Ep. 17 Naked Witches, Zombie Deer, & Stupid People vs. Wild Animals

This week is a wild one! Witches on trail cameras, CWD hits Oklahoma, idiots taking selfies with dangerous animals, and much more!

Treestand Sabatage:
Tourists grab baby elk and put it in their car:
Witches on trail cam??
Kid “saves” deer in pool –
Giant MN dead head –
First Deer in OK with CWD:

Foreign what's happening everybody Welcome back to the pinch point I Apologize for not being here last week On Friday I know so many of you missed Us missed myself in Brando over here but It was a busy week we had to get ready For our annual bowhunting.com Pro staff Meeting which was uh Friday night and Saturday morning of this last week so I Do apologize but rest assured we are Here to save you we are going to give You two episodes of the pinch point this Week there's so much to talk about so Much fun exciting unusual stuff Happening in the world that we need to Let you guys know about the first and Most important thing to tell you that Brandon and I just learned Right before this podcast was that the Song Blinded By the Light made famous by Manfred Mann's Earth band in 1977 was Actually written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen in 1973. I did not know this Brandon and I were looking up the lyrics To Blinded By The Light which is a very Strange song Bruce had to have been on Some drugs for sure when he wrote the Song I don't even understand what most Of it means but we were looking up the Lyrics I noticed that it was written by Bruce Springsteen so we looked it up and There you go so it's like you write this Song it's a weird song And then you your album comes out nobody

Really cares about it and it's like four Years later another band from another Country covers your song It goes number one and here we are like 50 years later people are like oh yeah That Manford band song that's the only Song I Know by Manfred Mann do you know Any others Brando it doesn't matter like If you could you could contribute one Thing to popular culture that will live On for decades like that's all you need Like the pinch point This this no this is the only thing I'll Be remembered for Man do you think bow hunter die people Will remember me for that or will they Remember me for the podcast Maybe both or for my two appearances on Matthew's TV with Dave Watson back in The day they're like oh man I saw you on The Outdoor Channel one time or when I Won the Campbell outdoor challenge two Years in a row only back to back winners Ever Me I was the the constant my first Partner was Christine appleberg And then next year my buddy Mike Willen Went with me back to back Champion so There you go let's move into some Uh gosh I guess we're not even starting With hunting stuff but I'm gonna mention This just because maybe there's kind of A tie into popular culture and people's Feelings and whatnot so through

Bowhunting.com we get all sorts of Random emails all the time from like PR Agencies and ad agencies people just Putting stuff out there I'm like why are You sending this to bowhunting.com why Would we publish this like it doesn't Make any sense I got one over the Weekend I read it this morning and I was Like this is so strange I have to talk About this so Um It says in a new survey by compare the Market Australia which is like a website That I looked up that essentially gives You quotes on insurance which I thought Was very strange so they did a survey it Has been revealed that more than half of All Americans feel that their pet is Just as important as their children as Many as 55.5 percent of pet owners Declared as much followed by almost one In ten stating that their pets are in Fact more important than their children What What sort of human being Could consciously say yes my pet is more Important to me than my child the only Scenarios I can think of is like the Child has grown up and is now an adult And it like turned into like a Serial Murderer or something along those lines In which case I'd be like not my kid or I'd be like yeah okay maybe my I like I Value my pet who hasn't murdered anybody

More than my child but ten percent of People in America are not like serial Murderers or rapists or some sort of Like terrible human being So this is very strange so I went Through this stupid survey and I was Like none of this makes any sense and I Got to kind of the bottom and it says Compare the market commissioned pure a Company called Pure profile to run this Survey do you know how many people they Surveyed Brando I want you to guess how Many people you think they surveyed to Get an accurate representation of how Americans feel about our pets It's more than that it's a thousand one Thousand and four American adults were Surveyed do you really think you can get An accurate representation of a Population of 330 million people by Surveying a thousand people I don't Think you can They also mentioned that some of the Folks that they surveyed identified as Non-binary so they weren't included in The male versus female like uh Categorization of some of these stats How many non-binaries are out there like As a percentage of a whole it can't be Very many how did they find these people Of the thousand people they just Randomly happened to find Non-binaries I just feel like the Numbers are a little bit flawed

