Deer Smashes Into School, Elkshape Accused of Theft, Sheriff Admits Poaching! The Pinch Point Ep. 40

A deer runs amuck through school, Elkshape’s Dan Staton is accused of stealing a trail camera on public land, and Montana Sheriff poaches deer using his wife’s tag!

Deer lead police on chase through elementary school:

210″ buck killed on Iowa Public Land:

Kenyon – are we glorifying shooting too far?

Peterson – are we making it too easy for kids to hunt?

Dan Staton / Elk Shape trail cam video –

Crossbow poacher severs finger, gets lots of charges:

Officer shoots at a suspect who pointed a crossbow at him (Local!)

KS buck poached, almost hit farmer –

MA poachers –

MT Sheriff busted for poaching –

Fiance’s reddit post about waiting to have a kid –

Notable buck kills:
Gerald Swindle /GMan –

Greg Hackney –

Levi Morgan TX buck –

00:00 Intro
02:21 Deer lead police on chase through elementary school
07:06 Dan Staton / Elk Shape trail cam video
11:52 Crossbow poacher severs finger, gets lots of charges
15:37 Officer shoots at suspect who pointed crossbow at him (Local!)
17:12 KS buck poached, almost hit farmer
22:57 Sheriff Admits Poaching
26:43 Fiance’s reddit post about waiting to have a kid
35:36 Peterson – are we making it too easy for kids to hunt?
41:04 Kenyon – are we glorifying shooting too far?
45:35 Notable Bucks
47:04 210″ buck killed on Iowa Public Land

What's up everybody welcome back to Another exciting edition of your Favorite show the pinch point where We're going to funnel down all the news Information happenings and hopefully Some fun stuff for you guys this week in The wild world of white tales and Crossbows and bows and social media and All the fun things out there so um you Know boys I was going to I I think I'm Going to have a new policy that we're Going to Enact where we're not going to talk About like But I have to talk about it in order to Talk tell you the new policy we're not Going to talk about kids getting killed In hunting accidents anymore after this Episode because it just makes me sad There was two of them recently one of Which was uh I think he was 11 or 12 and He got shot in the head by his sister While they were rabbit hunting and Killed like it was just awful so I've Just decided from here on out we're not Talking about them anymore so for those Of you you who tune in don't expect any More of those stories because we want Pinch point to be a little bit more Upbeat if we can happiness fair enough Does everybody agree with the new policy I agreed Brando you agree you know Neither one of you guys have kids so I Know like your feelings probably qu

Aren't quite as strong but like it makes Me want to cry when I read those Articles I mean I I think about like my Nephews and niece if I I never had any Of those till after I had kids Offense to my nieces and nephews but I Like my own kids better love my nieces And nephews but I like my own kids Better long for that I uh I watched a Commercial was it maybe last night that Made me tear up all but really I like it Was not like just like you know the Welling of the eyes or that Chevy Commercial you know what I'm talking About uh-uh it's uh it's basically just A Christmas commercial where a a Granddaughter takes the grandmother out On a drive in their old Chevy oh yeah This is an old commercial is it yeah it Was like last year or the year before They're just resurrecting it it's a good Commercial yeah pulls at the old heart Strings yeah my my grandparents are Getting old yeah that's true well we got Yelled at last time for talking about Too much chick stuff so let's let's move On off the crying uh and let's get to Some other stuff so we're going to start With an article off of NBC News deer Leads police on Chase through New Jersey Elementary School it's kind of a kind of a fun Little video to watch police were sent On a wild Chase through an elementary

School and into a classroom in an effort To get the deer back outside so you know Since the proliferation of cameras Everywhere seems like we get a couple of These every year deer randomly busts Through a plate glass window into a Building a store they're usually a Little bit more entertaining when There's people inside there was one did We show the one recently where it went Into it's like a restaurant and then Went through the bar and then went like Some guy opened the door and the deer Ran out the other side I don't know if I We showed that on the on this or we just Watched it in the office I think we Watched it in the office but I didn't See the the part where it went through The bar cuz I the the big focus of it Was the cuz it was like the girls and Their moms like sitting at the table and The deer like all in like Mom mode Protecting the kids yeah and but like The one daughter got like clipped by the Deer as it came through the window I Forget there was some audio then it ran Through like it was like a a interesting Like a restaurant on one side and kind Of like a bar on the other and it like Went through the kitchen and came out Behind the bar so the bartender all of a Sudden you know you see the security Camera and the bartender like just goes Running out the end of the bar here

Comes this deer and this dude just kind Of like gets up and he's like whoop he Opens the door and the deer goes running Out but uh in the case of the New Jersey Deer that went went into the school it Happened overnight when there was nobody Around and so the cops go in with Flashlights they got their body cameras On and they released some of the body Cam footage but interestingly enough I Noticed that they left out the footage Where they actually captured the deer so You see him kind of chasing the deer Around and of course it's on like you Know tile or whatever lenum floor so the Thing can't get any traction it's Sliding around I didn't understand how It got in the classroom because the door Was closed and then somehow the door Opened the deer must have got the door Open I don't know probably like like That you know just hit that I guess it Was it was I was like holy crap the deer Just opened the door and went into the Classroom but then I think the LA the Second to last clip you see is the cop Like it's like on top of the tables in The classroom like trying to get away From these cops and there's stuff flying Everywhere and they have like a catch Pole or something right and you see them Kind of getting closer it looks like It's a small dough a yearling or Something like that and then the next

