Deer Hunting Food Plot Do’s and Dont’s

Here is how not to fail this year with your deer hunting food plots, before you even plant your first bag of food plot seed…

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It's getting towards the end of June and That means we're right in the heart of Food plot season Right in the heart meaning that a lot of People have planted food plots that are Going to fail already before the season Even begins Before we get to the end of summer and There's several reasons why At the same time as the big buying time Of the year people are buying a lot of Food plot seed the end of June July we Have our food plot company whs Wildlife Blends I urge you to check out the site But uh really important to make sure You're on track with your food plots Because I would say just in working with Clients have worked with over 1400 Clients Joe Kevin Dillon work with Clients every year over 300 a year Between all of us and we see all just an Enormous amount of food plot failures And there's so many reasons we're going To go over some of the do's and don'ts Of food plots but I would say you know This is a this is maybe a bold statement But I would say that 80 to 90 percent of All food plots fail for some reason Um on a given year just widespread just General food plots Um you know there's the the people out There that throw a lot of money out and They they plant the perfect bean field The perfect corn field we see a lot of

Rotations on big properties big Parcels Around here like that you see that nag Country where someone owns a thousand Acres well they just rotate bean and Corn maybe some hay mixed in and well Those food plots turn out really nice But just because you have food plots That grow and grow well doesn't mean That it's a great food plot and there's Several reasons why just not even Talking about the do's and don'ts of Planting and making sure with food plots We can go into so many more on here These are just some that hit me you know If you're if you're spooking deer off Your food plots it's a failure if you Have to walk through your food plots to Get somewhere it's a failure Can't hunt your food plots it's a Failure we have the top five fails and And do's and don'ts of food plotting if You're displacing Buck bedding because You're planting a food plot in a bedding Area it's a failure if your food plot's Putting deer on your neighbors during The daylight it's a failure so there's a Lot of reason to fail but when it comes To actually planting we're going to go Over these do's and don'ts right here so Critical you'd be very mindful of the Food plot strategy just because you have A beautiful field of green doesn't mean That you planted the perfect food plot There's a lot of strategy that takes

Place first off don't ignore weeds just Because you have some weeds say like Ragweed Goldenrod and your food plots During the summer time and the deer like To munch on it doesn't mean that your Food plots are not a failure in fact all Those weeds are gone they're Attractiveness nutritional value is all Gone during the fall when you actually Can mold and shape a deer hunt and a Herd so if you care about a quality herd If you care about a quality hunt those Two together go together that means you Have to have good food plots during the Fall the rest of the year does not Matter and that matters the rest of the Year for example you can use summer Plots to build a deer herd but if you Have no food plots in the fall it's all For naught you build a deer herd the Deer leaves they get shot somewhere else You don't have a good hunt or quality Herd so it only matters what happens in The fall regardless of what kind of Positive contribution you make during The summer time so if you have weeds you Just failed attacking you we have food Plots out here there's one strip in Particular because we had a screening Type of cane last year that covers up Area that doesn't allow the chemical to Get into the into the weeds weeds grow Up around and from under that they can't Soak in and kill those then we have a

Strip of weeds where those Um where that where that screening blend Used to be last year for 350 yards long So now I have to go back and spray that We have Clover planted their oats it's Going to kill all that out but that's Just coming up with our recent rains Over the last 10 days we've had two Rains and so now all those weeds are Starting to express themselves because Of the increase in moisture you know we Got to go kill them I don't care if I Have Clover and oats in there I don't Want weeds in there we got to kill it Now we could till it all up three or Four times throughout the summer time Set those weed bags weeds back plant we Might have good fall crop But the weeds are always going to come Back And so you can do that you burn fuel get Your tractor out there rip up the ground Dry out the ground and most importantly Around here in any place you have Hills You open the soil up for erosion that's A very bad thing we choose used Chemicals kill weeds as sparingly as Possible use buckwheat rotations during The summer time my buckwheat's all Planted right now then we use a lot of Rye in the fall that comes up in the Springs and helps suppress weeds so it Limits the amount of chemicals we put on The ground and the type of chemicals we

Have to use because if you have stubborn Broad leaves you have to I've seen broad Leaves 98 take over a food plot so if You have stubborn broad leaves and say Pig wheat water hemp smartweed those are Some horrible ones they'll take over Everything you know what's funny Clover Can take over too So you can have Clover that you don't Want in the fall because it does not Allow or give a lot of volume in a in a Big food plot But it's hard to kill And so you have to be mindful of even Clover let alone the bad weeds of Smartweed pigweed water hemp And the list goes on and on we can go Into giant thistle Burdock there's a lot Of nasty weeds out there that are hard To kill And so you have to take care of your Weeds because they limit you're Basically planting I've seen and this is The average person that doesn't control Their weeds effectively you're planting Five acres and that means you end up With a half acre of actual food plot Because the weeds took over that only Took over space but they take over the Total volume that could have been grown Your plants are smaller they're thinner They're weaker And so therefore not only do the weeds Take up space but they diminish the