Um they talk about the percentage of People that refer to their pets as fur Babies So Brando let me ask you as somebody who Does not have children and owns multiple Dogs and cats you have more than one cat Just one cat and four dogs Do you call them your fur babies Does your wife Do you think she would like if you had To if you had to put a hundred dollar Bet and say has my wife ever called our Dogs fur babies probably So females are more likely to call their Pets fur babies at 53 versus males at 41 Who are the 41 of these dudes like Through this thousand people that are Calling their dogs Fur babies I guess the only thing that I Could see with this whole stupid survey Was just completely flawed and I believe What they're trying to do is sell people Pet insurance with this information Which I don't know is very strange to me Um the only thing that I could see is That like people are getting Uh week I guess we're getting soft in Our old age like our fur babies I hate Fur babies you know what I hate is like On Mother's Day or any sort of thing Like that where people are like Celebrating their pets like I don't have Kids but I'm a pet Mom it's like get Screwed people pets and kids completely

Not the same thing you go out and buy a Pet knowing most likely that thing's Gonna die within your lifetime and you Just deal with it and get another one it Is not the same as having kids but any Stretch of the imagination What is it When we start equating uh pets and Humans is like equals Anthropomorphism anthropomorphism is That what it is started by Disney and All these stupid movies that I've Bitched and moaned and complained about Before which is why I boycott Bambi Still to this day my kids have never Seen it they've never read it They all know Bambi gets killed in the end well should Get killed in the end speaking of Bambi I've always thought this was strange If you were to encounter A fellow human being and this human Being's name was Bambi You would probably assume that it's a Female Most likely an exotic dancer but in the Movie Bambi is a boy weird right does Anyone else think that's weird that like Bambi's literally a boy in the movie but If somebody's named Bambi like there's Not a bunch of dudes running around Named Bambi that I'm aware of anyways so Anyways yes our pets are not more Important than our children or not even Equally as important as my children in

Fact I would use my pet as a shield to Shield my children if I needed to sorry But I'm not sorry it's an animal Not My Flesh and Blood I don't care what Anybody says all right Uh I did find this story that I wanted To share with people just because uh I Thought it was worth sharing this is one That actually came across my new news Feed way back in like January Um I think we hadn't started the pinch Point at that time so obviously I wasn't Here to talk about it but for some Reason I don't even know why it popped Up on my news feed again the other day So this came from a website up north Live which appears to be an ABC Affiliate out of Northern Michigan Headline reads man gets 60 days jail Sentence for sabotaging a hunter's tree Stand so The basic gist of it is these guys are Out on public land this isn't even Private ground they're out in public Land a guy goes out and like hangs a Tree stand and I believe a trail camera As well this other guy who was hunting The same general area or hunting that Spot Essentially like they get into a Confrontation Uh I think if I remember he like left Him a note and said like call me like Give him his phone number and was like

Bro call me this is my spot so the guy Calls him and they have a conversation Which according to the person who later Got injured Um you know was a relatively civil Conversation the guy goes back out there To hunt and somebody had messed with his Tree stand so that when he stood or went To stand on the platform he fell so the Guy had cut the straps or cables or Whatever just enough to where it would Still be hanging there but when he Stepped on it he felt which is always One of my big fears especially here in The suburbs I have had people mess with My stuff one year I had somebody unscrew All my screwing tree steps that I used To use And they actually left him at the bottom Of the tree and then up in the tree I Had my stand locked to the tree but they Took the strap off so it was just being Held on the tree by the lock I had no Strap and all of my steps were at the Bottom of the tree so it's always been One of those things that I'm like kind Of paranoid about like Looking at things and why it also makes Obviously wearing safety equipment Um More important than ever so the guy uh His name the guy that did this right was 23 years old some 23 year old [ __ ] Named Thomas Steele the third well