Clip is the deer running outside so you Completely missed the part where they Actually caught the deer for obvious Reasons it's never pretty when you're Capturing a wild animal like that I'll Tell a fun story when I was in high School my dad was a licensed nuisance Animal Trapper removal mostly we did Like muskrats and beavers type stuff but I remember one night I'll never forget That was probably like a junior in high School my dad gets a call at like 10:00 At night from some people that had a Raccoon in their Basement and needed to get it out so he Comes down in my bedroom and he's like Let I need some help with this let's go So we show up at these people's house It's not too far from the office and the Thing had gone down the window well got Stuck in the window well broke the glass Got into the basement basement was Unfinished it was up in the rafters of The basement right so we're chasing this Thing around like with a catch pole two Catch Poes so we brought a live trap and A couple catch Poes and we're Like it was kind of reminded me of the Scene from Ghostbusters where they go Into the ballroom and they're just like Destroying everything and the people are Outside that must have been what it Sounded like to the people that own this Home because they were very like nice

People but very suburbanites and they Were like the wife was like you know Kind of hiding behind the husband like Oh my gosh this thing you know is in the House so we go down there and the Thing's running all over the place it's Making noise we're banging on [ __ ] Trying to trying to like get it out and Eventually we got it on the catch pole But what happened was it like fell over One of the rafters so now it's just like A news it's just like hanging there so Then I'm trying to climb up on boxes and Push the thing back over eventually we Got it over we got it in the cage and I Felt like we we came out and it was like Bill Murray with Slimer in the Trap you Know but uh fun core memory randomly Chasing a raccoon around somebody's House when I was in high school with my Old man so the one thing I noticed about This one that it may just be I may be Wrong but would you guys say rut Season no of course not but I mean this Is just the practice of like somebody Who doesn't know hunting right so They're just using terms incorrectly Yeah during rut Season so uh let's move on what should We do next we'll save these ones for a Little bit Later we're going to talk about we'll Talk about Dan staton's video over at Elkshape I know we were just talking

About this before we started recording So you know Dan's a guy I followed for a Number of years he in the early days of Elk shab actually used to write some Some content for bow because We didn't really have any Western elk Type of focus content so if you go back In the in the history of bow There's some old Dan stting content in There so I've known Dan for a while I've Always I like what he does elk shape's a Cool Channel I follow him you guys Should subscribe to him he's just shy of 100K so follow elkshape he's at 94.1 maybe we can get him like an extra 10 Subs over there help help pump him up So he posted a video the other night That showed up on my YouTube feed called Giving up on public Land and it was just like this kind of Like the thumbnail was like I don't know If you'd call it like angry or just Solemn depressed Defeated all defeated and I was like I Could completely understand that feeling So I clicked on the video and it's not Exactly what I suspected so story is Essentially that he was walking in to go Deer hunting one night he walks past Somebody's cellular trail camera doesn't Notice the camera until it's already got Him on picture you good over there Paul Man all right so it doesn't notice the Camera until it's already got him on on

You know picture which no big deal he's On public land like I don't know how Many trail cameras we walked of in front Of when we were in Kentucky and uh but What he does is he goes up to the camera And he looks at it and he's trying to Look for like a name or a phone number Because he realizes that this camera is Super close to where he's hunting and There's a tree stand by it that he Didn't know was there so he's his Thought process is if there's a name or A number or something on this camera Maybe I can contact this person and we Can kind of work together because There's nothing worse when you're Hunting public land than walking 2 miles Or however far back in there just to Realize there's a guy a couple hundred Yards from you and you're like crap if I Would have known he was there I would Have just gone somewhere else right feel Like you're wasting a hunt so he goes up To the camera and he you know it's like Head high or whatever and he looks at it And there's nothing on it and he leaves Well what happens is the person whose Camera it was gets the pictures of Dan Walking through the woods and then up at The camera and immediately assumes that He stole the camera so and what did they Do you know rather than you know what Most logical people probably should do Which is confirming that the guy

Actually stole your camera or or trying To reach out to him if you know who it Is they take the social media and just Put him on blast immediately so he's in His tree stand it's like an hour later He's in his tree stand his phone starts Blowing up with all these comments that He's getting tagged in because some this Person and all his buddies are posting These pictures Dan ston from milk shap Just stole my camera and he's like dude I didn't steal your effing camera and uh He actually filmed a video getting down From his stand after his hunt was over Clicks his headlamp on and walks in one Continuous clip all the way back to Where the camera's at films the camera It happened to be snowing that night so You could see there's snow on the camera There's snow on the strap like he's like I didn't touch your effing camera then He hikes down off the mountain he's got Three dudes waiting for him down at his Truck and he's thinking like all right This is going to be a freaking fight you Know with these guys cuz these are Probably the guys and it turns out it Was the guys oh so this all happened Live like he responding to the thing Happening live he was yeah they were People were tagging him in comments live While he in the stand while he was Hunting that's wild and he's like yo I Didn't steal your freaking camera like