Overall value of your crop that does Remains to a such an extent that you Only get 10 percent of your food plot Space your plant an acre you get a tenth Of an acre you plant 10 acres you get an Acre the amount of resources and time And money that you spend to plant that Food platter completely wasted you have To control your weeds I say attack your Weeds that's a smart thing to do when it Comes to food plotting however you do it I'd prefer to not see you rip apart your Soil so you risk erosion and drying your Soil destroying that top layer of soil That's why we do all no-till and Chemicals even a no-till drill is good But don't fool yourself that you can Plant buckwheat in the summer Rye in the Fall and you'll just take care of your Weeds because of what you're planting You always have to take care of your Weeds weed problems always come in you Can't just crimp it over roll it over And call it a day you have to actually Control your weeds Fertilize heavy don't do that what I Mean by that is fertilization to Overcome addressing your soil concerns Is wasted you can put all the fertilizer Out you want but if you haven't Addressed the pH or the biology of the Soil Through plot start like we use or pH Changing lime adding lime up Michigan

For years I added anywhere from four to Five tons per acre of lime initially on My food plots four to five tons all bags 50 pound bags powdered lime pulverized Lime most of it by hand by opening up The bag and spreading times eight and a Half acres of plots and then every three Years I had to add another ton to ton And a half to keep that pH high it's a Lot of work Bottom line is if you don't address the PH or the soil biology Then the plants can't uptake the Nutrients and use the nutrients so you Can spread all the fertilizer you want It's never going to overtake not even Close it's not even going to be a Possibility If you don't change the soil biology and The pH of that soil first change that Then add fertilizer you're better off Using no fertilizer at all and Addressing your pH and cell biology Through plot start that we use then Adding any fertilizer at all you have to Address it first and then a lot of People think oh just add a bunch of Fertilizer it's not the way it works Ignore labels Make sure you look at your germination Rates Look and see We've seen switch grass as low as 41 Percent germination

That means you buy 10 bat 10 pounds of Switch grass you just got a great deal Quote great deal because you paid half Of a quality blend if you find out that Only 40 percent of the bag actually will Germinate that's the germination rate They put it right they have to legally Put it right on the label we know that From being in the seed business soft Seed counts on switchgrass soft seeds What's available right away hard seeds What's going to germinate in the future Inert matter Debris weed seed a little coating you Know a lot of seed companies and their Clover Blends they cult the seed with Lime to the tune of about 30 percent So that they can buy less seed because Lime is very cheap and as we just talked About you need tons of lime four to five Tons of lime break or two tons one ton Not three pounds per acre that they add In a bag of clover why do they add it in The Clover Not that it does anything they call it Coating It's because they just cut the amount of Seed they need in the bag by three Pounds so 30 percent and that improves Profit margins That's why they did it read your labels Folks there's a lot of reasons your Label read your laborers don't put rye Grass in there rye grass is way

Different than fall Rye would arrive Fall right winter Rye is a grain looks Like a little piece of rice Right grass is a grass seed companies Put that in just so that something green Pops up in the soil it's a noxious weed You can't get rid of it but there's Green so they just made you think that You did a great job when you really Didn't so look at your labels instead Pay for Quality a lot of places dictate Where you buy that you can name some big Box stores where you can buy seed Probably not where you're going to find Quality because they have to cut costs So much to meet profit margins to be Able to sell it in that box store that They're going to have very poor quality Seed Blends you know we have a dealer we Don't we don't need dealers for our seed Blend we we are happy with all the sales That you guys give us online for our whs Wildlife plans but we have one dealer And it's someone that I've been going to For chemicals and Seed since the Mid-2000s so very long time almost 20 Years it's crazy to think it's been that Long but Nelson agricenter they're in Viroqua and they're in Prairie Du Shane They carry our seed the owners there Contacted us said hey we'd really like To carry your seed and we were on that They want us to come There are one dealer we have because we

Can offer someone local so you don't Have to pay in shipping you just go over There they have a lot of our seed most Of our seed Blends a pretty cool dealer To have high quality Company though they sell high quality Seed high quality materials high quality Feed and Seed it's a hardware store Ace Hardware so pretty rentals everything It's a great place but quality Completely different than some of the Box stores don't even name names on Those box stores you can all figure out Where they're at I would say in general If they sell groceries at your big box Store maybe not a good spot to buy a Food plot seat one way to look at it Buy buzzwords Don't do that what's a buzzword sugar Beets buzzword Austrian winter peas Austin winter peas are great But a lot of times in a mix there's so Few peas there might be one p every 30 Feet they just put that on the bag to Get you to buy their seed Oscar winter Peas a full acre of just straight peas Is 300 pounds per acre so if they only Have seven pounds per acre you're Literally getting one seed every 30 feet Not a lot not appreciable they just Sucked your money because you bought Buzzwords sugar beets sugar beets need To be planted at a completely different Time than most Brassica Blends so we're

