Did He PUKE??? MFJJ 🏹 🤮

Did I Make Him PUKE??? MFJJ Bow Build + Workout
Building Dan a TARGET Bow say what? Plus MFJJ gets a taste of his own medicine. #ABT #ELKSHAPE

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What's up guys headed to Spokane Valley Archery today my good friend Josh Jones Has invited me to try a bow and this is The bow that he used to take me down Attack last year how you feeling now If you feel like you got a 30 pound Weight attached to him do they yeah [Music] Mfjj's first workout at the l-shape HQ And he's got a great attitude it's gonna Be fun here we go guys welcome to Milkshake YouTube channel today Josh Said something to me in passing that was Kind of interesting he was like you know Dan I beat you with this bow last year And I'm so good at archery I'll let you Use my bow that I beat you with last Year well you should the actual story Was Dan in several of his videos was Bitching about the fact that I used a Target bow that's where this came from I Said well you if you really think that's What it is I'll give you that damn bow We'll make it fit you and I'll still Beat your ass day one yeah I was ahead After 10 targets then the wheels came Off and by come on I mean I lost by 30 Points day one was higher than that Whatever Day two Day two I was way I could watch and then Josh got really Serious on the last two Targets and Scratched out the W by two points so

Come on guys we're gonna take Josh's bow That he beat me with attack last year And the reason why I'm interested in Checking it out is he hinted to the fact That this could be a crossover bow Meaning not only for Target but he Thinks I might want to hunt with it come Along Josh went back to the shop to go Grab a mod for this bow while he's gone I wanted to tell you Josh came over to My house yesterday and the reason why he Came over is he wanted he he literally Said Dan I need to start finally working Out he's helped me out so much with Archery that it was the least I could do To help him with his Fitness so while We're waiting for Josh roll the footage It's gonna be fun here we go 10 seconds [Music] Thank you This is not my truck Josh Jones came to An oak shape camp this last weekend I Think he might have been inspired he Won't admit it but he asked me if he Could uh if I could show him a workout So we're going to train mfjj today and I'm not going to kill him I'm going to Give him just the right amount I think It's really cool I won't tell him this Until he sees the video but Josh you've Helped me out so much with my Archer Game I can't wait to repay the favor and Help you out with your Fitness game you Guys come along we're training mfjj

Scared [Laughter] Oh [Music] But you know when you got the Testosterone Daniels you have to worry About that exactly T levels so first Things first we gotta take this really Long module off here and put a little One on here for you so the purpose of This cam is to cover a different Spectrum for a longer bows and that's Really pretty much the whole idea of it It's going to perform better at shorter Drawings and this bow on 34 axle to axle Only goes to 30 inches so it's and it Goes down to like 23 and a half so your Drawing this is actually like right in The middle shot everything in their line Outside of you know the ladies bow this Is probably the most efficient thing you Could possibly use yeah so okay and also The ladies is a 30 axle axle bow and you Already have a short bow you know this Is this is like Alicia would appreciate Me stealing her Prima same system as far As just two islands you can switch out Mods yes but the mods do not change the Weight so you are restricted to the Weight of the limb like they used to be Ah there we go I think I can get any Decent speed out of this I really think You will actually I think you'll be Surprised the speed that you get out of

It even though it's got a higher brace Height which is where your forgiveness Is really coming from on this bow I Gotta pull that stop off too the other Tricky thing with these mods is there's Three screws in them not two and then The the draw Peg Spot here that your cable comes to rest Against Has to be taken off to take the module Off so it takes a little longer to swap A mod on these things but it's not Terrible and they put Loctite and stuff On them and then when you buy a new set Of mods which you can buy on the website If you need to change a draw length that Sort of thing they all have new screws And fresh Loctite on them so that's not Going to vibrate off where and these are Notorious for having a mod Vibe release In fact mine vibrated loose during Tech I'm going to reap it back down and I Think it was that screw that got me huh So that's probably why it was a little Wallered out because I was reefing on it With that in the way so we find that It's big and attacks that one yeah I'm Gonna we have the the landing page Created so if you do want to enter the Only thing you got to do is make sure You're subbed so that we're actually Shooting with subs and then I'll put in This video description as well it'll be The first link click on it you're going