I'm in my stand hunting right now your Camera is still there so he gets down They're waiting for him in the parking Lot he's thinking there's going to be a Fight Dan's pretty like jacked but kind Of a smaller dude you know and like one Against three he's not good odds so he's Like all right we'll see what happens he Gets down there and of course as you Would expect like what usually happens Everyone's like trying to be super cool And nice about it or whatever and he's Kind of like you know what the hell you Know he's Pissed and I get it like dude it totally Sucks it's a shitty situation I just Don't people are so quick to just like Want to crucify you for everything these Days I feel we've talked about this a Lot like social media I feel like people Are just scrolling for through social Media watching YouTube videos doing Whatever just looking waiting to pounce On any little thing any little Imperfection you know that you do wrong They're just like ready to hammer your Ass they want to be that I got you you Know everybody watching this don't be That person please nobody likes that Person they're [ __ ] get your back Straight first get your back straight People all right let's move on we've got Some some more fun stuff to cover uh We'll talk about some crossbow stuff uh

I enjoyed this article and I probably Shouldn't have but I did anyways Headline uh this comes from wjbd radio Q92.1 real country probably a bunch of Jason Aline and Luke Bryan real country Bro country uh and some high fense Hardy Probably to on there I would guess Salem Man faces five conservation violations From incident where his finger was Severed by a crossbow so we got this Fella in Salem I don't know what state Because there's probably a Salem in Every single state out there a 35-year-old Salem man has been charged In Maran County court with five Conservation violations in connection With an October 24th incident where one Of his fingers was severed brand Renfro Has been ticketed for unlawful hunting By use of a vehicle unlawful hunting After legal hours unlawful shooting of a Crossbow along a roadway having an Uncased crossbow in a vehicle and not Having a valid hunting license in Addition he has been charged with two Other separate violations they are for Unlawful digging of immature ginsing Roots can't can't have those immature Jin sings in your in your car and uh the Other charges for hunting without a Valid hunting license when harvesting a Deer in December of last year so they Went back and nabbed his ass for Something he did last year he's been

Given a notice to appear in court on January 8th the Marian County sheriff's Deputies and members of the fire Department searched the metcafe road Near Wilkins Road where the incident Occurred looking for the man's Finger he was airlifted by medical Helicopters to a St Louis hospital for Treatment so this sounds like it could Be Missouri so there you go that's what you Get for being an [ __ ] and trying to Poach deer at night from your truck with A crossbow and you shot your finger off Ha that's how I feel good for him got What he deserved I thought this was Going to be the uh the guy that you Showed us the picture of that got his Finger like he wasn't poaching okay he Just was sighting trying to sight in his Crossbow is what he was doing and he Smashed his finger oh God it makes my my Butt pucker when I think about it and That dude I I don't know which I'd Rather have like just the clean chop it Off or what that dude got where he Literally like smashed the entire finger They probably had to cut it off that's I Don't know that was my question I said Do I get to keep like am I going to be Able to use my finger again or are they Going to take was fangled I'm not sure On that one it was right at the Joint Too it looked like yeah just and it was

His middle finger usually when people Are severing their fingers with a Crossbow it's usually their thumb Because they've got their thumb up high On the rail and the strings hitting it Or you've seen people where they get Like an index finger or something where It's up in somehow in front of the broad Head I don't know you know but I would Imagine it was probably a thumb I or I Mean I guess it could have been his Other fingers but that's what he gets I Mean it had to be the whole finger right If they were out looking for it had to Be a substantial amount of the digit not Just like the tip cuz you just cut the Tip of your finger off people are like Sorry dude oh yeah I would I would say I Would say at least one Knuckles worth at Least one one Knuckles worth well 35-year-old Brandt that's what you get For being a Douchebag speaking of douchebags hey we Have a local crossbow story that we Missed a couple weeks ago boys this one Was from Northern Illinois here officer Fire shot at suspect who pointed Crossbow at officers following a High-speed Pursuit and standoff in Antioch so this took place in Antioch And Wan Which are the local [ __ ] holes you know Nothing but crime stories coming out of Antioch and Wan you don't want to live

There if you can avoid it sorry to Anybody that lives there but I'm not Sorry especially W Keegan [ __ ] hole Don't want to live there uh officer Fired a shot at a suspect who pointed a High powerered crossbow at the officers Following a high-speed chase from Wan That ented in a standoff in Antioch the Guy did miss him so the officer missed The guy but once they shot at him the Guy gave up he was like all right I'm Good like I Surrender that's enough the Right move it was the right move the Right move was probably never to get Into that situation to begin with but uh He had a high-powered crossbow according To the news report on the lake and McKenry scanner uh he was a 25-year old Man they didn't release his name or Anything yet and I think they're I don't Know still charges are pending something Along those lines but I was kind of Disappointed we missed that one that was Local local crossbow story it was a Couple weeks ago we missed out I'm not Doing my job as well as I should Be all right let's continue with uh Poaching shall we we have three poaching Cases to cover first one is out of uh Kansas this comes From WIBW information sought about poacher After young Hunter's trophy Buck is Killed this headline was a little sus as

