Comparing Switchgrass Plantings For Whitetails And Wildlife

What is the perfect switchgrass planting for deer? You may be very surprised at the best switchgrass to plant for whitetails and wildlife! In fact, the success of your switchgrass planting will hinge on a host of other factors, other than the variety! Here is 4 years of planting in one location with multiple varieties and multiple planting methods…

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Now I wanted to take you around the farm And we have about 15 Acres of switch Grass so I wanted to show you some of The switch grass that we have going or Growing uh talk about how we planted it And really talk about how that relates To you and maner switch grass choosing What seed to plant but uh this a a field That was actually planted by Machine Brandon from First Choice food plots Came out here and drilled it in uh 2020 So quite a while ago uh most of it's in That 6 foot range behind me and cave and Rock variety so I'm going to show you a Couple different varieties out here you Know we sell a cave and rock blend for a Northern Area then we sell a southern Area and bottom line is you have to pick And I'll repeat this several times you Have to rep pick the best variety for Your location in the country we try to Offer a planting map on our on our uh Website and a couple different varieties For you to plant even an extreme variety For Sandy soils up North for Pure Wildlife Blends our Seed Company but Bottom line is this is just one planting Let's go visit some more so you can see And again this is cave and rock right Here now this is about 0 de out so we're Just getting in and out of the side by Side but this is RC big rock switch Grass and it was Frost seated about 3 Years ago so I want to just see you see

The difference when we go around the Field about the same as our cave and Rock blend on the other side let's go Check out some more areas cuz we have Some good and bad of both RC big rock And Cave Rock Blends now can you guess which side is Cav Rock and which side is RC big rock Neither can I only I already know when I Planted it what I planted this RC big Rock over here was planted two years ago And it was planted by Frost seed and Then this Cave Rock over here was Planted by a machine by Brandon from First Choice food plots uh 3 years ago Or three seasons ago so 3 years of Growth 2 years of growth and kind of all About the same if you really look at it And we'll discuss why in a little bit But let's go around the property I want To show you some more maybe you can Guess before I say the name which one it Is you know this might be a tough one For you because uh for one we have Beautiful switch grass back here in this Corner And you see some of it's getting up to 7 Ft tall right up in this area but it's Not machine planted we Frost seated this And it's actually cave and rock this is From uh 2020 so Brandon planted some by Machine out there then some by this this Was actually planted in uh the end of June it was right around our right after

Our Father's Day charity event with Kicking bear had tons of rain had Chemically controlled this area three Times prior and we ended up getting a Good stand you know really good stand But as I'm showing you all this around Here the variety the switch grass Matters you have to pick the variety for Your area that's why we have north south Extreme Blends depending on if you're Northern Sandy Northern variety or Southern variety all the way down to Kentucky Alabama Louisiana but really What is going determine your success There's no perfect way to plant switch Grass is how you manage it so let's go Look at some other areas it's nice to Have our cave and rock Blends the big RC Big rock out here show you some of the Differences and in the end I think You're going to find there's not much Difference we're going go look at some Bad stuff right now I'll go show you That now here's an area of RC big rock That looks pretty poor but it has Nothing to do with the switch grass Variety doesn't matter if this was Cave Rock RC big rock our Northern blend for This this location has a lot of weeds in Here a lot of broad Leafs you can see we Had a lot of queenan's lace here last Year and so this field right here I've Seen people take a field like this Doesn't matter what variety it is and

They kill it and start over and that's The worst thing you could do even where You see there's weeds in here you can See switch grass coming in each one of These switch grass clusters will Represent a foot 15 in of seed 6 7 feet High so once we smoke these weeds out This field right here by the time we get Into late summer this field should be 6 7 feet high very thick and we just are Two sprayings away of killing this with 24d one time I found that 1.5 pints per AC of 24d is a pretty good mix on Especially established switch grass Where there's lower risk of killing it Or injuring it and once we smoke these Broad Leafs out of here we're going to Have a great stand the dumbest thing we Could do would be to get rid of this and It's RC big rock and what you'll find is Looking at all these stands we have out Here whether we machine planted or Frost Seated the determination of how well It's doing had to do with weed control And management and really site specific We have a lot of locations in here that We planted at the same time one planting Versus another the same way one will Have a lot of weeds one doesn't same Process everything the same so what it Really boils down to is how well you Choose to manage a switch grass Afterwards how much weed control you Have and while there's no perfect method

