ElkShape Podcast – Jerry Carter (Carter Enterprises)

ElkShape Podcast – Jerry Carter (Carter Enterprises) – Jerry is an archery innovator and inventor, he’s been paving a pathway for all us archers for over 50 years! #elkshape

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Guys welcome to Oak shape podcast uh We're in southeast Idaho kicking it with Uh a legend Jerry Carter how are you A legend in my own mind oh yeah that's What your wife would probably say right Yeah she probably wouldn't yeah well Thanks for letting me tour your little Factory and get to know your staff you Got a small cool little team going there How long you guys been in business well I've been making releases since the late 60s oh really yep Yep whatever you see out there is Usually a copy of one of mine that I've Either discontinued or that they're Making now I invented the first wrist strap You're kidding me no Keith Barner was a Friend of mine he gave me one of his Concho releases And I took it home and I didn't like the Concho very well so I I had a belt and I cut a hole in it and Put his strap or put the strap on it and I went to shoot the sectionals at Kalispell Montana and he was up there Shooting And I said Keith look what I did your Release and he says Jerry that's a great idea you mind if I Use it I said nah go ahead And 20 years later I got a cease and desist For one of the wrist straps I was making

From Bill Scott And I said bill you know rather than Argue with you why don't you just make Straps for me he said okay So And he doesn't uh Scott's not even in The game anymore are they well they they Sold out and uh Bill Scott's son-in-law is uh yeah oh Yeah B3 owns B3 Yeah oh yes right outdoor group So anyway Okay so you've been in the game a while I have and uh I I never did like just the regular Hooks that you had to That that's all it was legal when I Started shooting a release So the minute I heard that Trigger releases were legal I was Shooting the tournament in in Preston Idaho And they said that they were legal and I Went home and I worked all night Made me my first trigger release and Went back down and won the tournament With it and uh guy says can I see that And I said sure Well that release came out Later on I won't say who made it but it It came out and they did well with it Okay so so far We've had a guy getting his ideas kind

Of if anyone asked to see your next Release you probably shouldn't show me Oh no I I'm joking I I feel like the archery industry has Done really good for me so yeah I don't Mind them taking a few of my ideas and And going running with them do you have An engineering background no really I I don't read very good So When I close my eyes I see Pictures And I see all my releases before I ever Go to making them Oh It I used to go for drives And plan what I was making on my next Release and I got closing my eyes and I ran off the Road so I don't do that anymore I believe you yeah that's great uh well You have a beautiful place here in Idaho How long have you been an Idaho resident All my life really born and raised here In Saint Anthony Rexburg Rexburg guys Okay And uh I I built this one To match the old Ledger release that Pete Shepley made And then I Made it the first double sear release That uh Was made

And It's just incredible the trigger on this Thing So this is like one of your first Release dates you ever made yeah this is Pretty much the first production one I Made I made them all by hand so Wow go ahead and try that trigger Oh it is very light wow I used to make them So light that you couldn't them With the weight on the trigger the Weight of the trigger would actually Set It Off and I built that so that would go Right in the Right in the uh Crease in your thumb And then I'd stand there until it went Off Then I got out of making releases for an Archery for quite a few years I had an Automotive machine shop okay I board Blocks and did valve jobs and ground Crankshafts and stuff like that Then I decided I would get back into it So I made a release That was kind of like the old Fail-Safe Lloyd Napier was a friend of mine but I made this one out of with a guy in Teton Which is over here about five or six Miles And This was

Just an incredible release I I'm a I'm a Trigger man Why don't you make this one anymore this One's pretty slick Oh I make them as good as that yeah but This this took a lot of a lot of hand Work And I made how much was this one called 20 of them And took him down to Vegas And they were gone in the first hour oh Yeah nobody had ever seen anything like This well hopefully you took some Pre-orders while you were down there Well I was working about I was working 24 hours a day About five days a week and it almost Killed me so Then I got a little help and stuff like That okay yeah so I was first introduced To Carter Probably shaking your son's hand Forest I had bought a couple releases And I don't know how weed got introduced I Think it was an archery trade show but I'm not for sure but I found out he was From Idaho and we kind of hit it off and He liked a little bit of heavy rock and Roll and metal and and asked me some Fitness questions I think I sent Forest A couple workout programs I don't know If you ever did them I never heard back From them but that's how I met him and