To put your name your last name your Email your phone number so I can have Josh text you news and automatically Enter to win by the way anytime we do Giveaways on YouTube we will never Message you comment you email you put it On Instagram it is always announced live On videos yeah neither do I so if Someone's messaging you over YouTube for A giveaway it's a scam don't give that Dip money ah they just need you to Pay for the shipping yeah you'll never Get you got the greatest deal ever oh by The way my shipping is free if you want Something I won't ask you for money yeah Hey you won this but pay 300 give us Some money I'm a president in Nigeria and there you I'm gonna give you 10 million dollars All you have to do is pay the tax yeah And then I'll send you the money Four people now there's some good people Have been had and it sucks I hate it We're just trying to give back to the Subscribers and when you know when you Shoot a tackle this it'll be on Friday Either you'll win Friday or Saturday There'll be two of you and we meet up With you we get you your ticket you Shoot with us and then you're free to go Or hang out with us all day or what have You I do got to say this I felt like I Could talk smack about Josh because I Hadn't seen him shoot a bow ever and I'm

Talking I knew him for 10 years and Never seen him shoot a bow and it Doesn't count shooting my bow through Paper I'm talking Josh has an archery Range really he's implying does Josh Ever practice does he actually ever and Then we did finally shoot uh here twice And I was like oh oh wow oh okay he's All right okay he can shoot for a guy Doesn't practice are you still shooting A crazy helico on your arrows I still am Shooting a crazy helical on my arrows in Some way or another I shoot well I can't Figure out how that's possible oh you're Talking to me they're gonna make it mad Baffles me It's so baffling and you still hunt with A light Arrow yeah yeah the arrows I've Got built right now are 380 grains at The moment you know I did I did shoot an Animal once and it just bounced off Right off not true Yeah you're definitely always been light And I've always been a lot heavier than You but I have come down some for sure a Lot I don't think some soccer you come Down a lot five 505 to 5 15 for at least A decade and about 460 to 470 and then Down to 450 and this year we're in the Fourth 25 to 435 range I thought you were in the teams you said I do have this is when you said that This arrow is 411. yeah and now we're Talking this bougie is 433 yeah kind of

Don't want to shoot tack with this this Is like an 80 Arrow so I gotta keep this On there it says mfjj Site we are using This little fellow land slide baby yeah And we need this Mount so mine's a Little different so let's pull mine off You don't go tame you're not gonna make Me like throw up that's that's not Ben Just got back from San Diego like look At the top of my head it's like red After the yoga class you don't go tan no No I don't have but I start going up and Down Hills with weight and I can tell my Heart's not used to being high okay [Music] Everybody [Music] Josh you smell good that's nice Smell good single guys need to smell Good Just remember that okay welcome to the Dojo today we want to give you a workout Which is a stress we want to give you Just enough stress where you're not Crippled and can't walk for days because Anybody could do that to you that's not Cool enough to where you break down some Muscles but you feel good energized and That you're moving what are your primary Objectives like I just want to be Healthier I want to put myself in Uncomfortable situations and force Myself through them because I've done

That a lot of things in my life but I've Avoided this one okay for one reason or Another and I don't I always pawned it Off as it was time because I don't have Any of that anybody who's ever around me Knows I'm busy as hell all the time but I know I'm not getting any older or Younger I know that health is important And I just I need to take some time Twice a week I do yoga once a week I've Been trying to do that twice a week and I can't even do that but I don't get my Heart rate up I know I don't and I know That's important sometimes I feel like It's the one hole in the things that I Do throughout my life I mean I get steps Like crazy I get only 25 000 steps a day I don't stop moving there's a ton but my Heart rate's never up [Music] All right we're sliding in how far you Want it in there big fella Where do you like it Do you want me to bury it India yeah Bury it all the way in When are you gonna grow up never I want You at your best I want you to do Everything you can to beat me so I feel So much better when I beat you because I Know you did everything you could do We're gonna silver Sharpie that that Little uh daily doodad the doodad so I Know that's exactly where that is Which dude out are we talking about Jake