For planting this there are perfect ways To manage it long term and we'll share That with you we share that in a lot of Our switch grass videos never give up on Your switch grass very foolish to get Rid of a field no matter what the Variety is and we're going to go take a Look at one more over here I actually Have another cave and rock and RC big Rock big rock uh planted side by side One machine planted one Frost seated and Uh we'll go see how how both are doing And we'll finish with that but uh really That's why we came up with our own Blends Northern blend that's cave and Rock based and a southern blend that's Uh that's based with a black well down There where we really try to match the Conditions and your your spot in the Country with what variety you should be Planted planting in that location and Then we offer a couple smaller varieties Within their medium height to offer Stiffness and uh and to make sure you Don't plant too much of one thing and You get that so that it lays down in the Wind you get thinner stands because you Planted too much we want that smaller Variety in there to take some space but Then allow that full head of mature Switch grass of what's specific for your Location to actually rule the stand so Let's go take a look at one more and uh And you'll see we have we have poor

Areas of cave and rock out here we have Poor areas of RC big rock it just Depends um on how we managed it how we Planted it in the first place we have we Had poor areas of machine planted and Frost seated really just dependent on The year and the location so let's go Look at this last Stand That's an area where I have Cave Rock Behind me that was machine planted and RC big rock right here where I'm Standing that was Frost heated now you Might look at this and say wow this Sucks and I'm looking at and saying we Have switch grass all over and pretty Evenly distributed throughout this Planting right here where it's Frost Heated we need to do a better job on is Hitting this with the 1.5 pints per acre Of 24d to take the broad Leafs including The briers that are back here I think if We spray this one time we would spray This probably mid June end of June and Mow it too uh to get some of these Briers out of here we're going to have a Stand that's 6 7 feet tall looks just Like the one behind right here and uh And really again it's not the variety You just need to match it for your Location it's how you plant it how you Manage it you can't say that this one is Better than that one or vice versa a lot Of times people

Ask you know when I redo this switch When I actually spray it 24d would you Ever seed extra seed in here to try to Thicken it up and the way this is Distributed throughout here there's Plenty of switch grass in this stand the Reason it's shorter is because it's Competed with by briers and Broad leaves And it doesn't allow it to grow to its Its thickness that it's going to or its Height and so in this case when you have An even distribution I would not want to Add seed because the problem isn't the Amount that's growing here it's a Competition it gets diminished in volume And height and uh and really weakens the Stand so once we get these once we get Basically the competition out we're Going to be fine now switch grass if It's growing within other switch grass The other switch grass those young Plants will shade it out and kill it so It doesn't matter if it's switchgrass Killing it out out competing it or broad Leaves grasses we use Quin chloric when We have um fox tail and other grasses Within the switch grass but you can't Have competition and that's why switch Grass won't spread unless there happen To be a bare patch of soil over there The seed blows into it there's no weeds It stays open throughout the growing Season allows the switchcraft to take Place and as you can imagine that just

Doesn't happen and now if we went into An area where had a pretty stronghold of Broadleaf and we had PL an that were More like every 3 or 4T instead of every Foot to 6 in 15 in apart then I would Consider adding another 3 or 4 lounds Per acre of switch grass and let that Come in with the thought that we're Going to spray that broad leaf out of There will allow that switch grass to Come in underneath but I would always Spray the broad leaf first and then add The switch grass later and see if I Could thicken the stand there but it's Not a guarantee because even the other Switch grass will shade it up out and Kill it but that' that'd be where I'd Want to try when it's evenly spaced and You think the weed you're spraying out Is really a monoculture within that'll Allow you to take out a really good Percentage of the competition that would Be in that stand so again check out our Website pure Wildlife plans you can see The switch grass that we offered we only Showed you a small percentage of the Stands of switch grass that we have out Here we've planted every way you can Every time you can gone through drought Or great rain um and you've had success Or failure all around um and really Never a failure more just stands it Didn't grow as well as as the other Stands on the property and that was not

Determined by the variety but instead How we planted it when in the weather And then how we manage it afterwards so Never give up your on your stands of Switch grass I just cringe when I hear People taking out 5 Acres or three acres Because they think that another variety Is going to do better sorry guys um Might died right at the very end of that Video so um fig I could just uh Improvise put my own voice in there and Uh to make it up to you guys I'm going To put a blooper of jet falling down in The a at the end Enjoy I appreciate you guys watching the YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white habitats our website our whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on white toats Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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