Not going to mount anything the deer eat Them out of the ground they don't offer Any volume you have kale canola those Are huge brassicas in a blend that turn White and stay unattractive the entire Winter and they rot in the spring See it time and time again now if you're In Upstate New York up Michigan Northern Minnesota Wisconsin areas that are Extremely wooded maybe even an area in Kentucky where there's no AG land just Big Woods in your food pots it it's the Only thing that's air well they might Eat that down to the dirt because it's All that's there but if you get into Normal mixed egg normal food plot Settings I see a lot of that rot in the spring In fact we had to clear shooting Lanes Through it with a bad blend two years Ago we had to literally clear shooting Lanes so we could muzzle hunt out of Redneck blind because we had this Garbage kale or Canola whichever one it Was doesn't matter collards that were Four or five feet high and it was Blocking deer that were on the back side Of it so we ran the side by side out Through them in spokes just to get that Stuff out of the way so we could Actually shoot it deer when they came in Because it wasn't food it was just dead Stems no different than sticks sticking Up but they look good fall they'll give

You four feet of growth you say wow That's the best plant I've ever had That's awesome sunflowers Sun hemp Sun Hemp people can brag about the nutrients It pulls from the ground very attractive It's stiff some people even use it in Their screening Blends that's another Story Deer eat sun hemp down to the dirt So it doesn't matter what it can offer If it's not there Growing There's a lot of different blends that Have 15 20 seeds if you see 10 to 12 seeds or more in a blend other Than a pollinator blend something for Wildlife Really avoid that blend Because they're just putting seeds in There with buzzwords designed to take Your money take your time ultimately and Your potential success and wash it down The tubes Instead by strategy I'll take layered Rye Rye winter Rye Fall Rye at 100 pounds the end of August 100 pounds mid-september 100 pounds Early October most food plots in most Locations and we'll do better than a lot Of those mixes that you have in the big Box stores because it'll fit the soil They'll grow it's very resistant to Browse pressure and I'm not saying That's what I'd recommend to plant in a

Lot of situations the bottom line is It's not necessarily about the seed and How attractive the green is again is That food plot located in the right spot Are you spooking deer off it is it next To neighbor's house that Spooks to your Outfit are you putting that food there That's putting deer ultimately during Daylight on someone else's land can you Not hunt it If you're blind right in the middle of It you spook deer every time you get in And out are you displacing Buck bedding Because of it You have to follow the strategy first And then plant second Number five the more you spend the Better the plot the more you spend a Fertilizer the bigger the tractor the Bigger the crimper the bigger the seed Drill the more money is spent the better You're going to do right most likely Ninety percent of the time the worse You're going to do because you're Probably going to file follow recipes That don't actually lead to the strategy Of success A lot of people that do that think that They can just spend money and that's Going to buy them everything that's not The case we'll outperform them with an ATV and a handheld spreader ATV sprayer And no tilling equipment because we'll Plant the right food at the right time

With the right label on it the right Seeds following the strategies that we Teach on this channel and ultimately the Strategy that I teach in my food plot Web course that's Dylan I think 30 Videos yeah it's right around 30 years It's got to be close yeah right around 30 videos it's a long one but there's a Lot of videos it's designed to teach you How to not only plant food plots Correctly but more importantly the Strategy of food pots because that's What comes first so make sure you follow The do's and don'ts here do's and don'ts Here and uh make sure that you're on Track to share with your food plots Again I want to see you have a 95 chance Success before you plant not a 100 Chance of failure after you plant you Wasted your good earned dollars I mean Heck we have to earn our time to do a Lot of this stuff too When we go out and food plot and work on A property and I want to make sure You're headed in the right direction for This fall so you can look back and say Wow we did that I learned this this Worked let's add to it let's improve it And that's what I started doing back in The mid 90s when it comes to food Plotting you can bet I've learned along The way and that's where experience is Always the best teacher I learned that Long ago whether it was shooting archery

Fishing whatever it might be deer Hunting I learned from people with vast Decades more experience than I did doing It right wasn't that well I've been a Fisherman for 40 years well show me what You catch How often do you catch it and how often Do you go Then you listen to them and that way you Avoid failures you avoid wasting money Wasting your time and I encourage you To find that experience Find a source and we try to provide that For you That'll lead you down the path to Success because food plotting there's so Many different variables out there and Entities trying to pull in all these Different directions And I feel for you sometimes because you Have to Wade through a lot of garbage But Come to the right place hope it helps Out I appreciate your comments down Below and thank you for watching really Appreciate you coming to the channel and Make sure to subscribe if you haven't Done so already hey folks I really Appreciate you watching and I want to Invite you to check out our main website Whitetailhabitat I'm gonna miss all these but we have Seed to offer hats articles web classes Books consultations and even a new

Podcast I think we have 17 podcasts out There right now for you to listen to so You have a lot to offer most of all if You don't want to buy anything I'm going To keep offering free videos free Articles we have over 600 articles on The site and most of all thank you very Much for watching reading listening Being a part of white habitat Solutions If you want to check this stuff out Awesome links are in the description

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