CWD Fails and Fallacies

The # of CWD fails and Fallacies could be many. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a very serious problem, but are we overreacting just a bit too much? Has science broken down all sides of common sense? Have state agencies truly been effective when it comes to the management of CWD. Here we discuss several issues of CWD with an ever expanding focus of just wanting to learn MORE…

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Now everyone has an opinion about CWD And I think that's part of the problem I Try to come into things that are very Open mind and Part of that's is I just want to learn And um I don't want to be wrong I feel Like I can't afford to be wrong I can't Give advice out there for Whitetail Management your small property how to Hunt on public land if I know of a way That's better then I want to learn that And learn how because you know this Channel is all about teaching so I have A responsibility to you guys to try to Get it right and um and that's where if I knew something and I see this in the Hunting industry a lot there are other Sides people didn't get to know those Sides or have enough experience so then They say that that's wrong and and That's a very poor position to take I Think we all have a right we all have a Responsibility to try to get it right And and teach it I'll talk about dough Factories and we've talked about that Many times or you have it's pretty black And white if you have enough experience To see it that you see too many does on The property during the summer time Especially based on a large amount of Summer food those dolls and funds stay For the fall and you get less bucks for It you have an unbalanced herd it's Pretty easy concept but

If people don't look into it enough Don't have enough experience aren't open And don't have an open mind they're Never going to learn they're going to Say that there's no such thing as Adult Factory and that's just because they're Stubborn they don't want to learn and That's a big problem on industry um That's that's uh fallacy that that is Rampant and when it comes to CWD I think There's a lot that goes to it and so I Have an opinion about CWD in my opinions Based on a lot of conversation with John Zoga back in the day he's a deer Research biologist most formal steel Research biologist every as the most Peer reviewed articles he's the most Studied deer research biologist in the Entire country ever and so when it comes To your management I put a lot of Credibility in what he says he was a Voice of reason I can't quote him in Fact we can't have him on YouTube we Can't have him on a podcast because he Doesn't like to do those things you know John is a scientist he's a great man He's a great family man and he just Offers like a fatherly reasoned and Balance and you know kind of like it's Always been around when we got it in 2002 I talked to him a lot when when um Michigan picked it up quite a few years Later I talked to him a lot and bottom Line is the sky is not falling this is

Something we need to overreact to And that's the problem with anything Like this there's a lot of overreaction So I have questions and I'd really like To see in the comments below I'd like to People I like discussion when people say Hey this is the information you might Want to consider this and they give me Information there's a lot of idiots out There that say odd you know round up as Poison don't ever use it it's going to Stay in the Earth for decades well give Me your research show me some Information because I want to learn and So when I look at CWD there's several Fails and fallacies that I want to talk About as it relates to CWD and I want to Come into it from open mind of common Sense now some scientific organizations Will say you can't use common sense in Deer management because they'll base Everything that's so much on science That there's no common sense and that's A justification for using those Common Sense while they're using science that Has no common sense does that make sense I hope so it's confusing to me too so The bottom line is there's a lot of Questions I want to go over right now And uh and see what you guys think about It respond in the comments below because I want to learn sorry to interrupt but We have a lot going on with this food Plot and many more I can't wait to plant

This check out what we're planting on Whs Wildlife Blends all 12 of our Blends Are out you can order bulk seed Buckwheat and Rye check it out we have a New website click on seed on the white it'll take you right To the the new blend site appreciate you For checking it out and taking the time To watch this I want to learn number one Why is there a Annihilation zones CWD is prevalent in so many counties in So many states and there's good Whitetail population still thriving in Those areas you know some of the recent Studies show a Bach wants a contract CWD That they'll live over two years a doe Will live two and a half years in fact Those they'll have fawns whether they Have CWD or not the prevalence of the Number of fawns does not change whether They have CWD or not you know we focus On did you know that does are much more Likely to contract CWD a recent study I Think it was Mississippi but it showed That 72 percent or 71 percent of the Clinical cases within the study group Were 71 percent were those although they Only complement comprised 48 of the Study just showing the prevalence rate In doze is much higher than bucks Whatever the reason you can use numbers To lie Um numbers to show fact when it's not Fact so but they know as Annihilation