Thomas Steele the first and second did a Poor job at raising Thomas Steele III to Think that this was a smart idea Back to the theme don't do dumb [ __ ] Right so he pled guilty to misdemeanors Of aggravated assault and Hunter Harassment they ended up catching him Essentially in like a sting operation Where they just I think set up trail Cameras like up high in the trees and They got pictures of them literally Messing with this guy's tree stand again I believe after he had already fallen Um Man that is just insane to me especially On public land in a place like Northern Michigan where there's literally like Miles and miles and miles there's more Land up there than any one person could Ever possibly hope to hunt Like just go find another spot is it Really worth like you literally could Kill somebody you could kill somebody Doing this I don't know it's just just crazy it's Not like there's even any big bucks up There or very many of them anyways they Show a picture Brando that you'll have To show of one of the straps that was Cut like the ratchet strap is cut Literally all the way through and There's just one little piece hanging on There so that when the guy goes to step On a street stand he's gonna fall to the

Ground So uh yeah pretty insane stories this Happened last fall and then the guy got Convicted or took a plea or whatever in January so he's probably out of jail by Now right he got a 60-day sentence in The Marquette County jail for Intentionally sabotaging this guy's tree Stand so yeah what a douchebag screw That guy all right moving on we have got Some more CWD news breaking news that Just came out uh Wednesday June 7th this Is from News9.com uh it is a video that Says zombie deer found in Oklahoma uh The gist of it is that in the Oklahoma Panhandle they had their first positive Case of CWD welcome to the family Oklahoma come on in the water is warm We've all got CWD this is like uh Was it uh What what movie was it was it South Park Everyone's got AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS I Think that was the South Park or was That Team America I don't know either Way one of the two that's what I feel Like everyone's got CWD cewd welcome to The club uh I thought it was interesting That they used zombie deer Zombie Deer Found in Oklahoma who says this nobody Nobody says this except the people on The news literally nobody that talks About CWD calls it zombie deer or calls Them zombie deer it's the thing that Doesn't happen which just goes to show

Everybody when you're looking at news And news headlines and whatnot always Keep that in mind like this is a topic We know about this topic we talk about This is a topic we understand nobody in The know says these things but when it Comes to the news they have to Sensationalize it so that people get to Talk and I'm sure you'll probably see One of your friends it's like it doesn't Hunt and they're like oh man you hunt What do you think about the zombie deer They're gonna say that because they Heard it on the news so the one thing That I thought was I don't know kind of Humorous here it says The wildlife department says it will be Keeping an eye on things and as deer Hunting season approaches they will come Up with a plan where Hunters can help With detecting and slowing the spread of The disease give me a break cwd's been Around for two decades every single DNR In the country that doesn't already have Cwe has a plan already in place for what They are going to do and how they are Going to respond to it especially a Place like Oklahoma where it's been Found in like States all around you like You know it's only a matter of time Before they find it in your state so I Don't think they're coming up with a Plan I think they already have a plan They're just waiting probably to enact

It so for those of you in Oklahoma Welcome to the CWD Club all right so was It last week when we talked about the Bison that the idiot picked up and Brought to the office they tried to Reunite it with his herd and they were Like sorry bro once you're out you're Out you can't get back in So the DNR had to kill it so sticking With that same theme we have some idiot That grabbed a baby elk Put it into a car and drove it to a Police station of all places what do you Think the cops are going to do With it and why did he grab the baby elk I still don't know like I I know what The Bison that he felt like oh man this Thing's getting separated from its herd I need to save it like in this case I Think they just found it and like the Mom wasn't around which is completely Normal If people were a little bit more like a Little bit more in touch with nature and Real life and not watching so much uh Lion King or any other stupid Disney Movie that's giving them a completely Distorted sense of reality in the way The world Works they might understand This stuff so they grabbed a baby elk Put it inside the car drove to a police Station During Memorial Day Weekend The tourists likely drove on U.S Highway

191 in the park to bring the newborn Calf to the West Yellowstone Police Department in Montana I don't know why It matters that they mentioned like what Highway they likely drove on but Whatever uh it's unclear what happened At the police station but at some point The elk calf escaped and ran off into The Forest Park Rangers don't know the Calf's condition I will tell you the Cavs conditioned it was dead and it's Been eaten by some sort of Predator Because some idiot took it away from uh Its mother the tourists may have thought They were helping what they believed to Be an abandoned calf but elk mothers Often leave their calves bedded and Hidden in the grass while they forage or Graze no way they do that that's that's Insane the tourist interference Eliminates any chance of the Mother Fighting its newborn Displacing Wildlife is also a federal Crime and violates Yellowstone National Park Rules regardless of any good Intentions so there's really no story of Like what's going to happen to these Morons they're saying it's a federal Crime like there should be some sort of Ramification for being a [ __ ] right Other than just getting ridiculed online So speaking of that we did find the Instagram account that makes fun of like People in the national parks Brando the

