Do or Die! Expensive Practice…

Do or Die! Expensive Practice…Dan is challenging himself with the steel deer target from 100 yards. His last attempt ended in failure and he’s out for redemption! #elkshape #abt #archery

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[Music] Guys welcome to the channel Today Do or Die the metal deal challenge I don't encourage you guys to do this Unless you Are really rich sponsored or you just Don't give them I'm none of those we are Filming at my dad's Ranch this is where We shot the 300 yard shot if you never Seen that video I'll link it up there I Wanted to challenge myself I did a video At home with the metal steel Target at 70 yards and I couldn't get the 4in Doughnut hole um I burned three arrows And I was like cut I was like all right Screw this we're going to go to my dad's We're going to set the metal Target up At 100 and I'm going to shoot until I Hit it's harder than it looks but first Roll the footage of me shoot and here we [Applause] Go [Music] [Applause] [Music] What we doing there guys do or die today This video is going to be a little Cringy cuz there's going to be some uh Carnage but I'm trying to elevate I'm Not trying to be average I'm trying to Be better than average so we're going to Have some Do or Die shots I'll show you What I'm talking about come [Music]

[Applause] Along There's next baby for SMGs SMGs shoot some long Bombs It's like got to be 150 yards this Is a 365 the 24 in with the 14-in core I've Had this target for 4 years leave it out Year round and when I shoot out of side Just pull it out flip it I'm carrying These on my website now because I think They are the most durable Targets on the Market um let's Go wases it range from Here it's about 140 basically I made a Video a couple weeks ago introduced you Guys to the steel Target and I was like I think I was at 70 yards with the 8 in Busey dropped it down to the 6 in got Foam dropped it to the 4 in burned three Arrows and I was like no more well today We're going to we going to make it Further I'm going to shoot at 100 and I'm not going to stop until I hit foam Inside the little circle and it's really Hard to aim we'll bring you along let's Go H shape Senor how many shots do you Think it's going to take for him to get It in there not very many at all let's Say five five shots Dan what's you're Over under 30 30 shots yeah it's really Small and it's hard to aim at it sucks To aim at not making excuses I'm just

Being being for real so what's the true Yardage it's 100 yard and I couldn't get It at 70 the other day I tried three Times so we're going to use the new lift 29 and2 we got to set up for a hundo Here we go all right guys do or die here We Go 100 come on Baby How's my spot spotter I don't see your Arrow you're not going to see an arrow When it hits a steel you got to see when It tell me you got to tell me what it Hit I heard the clink no it's going you Got to tell me did it hit right did it Hit Left high Low oh that moved [Applause] It I heard foam no you're in there You're in there in the very bottom okay We did it so I got it at 100 yards that Is so hard that's a hunda that's believe You don't have your bow elevated much at All this it's a fast Bow we'll shoot there's no Drama I'll just keep shooting guys Because [Music] Oh that felt like a perfect shot what a Hit good shot him in the Kneecap he ain't going very [Music]

Far oh that's money that had to be a Good shot okay I brought lighted KNX Let's just see if we can get some Lighted knock going oh yes are we good Here we [Music] Go I didn't see a lighted knock I didn't Either is that still rolling yeah just Keep rolling it fell the the red oh it's On your arrow now oh yeah yeah okay [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] Dang it yeah I saw that one was it [Applause] Left Money Sick dude let me try to hit that Target Way back there that's with a totally Different grain Arrow you know What once they K one I heard foam just a Little left all right guys so you saw The footage let me introduce you To this guy you saw him on the hunting Video was good 60h Hour film hopefully You caught that he was on there and on That hunt I asked him to maybe work for Me over at elkshape uh so we're going to Do more with Jeff but this is Jeff dods What's going on Welcome to the channel That's right I challenge y'all who wants To come out test some of their arrows You know a guy on Instagram said dude Why would you do this like you're

Risting arrows and I said because I Don't want to be average and I wasn't Trying to be koi I think shooting at Metal steel targets with $50 arrows Really puckers my put the puts the Pressure on for sure and I just need More reps of that because when an elk Step out it is like you've worked 364 Days for this one shot don't blow it Let's [Music] Go trying to pick up a chicken trying I'll taste it to you okay it's in the Corner now grab it pick it pick it up Pick it up I got it good enough I need It I'll Take It Outside Dan what would You rate your drone flying skills at 1 Out of 10 2.3 2.3 yep new firmware it's Always new new firmware every week big Kick come on you there you [Applause] Go dude you got to show the camera Something the tubers that's right let's Do a wheelie or something I was chewing My gum and it was so hard because your Cheeks are squished in there what's up Guys come on in this is my dad's little Man shop this is where he keeps a lot of His memories from hunting this is is the Electric fence for the horses so it's Going to tick the whole time uh this is My dad's best Bowl it's in a Montana Bowl I filmed it it was a incredible Shot he made 70 it was a 70 yard shot

And uh the bull didn't go 20 legit so That's his best bull in Montana that's An Idaho moose here he killed that with Me in Montana I filmed that couple of His wife's Bears this is a really big Bear uh called that bowl in for my dad That was cool it he shot it in the snow Took my dad Caribou hunting when I was 21 he got That uh oh yeah I called this bull in For my dad he shot him frontal that is My dad's Colorado uh Muer he shot with my buddy Cin he's got a bunch of other stuff in There anyways here's the results of our Test today so I basically wanted to just Shoot at 100 yard at the 4 in diameter With the metal Target because I don't Want to be average I want high stakes Pressure I want to know that I'm going To lose a $50 Arrow if I don't make this Because I don't get a lot of Moment of Truth throughout the year realistically This year I've only killed two elk and a Couple of turkeys so I've only had a Couple moments of Truth so the rest of The time I'm just an Allstar in my Backyard with my flip-flops and I don't Have a backpack on I'm not in a Crouch Position I'm not dur rest under fatigue Homesick and physically sweating to Death so anyways the point of this video Was don't be average how can you not be Average I'll tell you right now you and

Your buddy start putting money down on Targets and betting join a winner League Get your actual score aim at dots shoot Vegas faces and see where you're at just Measure manage but I really want you Guys to get better that's why we make These videos to you my challenge for me Today was that I was using several Different arrows I was set up for this Arrow a rip TKO weighs 425 and I hit the Target pretty fast with that then I Busted out some eastn uh easn axis with The lighted nox this weighs 470 and it Took us I think to well one shot didn't Make it that was our first and then this One made it in there I haven't been Using lighten oxs in a while and I kind Of want to use them again so more to Come on that we're trying to find the Best light of knock in the world uh it Kind of puts weight on the wrong part of The arrow but it does look good on Camera guys you got a lot of options When it comes to YouTube thanks for Choosing us take home message step up Your game elevate your practice raise The stakes raise the ties separations in The preparation we'll catch you on the Next one

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