ELK SHOT AT 3 YARDS! Unbelievable Bowhunting Action

Paul Morrison makes an INSANELY close shot on a Wyoming elk! Don’t miss this awesome bowhunting action!

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Foreign Welcome back to another episode of bow Hunter die where I sit next to the new And improved older version of Justin Czar are we always older every episode We're a little bit older that's just Kind of how it works well it just Happens to be just another birthday Today it is at 43 years of age and the Yeah Top don't know is it and the Conversation we were having was whether Or not he could make it to 86. we'll Discuss that after as far as I'm Concerned one of the coolest hunts that I've seen in a long time that's got me Fired up for my New Mexico trip a couple Days away yeah for sure What do you think I think we should stop Talking and let the people watch what They came here to watch Foreign guys well good morning and um Welcome to my second day of elk hunting Here the other day we went in and tried To Hana area we're gonna go back into That general area today Dale can kind of Move through Um whenever they want to but anyway What's going on with me is I've been Guiding quite a bit recently Um basically friends on the first day of September got a lot of good animals with Dust and Bighorn Outfitters I can Normally do

Um if you notice this garage is a little Bit different than what I normally film In Um we did a little bit of a move right Before the season which kind of cut into My Um early season guiding like antelope And stuff but we still managed to do a Couple of those and get one Antelope so Uh not doing too bad right now but Anyway I am trying to find my elk Hunting stuff Which I have most of it put together but There's some of my clothes and stuff That I just haven't been able to find And also extra batteries so I'm gonna go Ahead and finish getting stuff together Jump in the truck head up there hike in And hopefully we run into some out this Morning so hopefully it's fun and we see Something good so let's go Such as color trying to beep up We're sneaking into the point we need to Be at hopefully we see some help I'll see you guys when it gets late Good morning guys and welcome to Wyoming Uh me and my buddy Randall is running The camera back here somewhere Um We're trying to kill some elk this Morning it's a bunch of Hell coming uh We're not just the perfect spot but it's Not a bad spot at all here And come up this Ridge and then

Sometimes belly through here so got a Good shooting Lane here got a good Shooting Lane down there hopefully these Bulls come in It was uh it was about four decent pools With a bunch of cows in there so Randomized account I have a bull tag so Let's hope that we can get it done this All right guys we're in the elk right Now we've got Um a couple bowls up above and Bulls and Cows down below us It's coming in he's running it man Is hammering it Okay It looks like a pretty good ball They come into I guess my calling is getting better Now All right It's coming It's coming behind you Oh I could have touched them Oh yeah oh Listen let's keep it calm you've still Gotta count that That was the coolest thing ever holy Smokes that was the most epic figure Laughs What was that I Was like I seen him coming up here I was Like man he better he's walking straight

At me luckily he turned Rolling yeah Absolutely smoked him At what five yards oh he's not in five Dude he's he's two yards Um we haven't even went down to the ball Yet we've kind of sat here and just Enjoyed it you know I can see him here 79 65 yards or whatever I want to go Down here I'm going to show you guys how Close this bull was it was under three Yards Um Honestly sometimes they're really hard To hit at that point just because you Can't even hardly aim can't find your Peep and everything but anyway I'm Guessing the arrow blew through them the Shooting there's uh nap Um Well with a Thunderhead Nitros that's What they are Nitros same same head my Wife killed her bullet and Johnny Herman Killed his a couple years ago with so We're gonna go down here and I'll show You a little bit and then uh we'll go Get our hands on the boat so let's go Right down this Trail Right on this Trail right on this Trail Right on this Trail And there's where it was right there so Put this bow down real quick so as you Can see I was right here next to this tree

Right here at like two and a half yards And Randall was up there at about 15 yards Bull came from there Down this Trail Right here And oh there's my arrow right there blew All the way through them Look at that that is what you want to See And we're shooting that Thunder and Nitro Thunder Nitro has been Good to us over the years Um Delisa shot her Bull with it last Year a lot of confidence in it and That's what I like about it There's blood Get some close-up of the blood right Here to handle that All right There he is boys and girls Foreign Demon this morning well boys and girls What an absolutely cool hunt this Morning and it couldn't have worked out Any better you know uh we got into these Elk we saw some above above us my buddy Randall and I came in here Um you know about a week ago I've been Uh was able to hunt some deer and just Hadn't had any success yet and Oak Season's right during this time also We're guiding you know my buddy Jim Sisley we just killed a really nice mule