Tourons of Yellowstone it's actually Mentioned in this article because There's a video you'll have to show it This I feel like this is something you Would see on influencers in the wild This is some chick Standing in front of a bedded bison just Like taking selfies and it's awesome Because she's like changing her angle of Getting getting she's got to look good And then she's doing her hair she's Literally standing within touching like Touching distance of an animal that Could end her life in seconds and she's Oblivious she's just taken pictures for Instagram or Tick Tock or whatever Stupid platform she's on so I don't know man people are just uh yeah They're just idiots people are just Idiots people probably you think people Have been idiots like for since the dawn Of mankind you think well like I mean Humans have been around for a while Do you feel like we're getting Dumber Though Like you would think that at this point We would have like natural selection Would have like killed off all the Morons oh but that's the problem the World is too safe now the morons aren't Getting killed off anymore That's our problem that's why we're Getting Dumber The World Isn't dangerous Enough we're protecting all the morons

Ah That's our problem everybody all right Let's move on we got a couple more Stories this one this one is a doozy I don't know if you guys saw this this Is like the greatest story that came Across my feet I'll read you the Headline from Fox News Scantily clad witches caught munching on Deer carcass in bizarre security cam Footage social media users speculated That the carcass eating ritual was Either a prank or satanic Ooh spooky all right so this is a crazy Story so uh this lady up in Canada I Don't know how you say here this name Corinnia karinia Stanhope of Powell River British Columbia so they found a Deer they found a dead deer laying in The in the woods and like many people do They set up a trail camera on it Thinking oh this is cool I'll get a Picture of a some sort of Predator Wolf Coyote bobcat bear or whatever like Eating this carcass right so her uh this Lady karinia or Curry Karina Karina Karina c-o-r-i-n-e-a I don't know that's Canadian So those those crazy Canadians so her And her Grandpa put up the trail camera To see if they could get any animals uh She added that her 76 year old Grandfather Bob was horrified when he Checked the footage and saw what

Appeared to be scantily clad women Chomping down on the carcass at night Now I don't think the 70-year 76 year Old man was horrified at the naked Chicks Then he got on his trail camera but he Was definitely horrified at the fact That they were I don't know messing around with the Deer carcass there's one Uh picture where this chick has got like The hind leg of the deer and she's Holding the hoof like in her hands like Up to her mouth I mean obviously you Can't tell if she's like actually eating It or licking it or smelling it or what It is she's doing it's very strange It's very strange what I like the most About this Is some of the uh some of the commentary If you will from this lady she says you Can't really tell from the photos but The hoof was brought right up to her Mouth I don't know if she's kissing it Smelling it eating it but to touch it Decaying carcass like that makes me feel Sick the amount of bacteria that must Have been on there she's not wrong maybe They were paying their respects but they Were naked she noted that she was Creeped out because the incident took Place just a two minute walk from her House and she feared for the safety of Her horses

She's concerned about them messing with Her horses she hopes the incident was Simply a prank Or and this is the best quote that the Participants were and I quote on some Good drugs I hope that's the case because if they Weren't on drugs that makes it even Stranger She decided against contacting the Police after her grandfather noted that Nothing technically illegal happened Social media erupted do you think it Really erupted I mean did it erupt Social media erupted after she posted The photos online some claiming it was a Prank others speculating there was a Satanic or paranormal element at work Others I love that they throw in this Others theorize that the figures are Skin Walkers or wendigos if I'm saying That right both of which are malevolent Supernatural entities associated with Native American folklore No I don't think this is anything Supernatural this is just kind of a Crazy naked chick and I can't tell There's somebody behind her with What looks like hiking boots or shoes And pants on And the one she's not like fully naked She's got some sort of thing around her Waist I don't know it's just very Strange like I don't know you always see

