Did we just get BETTER?? (3D Archery)

Did we just get BETTER?? (3D Archery) – Today we are building a new sight tape and headed to the 3D Archery range to test our scores on some challenging shots. #ABT #ElkShape

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Welcome to the channel check check what Up you guys like the reaction we did on The last Baseline so so let's do it Again here we go play just took the Entire gang off Baseline test number two For Jeff today Baseline test number Three for me nice shot D that completely missed Righto that felt really Good working through that trigger new Sight tape also we are going to get Jeff's trigger a little heavier to Prevent The Punchy punch you guys seen The Mike Tyson video so we're going to Go in right here and we're going to go Clockwise a full Rotation so with this Wise Choice this Is being an older one it's newer in that There's no set screw so I didn't have to Loosen anything so just worry about this Screw right here and I went tightened it Clockwise one rotation and then on a lot Of Carters you'll have to set the Tension we don't have that adjustment Here so it is what it is So yeah hopefully that makes you less Punchy Which not breaking as fast but that'll Be part of his process today let's go Find 80 yards hey guys welcome back to The channel we are doing Baseline test Number three for me today and Baseline Number two for Jeffrey camera dude he Shot the first course with his new sight

Tape and he's claiming that that sight Tape's not quite right so we're going to Go at my house first and have him resite In 80 yards only this time we'll do it With cameras rolling if he can convince Me that his 80s off which we can build Him a new sight tape here and we'll head To the range lfg let's go guys I got the Elk shaped AAE stabilizer kit on here Shout out to AAE I got 1 oz of top and Six in the Back that dog's crazy dude crazy always In our shot Lan no matter what like she Knows she knows when we go out to shoot Yeah whatever it Whatever It Takes Whatever it takes guys Dan is really Good at shooting his bow he's been doing It for a long time but uh if you're like Me and trying to get better at shooting Your bow just know that we're doing this Together true yeah dude I'm thinking 50 Is very very close yeah so you need 50 Looked good so we just skipped the four Play went back to 80 and you guys are Going to see we're going to spend a long Time here a long time sing Luna is Sneezing do6 is where my Dogs let's go Jeff we got to get to the Archer range we need this we want This still low to the Right pretty good height it's left in The back of the lungs but it's a good Height okay I would drop down one more Yard so what is your sight pin going to

Be at 8 you're at 80 I'm but you're Sliding past 80 to figure out what Actually 80 is correct take a break your Arrows and tell you I'm probably around 85 87 somewhere in there and you're just In your windage 12 O High yeah that one's yeah this is a Lot of fatigue coming in just cuz we're Shooting so many arrows in a row a Little hot here let's shoot two more Trying my best it's like you're grouping Low okay you need two out of three shots We're low so we're like okay disregard The high okay guys we are now at 89 88 Y80 that was good heighty really and Then we adjusted too far right here on The wind but then check out the height Though great money sweet definitely Right yeah you have to go back ways but The elevation seems to be money dude Good maybe that's why I shot so horribly But again you printed out my sight tape Thanks for letting booger well you were Supposed to give me correct 80 yard s in Didn't you went to the Archer range came Back and said this is 80 in your own 80 I I'm my middle P0 I To inspect what I expect team Effort that a surprise break it was and It looked Good sound crazy shoot another round my New my my arm after I release again is Like go bab leaving instead of like Staying put

Yeah good look Good this is going to put you closer and Then we'll I do want to get you in a Hinge for a while yes just to basically Break this little hot I'm honestly after TR your command shooting after I this Might be the the ticket we're going After I shot that one the new one we saw From Apex correct Evolution Evolution Let her float um just open your hand up Slowly is a good Break that look like a good break yeah See excited let me shoot one more round Yeah round number resilon just trying to Dial it in Baby money hot hot top of the 10 good Break all right we're getting there six My arm my arm is about to fall off but Dang look at that that was Good you have no binoculars you can't Tell really Ling on me I'm telling you Man no one more 9192 drop it to 9091 okay and you will shoot an 11 here Look at that break Yeah that's a damn good group is for 80 Yard especially the best shooting I Wouldn't shoot another arrow and I'm Going to work with that sight First Sight to let's walk down here's a little BTS on filming you guys always ask Behind the scen so we got a long lens We're about 7 yds behind Jeff shooting