Deer the other day and so that allowed Me to try to chase uh elk today so Randall and myself ran out here got in Here super super early and The Bulls were screaming and that's you Know that's every elk Hunter's dream Every Hunter's dream really and as luck Would have it we I was able to call this Bull in and he came in a little bit Closer than we thought three yards uh Right in front of me GoPro behind me Randall was running the camera did a Great job at that and uh you know this Bull ran about 65 yards and just tipped Over so this is uh pretty freaking Awesome Um awesome to be able to do this with a Friend and in this beautiful country so We're gonna this bull is gonna eat Phenomenal Um not as big as my wife's from last Year but if she doesn't kill one this Year and I got her beat for this year so Uh we're gonna go ahead and start Cutting up here and Boy enjoy the moments and enjoy the Enjoy the success because there's a lot Of failure to get to this point so Beautiful five by five Um yeah screaming in our face that's What we live for here we go one step at A time Get to the top of this hill It's not too bad from there

Oh Welcome to Fat Camp boys and girls Once again It's only really bad steep incline so Taking a break I have to remember this Every steak night for the rest of the Year All right just got back to the truck Got all the packs here Wasn't horrible I've had worse I'm gonna go ahead and get this meat up In here Go back and grab the rest Uh I got some Waters All right round two Head back and grab the head keep and one Hindquarter so This pack shouldn't be very bad at all Go home maybe throw some Tenderloins on the grill this afternoon See Or maybe shoot a deer this afternoon Options aren't endless all right just Getting back to them The sun's coming out nice making a Little bit warmer this morning it was About 45 degrees so they were screaming And stuff Flies are starting to get out I'm gonna Get that packed up get the head rolled Up Pack out of here

With that heavy load to start Makes it a breeze on this load Got everything loaded up ready to rock And roll get back to the house do some Cutting on it Beautiful day to be alive boys That was pretty cool Uh making some breakfast here I am going To try kind of a breakfast elk deal this Morning so I cook them up enjoy the Fruits of our labor man Let's go Foreign Well when you talk about bow hunting That right there is what happened that Is as good as it gets I mean the thing Was so close he didn't even have to aim He literally just pointed his bow at it And shot it it was literally that close Like unbelievable what an unbelievable Hunt I mean I don't know what else to Say I'm not saying anything else all I Can think about I'll be dreaming about That because quite frankly that's I'm Gonna watch it 50 more times I agree I'm Just gonna keep rewinding that one part Because it is like the coolest thing Ever so congrats to Paul what an awesome Year he had last year and it's kind of a Shame right because you know by the time Paul goes hunting and we get his footage We're pretty much into Whitetail season So like the antelope hunt that we saw a Couple weeks ago and then this one these

Were both from from last year by the Time we get that footage it's October And we're in just like full-on Whitetail Mode so we kind of had to hold on to it For a year you know knowing that like we Can't wait to show everybody this Footage you know and it's hard it's not Going a little bit it does but I mean It's kind of fun but then we need to Start the season but if you're Paul You're like dude I can't wait to show The world this awesome footage that I Got and oh by the way we gotta wait an Entire year for everybody to see it but We appreciate Paul for being patient With us and waiting for the perfect Timing to release this because I know me Just getting back from my vacation from Colorado I mean Justin I'm driving Around and just you could see people Driving by next to their buildings Practicing you know and then I made it Into Utah and then I met some guys who Already were hunting so it's like it's Time it's good time it's go time baby So Speaking of go time we have a good Question this week from a fella named Randy dunmeyer this is for our ask the Experts section uh brought to you of Course by the fine folks over at Lancaster Archery Supply So Randy writes In he says I'm fairly new to Bow Hunting I am currently shooting a phase four 29 Inch draw length at 65 pounds I'm

Shooting a 300 spine arrow with standard Inserts and 100 grain broadheads what Would be an ideal total Arrow weight for Whitetail hunting so we're going to turn This over to our buddy Mr PJ Riley and See what he's got to say Foreign Hey guys got a great question today from A guy who says he's a new bow hunter and He's got an arrow question so he says He's shooting the Matthews phase 4 29 29 Inch draw 65 pound draw weight and he Shoots a 300 spine Arrow standard Inserts 100 grain broadheads so he wants To know what's an ideal overall total Weight for an arrow that he would use to Bow hunt whitetails well this is my Arrow right here I'm 29 and a half inch Draw 70 pounds basically the same specs This is a 300 spine arrow with standard Insert 100 grain point I shoot 100 grain Broadheads and this hour weighs 435 Grains I use this to kill two deer last Year so I wouldn't get hung up so much On the weight of your arrow for bow Hunting whitetails as long as you stay Within the specs so this is a Black Eagle Spartan this is nine grains per Inch that's not light and that's not Heavy this is very middle of the road so Whatever Arrow you pick you know there's Going to be super light ones that are Going to be down in the eight grains per Inch range and then there's going to be

