Does He Punch The Trigger (FNG)???

Does He Punch The Trigger (FNG)??? Today we’re building a bow for the new guy on the team and we getting you behind the scenes of our day to day at ElkShape HQ.
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[Music] Little bacon burger cook bacon inside The burger while it start to cook Welcome guys we are going to do a bow Build for you today this bow build is For Jeff dods I told you all he was Coming to the channel I'm giving him uh A hand me down 33 it's pretty mint we're Going to get it tuned up and set up and We're also going to uh Feast on some uh Bison Burgers been a minute since we've Had Josh do B build let's [Music] Go how you like my new display I like it I was just complimenting you when you Were here he was like nice here to there Are all the giveaway bows that I'm going To start in a couple of days it's going To be the 10 bows of Christmas IM is the Light poundage so like what's the lowest It goes 50 well actually no 40 cuz it Has like 40 to 55 so I got to pick out Like a kid or an old guy or a lady to Give that to well let's talk about bills Now so we got to hand me down phase four Oh you want me to check him yeah check Him out hold this boy accountable I'm Still in this turn around give me a Wingspan across the back far as you can Stretch it uh arms forward just tiny bit There you go okay so like most guys he's Not quite as long as he thinks he is so He is uh 28 and 1 half to 28 and 3/4 and On that bow since it runs long I would

Not run a 29 cuz it's really more like 29 38 29 and2 so a 28 1/2 would be the Closest and you're probably be one side Or the other to that so I got to go swap That behind the scenes is a cool day We're meeting up as a team I've never Had a team hi Tyler hey you get a lot Further in life with a team than by Yourself so only took me a long time to Figure that out Tyler runs a gear Channel and is also my hunting partner a Lot of times which is a a loose way of Saying we share responsibilities of Getting animals off the mountain Together and sharing Camp also means That he eats real food and so a lot of Times he'll make real dinners and I'll Have a freeze dried and he's like I've Made enough for both of us and then I'm Like well that worked out Perfect um Jeff's the new guy here he's Going to document everything brand Manager of elk shape and uh it's nice Cuz I don't have to use tripods and sell Film lot of stuff right now we're headed Down to the print shop that does a lot Of our apparel and uh we're going to go Check out a new run of hoodies and then We are going to hop on we got a meeting With a company called Matthews archery Startup it's a start it's a small Startup was Wisconsin let's build a bow Do I need to take that camera do you Over sure super simple to change these

Out there's no bow press required the Cable is going to sit against the module A little bit when you take it out so Just pull one screw out and then when You start backing the other screw out Pull the cable off back it all the way Out so it doesn't pop the last little Threads out but they there's no load on It that requires you to press it so just Clamp it down or set it on the counter Pull it out put the other one in screw It back in you'll have to push that out Of the way a little bit but it's that Simple cuz I'm going to do a bunch of This this way looking good um I'm Getting uh the new Baker with a floor Stand so the the vice will be on a floor Stand Baker is better than own p uh I'd Like to have at least a month or two of Work with it first um but yes I do think It is I from what I have seen thus far I Do think it is I will give a long-term Review after I've used it a little bit More but so far very impressed shamess Plug well you know I sell all of them so It really doesn't matter to me yeah I've Got all the omps he the OMP jig coming Out that they announced at ATA show in t Last year that is a good question so all The people asking when my jig is going To be ready I'm going to say well that's Hasn't taken as long as om PE So 3 2 1 destroy just easy Seek and Destroy

Look at that little laser ety isn't that Spiffy how many of those you have made I Think three really yeah so he's getting One of so the Matthews edition of this You can't get for another month or that Back order almost every bow the first Like 10 we sold everybody wanted that Rest on we had 50 we have none but I did Have them online at first didn't not Realizing there was going to be a Problem getting them back in is that Their version of like engaged leg limbs Uh it's it's honestly uh it's not Anything like it but is that's the Concept does it keep the cam off the Ground uh so their cam actually keeps The cam off the ground now it's Interesting they have a a little little Nipple on it yeah a little nipple that Sits on the ground that sticks down from The camp what I'm going to do is I'm not Going to watch any of your bow reviews Not trying to be a jerk but I'm just Going to wait to see what you actually Hunt with and then that'll be my bow Review okay there you go see what I did There that's one way to do it cuz I know Josh is going to use what Josh likes so You just moved here what were you Shooting yeah and you bought a house in Washington not Idaho correct so I Question like the intelligence in your Brain at this point personally why cuz We can't afford it oh is that much more