Starts messing with my bow right before We go out the door oh you think he's Gonna fight with you no yes I don't Think on his best day he could beat you Maybe his best day and your worst day Okay I made a comment on my channel said Why don't you just change the name of The channel to Matthew's shape since all You do is shoot Matthew's bows on this Channel blah blah blah blah and I Replied I usually don't reply but I was Like I said salty what's the name of Your channel that's all I ask like I Just want like just out of curiosity What is the current name of your channel Then he's like ah I knew I'd get a Response out of you all good I really Gotcha I just wanted you to reply to me I'm a big long time Bow Hunter and I Love what you guys do I was like you Wanted a reply that's all I did he sucks You in he got you he got me he got you Yeah he's got the second gen hamski on Here it's got the string level here and He just manipulated the rail Until it was level And now he's doing the second axis and There's something about the way he likes To tilt this scope that you should Probably address just ever so slightly I Try to rotate the head of this look if You look at it it's not pointed right You want to point it at the peep so People would think to try to get this

Square to that you actually want to Point it up a little bit because you're Looking above the line of that which This is like not set up like that so not At all we'll get that adjusted in a Minute but I got to get the level level First so line tuning is where you get Your bow squared to the world tune it All up good right and then you walk back And you shoot a line at 20 and you shoot A line at 80. and on that line you will Move your rest left to right right Instead of your site until you get on That line because what's your it's it's A more finite adjustment here than there Because these aren't threaded so in the Perfect world your 20 yard would line up With the center of this Rod right so no Matter what you did here it didn't Change where this position was right so You could cite your bow in it 20 dead Center on that rod and you could Manipulate this here right and it Wouldn't change where that was sure here So if you had a site that was threaded Right there that was micro driven you Could do it without moving your rest but They don't make sites that elaborate Other than black gold black holes does That And you were hitting the line and then You went out to 80 and all your arrows Were to the right of your line and you Were right you're moving the arrow rest

A little you move your rest towards like A click or two like click click yeah but When you put a Broadhead on the end yeah Your left or right it's not going to be The same on your broad heads at distance Now if it's a microscopic amount it Might be enough that you don't see it That's a tiny little ten thou single pin Yeah You know how big that looks at 120 on a Sheep at an angle That's pretty close left to right I Think I can't shoot attack With an 80 Arrow right right but I can Hunt with an 80 Arrow you can help with An 80 Arrow how serious I don't want excuses Like 40 grains heavier than yours was is That how I shoot that yes that is that Well when you're making excuses you do Sound pathetic The guy's on fire today folks Where's Pete arrows oh Now shoot my arrow not your arrow okay Well will you have a girlfriend when you Get to talk You put this up real quickly I don't know I have some pretty strict Requirements to uh does Jake have a Girlfriend That depends on what week you're asking Oh it's gonna get him in trouble I'm I'm not I'm not in a hurry all right You know

Buddy yeah now we're talking Don't hate don't shoot any higher or You're gonna hit my head oh yeah that Would be good yeah Yeah do you like so yeah I like where it Is from the standpoint that these aren't Going to be the arrow you're going to Cut them down they're going to weigh Different and they're going to be a Little different left right so we Probably have our shims right okay then When you actually build some arrows for This bow specifically for this bow They'll probably be perfect but if They're not we'll probably just move the Rest a little bit probably won't have to Shim yeah but if we tried to move Something more than that right now Anyway we would need the kit because That's the two it's awesome which put in There get the peep set yep get uh we Gotta cut that serving and some stabies Yep scabies or stabies stabs down more Like a lot dang it I'm gonna flip it Around in the Press because of the angle It's set and then have you draw it back Again okay to where I can not hold it Okay so if I hold it and then I'm going To drop your site down Doctrine to do All this stuff for stupid foam zero Excuses out of you [Laughter] Well this is the net is that me me me Just remember this when we go to my gym