That's all I've known and then a couple Years later Several years later I saw that you guys Started working with um I'm a friends with John Dudley and he Sent me a backstrap release and he Wanted me to try it out and I was like This looks like a Carter release and Then I started figuring out that the Knock-on releases were really you guys Were making those and those have done Extremely well yes I do camps all over The country I've done it for five and a Half years I'll have anywhere from 30 to 40 guys come to Camp to learn how to elk Hunt and the first thing we address is Their target panic And I'm telling you for every three guys Someone's got a a knock to it which is Pretty cool and then of course the Evolution Um is that what it's called what's the One that Dudley makes that's the Yeah Silverback tension activated yeah See a lot of those that's you guys yeah That's pretty cool how's that worked out For you guys Uh it's not my favorite release but it's A great release We make A lot of a lot of them you said Something earlier today that I told you You're gonna have to say on this podcast And that's uh

Well it's about this guy what did you Say I said that this is the best release I've ever made I feel they're they're Just nothing like it okay you've got to Say that one more time this is for me This is probably the best release I have Ever made in my life It works on magnets Has only one spring in it and it's the Most Torque free release of anything I've Ever made Where the where the jaw is situated It's right over your middle finger and When you pull that baby it just It aligns so good If you move your fingers the jaw isn't Really moving it's staying in the same Place oh wow and then It's so easy to go from light to heavy I love this thing Yeah it's pretty ingenious that you can Carry with you the magnets and you can Increase the poundage yeah the magnets Are have their own little storage spot Right there yep Davey showed you all of That yeah I was really impressed it When does this come out that's what the Folks are going to want to know right Now wow yep right now you're getting the First batch that's pretty exciting and Uh I I put this

Uh lever on there that's off the Chocolate addiction so that you can Put the barrel for air anywhere you want And the adjustable trigger That's What I Call this Uh that came from I'm the one that invented it because There was a guy that worked at MIT or he Was a student at MIT And He had some of my releases and He didn't think I did a very good job of Engineering it because I just took a Dial pin those three quarters of an inch Long and Forced it in there And he broke his trigger trying to Change it from right hand to the Left-handed And So I had to make something that even an Engineer from MIT couldn't screw up so I Made the adjustable trigger yeah and uh I I was pretty proud of that and now Everybody makes it Let's talk about naming these things Because you guys have some incredible Names and I gotta know the secret sauce Behind that like and what is the Favorite your favorite one that you've Named so far that you're like that's the Coolest name we've ever had come up with Oh I don't know they did the names just Come to me it's like just because and

Then there's that was from Dave cousins Okay and we made the We were on a flight together coming back From uh tournament in in uh New York And he was shooting the target three and I said Dave let's make a release with Your name on it and we'll just call it The Just Cause So we took the target three And put a hole around it so that he Could spin it and if you watch he spins It And that's the only reason we put the Hole on it I've literally said that to People that for the I mean I'd shoot the First choice but I can't spend it you Know that's yup we're still archers are Silly and Dave cousins by the way those That you younger guys look him up he's a Legendary uh tournament Archer and bow Hunter um speaking of bow hunting how Many years have you been bow hunting Well I had a place to take a nap now I I I'm done shooting anything but uh I absolutely love to go out and hear elk Bugle hi I've got my spots Up on the continental divide that I can Drive up there in the evening And uh See anywhere from 500 to 25 elk every night

