Easy Way To Spot Great Deer Habitat

This is an extremely critical concept that all deer need, as well as many different wildlife species. Do you have a good stem count per acre on your deer hunting parcel? Here is what stems per acre means, and why you, the deer and other wildlife species need it on your land…

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You know people look at this area that We caught last year and think what a Mess and why would you do that very Important that you have areas like this On your property and I'm going to talk About three important aspects of cutting This regener regeneration what I call Stems per acre stems per acre are Critical when you just look at it back You look at fawns and Doe's you find That successful fawning habitat has the Most stems per acre doesn't matter if It's briers like this hardwood Regeneration grasses weeds it helps with Scent dispersion not only just hiding That Fawn but also scent dispersion so Those areas that actually experience the Highest predation rates aren't typically The areas I don't think it really Matters the number of predators here and There it's more there's no hiding cover And there's no scent dispersion cover so A lot of white tail habitat goes back to Stems per acre the deer still have to be Able to move through we're on a deer Trail right here that we left open so That deer could actually come and go Through here in different directions Want to talk about food and when it Comes to hardwood regeneration in this Case we knocked down some big canopy Timber trees drop those down first and Then we happen to have a lot of Aspen Here so I cut a lot of Aspen down that

Offers several thousand shoots per acre Then there's areas of stump sprouting Hardwoods that I cut down all those Shoots come up we have a bush back here Growing because of all those coming in So all equal some type of brows and Browse is critical because unlike the Acorns in here that could be here today Gone tomorrow here one year gone the Next here in September October but not November December depending on the Number of Critters back here and how Many acorns there actually are this Browse actually offers food and Consistent food from September October All the way through March and April but It also offers consistent cover and That's a big difference a lot of times The acorns and Big Oak stands Oak Savanas are horrible because they offer Zero cover so even if they offer a food Source that a that lasts for a few weeks Even several weeks they're not there for The majority of the hunting season when Deer actually need it the most so the Food and the Brows is critical and just Because we have the Brows done down here Doesn't mean much because we have to Have we have the qual high quality food Sources up here high quality food plots Up here and so what this becomes is Daylight bedding and holding cover and That is critical if we don't have this Down here why are they going to feed on

Our high quality food plots up there you Have to have this in your Woods this is What deer this is most critical doesn't Matter if you plant apples down here per Simmons oak trees those are all kind of Or uh chestnuts those are all kind of Distractions acorns is more of a Distraction back here meaning if we Don't have this browse none of those Other things matter because we don't Have the consistent Forge for several Months at a time and we don't have the Consistent cover now when it comes to to Cover the stems per acre again to me That all goes back to with Wildlife that They have to have the stems per acre They have to have that that's goes back To fawning cover some of the best Fawning cover has the most stems per Acre like I said so we come back in here And whether it's rabbits grous we have a Lot of grous around here now or white Tails they have this cover that they Have to live in even the even this thick Stem count whether it's rers or the Hardwood regeneration it's so critical For hiding small Critters from above the Side cover side cover is King not hiding Deer from above it's great for small Game but the side cover is what hides Deer from each other and deer from Hunters so very very critical and we Come back in here I'll show you this is One uh Aspen regeneration shoot it's

About 5 feet already just just in one Summer of growth we come back here Look at this Aspen choot right here Pretty critical 7 feet tall then when You start coming up in here look at all This just thousands of them growing Up just stem after stem after stun this Will turn into an aspen Forest down here Offer cover offer food and then when This area's grown up a little bit 5 Seven years we can step over and do it Again so we always have this complement Of food and cover and what is all this Food and cover mean with these all these Stems per acre producing both it means Diversity of wildlife so this isn't all Just for white tails we love grous if This was next to our fueld Edge which we Have cuting next to our fuel Edge and Next to our switch grass and pollinator Areas then it equals turkey nesting and Pheasant cover when we get back in here And rabbit cover when we get back in Here it equals rabbit cover and also White tail cover grous so there there's A lot of wildlife species that benefit From creating cuting like this someone Said well you can come in here and get All the the firewood out of here oh we Got firewood Galore out of here in the Woods if we ever need it we can come get It but bottom line is when we first cut This these large logs that are on the Ground offer an appreciable amount of

Side cover without even any brows or Anything taking place at all so that Going into that first season we actually Have brows but by cutting during the Winter time like we do boy it just Creates a Bountiful amount of stems per Acre which ultimately equal a Considerable considerable amount of food That deer need for the entire fall and Winter and critters and deer need for Cover all year long so we're happy the Way this is turning out um it's pretty Cool you can see back here I like this One back here where you show this Hardwood cutting and then look at all The stems coming up around it you have All this Aspen coming through here you Can see with the deer what it looks like When they nip it they just nip it right Off it's just all brows and who knows How tall this was they just keep nipping It down you see on these Trails is where They'll be nipped the most but then look At this right back here look at all this Growth that took place just in one Summer time and again this all adds up To a lot of food and a lot of cover for All types of wildlife but man on your White tail property you have to have This and the cool thing is when you do You have diversity of Wildlife and we All love Wildlife really enjoyable to Come out here and look at this and I'll Add one other thing this is probably an

Acre of cutting total in this location It was probably two 2 and A2 tanks of Chainsaw gas we have other cuting up There another one on the other side of That we have cuting right up on this Point we have cuting on the back side of That point we have cuting up along the Field up here over a 2-year period we've Cut in this location so we can take an Area that's 25 acres 30 Acres create Four or 5 Acres of cutting and that's All we need and then 6 7 8 years later We can go into another location make Complimentary cuts on the side of it This is something that you can have a Renewable resource to have wildlife and You're always changing cuz this is our Holding area this area right here I Don't care if they're holding there over There but this is that area food's on The outside and that consistent Structure of movement and patterns will Maintain the same for decades to come in This land as long as I have something to Say about it I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that We have to offer whether it's on white Habitats solutions.com our website or Whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than

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