The kids would Say this is out of Riley County Kansas Law enforcement officials in Riley County hope to track down a local Poacher who narrowly missed a farmer who Was feeding their cattle and stole the Kill from a young Hunter the way that's Written makes it sound like he stole the Deer from somebody it's not really the Case the story is that the farmer was Out feeding his cattle I'm going to Assume a lot of assumptions being made Here that the people who poached the Deer didn't realize the farmer was out There at the time the farmer sees this Deer come running out from Somewhere it gets shot and it's not far From him and he's like holy [ __ ] what Happened first he heard the gunshot he Thought somebody was shooting at him Then he sees this deer and then the deer Dies well then the truck zooms away okay So they go find the the deer that was Shot from the truck on the roadway and It's a nice buck calling it it's a Trophy deer I mean I don't know that It's it's got a lot of Mass on it's hard To say it's a bad photo it's 150s maybe Better I it's a good deer but what they The whole thing about stealing it from The youth Hunters they say there was a Young kid maybe hunting on this Farmer's Ground I'm sure they had seen it or had Trail camera pictures of it who was had

His heart set on hunting this deer and They're saying since somebody poached it They stole it from him they didn't Really they stole the opportunity from Him but they didn't steal the actual Deer somebody else could have shot it he Could have not got it whatever but uh Yeah the the headline a little sus I Would say not the best who wrote this Sarah modder Sarah you could have done Better sorry but uh yeah still they're Looking for the guy so if anyone uh Anyone knows anything about it you Should report it to Warden Jed Lia or Lieutenant Girt and their phone number Are on here so it's a nice deer I'm glad They didn't accidentally shoot the Farmer Idiots uh we have some more poaching to Cover this one I'm only covering because I thought there was one partial topic of Interest feel like there's so many just Run-of-the-mill poaching stories out There you can't cover all of them a dead Deer was found with its head chopped off Like in so and so it's like you know get In line there's a million of those Stories out there so this one comes out Of your neck of the woods Paul oh boy This is out of Co col rain Massachusetts Colin this is on uh where am I in Western Mass news ABC 40 Fox 6 what's The one with the eyeball is that CBS CBS

3 is that their logo the Eyeball or is that NBC CBS CBS I'm going to go CBS colun is that what you said colun Massachusetts two local men are facing Charges after authorities Allegedly that they poached animals Recently uh so their two brothers Ira Dole of worlington and his 51-year-old Brother Seth Dole of Colon uh so you know they were called Out for reports of you know poaching Going on they find this suspicious truck They pull it over they search the truck What I felt was interesting was the Quantity of firearms that these guys had With them while they were out on their Poaching spree they found a loaded 22 Caliber rifle a second rifle two Shotguns a loaded handgun four muzzle Loaders and four thermal scopes in the Truck that's a hell of a that's an Aral Arsenal to go out and poach uh they also Found an illegally killed gray fox in Their truck with gunshot wounds to its Body and apparently blunt trauma to its Head so they shot it and then bludgeoned It to death and was also found in the Truck so they were indiscriminate about What they were killing Fox deer whatever Got in their way they had plenty of guns To go around so there's a picture of the Firearms that they Have uh they examine the buck that had

Been killed it was lying in the Road a necropsy of the deer revealed Three 22 caliber slugs in its head and Body uh so Seth and Ira the brothers Were arrested on several charges Including hunting from a vehicle Carrying a loaded shotgun or rifle in a Vehicle hunting deer with a rifle Discharging a firearm near a highway and Proper storage of a firearm hunting at Night and hunting out of season for the Fox so there you go the one guy's bail Was set at 240 the other was set at 140 seems a little low doesn't it I mean I don't really we talking thousand no $240 and the other one was $140 I mean I think the poaching is one Thing but like shooting Firearms at Night from a vehicle on a road seems Like it should be a little bit more Serious of an offense yeah I was going To ask like how many of those are Felonies I don't know they're facing Mandatory revocation of their firearm Identification cards could face Revocation of their hunting rights in All 50 states um so they apparently they May have been uh doing this for a while There's been a lot of reports of Poaching in the area for a couple of Years now they catch these guys could Potenti be them and then our last Poaching spree not really poaching spree But last poaching case and I thought we

May have covered this headline but I got A little bit more detail on this the Montana Sheriff who uh admits hunting Violations did we go over this one I Can't remember seems familiar to me yeah It sounds familiar well he issued a Statement um looks like just yesterday Actually so this is uh Treasure County Sheriff will seom pleaded guilty and was Sent Uh on Tuesday of this week for two Hunting violations involving the illegal Killing of a mule deer Buck he admitted Uh to the charges of hunting or killing Over the limit uh and license or tag Offenses He was ordered to pay $870 in Fines and he loses his Hunting Fishing And trapping privileges for two years so He issued a statement uh that's that Reads on November 17th I made a poor Decision while off duty of harvesting Another deer so he had already shot a Deer and it's a one Buck State he Already shot his deer and he used his Wife's tag on the second deer ultimately I was given two citations after I Reached out to the Mt post counil to Self-report and have been working with Them on moving through the process on December 5th I appeared in court to Answer for my mistake pleaded guilty to Both charges as a result it's given the Fines blah blah blah I like everyone Else am human and make mistakes what