With a 7200 on manual focus so he's Pressing it's got 120 frames a second And batteries ready double memory cards Each card is 512 gig will'll chew up Your battery life as well we're running Audio on a boom mic there as well so Jeff just just shot at 80 yards and his Sight set at like 90 I would say 91 90 And A2 I think your 80 yard marker is Going to be And that's what we're going to measure With the calipers good wow good job Jeff Jeff is you you're like talking thir Person got to Hype yourself look that Group bro that's so good I'm stoked with That I Mean okay I'm good we had no win be Patient and take your time it may take Several days to get your marks lot Closer for you for sure all right guys So I slid Jeff back to home we know 30 Is on and we know that 90 is his 80 so We're going to take the sight tape off That we printed I'm going to put it Right here on this ground that was a bit Of a pain just got the calipers off Amazon they're digital they're super Easy 1.015 Precision cut archery baby we just Went in all I did is I just adjusted Your marks yep so instead of that old Number I went to the new number and just Updated it and then all you have to do Is print it a new site

Tape Easy Peasy I would like to start printing These on like um Shipping paper yeah for Sure that'd be a good move talking to Josh about sending these files to him And him printing them on Glow-in-the-dark sight tapes oo we'll See if he does that entire gang off so We just took the whole site the gang off So we could place the tape perect tape So It's the gang back 50 are doped we'll be Good to go you got no more excuses son That's awesome let's go sh go all right Bopping all the way to Baseline test Number two for Jeff today Baseline test Number three for me we're bringing you Along our journey to improve our scores We want you guys to be inspired to Measure and manage your own scores we're Getting ready for tack but which really Gets us ready for elk hunting and we Want and just be transparent with our Scores last week Jeff shot a 130 I shot A 180 we're going to shoot similar Course there's more people here during The weekday which is a good thing but it Means we have to kind of work around Them respectfully come along Baseline Scores going down we shot the Squatch Twice as cuz we didn't know how many Targets we'd be able to shoot with all The people on the course so we said

Let's get on the Squatcho nice shot then the deer that's About to fall Over okay your turn Jeffrey all right That's a great shot right here oh yeah Check little Left my shots pretty good the Squatch Scoring rings are pretty small you got To like you remember that little white That cotton stuff is in there that's Where you want to put it and you can't Really get a 12 that one cuz it's shot Out so I gave us Tens still got a eight that's good this Uphill shot is so hard It's Tricky for Sure it's a tiny Target I'm honestly Stoked on this one because last time I Hit the spine got a 10 and I got a 10 on This one I was able to really like my 30 Pin is like at his belly now you know Though yeah Exactly 61 Doll left right or sorry right yeah That's a that's a hard shot right there That one that one was for sure got a lot Of steep downhill that was a Redemption One for me from last time we shot the Doll twice we saw a bunch of other People we didn't know what targets would Be available to film when we're shooting Targets we kind of hog up a lot of space I can't see It so I missed yeah that gave you a Goose egg no goose eggs dang and then

You got a a five you just missed that Eight but look at the height it's a good Height shot I did not give myself a 12 On that One hey guys just so you know I can't I'm not with Dan to like judge the arrow Or anything cuz I'm setting up the next Camera angle but I guess we'll just have To trust Dan I'm giving you benefits of Doubts so you got an eight how is your Arrow going further in than mine on some Of them I think the foam's just shot out Okay Okay cuz there's a few targets you'll See where yours are buried deeper than Mine that look like a little bit of ACH Low but I like It Jeffrey cut 10 we're shooting okay Dan 10 time to heat up Yeah you realize there's guys who shoot 20 targets and scored as how many up Really so 10 beautiful background There's a lot of people that guarantee Will shoot at least a 10 and they score Based on how many up interesting and Then there's Us all right Jeffrey all right good Luck it's crazy how I punched it gosh Freaking dang it Jeff's mad it's a great Shot Jeff got a 10 Dan got a 12 Jeff got a eight Dan got 12 minus the One goose egg you're rocking up scores Seriously I'm really stoked for