And it's just it's really fun to go up And listen to him bugle and And I I hunted quite a few years and I would One of my things that I would do was I'd Go climb a mountain and I would take a Rock and put it in my pocket and bring It back down and my kids had a Collection of all the mountains I Climbed because I'd bring back a rock From the top of them oh that's special Yeah that's cool yesterday I was in some mountains in Montana and I Told myself I was going to take a photo Of every Wild Flower I came across There's a lot of them I didn't realize But I'm going to send each one of them To my daughter She's uh she's turning nine this weekend And Um She does have a phone don't judge me but It does it's not like it doesn't have Cell service or anything like that but She can get a text at least from me and Uh so I'm gonna send her a text with Like a little bouquet of all the Wildflowers I picked but I like that Idea because you know when you're up There you're thinking about them too I Mean yeah you're elk hunting but you're Thinking about their family Well as far as I'm concerned that's God's Temple

Uh there isn't a place that I'm more Humble Than in the Redwoods We Was left reading one time instead of Going back the way we normally drive Back we came back on through the Redwoods and that and That that is the most Serene place I've ever been in my life Hmm it just makes you humble to see Those trees that have been around for a Thousand years What they've all seen in their lifetime It just makes you very humble Yeah I haven't had a chance to check That box but it's definitely just got Bumped up that's That's cool uh Reading that's a great tournament still To this day they call it the Western Trail or whatever do you still go shoot That from time to time I don't it's too Much for me to walk around there anymore And uh it's probably the most fun you Can have with your clothes on really Yeah sell me on why I should go because I've definitely thought about it Well you have targets from Six feet to 101 yards The famous elk or is that the famous Sasquatch that's that's not the elk That's the Bigfoot the Bigfoot yeah and We have always uh

Sponsored you get a 22 on Bigfoot you Get half off on our release oh and uh It's just a great great shoot it's it's A Best run shoot that I've ever been to in My life I need to check that out uh yeah So basically you two arrows and if you Hit inside the orange it's 11. so if you Can double up at 101 on a Bigfoot you Get 50 off you guys still do that oh Do we still do that I don't know that's a great idea we did The last time Forest went there so I Don't know yeah and so you would Probably an archery manufacturer hitting The old archery tournament scene did you Prefer IBO ASA indoor no I started on on 3D shooting okay A friend of mine named Vic Erickson Started the first 3D shoots there was Around and he would he would draw the Vitals on the animals that we were Shooting at and you'd have plus points And minus points in the first tournament I went to he Scored a plus I don't know 30. and I Scored a plus three oh and we were the Only people in the plus column So I kind of got hooked on tournaments But I I like the known yardages And because when you go hunting I always Use a range finder I don't like to make bad shots on

Animals so I that's uh Field archery was my cup of tea I Love Field archery yep Okay I have personally not been much Into the tournament scene I do think I Might slip more into it but the only Reason I would do it is just to become a Better bow hunter right and as a bow Hunter I'm always emulating Target Archers like what what are their setups What's their tuning what's their latest Tuning hacks and and whatnot when did You start working on your own equipment And learning how to to Really tune your Own equipment Day one day one it was all you yeah We've I started before there was Compounds Right and uh first compound that I ever Saw was an Allen and it was shot by a Friend of mine that uh Uh Dawn Can't remember his last name but he was Shooting the tournament at Office Park In Idaho Falls And Don Larson And he won the tournament very easily Because it And I thought that was pretty neat I was Going to do my best to get a compound And I would shoot the recurves until I Had no feeling in my middle finger

[Laughter] So what was your first compound bow Probably a Carol I've never heard of that one okay Yeah carols were made in southern Utah Okay and they were They were a nice bow and then I got the Jennings Tom Jennings building My friend Dean pridgeon Uh I just talked to him the other day he's 86 now 86 or 87. And He was he and his wife Have won mortar tournaments and any Husband and wife and there is around Wow Do you have a bow that Comes to mind as soon as I ask this Question that was the most forgiving the Most accurate or at least gave you the Most confidence that maybe should have Never gave away or Put away somewhere Well I I'm going to tell you right now every Bow you shoot will shoot in the same Hole Forgiving is Only from how steady you can hold it When the shot goes off The release Will make you a chump or a champ oh