Matters is what we do after our mistakes I've been taking the necessary steps to Hold myself accountable for my actions And I accepting the consequences as they Come seems like a pretty cookie cutter Statement yeah I feel like it's pretty Easy to say after the fact bad decision Poor decision- making on the part of the Sheriff what do you guys think should Happen should he lose his Job I had I don't think it has anything To do with his job personally I tend to Agree with you Paul but when your job is Enforcing the laws or right I mean like That there's a line there that needs to Be addressed right like that I I agree I Mean cuz he's so he's just a regular County Sheriff right he is the sheriff He's not a sheriff's deputy he's the Elected Sheriff he's the elected Sheriff So it would be interesting to your point Brando if he is given the authority to Enforce game laws well he's not but it Doesn't matter you're still breaking Right a law right I understand I like There's a difference between like a pre Meditated me what happens if okay that Was going to be my example speeding Ticket reckless driving ticket DUI Something where where is the line so the So we draw the line there well there Well there is I mean there there's Different degrees like a speeding ticket Is is not the same thing as a

Misdemeanor DUI right well or felony DUI Even you're correct but I mean his Offense whatever is is an $800 fine in a Loss of his hunting privileges does it Affect his ability to do his job as the Sheriff he probably might not get Elected again after that I would Say I agree though you know what Sometimes people do stupid [ __ ] In the Heat of the Moment and it was a bad idea On his part does it make him a terrible Person should he lose his job his Livelihood maybe something he's really Good at he's worked hard for many years Like is he good at it though I don't Know I'm just assuming speculating Alleging Is that if that's a thing uh yeah it'd Be interesting to see what ends up Happening from there so we're going to Get into some more fun stuff here at the End I feel like we got some fun stuff to Cover uh near the end of this some good Uh opinion pieces if you will so let's Start with this is a fun one we'll talk About uh so I was reading on I was on The New York Post of all places which is Kind of is it like a legit Like newspaper or is it a tabloid I used To think may think the Washington Post New York wo is like a real newspaper Yeah I don't know the New York Post a Little bit on the left side for my taste But it's still a real

Newspaper New York Post I don't know I Feel like the New York Post is like uh The world Weekly News like bat boy oh I Think I know what you're talking about Yeah I think that one is but I don't I Mean it's not I think it's Legitimate but this one this actually so I was I was reading I think I was Reading the article actually about the The kids that were killed in the hunting Accidents and it was tagged as hunting And then there was like related articles About hunting and this one caught my eye So this uh Falls in an opinion column From sex and relationships which we Don't get to talk about enough here on The pinch Point very important Stuff headline reads my fiance wants to Wait to have a kid so he doesn't miss Hunting Season All right here we Go a woman claimed in a Reddit post Which I was like oh boy here we go there Was a Reddit post uh that her fiance Wants to delay having children so that His paternity leave can land during Hunting Season can you can you blame the guy for Being pragmatic if that's the right use Of the Word uh they're not married this is this Lady seems like you know the problem With like Reddit any just like the

Internet like you read these stories or These little situations and you don't Know who these people are what type of People are they are their history or Anything and I always try to I guess I Always assume everybody's kind of like Me and my friends so I plug similar People of socioeconomic backgrounds into These stories where it doesn't really Make sense and then I read it and I'm Like oh yeah these seem like interesting People to me okay so she says I was so Happy to finally give him what he wants What we both want she Confessed are men really that simplistic That he cares more about hunting than Starting our family right now she Asked the 33-year-old fiance she is and her 43-year-old partner were adamant about Having children soon so they're not Married our entire relationship he's Wanted to get me pregnant really I mean Is that really what he wants or is he Just saying that because he doesn't want To wait any longer since he knows I'm The one and all of That all of that all of that like so I Just pictured two people and he's like Baby you're the one I want to I want to Put a baby in you like that's what I Start hearing in my head when I read This um couples's been together for Three years they barely

Fight physically she explained I can Count two fights in three years we're Pretty good at communicating our Feelings overall although she wanted to Wait until they were married before Bringing children into the world she Decided it was time to try having a baby I found an OBGYN I downloaded the Ovulation tracking app stopped taking All of my meds some of which I really Depended on seems a little weird to me Right I don't know all to prepare for The super exciting and long awaited time She Wrote unfortunately when she broke the News to her partner that she was ready To conceive he didn't share the Excitement she was hoping for we should Wait until March to start trying so I Can be on paternity leave during Haunting season she claimed that he Responded appalled by his reaction she Repeated her announcement and asked if He was joking not joking at all he said Kissing her good night before heading to Bed I mean is it paternity leave to take Care of take care of your family and to Spend time with your family all right Couple things to go over first of all Neither one of you have had a child so You don't you have no frame of reference Here so I will explain to you but before We get to that let's just do the math Okay hunting season's pretty much over

By when when is hunting season so well For us it's September through December Correct and that's pretty much Universal I mean I don't think it there's not a Ton of places where like the best Hunting is in January or February right So when he says we should wait until March that means the kid's not even born Until like December which means you're On paternity leave in January and February bro needs to get his math Skills checked out first of all but Again I'm not expecting too much out of These people second of all let's just Talk paternity Leave what a Croc paternity leave is no Offense so when the there's a period of Time when the Kid's first born Where Like physically you need to be around to Help out like your wife just had a kid She's like just physically like can't Move as well they're sleep deprived Hormones there's all sorts of stuff Happening it's a good idea for the dad To be around once that kind of tapers Off there's like there's not a a whole Lot that you can do I feel like these Really long paternity leaves that these Like people get nowadays it's like the Guy just like is on vacation at that Point and it was just unnecessary to a Certain degree I'll probably get Crucified for saying that but like I

