Create Fast And Easy Bedding Areas

Here is a great way to create bedding areas using hidden roads and 2 tracks! This is one of my favorite buck bedding areas on the land, and it was also one of the safest and easiest to create…

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Now this is a really cool bedding area I Talk about how to create a quick beding Area on your land when you have a two Track when you have a Ridgetop that you Can drive down and uh and this is this Is incredible right here we see a lot More activity right now than we have in The past over here and it's all coming Together this is a great bed right here Right behind Dylan over here we have a Rub on about a 4 to 5 in Red seedar Incredible Trails going all the way up And down here but you can tell the deer Using it let's go up here and I'll show You what I'm talking about when it comes To putting it all together and creating This great bedding area we come up to This Ridge toop you see right over here Here's one of the hinge Cuts we have the Whole goal is to whether it's a ridg Toop or a logging Trail you have you Want plenty of sunlight getting down Here on the ground and I would say you Want an area that's 20 to 30t fet wide Which is what we have up here we have Switch grass planted across this all This yellow right here is switch it's Behind Dylan we mowed it sometime in August last year end of August and this This is what it's come up to so Everything you see here that's yellow is A switch grass that's providing the Screening thermal protection up on top By the end of this summer this switch

Will be 6 ft tall 7 ft tall it'll be Coming in really thick really nice again Getting full Sun one of the ways that we Make sure we get full sun is we went to Any of our shade Trees it didn't matter if it was a Cherry if it was an oak whatever it was And we cut perpendicular to this line so Perpendicular to your two track Perpendicular to your Ridge toop and That made sure that you have plenty of Sun up here in this location you have to Have sunlight what this is doing is it's Giving a barrier visual barrier from one Side to the other That bedding area right there likely a Buck back here going right to that giant Rub that buck can get back here and by The time you get to the other side of The true track or the Ridgetop they Can't see from one side to the other so It becomes very inviting because we get These hinge cuts down over here on the Side of course the switch grass but we Get these hinge cuts down now we have Regeneration and brows but we also Main Maintain a higher level of sunlight Getting to the switch grass and even if You look out it out over here when we Mow this switch grass up here and when We maintain this we actually mow back to The hinge cut here what that allows is We have trees that are growing up here You can kind of see this one right here

That's coming in so we have various Trees and shrubs that are coming into Here by mowing on the outside of this we Might not even touch the switch grass we Might come in here every couple years We'll just mow back and then hinge cut Is needed because you want to keep that Width now finally we have the switch Grass we have the hinge Cuts we cut them Perpendicular so the deer can go in and Out you see these nice Trails going in And out down and up see there's nice Platform it's only 10 yards in they Don't need to bed that far off here but Finally that last piece of the puzzle When we start to get in this Location we have some really good Bedding cuting that have taken place so We actually have a half acre 1/4 acre Third of an acre bedding area that we've Cut in here we took down as much Aspen As possible and we're getting all that Regeneration you can see all this lower Brush that cutting extends out for about 70 yard so we added the bedding area off To the side of this the switch grass and The hinge Cuts almost like a herring Bone where you have that middle portion Hinges going off to the side and and Really a lot of that's just meant to Keep Sunlight onto our switch grass and onto This regen line hey guys thanks for Watching the video we'll be right back I

Really want you to check out our Seed Company pure Wildlife lens we changed The name from whs to reflect pure what Our seed's all about and our company's All about right now is a great time to Be putting down our perennial our green Max traffic blend for trails and around The water holes our switch grass our Summer soil explosion it's amazing what People are buying right now even going All way into the fall getting all their Seed available right now we'll have it All year though you don't have to rush Check it out while you're at it while You're on the website check out our how You design your white tail parcel it's a Great web class and some of the other Ones we have lots to offer including the Books too make sure you don't miss out Now back to the video so in one area we Have hardwood Regeneration we have the screening and Thermal protection of the switch grass We have the screening and side cover of The hinge cuts And then we have the adjacent bedding Area doesn't matter if it's Grous pheasant up on top on this long Line we have fezen in the area now And rabbits deer really this is a Cutting and a creation for all of it and We monitor it right up there at the end With our camera location and even up There by our camera location we wanted

To find out exactly what was up there so We cut a lot of that edge right there so It forces deer to go right past that Camera and we were very rewarded this Year so this is the first time we've Come in here since probably August September in that time range and it's no Surprise that we're getting lots of RS Fresh scrape down here lots of deer Activities new trails going back and Forth just the way we wanted it and th We put all the pieces in here and we Always left this area as a bedding area But now it's actually turning into one Because we have sunlight hitting the Ground the thermal protection the Hardwood regeneration and the adjacent Big bedding area something you can Easily do you let these interior Trails The Temptation is you have this open Area you're tempted to put food in here And when you put food in a location like This then you're taking out that aspect Of the security that especially bucks Need let alone if this was a walking Trail or a place you need to access your Your deer Herd on you wouldn't want that Food anyways I'm not a big fan of Planning logging roads for food sources Anyways um food source Seeds but in a location like This great remote Location don't be tempted to put food in Here and in the foods I've seen people

That put clover in a trail like this you Look at it like well they're going to Bet on either side for one mature bucks Don't like betting by food and if it's Appre an appreciable food source And two if you have food back here let's Say we put apple trees back here Clover Then in theory we could have a buck bed Back in this location right here he gets Up in the afternoon he comes to this Food source feeds till dark and he never Goes out where we can actually shoot him Out towards the outer edge at the same Time food always displaces bucks so they Don't like B betting by that food Instead of inviting bucks to be 10 yard Away from this or 30 ft 20 ft they might Be 200 yd away 100 yards away because of That interaction with other Doe's and Fawns and other deer that are in this Location they can't self-align those Do's and fawns can be beding towards the Front and then bucks towards the back And it creates that perfect scenario so A very quick and easy way to get great Habitat on your own property find some Of these trails that are open that are In Secure areas on your property and in This location we're not hunting it so it Really doesn't matter if this was right In the center of your 40 acres or 30 Acres or in the center of your 100 Just a great way to break up your Woods Break up the sight lines give yourself

Great side cover food and regen at the Same time and not only protect these Core areas because you're not walking in And spooking deer out during the hunting Season but you're actually creating and Enhancing these core areas so you'll Hold a higher number of deer in the Center of your property in locations That are very hidden and attractive and Then you can pull them out to your stand Locations water holes mock scrapes food Plots transition areas funnels on the Outside knowing that they're here bedded During the daylight daylight bedding is A key you can manage this create it and Uh this is an easy way to get it going On your property this off season

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