Customizing ALTRA Arrows: Tips & Tricks

Customizing ALTRA Arrows: Tips & Tricks – Friend of the channel, Tyler is ready to be the ginny pig for the Altra Arrow line-up – today we break down how we built two different arrow set-ups for him. #ABT

1:26 – 5:16 – Unboxing the Outdoor Group Package
5:17 – 7:17 – Altra Components & Nock Fit
7:18 – 9:08 – Arrow Building
9:09 – 11:44 – Installing Components
11:45 – 15:29 – Fletching
15:30 – 19:52 – Calculating F.O.C. & Total Arrow Weight
19:53 – Shooting the New Arrows

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Welcome to the channel today we are Going to explore Ultra arrows and we got A guinea pig TD Tyler denim he's over on The oak shape gear Channel we're going To have him do some experimentation and Preparation for one of my really good Friends Blake he's a sales rep for the Outdoor group a lot of you archery shop Owners you probably know him or work With him he's just actually my buddy he Does CrossFit he's coming up to Spokan To hang out with me for a couple days We're going to work out a bunch but We're going to geek out on all the stuff That they offer so we're going to build Some arrows today we're going to go Through this giant box that Blake sent Me in preparation for his arrival you Could potentially go with the 250s or Even the 200s but I think the GPI and These are already pretty like they're up There so I think you can risk it and run The 300s have you ever run a 246 yeah yes that's the 246 is your Standard or not your standard but your 4 Mil no or No 5 mil no 204 is 5 mil Inside diameter the 246 is actually Probably more like typical of what People run okay 5 mil is kind of a Smaller diameter but still not small and Then 4 mm is your1 166 is inside Diameter are you confused Yet we got a three pin micro fiber size 019 and it's a three pin vertical you

Would probably like that if you don't Want run vertical pins we have the three Horizontal I like vertical then we have Two pin vertical these are Dove Tail th this is a direct Mount this is a dove tail two pin Vertical three pin Vertical and a three pin horizontal do You want to run horizontal or vertical Vertical do you want two or three pins Three so we can give these back to Blake They have stabilizers this is a micro Hunter 8 in stab with uh probably 2 oz In the back you're running the AE Mountain uh series the elk shaped on so I don't know do you want to run these Right now I don't no here is your Bridge Lock conversion bar I think you're going To need that for that for the this guy Yeah okay cool release aids I knew that You requested some release aids so yes We have a Index which which index is that thumb Button this is the I think these are Both the new ones this is the S S2 okay The S2 we need to test that out today and Then the Apex core okay so we could Probably test that out in this video as Well what grain Broadhead do you run bro I've been running a 100 Grain Viper trick SS 100 grain inch and a 16th that looks Pretty badass wicked trick that

Looks wicked trick wicked trick let me See that Viper trick Oh that looks pretty badass and then These are your replaceable RADS or Replaceable blades so is that just for Viper trick and Viper trick which is These Mhm so you got replaceables for These you want to test those out on Critters yeah so these Viper tricks are Inch and a quarter a little bit bigger They look pretty Amazing we'll have to task you with Testing flight and shooting probably Spring bear with these yes guys Tyler's Up for the uh task at hand and they do Come with the replaceable blades it's a Very aordable solution I have killed an Elk with the Slick Trick back in 201 14ish And then this ooh what are those sric Revel Revival Revival mind if I do I like those kind Of little bleeders up top here the top Of the feral oh wait terrible I'm Bleeding okay I take it back these are Decently sharp I am bleeding cool design There you need to go shoot some stuff And report back guys for this video Today we just kind of overview of what We're looking at I wish we could do a Live video i' be like what y'all want to See do you want to see us put that site Install it and get it doped in do you