Heavy ones you know that are up 11 12 Grains per inch Any of those are great you know but if You want to have be able to shoot out Some distance keep that trajectory flat You know go with something that's more Middle of the road if you're anywhere With your specs with an arrow weight of You know 410 to 460 grains you're going to be Just fine All right well thank you to PJ as always For that answer I got to admit I thought PJ was going to be a little heavier on The on the Arrow side here's what I'll Say with this guy's measurements 29 inch 65 pounds he's shooting at 300 spy arrow In my opinion he's probably a little on The stiff side I'm shooting a 340 and I'm shooting a 29 Inch draw at 70 pounds with the standard Insert and that's working out pretty Well for me but to each their own they Say Todd how heavy is your arrow this Year any idea I'm still thinking about Justin pulling you're really pulling Something you really you really aren't Most adult males pulling 70 I guess I'm Not considered an adult male anymore I guess I must be maturing and pulling 70 pounds these days I mean everybody Should chime in I mean there's Definitely been years I've been 65 67 But my bows cranked all the way down to

70 right now I thought about going to 75 no I didn't Know not gonna lie I can't do it I just Can't do it you're shooting about 60 Right it might even be a little less Than that but we don't need to go into All these do you know what your arrow Weight is yeah I want I want to say it Was 470. Greens 470. that's what I believe mine Was I mean that's a good weight I mean You're shooting kind of lighter poundage So it can't be moving too fast just Don't shoot very far I I never do shoot Very far so we've already had this Conversation that's true everybody's Leaving their comments on our our video That we posted about that book that you Passed at like 40 yards and everyone's Like you should quit messing with the Camera and just shooting the thing I Don't shoot fire I know I dude I'm with You I'm 100 with you everybody is a Keyboard expert these days and they Always shot that deer right in the heart Every one of them nobody would have Missed or made a bad shot I always Smashed him so my my arrow this year Currently Is just shy of 500 brains I'm shooting An FMJ 340 with a standard insert it's Like 497 so somewhere right around there You go although I'm thinking about Building some axis arrows when I get

Back from this Kentucky trip 450 460. I gotta pick up a little extra Speed and just make all of the heavy Arrow people angry That's what I feel like doing I might Even go 4 30. who knows that's what PJ's Doing it was good enough for PJ it's Good enough for you and me Justin just Likes to get you keyboard People out there just all fired up I am Just trying to spread the good word out There I had a guy message me this Morning like having some problems with His bow and he's like I'm shooting a 650 Grain arrow and I was like dude I Thought it was a joke I was like this Guy's got to be trolling me right but no He was not I'm like bro what are you Doing are you going moose hunting or Something Rhino hunting you go you're Going giraffe hunting you don't need it So anyways we are going to jump out of Arrow chat which is always one of my Favorite things we're going to go into Trophy photos we have some good ones for This week these are all wait no two of Them are definitely from this year one Of them has to be last year because Missouri is not open yet first season so Let's go into the trophy photos for this Week's episode Dakota Cantrell Logan Morrow And Matt Powell Well congratulations to everybody on

Some fine animals for the trophy photos To kick the season off we are going to Give this week's winner to Logan Morrow I think is how you say it with a Beautiful Antelope out in Wyoming and a Great trophy photo but we gotta say a Special congrats to Dakota on a fine Tennessee velvet Buck it looks like There's a bunch of big Tennessee velvet Deer killed this movie speaking of that Brody's was awesome Brody Swisher our Editoring.com did kill a Dandy box so Congratulations to Brody as well but he Didn't submit his trophy photo although We probably could have just put it in Here if we were Brando could you put Brody's trophy photo in here I'm sure he Was already thinking that extraordinaire Well I know but we don't have it here in Front of us we just got to make sure Todd To be what was it what was your saying The other day I have to be clear is to Be kind or something like that what was It what was it say it to us again I'm a Little disappointed I'm not sure you Were paying attention or not to be Unclear is not to be kind Yeah so I basically had it correct I Just had the opposite to be unclear so Our goal around here is to reduce Justin's passive aggressiveness and to Be significantly more clear with Everything everything that we do good

Luck with that All right everybody thank you for Watching as always make sure you like Subscribe leave all of your comments and All that fun stuff be safe out there We'll see you next time bow under die Build the electric Welches Are they a sponsors

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