Zones we'll take a relatively small area Compared to all the rest of the counties And all the rest of the surface area and Acres of the state and we'll call it a Success because we we pulled x amount of Deer from the herd in that area and That's a success You know the state of Wisconsin has Spent over 20 million dollars for Sharpshooters annihilating deer herds in Certain areas and they just come back But bottom line is you know we talk About autumnal of or honeysuckle there's People that really attack that on their Own property and they don't want it There you know that's fine especially When you have a replacement so you're Not killing Wildlife by doing that you Have a replacement cover for that Wildlife we talk about that having Balance again But sometimes you look at these Annihilations zones and it's like you're Looking at 40 acres of autumn Olive and Ignoring the other 5 000 Acres of autumn Olive around it It's there in those other 5 000 Acres You're focusing on 40 and then slapping Yourself on the back or some state Agency is look how much we did in this County and you're ignoring everything Else now I am not saying by any means we Need to annihilate every deer in every County and every state that seems

Irresponsible but is it really that much Different than trying to annihilate in a Small area when not addressing every Other area around it someone explain That to me in the comments down below Those are some of the questions I have Common Sense tells you that when you're Only looking at annihilating a small Percent of acres in the area even though It's prevalent in those other Acres that What are you actually accomplishing Besides spending a bunch of money I'll Come at it with just reason and try to Explain this in common sense terms Number two corn and Fields Trails a Stand you know I was told by a CEO this Year I called them up What if I want to run a trail over to my Tree stand across cornfield in August You know what they consider that feeding You could be ticketed and fined for that Because you're putting cobs on the Ground once you put those cobs in the Ground even though they're just two feet From the ground once you lay them on the Ground because you ran it over you're Technically feeding and you can be fined Or ticketed you guys understand that so Don't make a trail on the way to your Stand by pushing the cop down on the Stock on the ground because if there's a Cob on it it doesn't matter what age or What portion of time it is in the Growing season you're baiting illegally

Not in every state that's Minnesota that Was around here because there's a Feeding ban so I want to know how that's Justified compared to when the local Farmer around here when they're chopping For corn for silage they're leaving a Kernel of corn about every five to eight Inches across the entire field now deer Don't just individually spread out Entire across that entire field on 45 Acres or hundreds of Acres or ten Thousands of Acres They're actually going into small Pockets In a hidden area in the field low spot So they can keep out of view of humans That's what deer do and then they're Feeding all on All That Corn into a Small area that's okay and I'm not Saying that farmers shouldn't do that Just the way it is but when there's tens Of thousands of Acres around somewhere That that's happening on and then you Have one Trail going to a tree stand 200 Yards through a cornfield and you put Some cobs on the ground Excuse my French but what the hell is The difference seriously between one and The other someone explained to me in the Comments below what the difference is And no I don't want to stop farming Practices like that the bottom line is It's the same effect in the same area There's no difference there really is no

Difference there are three testing Testing for CWD As the rate of testing goes up basically The more deer heads that are tested the Higher the number of CWD cases There used to be no testing I think the State of Iowa does no testing so guess What no CWD cases does that mean various States that don't test don't have CWD or No they're probably in every one of Those States since they don't test the Bottom diet is even when it comes to Testing I support testing but what What's it all good for in the end people Test their deer then they don't eat the Meat because that's CWD so we waste tens Of thousands of pounds of venison Because people throw away their deer Because they got CWD I know of people That out west they're waiting for Uh tests to come back mule deer elk then They find scwd so they throw this Hard-earned meat away from out west Because it had CWD and then it's never Transferred to humans number six down Here So it's never transferred to humans God Forbid it ever does because then you Know hunting as we know it'll be over Anyways you know this would be a moot Point we'd have to eliminate every deer Probably they don't even know why They've had deer and pens where they've Removed the deer out west done different