Good sound bite And the relief is the most important Part of your shooting All the bows Dean Pridgen used to tell Me when he was the world champion and All of that he he used to tell me he Said Jerry there might be two or three Points in tuning your bowl He said but you got 10 in you So You're not wrong I really believe that Well I have a couple releases of yours On the table I'd love to get your a Sound bite or your narration of how you Designed it or what's your favorite Thing about her who it might be for I've Probably killed the most stuff with This guy right here yep that that's a Real good release for short draw lengths And you can it hook it on your string set in Your stand And it's all ready to go I love the short neck on it I really do And It's okay and I'll I'll tell you one of The best things that this release can do For you as well as this one They can Allow you To use a hair longer d-loop On your bow If you have a short d loop Like most people tie on

They Torque the d-loop a little bit and the Strings here what are you holding six or Seven pounds now You watch the string and it torques all Over the place So the longer d-loop you have on there The more it doesn't the less it affects The string so with a very short throat On them That will allow you to put the longer d Loop on And get better accuracy Because when you're back here I don't Care who you are you do not have the Same acre every time It'd be nice if we did but yep if you Have a beard That'll get in the way of your string Whether you have it on your nose this is Something I see quite often it's when People put the string on their nose You watch that string and it'll go just Like that where their nose touches it So Another thing they get in here and Really get a solid anchor Or what if you turn your head a little Bit then your anchor is different So if you can have just a nice light Touch on all of it just something that Tells you yeah I'm I'm pretty close and Then Center your peep Don't look through the bottom other top

Of it Center your peep and use that for Your anchor Because if you torque your string that Will make a big difference on where You're hitting it especially at long Ranges it's going to say that really Shows up at like the total Archer Challenges when you don't really work That Peep and Center in that you get Exposed John Dudley is one of the best Long range archers I've ever seen in my Life yeah I watched him shoot A little Cottontail At 110 yards Range finder my friend Jim bass says I'll give you 100 bucks if you can get That rabbit Hit the rabbit About 10 minutes later here another Rabbit comes out in the same spot Jim says I got another 100 says you Won't hit that one 110 yards it's impressive on a spot that Big around now I saw I watched John miss A 3D rabbit Um we were shooting two different Courses this was that Big Sky Montana a Couple weeks ago In other words I bring this up is I have Video of me calling him out but I was Like John didn't you just I saw you Missed that Cottontail today at it it Was like a 80 yard shot and it's it's a

Tiny 3D Target and if you miss they have It behind a bunch of Boulders so your Arrow is going to be blown up and uh he Was shooting with Jocko if you know who Jaco is no I don't and they shot and I Saw the deadly Miss and we were above And I brought it to his attention um when We're at the base of the mountain on Camera and you know he he's like you Know what I'm glad you brought that up Because I had to redeem myself so I went Back I think he sent me back to 140 Yards the next day and hit that thing Twice And I mean that's a shot most people Can't make at 50 and so yeah he's an Incredible Um he's really good for archery on the Note of John Dudley I think he's really Done a lot for especially new archers I Think he's done a bang-up job and I love That you guys are partnered um how did You get to know John Oh he used to when he was a little Snot-nosed kid We I used to give him releases and just Kind of Mander him a little bit and and Uh He went to work for Matthews and we Became friends a lot and He'd pal around with us when we'd go to Shoots Shows and stuff like that so yeah he and