These trail camera pictures that people Get you ever seen the one where there's Like a naked dude like walking through The woods and like women's like Underwear or lingerie or something like That like on public land like there's Some good ones out there for sure this One is crazy though because they're Messing with like that thing's gotta Stink like it's in that state of like Decomposition where like it doesn't it Doesn't smell good at all just to be That close to it and then be touching it Like while you're naked maybe they were On some good drugs so uh yeah Interesting story crazy Canadians they Are out of control all right let's run Through a couple more and then we'll get Out of here for today shall we so the Next one is actually a video on CNN the Brando you're gonna have to try to Figure out a way to play the headline Says 12 year old Springs into action When a baby deer falls into the pool so Uh it's kind of a cool little video There was a little I mean newborn font This thing's tiny you could barely walk It falls into this family's pool I think They're on like long Islander somewhere And this kid goes and gets it out he Picks it out of the pool sets it down Then the stupid thing falls back in the Pool so he picks it out again and then It's kind of falling and stumbling down

Eventually it goes away what I found to Be the best part of the video is as the Little fawns like going away you could See in these people's backyard they've Got a Reinhardt 3D Target in the Backyard interestingly enough in the Video there was no mention whatsoever That the family hunts deer or anything Along those lines they just completely Glossed over the fact that there is a 3D Deer target used to practice and Simulate shooting deer right where this Thing was at and then they followed it Up with some trail camera pictures of The Fawn after it was reunited with the Mother so yeah it was a pretty funny Video well brand new you have to play Some audio from it but when you get Around just let her go because the Mother's not gonna be happy go ahead Let's get away from her let the mother Come take care of them the dad has got Like the best New York accent of all Time when he's talking about uh re the The mother not being happy about them Touching the deer so yeah I just thought It was uh interesting and there is a bit Of a hunting connection since he had That Reinhardt Target in the background Back there so uh yeah funny little video That was on CNN also the lady that was Doing the interview or a commentary Whichever you want to call it she had a Really funny accent too I don't know if

That was also a New York thing I I don't Know it was very the whole thing was Just entertaining I wonder if people Think I have an accent do you think do You think they think I have like a Chicago accent I don't feel like I do They do the people listening to this are Like this this [ __ ] sounds like he's From Chicago he's gonna go eat in Al's Beef go to a Cubs game I wish it's a beautiful day All right let's move on Next one this was actually sent to me by My good friend my good buddy Josh over The weekend Uh I I'd seen it floating around and Then I just forgot about it and then he Texted me and said hey use this on the Pinch point which I appreciate people Are starting to like recognize hey this Would be a good story for your podcast That's teamwork right there so this came From a Facebook page of Minnesota Official measurers so I'm assuming like A Facebook page for like official Pope And young or Boone and Crockett measures I didn't really look which but uh the Post says Jesse Schroeder of Lake City Found this deadhead in Goodhue County This spring in 2023 after the 60-day Drying requirement has been panel Measured and it Sports 31 scorable Points and it scored 282 You heard me right

282 and 1 8 gross 277 and 3 8 net making it the new number One non-typical all-time in Minnesota Think about it like we think a hundred And seventy 180 inch deer is a huge deer I've never killed one that big And this thing's 282 as a free ranging Whitetail deer like that is bad ass There's really no information on like How it may have died speculation on how It died like if you're a hunter and you Like gut shot this thing or liver shot At or shoulder shot it and didn't find It oh oof that's a that's a rough day Hopefully that's not what happened but I'm not sure anything else is any better Why else would he have died winner kill Coyotes got him I don't know it's Terrible the deer was well known by a Handful of people that were fortunate to See it get trail camera pictures of it And find his sheds he is the very Definition of a Minnesota monster Definitely for sure that deer is awesome If you go into the comments there is one Um picture of the deer I don't know Somebody did they like Take it from a cell phone or something That's pretty zoomed in but man what an Absolute freaking giant so yeah 282 Inches there's a guy in the comments of That thread that says claims he's got Trail camera pictures of the deer on Public land imagine that if somebody