Things of the soil try to get rid of it Clean the pen out You know I was 10 acre enclosure one Acre whatever it was and they put your Back to get CWD again bottom line is it Hasn't transferred to humans so it's Unfortunate if a D die a deer dies from TWD they always do it's always fatal but We're testing deer that fcwd we're Wasting a lot of venison it's never Transferred to humans so I'm not under I'm not understanding like we never Compare it back to when we didn't test And there were zero then I'm sure if we Went back to not testing now there'd be A zero prevalence rate too but when People are throwing away that venison I Don't understand why we're testing so Much And really is that rate increasing Of CWD does it max out in the herd That's what I've heard that it gets to a Certain percentage I don't know if it's 50 30 55 whatever that number is that Doesn't go past that matter if we Annihilate the deer or not why is that That's what we need to study I think a Lot should be done to study CWD on a Large scale But I think we're micromanaging it so Much in areas and it that does not lead To common sense as it relates to a lot Of these different points right here so Please respond in the comments why and

And educate me just give me good Information out there Lifespan you know it was stayed in I Don't know if it's true but recent Wisconsin Meetings they've stayed in some of these Areas that there's no box that are left That are over three years old they never See them well how is that possible we Have clients that have been taking Pictures of box getting trail cam photos For three and four years right in those Center areas and when they first got That picture it wasn't a year and a half Old Buck it wasn't a yearling with its First set of antlers it was already a 140 inch a point or whatever it was and Then they got a picture of it for three To four years and then killed it when it Was six years old seven years old five Years old that's fairly common down There Then you go in other areas where you Could say well there's no box that are Over three and a half years old well I Know where areas in Michigan where a Three and a half year old would be rare In the entire County Or in the entire area Such as more of the same so sometimes we Say that statement as a blanket Statement when really it wasn't Applicable to that area because there's No deer that age anyways bottom line is

There's a lot of deer out there as far As the lifespan Where if a bot contract CWD And it's sicken with that it takes over Two years for it to die and up until That point for the last little bit it Looks like a normally healthy deer it's Running around so they contracted at Three and a half years old the average Age of a buck in that area is three Years old and it lives for another two Years it's already beaten the odds and If it doesn't transfer to humans why Can't we just let nature live why can't We just let nature take care of it Those are some things I just don't Understand I'm all for studying it I don't want it To go ever to humans But I believe sometimes we're really Micromanaging some of these areas and I Haven't seen any common sense it tells Me otherwise heck I haven't even seen Studies that tell me otherwise Feeding bands So we have feeding bans in areas But then we bait for two weeks in those Areas have a bunch of Sharpshooters come In and shoot the deer that are hitting The bait in an area that has feeding Bands Are we that arrogant To think that we kill 100 of the deer That came into that feed Pile in a CWD

Area and then let those deer go out and Range into other populations from Wherever they came from because it's Winter time when they do this February They're beating for a couple weeks then They go out and shoot them those deer Come from everywhere during that time of Year to find food you might have a buck That comes from six seven miles away Hits that food he doesn't like the Pressure he doesn't like that there are CWD people in the area dull mature adult That's in that area they find a deer Blind they smell something nearby and They don't come back again because They're pretty smart like that Especially those older deer then they go Back six miles where they came from After they just sat on a giant feed pile With a percentage of CWD infected deer And then they go back home because of The bait pile So that doesn't make sense to me either It's kind of like up in the deer yards Well-meaning people and I was at their Houses because I was a real estate Appraiser for 11 years I'd go to their Houses and they're literally I think I Want in shingleton Michigan big open Hardwoods in the back and they're Baiting deer and feeding them all winter To try to quote keep them alive in open Hardwoods yet they shoot 85 Coyotes out Their window that year they're literally