Remember so my first kid was born in June and I remember that October Thinking like I'll never be able to hunt It was like four months after the kid Was born I was like oh my God I'll Never Be The Hunt I got this kid at home Whatever I hunted a ton that fall Because he didn't do it he wasn't doing Anything he was just laying there Sleeping or rocking in his thing or Doing whatever and like by that point We're over kind of the hump so my wife Is like yeah you can go hunting it's not Like we the kid's just sitting here I Don't need you to be staring at him for The next four hours like I got this I'm Good so in any case I just thought it Was interesting Now they posted this on Reddit I could have predicted if Somebody came to me and said hey JayZ Got a situation for you here's the Situation I'm going to make a post on Reddit how do you think the public will Respond the way that this post is framed I could have written down with my right Hand because I'm right-handed all of the Responses and they would have been Exactly what all the fine people of Reddit responded and saying are you guys Ready people flooded the Reddit post With their perspectives on why her Fiance is prioritizing hunting season And many people sided with her you don't

Say maybe you should get the guys you Know take on the whole thing uh he's an Idiot I get that hunting season is a big Deal do you per person do you get it cuz I don't think you do but the idea that He wants to align paternity leave with Hunting season is so A-hole uh no it's not go back on your Medication and birth control until this Is settled no Question if he is seeing parental leave As a type of vacation if anything he Should want to give birth months before Hunting season to be able to be home to Help You I I can agree with that one I can Agree with that one my third Child who's currently my favorite Kid I was happy with two my wife wanted Third and I was I fought it for a while Obviously I lost the battle but he was Born October 26th I know and I will never forget when My wife told me she was pregnant with That third one I was sitting on the Couch and she was sitting on the couch And she said something Like I have something to tell you or Something along those lines and I was Like oh my God you're pregnant aren't You and she's like yeah and I Immediately was like how far along are You and she's however many weeks and I Like pulled out my phone and I like did

The math and I was like No no like it's the last week of October It's my favorite time of the year to Hunt and now every year like one weekend In the end of October we have Jake's Birthday so I take the day off from Hunting we do birthday stuff family Stuff and it it's completely fine it's One day sometimes we overreact a little Bit about it you know but I definitely Remember that being the first thing I Did like oh no because my other kids Were born in June and July and it's Perfect this one's an October Baby Moving on speaking of kids great article On wired to hunt from Tony Peterson it's Actually got a lot of comments article Titled are we making things too easy for Youth Hunters I keep saying this but I Feel like Tony and I are the same person Because he writes this article and it's Like all the thoughts that I've had About taking my kids hunting he has the Same thoughts and he so eloquently puts Them down on paper here he says I I Think part of the reason we feel like Kind of Kindred Spirits is because we're Like the same age grew up hunting around The same time and we've seen the rules Change and we've seen the the the gear Change and just Everything's changed Since we came up through it and and Humans have this weird Tendency to think that like the way that

We did something or learn something is The only way or it was the best way and The new way isn't as good we see it a Lot with like uh parents bitching on Social media about the way that their Kids learn math nowadays Common Core Stuff or this or that and like I didn't Learn it that way and I'm a genius they Should just keep doing it it's like well Sometimes we find better ways to do Things and change isn't always bad so Tony writes just a shade over 30 years Ago I started bow hunting White Tails as A clueless 12-year-old we didn't have Youth Seasons then or pop-up lines or Trail cameras of any style let alone Models that would beam deer Recon via Satellites right to a device in our Pockets we didn't have the type of good Gear that keeps you warm quiet and safe Sure there were some box bins on the Landscape but they were mostly Concentrated in Lone Start State Crossbows weren't much of a thing either Today's world of Youth hunting is Drastically different and at the risk of Sounding like I'm in a ratty bathrobe on My lawn shaking my fist at the sky and Screaming for the neighborhoods to get Off my lawn I find myself wondering if We are making things too easy for young Hunters my twin 11-year-old daughters Have killed seven deer and seven turkeys Between the two of them at that age I

Wasn't even legally allowed to hunt Turkeys or deer in my home state of Minnesota literally like verbatim I Don't have twin 11-year-old girls but I Have an 11-year-old boy who's killed Three turkeys and four deer I wasn't Even allowed to hunt at that age I had To wait till I was 12 I can remember Like every year just that anticipation Building of I can't wait till I can go Hunting next year and I can finally go Hunting and to Tony's point we never had Any of this [ __ ] that they have today I Had to draw 40 pounds on my bow and be Able to hit a pie plate at 20 yards and And all this stuff and it's like I worry The same thing my kid I take him out and We sit in a blind with a heater over a Food plot and he Snipes something with a Crossbow off of a tripod and I'm like Dude this is we cheat we're cheating This isn't even this isn't even real Hunting and I tell them every time we go Out I'm like dude you are in for a rude Awakening next year when your ass is Cold in a tree stand with a compound bow Because it's coming dude these easy days Are over with and I think he's fine with It because I feel like he's he's hooked But I mean I hear like the questions That he asked me he's checking my trail Cam my cell cameras all the time because I put the Stealth cam app on my iPad at Home so him and my other boy are always