Want to see us use the release aids do You want to see us build some arrows I Think first things first we should Probably build an arrow so this is going To be part one we're getting ready for My buddy Blake to come into town to Teach us all about their offerings cuz We like to Tinker and I just like to Know about everybody's offerings that Way I can I feel like I could at least Know more and share more and and Understand and learn and grow with you Guys that's our journey so Tyler you Want to go four Ms or do you want to go 246 or both well eventually both but Let's start with these ones okay I think They're a little Lighter well let's find Out so this is just going to be your Basic insert it's got the neuroline Right here so this is going to we could Probably Hot Melt this and then you can It's got threaded in the bottom so that You could add more weight for front and Center And how does it fit that's going to Stress me out like if I was using epoxy And you can't get it in oh I don't want To get stuck 17 that's got to be Aluminum not a huge fan aluminum is this Standard for it to not fit okay so it Just slides over I guess it is cool that You can add in screw in weights from the Back which is what that tool is for mhm

You can go in the back door if you will While you're Laughing and then set I'll just show you Guys so you could go Here screw in whatever weight you want In the back um if you and then you could Take weights out if you want it to which Does give you the option to manipulate The front of Center or weight up front I Don't have any other options that's what You're going to have to run on this 246 So I guess it is what it is so we're Going to see what how it works with with What they sent us let's grab your bow And let's draw one back I'll silver Sharpie we'll cut some arrows and we'll Get them set up for you Pretty good knock fit so there's your Burger button I'm going to go a little Bit this way of your burger button Okay this guy goes in here and screws in So you don't have a lot of real estate To Hot Melt so you got to get that hot Melt in there but when you that fits Tight we'll just mark This and then measure 38 38 okay so I'll keep 38s in mind Tyler's gonna draw this one Back got it all right to the Aros saw we Go and I hate my Aros saw you got to be Really I don't know the who makes the Best Aeros saw on the market comment [Music] Below

[Music] I showed you the ram spine tester you Got them all marked up yep stiffest spot Yep first time using it's Pretty Annoying It's Ted yeah Ted it's a Tedious Endeavor yes all right so we got To pick a Anin now you were running Max Stealths three yes three max dels weighs Over 27 grains mhm so if you ran three Max Hunters put you at 23 you'll save Four grains not not a ton of savings but It is got a taller profile which I do Think it will it's louder but it will Steer fixed Broadheads MOA arguably I'm running the Hybrid h peas you don't like doing the Same thing I do I know that about you Hot melting right Now do you ever see the video where I Torched my hat that was real Life this is your Aluminum 17 Grains and then you got your weights That you can buy extra if we go with Just what comes in the package right This are we talking the four or the two Both okay yeah just this just that then If we want to later on we can put the Weights [Music] In as far as coming out in targets knock On wood but I haven't had any issues now Shooting through bag targets that's a

Whole another that's why I don't shoot Through bag targets to me bag targets They like they Want they want your Components they need your components so Tyler is going with the 17 grain this Has got to be aluminum you sure you want To do that that's going to put you at Like four low fours okay he didn't even Flinch folks what was the the total Arrow weight of the arrow you were Running 484 that'll come off easy so this excess Wax it'll like become dry in about 5 10 Minutes and then you can just literally Almost peel it off like a ring it'll Come right Off these don't just slide right in Though like It'sit it takes some mustard on it so so We've cut these arrows we've squared off The ends we put them in the ramp spine Tester we found the stiffest spot um We're using Hot Melt Kyler handpicked His weights we had options he's picked His veins based on weight no wrap and Then he's going to basically kind of see Which diameter now obviously I think the 4 mm should give you just a little bit More performance in the wind like for Wind Drift out west seems like it's Always windy especially when The Thermals kick in midday and you got your Prevailing they might penetrate a little