Then when he went out on his own he Became just an incredible promoter There's none better than John Dudley for Promoting products And he is smart enough to To uh Develop very good products So it's awesome so it's working well for Both of you That's awesome What other what do you have to say about This release say this is the wise choice I think this is one of your most popular Skus it is It's uh It's a good release It cocked itself when you caulk it it Closes the jaw when you caulk it and It's just pretty nice for your hand I'm actually going to make this In this handle Oh really yep yeah we're drawing it Right now What are you going to call it Uh no name I we haven't thought of a Name yet I was she doesn't like to me to Call One The Whisper three or something Like that I vote with April okay that's Cool well I think that would be a great Idea because I do like the frame on this Like it does I know a lot a lot of guys like to sway Back and that's cool I I personally just Love that I'm I'm interested in that for

Sure Um let's talk to our index folks here Because I would say this is arguably The direction most new archers will end Up is some sort of index and uh remember I told you I do these camps A lot of these guys come in and when They want to When they want their shot to break they Rattlesnake they load up that index Finger and it's quapow and we definitely Do everything we can to mitigate that I think this really said right here in Your hand could be one of those that Could really help people develop that True surprise release Well I made I made the like mic for Michael Braden And I wanted to change a few things on it so We called this a like mic 2 and these They're both double sear releases You caulk it right here where your thumb Is and uh It's kind of unique because that one Piece has two sear points on it one for The hook and one for the trigger So it's it's pretty unique It is I don't remember where I thought Of that but But you stayed on the road hopefully While you thought of it you didn't uh Yeah I

I found it was safer if I just put my Computer in my bedroom and then fiber Optic Network to the shop so I can make My drawings there and just send them out There it's safer okay that's true Um with that release that we did today We added an additional spring and a ball Bearing and I don't think a lot of folks Even knew you could do that they're Going to know now once they see it on my Uh that YouTube video but Um I'm not a fan of heavy triggers you Like them light I like them light Why would I want To ruin all my good work to make them as Light as possible so that you can set Them off with just a uh blink And ruin that release and make it heavy Yeah the where the heavy releases came From was de-wild when we were making Releases with him He's an Idaho guy right right Was to Make them and Jeff Hopkins he liked his Really heavy And then Michael Braden liked his so he Can pull real hard on it When I pull real hard on release I start Shaking So I like them light I've I've gone to every extreme But uh If I don't have something that's about And out

I think they're too heavy yeah Well I think everyone needs the option To be able to To go light go super heavy or middle of The road like myself Um all the parts used to be hardened Like this To about 60 Rockwell And Went there hard at 60 Rockwell They you can machine them close enough That the Syria edges we had 6 000 sear Engagement so I said Before I put a set screw on it let's Just machine it so it has six Thousandths sear engagement And then this friend of mine says oh You gotta put black nitrite on them Because that that's real hard coding Well That didn't work out so good and a lot Of people were shooting their releases And the nitrite was coming off of them And and they didn't have any engagement Anymore So And when there's 60 rockwells the Triggers used to break Anytime you shoot them through the bow If the trigger is going to break right If you drive your new Cadillac into a Wall You're gonna break something so I myself

Have never broken a trigger Really never I can't say I have either and some of This release is pretty old uh The one thing I would tell you Is you have hinges thumb barrels or Buttons and indexes and We went through as many as we could Today and I'm like my camera started Overheating because we had gone through So many And they got And you could come back and you're Telling me today that this is the best Release you've ever made And so I think We got to spend a little bit more time On this before when you said this is off Your first production this can be a hot Ticket item for you Who gets to sell these first I know you Have a lot of dealers Me yay so you guys sell directly off Your website we we sell right off the Website They can order right off the website I Should say are these open for pre-order Right now yep oh my gosh we just Not e-commerce she says but uh Foreign 's been cautious yes about Putting a whole bunch of product in Stock and then not being able to sell Them people usually appreciate that I