In there looking and I come home from Work and they're like Dad did you see This Buck would you and he always asked Me would you shoot this deer and I was Like H maybe how old do you think he is You think he's a three-year-old I was Like dude I didn't even know that was a Thing at his age so I struggle with the Same thing is are we making it too easy For them I will say this I try every Year to get my son out on a couple hunts Where I know we will not be successful And when it's cold or shitty conditions Or we're not going to see a deer like I Do it on purpose he doesn't listen to This he doesn't know that that doesn't Mean I'm not like putting us in a Position where like I know definitively We won't see or shoot a deer but I'm Putting us in a position where like if It happens it's going to be hard we Might get busted we might not see many Deer you know whatever the case may be Because I want him to go through those Experiences of like trials and Tribulations because it does make the Reward so much sweeter when you don't Have to work for something you don't Have to suffer for something it's not as Enjoyable I felt almost deflated when he Killed his buck on our first sit of the Year this year but at the same time I Was super happy because my my little Dude was there with me with both of us

And I was like oh this is like this may Be the only time this ever happens right So you take the good with the bad I Don't know if the answer to all of this Is we are making it too easy or not too Easy for them I guess to be determined In the future if they if they as long as They get hooked on hunting and want to Continue doing it and you progress ly Ramp up the difficulty for them as they Get older I think you're fine you know I Think if I had to look back on my early Days and Tony had to look at his early Days I think he would probably agree That our parents probably would have Made it easier for us if they could have They made it as easy as they could at The time but that was completely just Different different times than it is now You know but something I struggle with Quite a bit so congrats to Tony that was A great article congrats to his Daughters and all the deer they've Killed he's got a picture of one of them In here smiling she killed a little Spiker I love it just I love seeing kids With the dead Animals uh sticking with the meat eater Crew this is something we've talked About on I feel like Mark Kenyan almost Stole my words out of my mouth on this Video I he's doing a Podcast and uh they're talking about are We glorifying long shots too much did

You see I did see the CP and basically Says like are we glorifying these guys That are shooting deer or other animals At further and further distances and Again I feel like I not feel like I know I've said This one of the good examples would be We posted a YouTube short of Todd Passing that buck at 40 yards 42 yards Right Todd's comfortable range with a Bow is 30 yards like like it or not That's what he's comfortable he's got Bad shoulders bad eyesight doesn't shoot A lot of weight like he's not a Tournament Archer he feels good at 30 And in that's what he wants he's got a Big buck at 42 yards working a scrape Broadside and he and he elects not to Shoot it and everybody's like chewing His ass and I always have said from the Beginning like if anything we should be Praising that decision because you have Somebody that set a limit for themselves Knowing what their effective lethal Range is and what they want to Accomplish and they stuck to it they Weren't tempted by that bigger deer at 40 yards to take a shot that they knew Deep down somewhere inside they Shouldn't be taking and I think that Happens a ton I think that antler lust In the idea of just get an arrow in Him inspires people to do things that They should not be doing so it the only

Thing that I and Mark tends to agree Mark tends to say we should be giving People more praise when they're shooting Deer at 10 yards and 12 yards and 15 Yards and that's what I tell my son hell I made an Instagram real about it a Couple months ago when my son wanted to Shoot farther away and he was like Dad Can I shoot a deer at 40 yards with the Crossbow this year and I said yeah maybe You know I said but you got to remember Dude being a good Hunter is about Getting close being a good shot and a Good Archer is about how far you can Shoot being a good Hunter is being about How close you can get to the animal That's the act of hunting how close can You get and be undetected so uh the only Exception that I had with Mark's post Here is that he he kind of pussied out a Little bit if you're going to have an Opinion you're going to go at it dude go Hard and don't don't back down because He goes he makes the post and as you can Imagine a bunch of people out there like This is [ __ ] if I want to shoot 50 Yards I'm the a great Archer and well You shouldn't belittle us and blah blah Blah blah blah so what does he do Mark Comes in and leaves a comment to Clare My clarify my position here it's not That I'm trying to vilify anyone who's Taking long shots to each their Own no that's not what I'm saying I want

To vilify those people I think you guys Are [ __ ] and I don't think people Should be doing it plain and Simple I can't stop anybody from doing It this is a question of to a certain Degree ethics and I forget there's a Quote from I think it's Aldo Leopold About something About being a sportsman so many of your Decisions that you make and the woods When you're hunting there's never Anybody around to see them and the only Person you have to be accountable to is Yourself type of thing and I feel like That's how this is like I can't hold Anybody else accountable you know they Can do do whatever they want it's not Going to stop me from disagreeing with It like if you're going to have a Position you got to just hold the line On your position don't be afraid to have An opinion CU you're going to make Somebody mad don't bow to the woke mob Of people that are shooting deer at 80 Yards somebody did mentioned bowar in There too I did like uh our old buddy Steve Flores former editor for bow says every Buck I've ever Killed with my bow was under 25 yards Most under 15 hell to the yes brother That's what we want quitting shooting And somebody says point this out to Levi I feel like he's the exception I'm Willing to make an exception for Levi