Next time that's the only way I can get Even hey let me watch this like 10 Minutes before Josh gets here I hate my life Just just get into it Okay then that's money okay so now hold On keep it back I got it back where's Your under a wheel yeah there we go Oh nice how does it look yeah it's still In there you still have contact on your Nose Yep okay and then back up to here don't Move your hand on your face okay Okay now look at it again You still good Um Okay cool So that's relevant you want to be Touching more at 20 so you don't your Nose doesn't come off at like a hundred Because if you if you set it nice and Light at 20 by the time you roll down to 80 90 100 your head's coming off the Street I'm gonna make you I'm gonna make Him repeat that for you guys I know when Josh says something like that's that's Fire say that one more time that was Fire you should P you should set your Peep site for like 60 or 70 yards and Here's why if you set it at 20 to where It feels just perfect as you roll down Or dial down to 70 80 90 yards your Head's coming off the string to try to Look through the peak because the only

Thing you can do you're moving this down The peep stays stationary you have to Lift your head up So what you want is that thing at about 60 or 70 so lightly touching at 60 or 70. so you get down to 100 you're still Touching you get up to 20 you're pushing Your face into it and my upper body Strength isn't what it should be I have Bow muscles but I don't have anything Else but like standard upper body Strength I don't really all right so Because I'm not using those muscles Every day I'm constantly working on both Palm pose back not a lot of external Lows not a lot of barbells sandbags D-balls just you versus your body weight And gravity I feel like that's that will Make you super sore but it's also going To make you stronger conditioning I Think but for what we're going to do Today we're going to take advantage of More like interval give your heart rate Get it spiked let it come down do it Again and get that heart pumping and Getting it recovering and getting it Used to that flow do you remember the Workout we did at Camp mostly yeah okay So let's write it on I don't remember The numbers of what you did but I know This evening I'm gonna push you on this one [Music] Oh

[Music] Three two one time 26 cows you can lay On the ground and die or walk it off And wall balls you did 27 box step overs And you kept a great Pace on that we did We changed out goblet squats we had him Do about three and we realized it's just Unnecessary load them at that point so Just his body weight air squats he did Great he did uh 28 and then um the the Shuttles were probably about 10 yards Down back down back equal one he did 18 Down in backs he was able to pull off Seven Burpee to pull-ups or chirpies and Then he finished with 26 cows on the Assault bike which is by far the most Insulting meanest thing you can do but I Wanted to be a little bit mean at the End I wanted him also to feel like he he Did something and um he should be fine He'll be a little sore the rest of the Week but Yoga probably tomorrow if you can and Then if you've got time maybe shoot the Course wear a pack just do something Active the dude gets steps in so it's Just a matter of doing some of this Stuff sprinkling that in and that's Awesome and the reason why we do this Video guys is like this isn't really a Fitness channel although I wish you guys Were more interested but Fitness truly Has been the backbone to a lot of my Hunting success and this is not a target

Archery Channel this is Dan is obsessed With elk hunting channel and we show you Guys all the stuff we do this is one of The things that is helping me my goal Isn't 2023. my goal is 20 53. I want a Trajectory where I can take Tristan's Hopefully Sun elk hunting someday I want To be around just like Josh said he just Wants to get healthier how you feeling Now if you feel like you got a 30 pound Weight attached to him do you think yeah How's a lot for for how little it seemed It sure felt like a lot it's a good Workout it's really effective and that's What we've been doing something similar Like that at Elk shape camps oh dude Where anyone can do it and you get a Number you get a Baseline and then you Can kind of go from there so it's Awesome Um I'm proud of Josh for for showing up and Then the proof will be in the pudding if He can make more visits here and work Out on his own we'll guide him a little Bit and pay him back we owe him he's Helped us a ton of archery we can help Him out with Fitness yeah You know how much the excuses are going Away oh dude you were right okay now We're in the shop and we're shopping for Arrows for attack I hate saying that but I'm gonna be better at listening to Josh But again I've drawn a lot of my