Would have killed a 282 inch state Record non-typical on public ground it Certainly isn't impossible but Heck of a deer I looked up good Hue County because I didn't know where it Was at it is smack in between Minneapolis and Rochester right along The Mississippi River so it borders into Wisconsin so it's in that like Southeast Corner of Minnesota that's like most Well known for big deer so makes perfect Sense Congrats to the fellow who found it it Doesn't say like if you found it on Public or private or what he was doing Or anything like that Jesse Schroeder Heck of a deer congrats man All right uh let's see last thing we're Going to talk about for today this is Just an interesting one I learned some Stuff that I didn't know just when you Think you know everything so I had been Curious for a while Kind of like why hunting is still banned In some places on Sundays and so there's A fella that writes for bowhunting.com His name is Ralph sherder I've never met Ralph before but I've read a lot of the Stuff probably all the stuff that he's Written for bowhunting.com and he does a Really nice job Guy's a good writer so we sent him on an Assignment and we said Ralph can you go Find us some information on why hunting

Is still banned on Sundays and what People should be doing to change that so He did so if you go to bowhunting.com There's an article called why is Sunday Hunting Not allowed Interestingly enough what I learned is These so-called blue laws they call them Which I've heard of them before like no Buying alcohol on Sundays that's like a Thing in a lot of places primarily still East Coast but these blue laws date all The way back to like Romans the Roman Emperor Constantine promulgated the First known law regarding prohibition of Sunday labor for apparently religion Associated reasons in Ad321 how many years ago 321s were Talking like 1700 years ago that's how Long this stuff has been going on and Then I wanted to look up why are they Called blue laws what does the color Blue have to do with anything so the Origin there is that a lot of these laws In the U.S anyways Were started around the time of the Puritans so the most plausible Explanation nobody knows the exact Origin it seems but the most plausible Explanation that is gaining General Acceptance is that the laws adopted by Puritans were aimed at enforcing Morality and thus were dubbed blue nosed So then I looked up blue nose did you

Know what bluenose is like I never heard That before a person who Advocates a Real a rigorous moral or religious code Would be called a blue nose so it makes Most sense of why they were called blue Laws because they were really started For religious purposes Um to try to keep men in particular uh Going to church and not out doing other Things so most often you have like Limits on things that like guys do Drinking gambling hunting tend to be Kind of male dominated type things Um I also didn't know that there are Actually 10 states That uh you still cannot hunt or have Some sort of limitation on Sunday Hunting I thought it was like three to Be honest with you so those 10 states Include Connecticut Delaware Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina and Virginia all East Coast States many of them are in the process Of petitioning to lift the ban on Sunday Hunting but it's been a long and Grueling process especially since so Many hunters and groups support the band That's the thing that I just find like Insane there's a bunch of hunters and Hunting groups out there that don't want This to change which I think is crazy Right I mean Half of my hunting season is Sundays you

Know the average person works Monday Through Friday you get little to no time To hunt during the week You get Saturday you get Sunday if you Can only hunt one of those like gosh That is that's rough man that's rough I Feel bad for those guys So Ralph happened to actually note that Of the Um so because of these blue laws right Again they're designed to keep people Primarily going to church Which I find interesting that like There's no ban on fishing in these States it's just hunting there's no ban On Wasp sitting on your couch and watching A football game which everybody's doing On Sundays but you can't go hunting it's Just so crazy to me that like we Cherry-picked or whoever cherry-picked Like certain activities to get rid of But he basically said that out of the Top 10 states in the country for church Attendance like the percentage of people That go to church only one of those States is on a list that prevents Sunday Hunting and that is North Carolina which Has some weird ass Sunday hunting rules Did you guys know about these hunting With a firearm most of them are firearm Hunting related you can't hunt with a Firearm between 9 30 a.m and 12 30 pm Except uncontrolled hunting preserves so

