Bowhunting Turkeys Without A Blind! An Exercise In Frustration!

Kurt Thorsen sets out to bowhunt turkeys without a blind, and just about everything goes wrong. Will his persistence pay off?

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Thank you All right good morning Guys April 29th And it feels like day 100 of turkey Season Um in all reality it's only been about Five days of hunting for myself but it Has been early mornings waking up at 3 A.M getting very little sleep in between So I'm running on fumes but I'm enjoying Every single minute of it I've had some Really really cool Encounters this Entire past week I've come very close Numerous times just haven't gotten the Right Birds to commit yet to the decoys And get within range of a bow so if I Had the shotgun man I'd be sitting Pretty fat and happy uh but with bow Hunting it's feast or famine and uh you Know it's it's an enjoyable sport so I've been trying to do it without a Blind two which has made it 10 times Harder than the average sitting in the Ground blind and letting them Waltz Right up to you so at the end of the day Though I'm having fun it's kind of like Going back to my roots with the running And gunning style that I used to love so Much so we're back to that but I'm also Back to the popular Ridge Top that I Call Turkey Ridge I had a very very Close encounter with these birds I Believe it was last Monday I had them at 15 to 20 yards I just couldn't shoot Because of the way that they had come

Out of the Timber and then they didn't Of course commit to the decoys so I'm going in there again today but this Time I'm getting in very close like Just like the other day when I snuck in Accidentally under the hens this time I'm intentionally doing it Um so needless to say I'm getting the Talking out of the way right now because There will be no lights there will be no Talking the only light that I will need At that moment is uh daylight [Music] Thank you That close we just needed like that much Closer [Music] Thank you He came behind me with the hen Yards I could have shot him But the camera wasn't on him Unbelievable guys you're not gonna Believe this I literally just got up to Go do my decoys take them down because It's past hours and I've got a gobbler Coming in 60 yards away Set up my cameras [Music] Thank you I like this at least is walking over the Hill in a way so I can clean up and go Home and cry Unbelievable two minutes two minutes

102. [Music] Thank you [Music] That's been my luck this season And counter number 24 within 40 yards I officially got moved up and around Unfortunately I've got a feeling that Gobbler saw me because he was gobbling His head off the whole way as I wrap This road Hahaha [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh oh I just missed toys I could vomit right now He's just standing out there at about 40 Yards I had an insult to injury It won't move I don't know if I rushed him Or yesterday I know With all this wind when I had my bow Sitting up on the tripod at one point it Blew over Because those were way off I have no idea And you can see my aeroflight is just Bouncing like this And sure enough it looks like I may have Snuck it up and hit this one in the drum Uh right above right above the thighs

Um I even said to myself last night that I Was gonna shoot my bow Just to make sure because it did take a Topple the other day with this wind And I didn't and that's 100 negligence On my own behalf all right guys well I've got uh what is I guess at the end Of the day a positive update Um I just took my footage back to a big Screen and checked it out and because my Aeroflight was so wonky it literally Looks like What I thought was the arrow going Through his drumstick on the small Camera screen when I pull it up on the Big screen you can see the arrow Literally kicking upward and pretty much Just spanking them on the butt so Um when I checked my arrow it was Completely dry there was no blood no Feathers no nothing A wise man once said I get knocked down but I get up again You Ain't Never Gonna Keep Me Down It's May 4th I got knocked down pretty damn hard Yesterday Talk about just a beautiful Perfect Day In the turkey Woods all to come down to A 14-yard shot at a bird that's been Running circles around me Um for the past two weeks and uh Yeah the train came off the rails

Flipped upside down lit on fire I came back last night when I was Working on the bow And I saw a handful of TOMS going back To roost We're gonna get in the blind well not in The blind but I'm gonna go sit up Against a tree and brush myself in but Uh it's uh it's gonna be a beautiful Morning it's like 45 degrees so much Warmer than uh past days Not much wind I'm gonna stop talking Starting to ramble like Johnny Herman Here so stay tuned guys Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Field And there's a bigger AG field back here Right now they're on a little hardwood Ridgetop Can't believe how many birds are Gobbling though it's insane they're Everywhere [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music]

Through yeah It's 31. oh my gosh [Music] I am losing my mind I'm Oh they almost busted me they came on The high side of the ridge On tip of a tail fan coming I yelled at him a handful of times they Came on a string And I honestly kind of wanted them to Come on the back side of this this rise So then they would pop up at the decoys Nope they come from the backside at my Three o'clock angle and they got right Here 10 yards 100 zombie 100 percent They pert their freaking snooze up And I don't know if I have the camera Zoomed out enough to catch them when They did that But then the front bird was like meh Jack's out It comes rocketed into the decoy And I was trying to decide when to draw I probably could have been a little bit More patient because they were Completely suckered like that I've been having a rough couple weeks Here turkey hunting I wasn't waiting any Longer I drew back in that second bird Caught me but thankfully the dollar kind Of stopped and he turned to us to the Right of the heavy decoy so I hope I had Him in frame I'm gonna apologize if I

Didn't Unbelievable it finally came together on My last season here in Illinois I blew right there on them Thank you [Music] See him right there Oh my goodness guys I hope he's down Tucked up in that hole He's down guys unreal yes Oh My gosh I did it I did it I did it All right I'm gonna grab him here There he is guys let's talk about a Beautiful morning I believe I started today's episode by Saying I get knocked down but I get up Again You Ain't Never Gonna Keep Me Down Truly an absolute roller coaster of a Season I have gone through the highest Highs to the lowest of lows and back Again Um this is by far been the hardest bird I think I've ever worked for which I'm Not going to complain because I do love Turkey hunting and I love to turkey hunt As much and as often as I can and this Season Um gave me every bit of that I I've gone From putting my truck into a ditch while Scouting for turkeys to getting a flat Tire while driving out the other day I've watched birds come into the decoys That I couldn't get shots at I've had

Birds come in at 103 and not be able to Shoot them because the season ends at One o'clock I missed two birds yesterday at 14 yards And I truly truly knew at that point That was the lowest of lows and it can't Get much worse than that I was just Grateful that I didn't end up wounding That bird I felt sick to my stomach when I went back and watched the footage but If there's one thing to be thankful for It was that did not wound him and that They got away cleanly so I'm gonna now Enjoy the weekend with my brother where I hope that we can take the 870 Express Out with him and get him a bird down up In Wisconsin so Thanks for watching guys and as always Beau Hunter die Here to look cold And it got rained on and now I'm wet And I'm cold

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