Yeah yeah I Haven I haven't tried to buy A house over there or anything go check It out just out of control bad we tried Trust me man I I you you would think Okay I guess we can live in Sand Point You what I told you I told you I had to Help you would think yeah you would Think that with all these you know uh Caring giving policies that people would Want to live in a state like this right No no that I think that's the proof in To put in there I was like well like can Use my uh non-income tax tax to buy out Of state Idaho Tax so mhm for now can For now as long as they still exist That's the other scary thing yeah we Tried Idaho we tried that's tough man I Mean I honestly dude I I I'd have paid It anyway yeah and you're going to pay State income tax and you're whenever I Set a cord on one of these things I just Pull the cord tight I put it through This the cable so it's actually held in By serving draw it back once and that Sets the tension to where where it's Going to be maxed out there I'll mark it Pull it through tie a knot in it melt it And slide it back up and your cord Length set as long as you don't change Your draw length or anything like that She good and then you don't have a part That's screwed on there or clamped on There that you're hoping doesn't come Loose at some point it's a cool company

The great PMW he's crazy serial entrepreneur this Is Grayson nice to meet you nice to meet You one medium next cell and the next Cell Than How thrilled are you right [Music] Now I I'm interested all right the the Multi cam options folks liked that one Better on the the hole do you have the One sewn on or was that like a I just Stuck it on there oh you faked it yeah I Faked it [Music] Okay That fast that fast dude o they're Pros Around here all right guys well that was What y'all voted on our poll this is an Official I believe this is the multicam Tropic it's a 112 I like it I like this Is a 6606 YP Classics officially Licensed multicam so this is not just Some kind of like knockoff camo this Would be if you're a multi- cam fan this Is going to fit with every other garment You have we're going to run this sucker Through paper make sure we got a decent Hole we'll check the peep heip cuz it'll Probably need to be changed but before We bother cutting it Loose let's just Make sure it doesn't line up for you Where it is for sure if it doesn't line

Up we'll cut that loose move that around Get that good but might as well tune the B first in case we have to change Anything I.E knite what have you so with Your point there you go okay that should Be in the bail somewhere you go that is A great starting point for me if you Want to tweak it more we can but I mean I'd want to know what a Broadhead does Before I got too picky at that point but I can move it around if you like we can Pull it back in the draw board and check The timing make sure it's right but I Don't think you'd get that close to up And down tear if the timing was out at All so technically that's a little tiny Bit Point low tiny bit point right we Can move the rest around I'll check the Timing but if you get within this Parameter for me I'd immediately go to Shooting a Broadhead and a fuel point And check the two or if you don't want To shoot broadheads you could shoot a Shaft with the appropriate amount of Weight on the back of the arrow and Shaft tune it and check it from there Because you're probably going to change When you get this beautiful perfect Paper tear there's a good chance you're Changing it anyway so I don't fight too Hard to get this perfect if I'm Immediately going to go to the next Thing and check if you're not going to We can play with it a little bit but

Either way I'd still check the timing Just to make sure let's just do the Basics check the timing all right what Arrow did he use this is a rip TKO Elite 300 the one with a wrap on It and those are are those Q2 I mhm yeah Q2 I and the stock bendable insert yeah They've got a new rest that um I'm Pretty excited about that's called the Everest and the difference between this I would say this is an Epsilon on a Budget so what you're getting with this Rest is you're not getting the the Wraparound bar that is traditional with An Epsilon which is excessive because The bearings and the internal components In here are super beefy anyway so I Don't see ever wearing it out but you Lose the wraparound bar which does make The rest a little lighter you gain Screws on the outside to adjust the up And down where on the Epsilon they're on The inside and they're a pain in the ass To get to so that's a big plus but you Also lose micro so your windage and Elevation are going to be a slide you Loosen a screw you move it you tighten It back down if you're not a guy that's Going to mess with it yourself at all Ever then that's not something you Really need but if you're going to tweak With it it is really nice to have the Micro adjust but this is $75 cheaper too So something to consider this is just

First day on the job what is this job Everything typically I try to shut work Down at about 4:00 we start early in Case you think we're slacking and that Just makes me go shoot get the kind of The Mind reset and then um do a workouts I don't love training in the mornings It's no secret but um I will if I need To right now we're going to get you guys We're going to shoot a little bit and uh We'll bring you Along timing's so good and haven't Touched it once that's out of a lot of Errors to this bow 90 70 and then I'd Like to check the the the fix pins hey All right it's close to an 11 one more Just make sure it wasn't Luck [Music] That silicone lube looks great see what Your draw length really is and you'll Find that is measuring out at 28 and2 Dead center perfect perfect nice so that Mark was at the end of the shelf so I Cut this arrow down to where it's the Middle of the bolt hole so when you look At the hole in the in the Riser I took This Arrow apart cut out what I needed To so those measurements measured up With whatever your draw length is Measures right down the center of the Bolt hole cuz the front of the the Riser Position is a lot different on a lot of Different bows so to the center of to