Sure that corway fox is hard that was Amazing that Jaguar is impossible to see Where to Shoot definitely kind of on the shoulder I thought I drilled the Stag 12 spoiler Alert that's not a 12 10 Yeah I this I mean I can't see the Rings I see the rings with my binoculars Uhhuh Oh I I wanted it a little more right and A little more up all right Jeff your Turn There you Go that a little Bit little Right you mis range that yes and your Range finder battery died I mean I just Completely ruined that that's such a Horrible shot but we're going to move on To the next one and just forget about it There you go people relate they might Have made a horrible shot yeah so Dan Ranged the backline at the same thing That I ranged that front stag for Whatever reason differential yeah it's Hey guys like we live in 2 hours from Canada it's cold like don't leave your Rangefinder in your garage at night it Would like smoke your battery that's why I bring my Rangefinder inside this time Year yeah you got dead battery but you Brought a backup battery right not for This not for the rang finder where's This

Go what' you say 63 yeah I did go back And shoot a really nice arrow through There when no one Makes sense that's why you're so high Cuz that Lion's so that Lion's now Almost 70 for sure okay well I blame my uh see My Rangefinder See boom great shot you that was a sweet Shot okay I'm going to go score him Jeff all right Jeffrey's cutting the Line we're going to give him dang you Barely missed that 12 and then's got a 10 we Got 10 that's not that good of a shot And a five for a 10 for Dan probably Would have got a 10 if you had got the Right Yardage that's a good shot though look At that at that you Got 10 for Dan and a 10 for Jeff great shot on the Lion Guys if you shoot a dinosaur just know That there is metal right Below found out the way by the way this Target shot out too so it's like Impossible to get a 12 on it we got to Start shooting the Only low that's the same shot how did That now watch this guys all right here We go look at you flinching pushing and

Pulling we're going to do more of that I Hate that that completely missed right Do you have another arrow you have Problems what do you mean I'm calling Joel Turner we're going to get you on Some hinge nothing you BL Bell that was A fatigue thing I guarantee you if we go Out right now we can do it forever we Want yeah that's that's something new For sure all Right see how that 12 shot out you can't Really tell the line most beautiful shot Of the day look at the mountain in the Background yeah nice shot man all right We Got dude you're shooting so much better It's so much better for sure wrapping it Up just can't have any goose Eggs yeah we decided to shoot this one Twice we're not counting the second one We're just tinking around at this point The long one it's the longest shot of Our course Today 125 do a should we do Mulligans Comment below I don't think we should What do you think I don't think we Should no I don't I agree dude Everything shout out to the bluebird day We Had this is just a Hy I was sweating out There every detail matters of this shot Yeah so I was just basically saying we Shoot these long distances just to Magnify any mistakes it's not like I'm

Going to shoot an 125 yards that's good All right Jeff's got two shots to go and Total them up all right Jeffrey dods Baseline two it's already better new Sight tape took a lot more poundage in The trigger made the trigger harder How's the stamina you're not wearing out At this point that's a lot of arrows Yeah I think we had a big a decent break Between like that Lion and the dinosaur Like it's a lot of shots like back to Back to back just to stack them up and One at the mooves so again doing a just A second shot this one doesn't count for Score we just both wanted to shoot it Again neither one of us loved our first Shots but our second ones W 125 so we Have barely enough clearance for one Your [ __ ] Van's down down 110 clearance And the farthest he's getting is about 110 yards for clearance so we moved him Up to 110 which you've never shot this Far never shot about past 100 in my life Till right now are you sure this is Clear yes you're Clear Bo Baby Bo Bo is home that's a damn good Shot a phenomenal way to going to score These arrows and a recap last video I Shot so you cut the line here with an Eight on that first shot of yours and I Got a 10 mine's the higher one that's my First shot over there somewhere no Didn't the guy homeboy found it oh yeah

That's right all right this our last Target of the day that felt good man Jeff shot and uh furest shot he's ever Taken what' you get buddy oh Jeff you Got a 10 and I finally got a freaking 12 On this shot so I shot it's crazy we Like don't know our score until we get Home and edit the video totally we could Start keeping score but we could I help Your score so much going on with cameras I don't think I want to write down Scores and try know the we don't know The scores no we don't we have no idea I Know for a fact just on execution wise These shots were way better than last Round so And you got I should be close to maybe 190 or 202 I'm up 22 points from last Time is someone like that and you are 148 you're up 18 points from last Time today Improvement totally all over The board I personally would like to Always shoot over 200 that means like no Fives and if I get maybe I make up for It and I six or seven sessions but every Time we shoot this course It's The 0 y with his I think we're going to Make a video guys this is Jeff's idea to Go out there and reset the course up and I have some ideas I think it Be a new s going to see th showed you Guys that came out here and shot this Course I think we both improved yeah I