Morgan the greatest Archer of all time So much for holding the line you know There's always an exception to every Rule Paul he's he's the only one that I Make an exception for everyone else can Pound sand as they say kick rocks kick Rocks go play in traffic speaking okay So speaking of Levi do not go play in Traffic he killed a giant double Dropper no single dropper down in South Texas giant chocolate rack cool ass deer Down in South Texas so he made my list Of notable bucks that have been killed To talk about for this week so congrats Once again to Levi then we had two pro Bass Fishermen that killed really nice bucks Greg Hackney oh okay he's an OG actually Both these guys are kind of OG bass Fisherman Greg Hackney killed a big one And so did the Gman Gerald Swindle Swindle huh who doesn't love following Swindle he's fun on the socials he's fun He's probably better at social media Than he is at fishing these days but Good for him he already won all his [ __ ] He do have to do nothing he got nothing To prove guy cracks me up love him he Killed one in Kansas big wide buuck and Hackney killed one down in wherever he's From somewhere in the South Alabama Mississippi somewhere down there it's a Cool he made a cool post about like Buying his own piece of ground and he a

Hell of a deer big deer I know he comes Up to Illinois hunts with a couple guys That I know so congrats to those dudes Uh Jay Shakur killed killed a pretty Decent Buck too you know Jay he uh he's on the Bassmaster Elite Series okay I don't follow the elites as Much as the MLF he's uh he's from Steven's Point Wisconsin and he killed a Killed a decent Buck down in Illinois With with the same guys that Hackney Hunts with bunch of the Strike King crew Those guys so congrats to them uh let's See I think we got we're going to go With our last story which is a fun one a Great story Paul you must have added This one in here uh this is from outdoor Life bow hunter tag surprise 210 class Iowa Buck on pressured public ground It's a cool story the guy that uh wrote It As Told to Andrew mcken so Andrew mcken Wrote the story as it was told to him by JD Vandenberg who killed the buck it's Like every bow Hunter's dream Story it's the week of Thanksgiving it's been a hell of a Season like hard season right you're two Months in haven't killed anything you're Hunting public ground it's cold snowy You're just like you're deflated it's Like the last day I think before their Gun Seasons like in a going to come in And you're thinking about not going out

And uh he said that his brother-in-law Who's one of his best friends was like Finish strong that's what he told him Finish strong and he's like screw it so He goes to a piece of public where he Had marked a tree like three years Earlier hadn't been there wasn't running Cameras shows up at the parking lot Expecting there to be a bunch of people There there's nobody there but there's Trash all over the place and empty hand Warmer rappers and like clearly people Had been hunting it on his way in I Think he said he passed three trees Stands a mock scrape somebody that had a Target out in the woods that they were Shooting at and he's like gosh dang you Know so he gets in there gets up in this Tree and son of a [ __ ] if like 20 Minutes later doesn't have a 210 incher Walk by him he shoots the thing hits it A little high gets one long and only Goes 150 yards and dies he's able to see It from his tree stand dead 210 Ines you Know just walks into a piece of public Kills a 210 incher you know and I I like That I feel like I can relate to this Dude he's like you know I've killed some Halfway decent bucks in my life but like My biggest was like a 160 I killed a lot Of 130s you know just have never been Able to get like that that one deer and I'm like bro I feel you I feel that pain You know and he goes in there and

Freaking slams a 210 he's also a saddle Bro so he's a mobile saddle bro but I Don't know what kind of Saddle he's Using they didn't say so congrats to him It's a hell of an awesome Feelgood story You guys should go to outdoor life and Check it out it's just it's well written It's a fun story You know sometimes there's stories that I read that I don't know they don't pull You in this one I felt like I was like Intensely reading it and like rooting For this guy even though I knew he Killed the deer so it was it was well Done it's a 9 Minute read according to Uh to this so that's everything we got For today hope you guys enjoyed this Episode it felt like it was a little bit More fun just if you're going to have an Opinion have an opinion don't be shy About it don't be shy about your opinion Don't soft in your opinion because You're afraid you're going to butt hurt Somebody like dude we all got opinions Sometimes they're right sometimes They're wrong it's it's okay we can Disagree doesn't mean we don't like each Other or we can't go hunting together or Be friends with one another or whatever Like I can have an opinion that you Should only do this and other people Should have opinion you do that it's all Good they're all just Opinions just stick to it little stick

To Itiveness come on Kenyon Step It Up Speaking of uh Mark Kenyan got my nine Finger Chronicles hat on today which is Dan Johnson but Dan and Mark used to Host together do you guys remember back In the day Dan was like the sidekick Before he flew off on his own to go do Nine finger Chronicles I wore my Dan Johnson nine finger hat today you guys Should all go buy one it's a great hat Most people don't know what it is which Is why I like it they're like why do you Have a hat with a dude with only four Fingers on It got bit off by a coyote when he was a Kid he was trying to feed it it came up On the deck he was trying to feed the Coyote and it bit his finger Off he didn't get rabies though I don't Think maybe he did maybe that explains His brain damage do you get brain damage From Rabies it definitely affects your brain But like once that your brain though Dan Pretty sure though if it gets to your Brain you're done you know who Dan looks Like I realize I knew this but every Year around this time I remember it come On what time of the year is it boys he Looks like Santa no he doesn't look like Santa he Doesn't have a white beard does he look Like he's a big Burly guy with a big red

Beard oh what's that guy's name oh oh oh Yukon Cornelius there you go Dan Johnson Is the modern Yukon Cornelius we're Going to end with that make sure you Guys subscribe to us subscribe to Dan Subscribe to Mark Kenyan wired to hunt Check out me eater check out outdoor Life follow us like us tell us to go Play in traffic we'll see you next week On the pinch point

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