Early Shed Hunting Tip

Are you ready for shed hunting season to begin? Here is an early Shed Hunting Tip that will find more antlers when the shed season really kicks into high gear during the late Winter and early Spring.

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Now on to offer an early shed tip shed Hunting tip and you what we're doing Down here right now is exactly the Opposite of what you should be doing Especially in some areas where you Expect the antlers to be falling a week From now two weeks from now 3 weeks from Now we're here on January 2nd I would Estimate that our average shed time Where we still see bucks holding the Majority of them holding would still be Early February and that being said I Want to come out here and Scout and so The number one time to scout deer from Me is right after the season ends which Is right now the season ended two days Ago it's a great time to see the sign That actually took place in October and November not at the end of the winter Time so when you're shed hunting uh February and March in a lot of Traditional shed hunting hotspots and You get into shed season that's at a Time where you deer made it through the Season and they've left a lot of sign From the winter time which is not Necessarily where they're at during the Fall and so I want to ask actually Scout At a time where the deer are actually Reflecting in their in their movements And looking at scrapes looking at rubs Looking at shavings on top of the leaves Looking at pel count beds I want that to Be reflective of the hunting season not

March not February and not April so we Want to get out here right now and look Around but at some point we need to pull Back and that's usually when I'll go Into areas where I'm going to make Bedding areas where I expect they not to Be deer they're right deer in the winter Time so we're pushing them out because Something that you have to consider if You're going to find antlers on your Property or in an area where you're at You can't start looking too early you Want to look just in time so you're Hitting that sweet spot when the antlers Are coming down so I'm looking out here Right now I want to come out here and I Want to look for sign I want to look for Locations where we need to move stands Adjust stands adjust access look at rub Scrapes we just looked at a stand Location we call it lost track to water Hole and I want to make an adjustment There I want to move it and it's because Of the sign that we're seeing right now And how they go around that location It's just an it's just an area where They don't the deer don't need to go and We're finding that out over the last Couple years it's just out of the Wheelhouse of of movement it's right Next to the Wheelhouse movement so we Need to Relocate however if I want to find Antlers in these locations and I'm using

This location in particular because Barry has dropped his antlers behind me Within 150 yards two years in a row Right by each other 70 yards apart and So I want to make sure that if Barry's Going to drop his sheds out here or a Buck like him then I don't want to Spook Him off prematurely we're out here Scouting right now and eventually we'll Lay off this location we're not going to Be out here all the time we're doing a Lot of scouting right now over the next Week and then I lay off and I let those Bucks I let those deer settle back into These areas we have food we have food Standing down here we have some good Brascas you can see deer tracks around Here you can see where they've been Forging on brasz or a location like this So they've been down in this field we Have food here we have a lot of food It's just a small hunting plot we have Food everywhere up top so I going to Allow these deer to settle back down Give them at least three or four weeks Of forgiveness where we can say hey These antlers might stop might start Dropping mid February I want to be out Of here middle of January and then let The property heal let the deer become Familiar with the property and not Getting spooked off so they can drop Their antlers if that's what you care About and then we'll come back in here

End of February and look for Antlers We'll give a good month let these bucks Settle down because when we're in here Right now snow on the ground right after The hunting season we're pushing a lot Of deer we're spooking a lot of deer we Can't wait to get in here and Scout Though so you have that balance do you Push deer keep pushing them keep working Out in the woods keep moving around or You let proper to heal this is a Location down here where we'll get into A point where we just won't be through Here this whole property right here we Left alone till about March last year And it wasn't just aners we had Sharpshooters CWD Sharpshooters within The area so we didn't come want to come Back here and spook a bunch of deer off Of where we have good food and then get Them shot three miles away over a corn Pile under the cover of darkness and so That was part of it too I focus more on That I'd rather deer not get shot um Finding antlers is really cool it's Always fun to find them but uh my main Focus is getting deer through the season Getting him through the winter safely And bringing them back next year Building that herd having a great Hunt Building Wildlife populations and uh Antlers are somewhere down the list There I love finding them I love sheds But if you want to find sheds on your

Land you have to know when to go in when To get out I would estimate look at that 3 to four week period time before you Expect sheds and make sure you stay off Your land now what we're doing with that Being said is we get up into areas off To the side where we don't expect deer To really Bunch up this is down in our Ravine right here we have land going up That way land going up this way and so This is a very remote area that we want To stay out of so you need to keep in Mind we do if we're building uh bedding Areas down here you know building Bedding areas in Late July August is not A bad time it's hot sweaty buggy but if We're going to go into an area like this And work during the winter time then That's when we're going to get in here So always think about when you're Getting back in the land and when you're Shed hunting when is that time you're Going to spook them away and I'll even Mention this too when we were up in the Up of Michigan it's really bad to get in Those deer yards and and really push the Deer around they even rerouted Snow Trails up in northern Minnesota is Really smart and this is decades ago Because they found that when the trails Went right through those deer yards They're basically taking days of energy Away from Deer at at the end of the Winter so in a strong winter if those

Snows are constantly going through yeah Those deer might just bet 100 yards off You probably even see them when you're Snow through they just look over at you But it increases their heart rate it Burns energy and it lowers their ability To estand a long winter and it lowers Your survival rate so just moving Snowmobile trails let alone if you're in Some of those deep northern areas when You get a lot of snow and we're blessed This year with not a lot of snow but you Have to think about that when you're Outshot hunting and that's why they have Areas out west where they're not letting People go and look for Antlers U elk Antlers whatever it might be because you Want to give those deer that those Animals in general Wildlife a chance to Settle down not burn energy that Ultimately takes from them towards the End so think about that in these Upper Midwest states you know think about the Timing when you're actually spooking Deer off your land when you can hold Them on your land and again if you're Out here all the time don't expect to Find some antlers at the end of the year And uh and of course in the case with us Where we have CWD Sharpshooters in the Area during the winter time putting big Corn piles out then you don't have to Worry about that anymore so enjoy shed Season be realistic with your goals and

When you're out on the property maybe Feel like doing work put it off to the Side a little bit and uh and use some uh Use your head a little bit when you're Spooking deer potentially off your land As it relates the timing of when you Want to find those sheds so we'll talk About that right now and you can bet in A couple months we'll hit some really Nice shed hunting topics and where to Look for them but for right now it's all About timing and making sure those deer Are on your land if you want them to Stay on your land when they drop their Antlers this winter I appreciate you Guys watching the YouTube channel but I Don't know if everyone knows everything That we have to offer whether it's on White til habitats solutions.com our Website our whs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company also Instagram you can check out I'm very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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