The center of the bolt hole is the draw Length measurement so when they measure It's inch and 3/4 in front of that hole But I cut an inch and 3/4 off of this Measuring Arrow so it measures out Accurately got it okay so this cable is Not touching barely and this one is so That means this Cable's longer than that One so we're going to put a little twist In this cable to try to shorten it to Make them hit at the same time just St is that good hang on Yep you should be Okay that's a little more centered Definitely yeah little bit so once I get That set I'll mostly be right here and Right here so if I'm adjusting your Levels which is why I really need that Other one to get here Baker Ido oh cool yeah he's close by He's uh he's a cop he's going to be Retiring pretty soon so it's not been a Full-time job for him definely got a Tik Tok account yeah does he yep I didn't Hear I'm not on Tik Tok but I he posts All his Tik Tok videos on Instagram yeah And it's got the little Tik Tok logo so Why don't you uh why aren't you on both There Daniel I'm not into spyware so You're only into American spyware yeah Got it got it it's hard to find one that Works well but there's so many different Sight rails that it's just really a to Find one that like locks in good that's

Actually that actually reads good so It's just this that's off oh well that's Probably why it Loos the Goose There you go that just needs to be Bumped a little bit but your Real's Fine it's kind going to be okay pretty Nice second access adjustment on this Site it's easy to get out and it's a Really budget friendly three pen Vertical what's your uh well I don't Call it budget friendly it's it's okay I Mean there's there's a decent amount but It's all there's it's about the same Price as a spot hog I don't think so how I sell them that's that's 350 bucks I Sell them you don't it's 350 bucks which Is about uh I'm just compared it to like Oh or a dialed a dialed or a 5 three pin Vertical sure those are are redonkulous Yeah well but when are they going to do That uh every video that I get Opportunity to I will tell people so you Can go ahead tell everyone to bug UV to Make the three pin go ahead hey uh Everybody out there get a hold of UV and Bug the out of them to have a three pin Vertical please thank you check every Video good whenever you're Comfortable 432 grain Arrow 75 lb Ms mhm I think that's was % let off mhm mhm 28 And half inch draw mhhm 280 go ahead Okay I'm go 285 just a what you were Aiming at before you be fine with the I Like how confident Josh was right there

I might have had that too high you'll Clear it just fine I just don't know Pick Up there you go oh 281 some what do you Know it's like somebody does this for a Living I want to keep this in the middle So he has all the range to move it so I'm going to use the course which is a Nice feature that this site has a lot of Them don't this actually has a course And a fine adjustment yeah I like that So you you you really can finitely set It for yourself photo chromatic deal and Don't forget about the legs It's all the girls stump their feet like This why' you got to do that I'm going To have that in my head there rest of The day uhhuh this my all the girls St The feet like this what kind of speed You guys think this going to spit I was Thinking 280 what do you guys think you Were thinking 290 you lying Sack that's that editing thing where you Look like it right when you weren't I Bet oh my gosh I I called That I do this for a [Laughter] Living o smack all right guys so we got The Bob Bill done for Jeff Jeff welcome To the team we're glad to have you bro So what we're looking at right now is The phase 4 uh a hand-me-down 33 that's Pretty mint it's got the engaged leg Limbs it's got custom strings gas bow

Strings the one piece quiver it's got The by the way I'm 6'6 when I stand on a Chair Josh is 65 got a 47 in inseam he's All Leg yeah we went with the um qad With the the MX2 which is awesome and Then we got the CBE Tech Pro three pin Vertical three pin micro yeah uh this Going to be a great bow for him it fits Him well he's got a good draw length not No problem setting it up no went up like A dream didn't have to shim anything and You got the micro on the rest to be able To fine-tune it when you start shooting Broadheads cuz you might as well just Get it close and go right to broadheads Make sure it's perfect I want to finish This video with two things one a lot of You guys ask me man how do I get started On working on my own bows I'm glad you Asked that's the whole reason we make Our content we want you to be reliant on Your own abilities to not only diagnose Problems but fix problems Josh thank you For teaching me everything that I know For real problem but let's give these Guys a rundown on some like five things They should invest in I'm going to Obviously pick the bow press as my first Pick because you need one should they Just get it easy green and bolt it to a Table B press easy green hard to beat Got to do it vices there's a lot of them Out there Revolution Vice is what we Have here really a big fan of the baker

Visce check those out those are new for Us and you'll probably see that in my Workstation going forward Podium string Level to actually sets your levels on There it's pretty critical sets it on Your string puts it on there lets you Know what level is so you can adjust the Other stuff gen two level goes on your Rail not a little more expensive than That but it is necessary to set your Rail on a movable site assuming you guys Are using a movable site loot pliers if You're going to do your own string work You're going to need Loop pliers to put On a [Music] Loop

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