Think we only made uh 50 large and 50 Small okay for our initial run And After shooting it Anybody I let you that they've got to Have one yep so if people find out about It we'll be out of those 50 in no time At all how many can you guys make a day I have no idea okay not enough not Enough is the answer Uh and April's your wife she helps you With the business how she always been Involved with the business April yes April is the business I'm just uh I'm The pretty face [Laughter] Oh Pan the camera to April Don't okay anyways your wife's about Ready to beat your butt uh You don't know how long it takes to make One But you are willing to do pre-orders Online right and you are willing to be The exclusive dealer at first which I Think I totally respect and I and I Encourage that uh The fact is No I I will let my dealers order Okay Order them I've gone around to several Dealers now and say hey Do you want to pre-order it get on the Bandwagon because right now we have two Men three Mills Just making these exclusively

Because I can see what it's going to do Yeah honestly the magnets to add Everything to for me a short draw guy Like this is going to be my go-to I Can't wait to shoot this uh wait till You see what it does for you at long Range I'm interested It's just I mean these guys are nice But you have that little bit of torque In your d-loop yeah this and you're not Going to have it And it's so clean off of there it's I'm I'm really excited about that and I've Had that that release for years in the Three finger version like that one Yeah but uh My son just didn't like it and that's All right so he never Never pushed it at all we have had less Trouble with any repairs on on the that Whisper to the air with a whisper than Any release we've ever made And If you get If you hunt in Arizona Someplace with uh uh lots of iron in the The or these magnets will collect iron Ore And then you might have a problem with Them so you push the magnets out get a Handy dandy Spray can of air blow it out maybe shoot A little WD in there blow it out really

Good put the magnets back in because You're on your way And the nice thing about this one It's really robust Let's talk about Barrel thumb barrels And brass And more grippy gription um I'm telling you as your new friend I'd Love to see you guys make something like This well but you can be my truthful Friend and tell me what you think about That idea First of all The brass brass is cool yeah it's Expensive But uh I feel if you have to If you have to get that good hold on the Barrel your trigger is way too heavy Fair And when you have them heavy When you have a big heavy barrel on There See that would set off most of my Releases if you had that Barrel on this Release you'd never be able to it Unless you did it like that right and Then when you're going for your face It'd go off ah yeah that's hot so shoot Them real hot I I like some of the uh 3D printed I know there's a lot of guys that are Making 3D printed barrels yeah and I I built that just

Just so people wouldn't be pounded my Dowel pins in and out of a trigger Without supporting it yeah one guy Was left-handed and he took my release And set it on a table and founded the Pin through without supporting the Trigger and went out and Went to shoot and the release came back And hit him in the mouth and he had Rotten teeth I guess and it took some Teeth out and we actually got sued over It oh you're kidding well that's when I Made something that would just screw in There how many times you've been sued Jerry Once once okay how many seasoned desists Have you gotten one okay That's the part of the archery too I Take that back too and the phone call Took care of both of them yeah that's Right you had To pick up the phone What what so you've been in this archery Business forever like uh Full time in the late 80s 1990 Let's grinding a crankshaft Uh 350 steel shaft for a friend of mine Named Maury Allred and uh My crank eye grinder was Getting old or something all of a sudden It jumped into the the crank and I had To take another ten thousands off of it

And it upset me so bad I said that's the Last one I'm ever gonna do so I quit doing that and started doing this Full time [Music] Um Going all in Looking back I mean you said you worked 24 hours a day Probably quite literally till it Affected your health Talk to some of my listeners who are Entrepreneurial I do have a lot of folks On here that do side hustles I encourage Side hustles I want people to work for Themselves I want them to have the Autonomy To go hunting or to spend more time with Their family I want them to work for Themselves because If it makes sense for them you're your Best bet What was your like looking back what Were some of your best practices Gambling on yourself and and really just Working for you Well when I had the automotive machines Job we were always struggling to collect The bills and all of that stuff So I started making releases and We had more money than I could spend so I'd buy a new machine and then would get That paid for and I would buy another Machine and then I needed help