Decisions No more no more oh let's put that no I Need ripped details as well Okay well we need rip XV 350s and of Course we're gonna do Straight ones you Know no excuses right hey talk to me About on the packaging where it says the Actual like the little Nuance check this Out guys so there's actually weights on Them so it says like 208 that says 207 That's what weighs in the package so if You get that pay attention to it and if You're buying like two dozen is two Dozen you'll be safe here make sure you Get ones that weigh the same so there's A 208 and 208. Two doesn't weigh the same and you need Two more desert tkos too right yeah Faster well we only have like 50 100 Like 150 dozen so I think we'll be okay Two matching weights take a look here 283 284 284 what do you know same color Knocks matching set what are those way Read the back 208 284. they're a pretty big weight Difference there isn't there sunshine Extreme Velocity yeah hence the name Right and those are still light and fast And I guarantee these are great for us I'm just gonna get shot with those Depending on what 10 point you put in Here this complete arrows between 400 And 450 in most parts so depending on How long it is and how much front weight

You put in there so I mean there's still Plenty good I mean that's that's the key Number if you play with the calculators And the momentum and what have you that 425 to 475 right in that ballpark it's The fastest with the most momentum and Efficiency which is why that really Heavy stuff you lose a ton of speed to Do it I gotta get glue in inserts for This and he said to go 125 So that's fine yeah I'm talking for the Gluing Uh I don't know if we got those in yet Okay so you're gonna have to flex those Arrows and probably come back on One little two little three little Titaniums four little five little six Little titanium seven little eight Little nine little titaniums 10 11 12 That's one dozen hold on one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten Eleven two dozen 750 a piece probably Marcher.com how far that goes over so if You're worried about this cracking out At some point this slides over the top Of these 5 16 point instead of 17 64s that's Simple so titanium 15 grain if you like A collar there you go and I gotta call Her and you can still take it off later So on your channel yeah I mean on your Website yeah they're on there do you Have several of these And this if you're trying to use like a

Hit yeah it's that is Internal diameter slides over the end of The arrow and this is made out of Titanium Joshua 13 grains people Iron Will Bill you'll be happy but this is Pretty slick Podium Archer I stand Behind adding that gives you 10 extra Grains 15. 15 extra 15 in the near Point Diameter is 5 16 which is what most Broadhead sizes are so it makes it nice And clean if you want a collar I still Personally don't think you need to call Her at all I think they hold up just Fine without it but if you're anal and You walk backwards there you go all Right cool all right gosh never ran Bushings before because I'm a bow hunter Do I need to glue those in yes sir you Can throw them in whatever you want you Can use super glue hot glue whatever you Prefer to use doesn't really matter it Doesn't take much to put those in but What this does is reinforce the back end Of your arrow so when you're shooting Target style things and your arrows Happen to hit each other on a regular Basis you don't crack the F into your Arrow and if you do manage to damage and Knock you pull the existing one out put Another one in and it will never crack Who makes these this is for victory it's Their genoc bushes it's a 204 G not Bushing are these on your website they Will be soon you just took the rest of

Them so I can't have them on there at The moment Just like gluing points for them that's My only one In the moment but I'll summon about a Week or two okay so by the time you Actually edit that and put that online I Probably will have them okay so this is What is this way So that is a break off 150 and then you Can break off whatever you want as you Choose to lower it so what I would Probably do is leave it full at the Weight of which you have but let me wait Real quick there should be 150 Cyclopedia it's insane yeah 150. so I Want to say that's like 20 and 10 10. Yeah I remember right leaving a buck Penny yeah oh it's good front I mean Your arrow is going to be plenty stiff Enough with how short they are because You're every engine Because they weigh less okay cool [Music] Shove it in and turn it you got to roll It across the blade All the way through that makes a nice Straight cut if you force it in there And cut real fast it'll give you a Jagged end so just take your time and Don't be in a hurry and keep your hands Down by the blade try to move your hands Back here it makes the arrow move make a Cut uneven stick it in the saddle bring

Both your hands up by the blade Turn with the blade so you're always Going to turn the arrow this direction Do not turn the arrow that direction That simple Foreign [Music] I got gnox so this fits like an ip4 when You put the bushing in I'm good Holy catfish that's the biggest number Dan's ever seen Thank you

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