Blood on the porch from them hitting the Deer and then go kill a deer at any time They want the neighbor has a deer Hamstrung right in the right in the Driveway with blood everywhere going Down the driveway Because they just hamstring it they take It down and they eat it right in front Of the people So they're baiting deer to help them Through the winter and that attracts a Whole bunch of coyotes and kills more Deer than if they would have let just Things go naturally In the first place it makes me think of That sometimes when they're baiting for Sharpshooters you're pulling deer in From a huge area some of those deer go Back long distance because it's winter Time and they travel a long ways for Food And then They expose deer to what they just fed On from a CWD exposure miles away Because of the bait piles so most Rational I just don't understand and That's why I'd really love to see Comments below that explain for this I Again you know the feeding bands in Place you can bait for CWD but you can't Run over Uh ATV with the corn on the way to a Stand location put corn down on the Ground

I don't own soybeans soybeans are six Inches off the ground two feet off the Ground Those beans end up on the ground That's okay because it's natural I don't know if that means when you walk Through the bean field and you kick some Beans on the ground now you're baiting I mean where do we draw the line between Common sense And just following a reasonable law that Doesn't make any sense those are the Questions that I'd really like to see Answered down in the comments below and Some will say like CWD that I'm Preaching to the choir well if the choir Is just common sense then sign me up Because I like being in the quiet of the Choir of common sense we've seen a bunch Of follow the science bull crap In today's world with covid follow the Signs follow the science well I've seen Lives destroyed I've seen businesses Destroyed my home stayed in Michigan By quote following the science I've seen People killed in nursing homes following The science Not saying it's not serious I'm not Saying CWD is not serious What I'm saying is if you just follow The science to get you into trouble if You just follow Common Sense probably Get you into less trouble than if you Follow science

Because we all have brains we all have Reason So I can have an open mind about this Stuff I want to learn I want to be able To teach accurate information people Have said why do you have this person on On your show and ask these questions Because they have an agenda everyone has An agenda or they only look at one side And they're so biased that I don't want Them on the show I haven't heard one name that someone Said that's not biased or has an agenda For someone we should have a as a guest On here not one name at all you showed Me someone that's biased I'd love to Have mine as a guest about on the Podcast that we have or in one of our YouTube videos There's no voice or Reason in this Um I'd love to have John zogon here but He's not coming I guarantee that I like John because I trust him he was a voice Of reason I don't see a lot of those Positions in today's Times unfortunately Everyone has a side they pick I want to Offer a side of balance I want to offer Information these are just some common Sense questions right here that I want To answer And I want to see those down below if You have any answers for me and we could Have a good constructive discussion Don't be surprised if I just give out an

Answer or say something and move on Because I don't have time to follow up To answers all those questions I can't Do that on normal videos I'm trying to Help as many people as possible I Watched I looked at some questions this Morning Um there's there's questions that are Four sentences long three sentences Along I want a time I spend my time on Subjects that actually help more people Even on the comments I answered ten Thousand comments a year per YouTube I Engage in thirty thousand me I heart it I like it whatever but I actually write Out a response to about ten thousand so I try to try to help as many people as Possible and it's the same with a video Like this I want to try to help as many People as possible but I need some help With this because a lot of these go Against the face of common sense and I Hope that and I really hope that um with CWD we can come to a better Understanding of the actual facts with An unbiased source which is really rare These days And uh just under the the really goal Good goal of actually trying to find out A lot more about cdwd because it is Serious I really support a lot of dollars for Research heck we waste so much money in This country on so many different things

To throw 150 million at CWD Sounds like trinkets for I mean it Sounds like just a small amount compared To the billions we spend over here the Trillions we waste over here Seems like a worthy cause to go out and Find that research I'm all for that When it comes to some of these questions I want to see them answered and Hopefully you can help out About CWD and an overall understanding For a lot of people in the comments Below now I don't know if you've checked Out our main website lately but we've Really had a lot going on including hats Books our web class and certainly our New seed company whs Wildlife Blends When you click on seed on our site it'll Take you right to our brand new site for The seed company we have all 12 Blends Available so check it all out though I Encourage you I appreciate you checking It out whether you buy anything or not Really appreciate you visiting the site And seeing what's going on and continue To watch because we have big things Coming later this year

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