Easton Match Grade Arrow Components | ATA Show 2024

Easton Archery, the leader in arrow technology, has released an all-new line of Match Grade components for their 4mm and 5mm hunting arrows. These components improve the strength and durability of their arrows while offering additional weight options to increase FOC and total arrow weight.

What's happening everybody I'm Justin Zar with bow hunting.com we are at the 2024 ATA show down here in St Louis Checking out all the great new archery And bow hunting products and uh Something that I'm super excited about For this year because I am already Shooting East and arrows is these Upgraded components that Easton released For this year so you guys may have seen A couple weeks ago Easton announced the Release of their Pro Shop exclusive Arrows these are going to be Factory Fletched with AE AAE hybrid veins and They're going to come with this upgraded Component system system now the main Upgraded components are going to be for The 4 mm Arrow so that's a 166 inside Diameter so a micro diameter Arrow out Of the box standard with all of the 166 Arrows the 4 mm you're going to get this System right here so as you guys can see This is kind of a combination half out With a collar built into it so it's got This centering technology in the the Component that goes inside the arrow It's kind of like a washer or a gromet Right here that you can feel is actually Centering that insert as it goes through And then there's a built-in collar That's going to protect about 38 of an Inch on the end of that Arrow right so That's going to help from blowouts That's going to help from things bending

And wobbling over time so it's a lot Sturdier of a connection on the end of Your arrow the one that comes with the Arrow is 55 grains and you've got three Upgrade options you've got a 75 grain a 100 and a 150 grain option these are all One piece so you don't have to assemble Anything they're going to come just like This and you just glue them into your Arrows out of the box so what this is Doing is creating a much sturdier Connection on the end of your arrow it's Going to help it maintain straightness Avoid wobbling avoid breaking over time Which has been probably the one knock on Like a half out uh style insert system So huge Improvement this year on the 4mm Arrows again you've got three I'm sorry Four weights available you got a 55 75 100 and 150 for those of you that like To build those High FOC you know High Total Arrow weight uh arrows for me Personally I shoot a 5mm Arrow I usually Alternate in between uh fmjs and axis I'll shoot both of them and I use the Hit insert on those they don't need uh a Half out because they're wide enough to Accept a point down inside of the shaft Now the knock on the hit insert system Over the years has been uh just the Beating sometimes that the end of your Arrow shaft can take when you've got a Point resting directly on the end of the Arrow shaft over time you can develop

Maybe a little bit of a wobble a little Bit of a mushroom so what Easton has Done to go along with the hit technology Is they're releasing these match grade 5mm collars so this is an 18 grain steel Collar that's designed to fit perfectly They're available for every spine size So it's going to slide perfectly over The end of your arrow shaft it's going To protect the end of that collar add a Little bit of weight to the front of Your arrow like I said about 18 grains And then you can screw your point point On so what this is doing is just Strengthening the end the connection of This Arrow um just giving you again a Little bit more strength a little bit More FOC a little bit more weight on These arrows for me I think this is the Perfect combination like I said I shoot Both an FMJ and an axis uh in the 5mm Size for me that's the perfect Arrow Size uh and this was really the last Component that I felt like East needed To create the ultimate hunting arrows You guys can see here I've got an FMJ 250 uh this is one of the pro shop with The a AE hybrid so this is all new for 2024 from Easton guys make sure you Check them out they make probably the Best arrows on the market right here in The USA I love me some fmjs and some Axis check them out

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