Assembling all the releases and and It just I'm not a businessman never have Been April has a real good head on her Shoulders and she's done really well at Helping me really well [Laughter] A friend of mine in Rexburg Was letting me use one of their little Real small Mills and I Decided I'd start shooting archery again That's all there was was the same old Junk out there that been there forever For releases and none of them were any Good And so I Went went down there New Year's Eve In the afternoon and I invented one of the first double sear Releases that's ever been And it was You know half ounce trigger no movement And I've worked straight through all Night making that release And I showed it to A friend of mine Dee Wilde And from then on we just started Building releases Um Yeah you had a strike when the Iron's Hot and the idea the juice is Flowing Sleep can I I know there's companies out There that patent everything from an

Eyelash to to hangnail and I have gone the patent route on what two Releases And it's just I found out that I was Just working for the lawyer and and yeah I would rather My theory of business Is to obsolete myself when somebody Copies me and I just have another idea In my head and I just obsolete what I Just had hmm so where a patent is good I Guess is Is when you decide to sell your business Yep it protects that or whatever and I Just I never considered selling my Business because uh I figured I had my son that would Probably take over for me or and I'm Going to live well till I get all my Releases done I don't know when that'll Be Yeah so speaking of the direction of the Company Um With Force being in Iowa Um You still want to keep the in the family And have the family owned an operated Business Day to day yes and no yeah Some of those things are out of our Control obviously But going back to That January New Year's Eve story in

Patins I think patents make sense in a lot of Instances Jerry but I also have never Heard anyone stand up here in a business Like yours that could probably if Patents are probably really important Someone tell me how much would have Patent on the wrist strap be exactly how Much would a patent be on the adjustable Trigger exactly it would add up but You're you're like I I'm so good at what I do I'll just make it even better I'll Just make it even better to me That's the theme of this podcast is to Never settle and to trust that you can Make something even better Uh I did not see that coming that's Pretty interesting Jerry that's a great Philosophy speaking of patents there's a Patent on this new release from Stan It's got a thumb button with a click Have you seen that yet oh hell I made That for uh Oh how many years ago did we make that For uh David Schwab I made that I even made one with a a Barrel in it You just give the barrel a spin and Sometimes it would shoot and sometimes It wouldn't shoot oh I don't think I want that one Well it it makes you wait we also made The electronic one You're kidding oh no it had a a delay an

Adjustable delay and an adjustable Random so you draw back to full draw Squeeze the trigger and it would go off Between two and four seconds on the Delay and on the random you wouldn't be Able to get used to it going off between Two and four seconds because maybe one Would be three seconds and the other Would be four or five So it would get you used to waiting for The shot We made that for a few years it was Called the exit x i t And uh A friend of mine Ed horn was kind of Partners on it but send off and get the All of the electronics and I'd put it in The release hmm One thing that's unique about your Company that I've learned today I've had A good day this has been fun to get to Know you guys is number one where you Live I love your house I love your view Uh you guys are horse people my dad's a Horse person him and his wife y'all are Crazy That's a lot of work how many horses you Got I don't have any oh good answer April has 18 18. okay yeah my dad has none but his Wife has five so I get that Um you guys would hit it off by the way But uh the fact that you're you're Expecting a bigger machine shop to be

Quite honest I walk in there and Um what's the gal's name is it Bobby Bonnie Bonnie She's wonderful of the company I I mean I recognize Talent when I see it and she Was pure gold Um and so I just I got the idea like Okay this is a very intimate small Family owned and operated business and Then I find out that one of your head Guys You're putting them up in a house right Next to the shop and then Davey the guy I'm working with you're taking care of Your employees like people used to What's happened to businesses like that Like uh is that just something you guys Have always done Oh I think that uh yeah we'd have but I Think the reason you don't have a lot of Other people doing that is because of The greed And Uh A lot of times you'll train a employee And get them So they can actually make you money And they go do their own thing yep I've Had that happen a lot in my life so But we've got a real good crew who now Are Are two Vietnamese Stephen and Kent They they've been with US 23 years that's some longevity