Bit more they might group a little bit Better they might not he's going to have To find out but GPI um the fours are Definitely above 10 and these 2 46s are Definitely under 10 they're at 9. 9.7 For the 246 And 10.5 for the 166 the knock in the 166s is around seven grains and the Knock in the 246 is just over 10 grains You want to take everything into Consideration but we're going to get Them fletched and then we'll get you Some final Arrow weights we might have Time to throw this sight into Tyler's Bow check the levels and then have them Go out and start shooting get you a Little bit of footage and in this Marathon video this is the Arizona minia Max going to use the Arizona Prime Primer pin just get a dab there uh I'm Going to go with whites for these two 46s generally I just Prime them all in One shot Tyler's elected to go to the Right you can get Mini Max to the left Or to the right I have two of each it's What I got we also got the blitz if you Want to go less than these are about I Don't know they're over 5° helical so if You want to run a little less you'd Probably want to use a bits andberg mjj Is threatening to make his own jig There's the VIN Master Pro bone got some jigs that they

Make um I'm trying to think what else OMP was threatening to make one or they Came out with one at ATA and 23 I Haven't seen it come to market yet so I Don't know if they got some hiccups in Manufacturing maybe somebody threatened To sue them I don't know I I don't none Of my business this is not to Market This is a cheap jig and I like my arrows Spinning so I haven't had any Parachuting with with those hybrid HPS I Did get a lot of parachuting with the Max stealth with this jig so be curious To see how your shots are looking 80 Yards plus with this this is the elk Shape Edition ones Max Hunter I do think They'll steer a Broadhead exceptionally Well so Tyler's Fletching up the 4 mil I'm getting the 246 I'm under the Heater I moved away from the heater I Like heat we ran into do a problem when We hot melted this and put it in we Actually bent this little insert so we Actually had to reheat them and take Them out so we opted to just use glue Regular glue so they're not coming out Tyler so no don't Hot Melt these ones That come with the 246 they were easily Bendable so we just elected to go with Glue and I actually use max Bond glue For the insert not an epoxy and I've Done that many times in in the past with No issues or you're out a few inserts

You'll have to order more with your Arrows so once you got uh 10 15 seconds Go by Pop and then get Some a little bit of I Think I think this is about all you need Just give it a quick little so yeah I Use a little bit too Much glue on that one I'll do less on The next but that's set that's a nice Offset Tyler and then I'll dab um all The back and fronts just one little dot Of glue you got fill points uh I got a Few you got a few cuz I don't have any H 100 green fill points anymore gave them Away but that is a look a good looking Arrow there bro yeah cool okay we're Going to fetch the rest of these and We're going to save some battery on the Cameras and we're probably not going to Record it all also I should say like so Tyler silver silver sharpied the Stiffest spot did you move the knock too Some of them I did yeah I can tell like So makes it perfect this lighter blue is Where you want your vean so we're Going to go Fane stiffest you could Do it the opposite like vean the Weakest or off a little just do it the Same across the board so I'm doing what You marked perfect this is the 246 the Max Hunters Max Hunters to the right Using the Arizona easy minia Max to the Right with their 17 grain aluminum

Insert yep it's ain't going away much Man we're off the ground 422 total Arrow Weight 422 what are you Dan Sten what are you doing there okay so We'll check the FOC on this one here in A second so this is the 4 mm or the 166 Inside diameter with what comes with it Which is a sleeve and like an insert That goes down into the shaft this Weighs 50 grain total something like That 49 yeah and then 100 grain point Total Arrow weight is 4793 it's very close to very close to What you were running mhm so it' be cool Cuz you already have a sight tape built For that yep is okay so it'll be cool to See how that compares uh let's do a Quick FOC Calculation cuz people want to Know so I will get my trusty app out I Use archery pal FOC Fu I need a Measurement from the throat of the knock To the end of the shaft we at on here go To the uh end of the half out that's how We're going to do it end of the half out There okay so we're looking at 30 in Right on the nose and then find me the Balance point boom Beep 1825 survey says so your total FOC is 10.83 so the GPI is high enough to where You'd have to put more weight up front To bolster your FC what you could do with this Arrow you