They don't even say like the whole day They just say like this three hour Window so I mean if it gets lighted Six you can go out at six and Hunt till Nine thirty and then you gotta stop and You can come back at 12 30. very strange Hunting migratory Birds is completely Prohibited so you can't go duck or goose Hunting the use of firearms to take deer That are run or chased by dogs is Completely off limits on Sundays Hunting with a firearm within 500 yards Of a place of worship or any accessory Structure thereof is prohibited so you Can't hunt anywhere near a church Archery equipment may be used to hunt on Sundays without restrictions applied to Hunting with firearms If the goal is to keep people in church Just ban it all together Why would you be like ah no it's cool It's cool if you go out with a bow just Don't go with a gun I don't know these These laws just don't make any sense There are a lot of laws I suppose out There that don't really make any sense Not just this one So Um yeah according to the U.S Department Of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics I Don't know if that's right 68 of wage And salary workers typically work Monday Through Friday jobs 68 so more than two-thirds of the

Country Works a standard Monday through Friday job so for two-thirds of people That live in those States Their hunting season is half of what it Could or should be but they are working On lifting these blue laws So that you know people can have more Opportunities it's one of the things That we talk about a lot is just Opportunity opportunity opportunity Getting more people into hunting Retaining Hunters if you can only hunt One day on a weekend and it happens to Be raining or whatever snowing or Something else is going on in your life That prevents you from going out and Doing that like I don't know it's just a Just a crazy thing to me so I feel bad For y'all folks that live in those areas Ralph showed a sweet picture of himself Here with a little Spike that he shot With a crossbow I love that absolutely Love that because I'm sure there's a Bunch of people who are like oh my God I got this guy with this crossbow and He's shooting spikes but you know what Ralph looks like a happy SOB in that Photo so good for Ralph And that is everything we got we learned A lot today we learned about blue laws We learned what blue nose is we learned The Bruce Springsteen wrote the song Blinded by the Light Made famous Again by Manfred Mann's

Earth band they were a UK band Why is it that when people from the UK Who have like crazy accents sing they Sound like us I know why that is you know why that is Why it's mostly due to the fact that an American accent is kind of a lazy English accent and when you're singing You're saying you're saying we're lazy It's evolved Okay Relaxed and like we're not trying to be Articulate so is it easier for them to Sound like us or US to sound like them We have that's probably why there's so Many like English actors that are Playing like Americans and like TV shows And stuff like that where you're like You ever have that where you like watch A show like forever was it uh Sons of Anarchy wasn't it Charlie Hunnam or Whatever wasn't he English the guy that Played yeah the guy that played Jax Teller speaking of which you know Something that's bothered me forever I Was a huge Sons of Anarchy fan big fan Watched it from the the first season I Was hooked and on which was I don't know When was the first season of Sons Brando None what if you had to guess I would Say it was before I had I'm gonna say 2010. Tons of Anarchy 2008 damn Brando you are good I'm

Impressed so Now so we're what 15 years past that it Probably took A good three or four years for like the Show to really hit its stride in terms Of like popularity so we're talking like Let's say 2011 2012 which means there's A lot of uh any kids that were born Around that are not like 10 11 years old Which is my son's age the amount of Jacksons and Jax's that are out there is Insane that was like never a name nobody Was naming their kid Jackson unless you Were a Jackson Pollock fan right most People probably don't even know who that Is right but then all of a sudden this Show comes and all of a sudden there are More Jacksons everywhere I go there's Jackson's my son's got two of them on His baseball team one on the team he Played on last year that's just three in My little circle and I blame it 100 on Sons of Anarchy which was a great show But why did nobody name their kid Opie Or Tig they all went with Jax Jackson so Anyways That's all I got for today guys I got to Get back to my real job I hope you guys Enjoyed it we will be back on Friday With another fun-filled light-hearted Enjoyable entertaining episode of your Favorite podcast the pinch Point guys if You have anything you want me to talk About that I should know

Email me my email is very simple Justin Bowhunting.com that's spelled with an i Because if you spell it with an E it is Incorrect the only way to spell Justin Is the way Me Myself and Justin Timberlake spell it j-u-s-t-i-n Bowhunting.com or hit me up on the Socials at sir Czar is my Ig do I have An at on Facebook do you have an app I don't know just go with Instagram Anyways I hate Facebook and I'm not on Tick Tock because I don't want the CCP Spying on me I prefer to have the American government spy on me not the Chinese government we'll see you guys Later this week

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