And they They're both really good I I write a electric quad I write it 55 miles every day And that's a lot of paddling And I've worn them out I've put over 10 000 miles a year on them so we've jumped On our new lathe in there and make axles And all kinds of stuff for them you're Sure you're not an engineer no not me uh I even made bits for horses you did I Have a bit That just knock your socks off It's well not mine but my father my Father and his wife yeah they would You'd like it too it's it's a bit that You know the shanks are always welded on And stuff like that well these Have holes in it and it's adjustable the Angle of the shank so you can start a Young one on with no uh leverage on it And as you get them trained you can move It down so you have a leverage like a Severe bit and I made different Mouthpieces and all of that's adjustable And then I couldn't find the bit holder I wanted so I got some leather stuff and I started making some bit holders I've Done a lot of things I wish I had a Brain like that where if I want to make Something like that I'll just make it Myself how I want it that's truly Remarkable Yeah but your your employees and and the

Business and all that it's just really It's special to see what you guys have Created oh Wow I just that was probably my Highlight today was to find out Davey Lives right there and is it Seth what's Or Stephanie He lived right there and just good People and um incredible and then you You have more releases in your head That's that's exciting yes I do and uh My biggest takeaway was yeah one or two Points on a tune bow put 10 points on a Release I'm not gonna forget that I think that's Pretty cool and you you sold me I'm Gonna spend some time with that new uh Whisper Two I think that's gonna be the ticket Uh and thank you for letting me be one Of the first to try it out we'll make Some good content about that speaking of Content You don't buy ads in magazines anymore Do you guys still buy ads Inside archery God bless those problems One in Australia No no more how many inside archeries Covers have you guys been on none none Grand total of none haters well I don't have a relationship with Magazines anymore so I can be the Truthful friend ain't nobody reading Magazines anymore

Um I used to write for Bow Hunter Magazine rest in peace Dwight shoe he Gave me my first start in the industry Back in 2006. I like Dwight he's gold Pure gold human and heaves He was so into fitness and I really Wasn't a very good bow hunter or Archer Yet But I had a passion for it and I was a Very good strength and conditioning Coach so he gave me an opportunity to Write for them and that really blossomed Into some other things in the industry But the industry has changed to this new Digital era which has afforded me an Opportunity to Come hang out with Jerry Carter and April Carter and see their facility and Make a YouTube video that's going to get A lot of views and to make some Social Media stuff what's that like from your Lens seeing how marketing's changed over The years I hate marketing [Laughter] Ah they can make a sales ear sound like A silk person And then I see what they've done and Yeah I did that 20 years ago and It It's all right and then they patent it I Had the guy call me up telling me I was Infringing on this patent So I send him a

Dated Digital document that I had Of when I had invented it and when I Stopped making it He said Okay Good So yeah Now you've invented a lot of stuff You've been a key fixture in the archery Community what do you want to I want to Finish this podcast with this like what Kind of Legacy do you want to leave Behind Jerry Wick what like I know that Stuff matters to me I'm convinced it's Got to matter to you what kind of Legacy Are you hoping to leave behind what I Hope to leave behind is to make Everybody a better Archer to make them As good as they possibly can be Because When people look at my releases I don't Know if they see art in that but that's Art to me I have a very good friend that's a Wildlife artist and uh I told the lady one time in the store I Said That that's Clark Kelly Price we used to Make bows together when we were in in Grade school and he's a very famous Artist and she says well Why aren't you and I said I am this is My art

And I I'd like to Make people a better Archer I do make him a better shot I think you're doing that man that's Awesome I want to thank you for your Time It's my pleasure uh pleasure to finally Meet you face to face I've known about You for a long time April the heartbeat uh what's the Website people should check out Carterenterprises.com I'm assuming you Guys are on social media as well I'll leave links in the show notes of Their website how to get your hands on That new whisper too and how to follow Them on Instagram and someday soon They're going to make their own YouTube Channel if uh if I do my part and Convince them guys to make some more Content with me and guys remember Separation is in the preparation we'll Catch you on the next one Foreign

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