Definitely improved I felt pretty good Today and I think you guys can know that Look at between for me two three Shooting sessions going from 163 to 180 To whatever I just scored Jeff starting At 130 to whatever he scored today those Are improvements confidence is going up But we're not done yet we're going to go Ahead over to a little public land spot And check for some uh white tail sheds And then we're at the time of this Recording we're heading to the Western Hondt so we'll catch up with you guys There a lot of you there PS I'm more Stoked about Jeff hitting that 110 yard Shot he's never shot over 100 yards and Getting a 10 and just seeing like what Excitement that got for him and that's How we all got to be man we got to be Stoked for each other like Jeff I'm Genuinely stoked for you man thank you Cool guys we we knew you you wanted us To do some like reaction stuff to this Stuff and so I'm telling you right now Like it's not easy shooting on camera it Is a little more a little more pressure More pressure but sure also when you Realize that like hey man I'm not a Professional Archer this is where I'm at Right and this is not where I'm going to Be when it matters so we do have bear Season coming up real quick here spring Bear and I'm about 10 times more Confident than when I first started

Shooting 3D in the winter here a lot of Guys do winter league paper targets Right and that's a great way to go I Actually haven't done that yet I thought I was going to do that this year but my Target bow is still on back order Matthews is cranking out the bows and I Don't have one so I actually prefer 3D Targets to be honest oh yeah but I got Mad respect for you know pound and paper That's cool for you you were right your Sight tape that was not on it was off by 10 yards 10 the nice thing with that Precision cut archery shout out to Tristan is we just went in and made a Quick adjustment yep you know so my Sight tape is actually not exactly on Too when I made that 125 yard shot I Actually slid to 122 so I need to make a Couple small adjustments which is great I will do that and I think for you I'd Like to check out we're going to Probably get him a hinge because he shot A hinge this weekend at the Western hunt Expo at the Evolution outdoors with Dale Perry and He had a little shot trainer and I mean Je Jeff every shot was like you did not Know it was going off NP whereas I think With a thumb button you're still tempted To punch on some instances yeah I say What Joel Turner would say is I would Give up on it right like I'd start start Start start and then I'd see it like oh

My gosh there's my Bullseye then let go We all can relate to that we all can and I think the that hinge is pretty cool Because we're going to do a full video On it but you can go back to the click You can take the click out to where it's Just a vibration and you'll still know That that's the click it doesn't make a Sound and you can actually turn and let Down and it's it's impossible for it to Break so like on a hunting scenario and It hooks on and stays hooked on so like For white tail like I'm interested in This release as well that to me was the Biggest game changer because for me Beforehand when you couldn't hook in It's it was always just this cat and Mouse game of like is it in is it not is It in and that's what she Said and then I would start to pull back And I had no confidence that it was Actually hooked in yeah so the fact that You could just clip and go We're going to do videos on that I'm Actually going to call Dale right now I'm going to try to get his release aids On my site I'm going to try to get some In hand right now to do a video I want To get Jeff Jeff wanted the aluminum yes Medium large we got to actually it's not It's a hinge no no no sorry with the Thumb Peg yeah with a thumb Peg which is An option Tyler wants one he wants the Medium large in um brass and I wanted a

Small medium and Brass so I'm going to Order those and get them on the website And do a video on those ASAP guys this Was Baseline number two Baseline number Three I don't know when the next time We're going to do this to be quite Honest it might be a little while but We're going to bring Tyler Denham who Runs the elkshape gear Channel out to do His Baseline with us and we'll hopefully Smoke him make sure you check out we Will smoke him make sure you check out All our channels we got the elkshape Training channel that Jeff's running Elkshape gear channel that Tyler's Running and your home base elkshape Separations in the preparation catch you On the next one

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