he's a buck I Really want to shoot he's limping his Coyotes start to Circle him another one Comes in from the side he ends up Charging them off we're really worried About him actually hunted over there and Sure enough we get a picture a day later Of him coming off a water hole it's Amazing how these big old bucks Survive

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