Could add 20 or 10 or 30 total grains to Bolster that up or you could go up to From 100 grain Broadhead to 125 Obviously you're upping your total Arrow Weight there's nothing you can do back Here you got three pretty light veins They they weigh 24 grains total the Knock itself weighs 10 grain you don't Have a wrap so because the GPI is so High in this 4 mil you'd have to do Something but I I trust that that you're Basically about 11% FOC I'd like to see Like 13 or 14 but we'll have to see well What Just for kicks and Giggles what Would uh 125 grain oh we'd have to put It in and remeasure yeah yeah but okay It would go up a couple percent all Right this is the 246 Arrow total length Is 282 spine the center point Bingo 17 you're at 10% FOC so neither one of These arrows have great FOC you have 17 Grain aluminum insert in the front mhm This is not planned but we're going to Go ahead and go here I'm going to give You This I'm going to look up for the Non-micro that's Micro that's Micro non Micro and we're going to put both in or Do you want to do one at a time let's do Both let's do both we need to shoot These arrows we don't have all

Day Boom that's way hit now let's see what She got 451 that seems a little more reasonable You already have the overall still yeah I got the overall 13.16 he's in The Sweet Spot I think You'll have to test that's kind of a Cool system where you can manipulate a Little bit but Tyler you have a lot of Arrows and you only have 11 more of These might need to get on their website Order some more I think it'll make a Difference in your long range all right Guys so now what we're going to do is We're not going to put this s on today Unless Tyler wants to not today not Today okay but let's go shoot these Arrows real quick I've been itching to Shoot we're running out of daylight Let's go shoot some arrows and see how They group here we Go That's the 246 this is that 166 looks right a lighter Arrow higher Yeah and that the 166 should be um close To what my other arrow is and it's Pretty dead on let's back it Up [Applause] Was that 166 Yeah that's pretty sweet they're loud The also it's the Acoustics here in my

Um I'm not kidding no they ain't Max Steals they're not [Applause] Stealthy significantly Higher That's good 10 yards I say we shoot These at like 80 or something since They're pretty Close so these would fit a standard head Man mhm so you don't have to even go Down to deep Six yeah let's finish this video with Like uh some longer B Arrow Slight Right Low like Bullseye or 10 that's pretty distracting Luna I'm Going to take steal your exact [Applause] Footprint Buse Eyes TD what's Up Ultra arrows looks like your 166 is Match up with your Rampage yep you just Shot at 83 yep 4 mm you never used the nice Thing with those uh sleeves and outserts Is that they fit standard broad heads Yep uh got OK FOC he just shot some good groups down Here thoughts on the 4 Mil definitely feel more Whimsy or Smaller just they're just smaller Because they are um otherwise they

Everything shooting good Um yeah first thoughts they seemed Pretty good when I was uh spine testing Them they're pretty uh similar across The board as far as uh tolerances go so Uh more to come I like the components on Those fours versus the two 4 sixes I Don't I'm not a huge fan of that Component uh uh here's your Arrows uh that this shot was just I Don't know could be you but then your Second shot was right There uh and again this is like using The sight tape off the other Arrow Correct and then this one right here and Then this might be the luckiest group of My life but I really like the ultra Arrows for Tyler to test and Tinker he I Want him I'm voting that he goes 4 mil I Like the idea of the Wind Drift Resistance I like the idea of the Penetration I like the components better And I like the front of Center like your FOC was decent and you could bump up to 125 yes and make your arrow a little bit Heavier but it might like just group way Better if we put real broadheads and Shot that same 85 yard shot or whatever It was so guys thanks for coming along Was a fun Arrow build we are going to Put that CBE sight on his bow I know we Just put a spot hog triple stack on it But he's revolving door I think he wants To run that he's going to take home

Those release aids and practice with him And so we won't show any of that stuff Until Blake gets here so Blake I know You're coming a Spokan you're going to Work out you're we going to shoot bows You're going to break down some of the Stuff that you sell and you rep and We're just going to educate our audience Guys always be tinkering in the fact That you're pursuing Perfection hit that Sub we'll catch you on the next One

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