EVERY Archer Should Do This TEST! EP 4

THE ARCHERY STRENGTH TEST EP 4 – We are featuring Preston Ward aka MTN PHYSIO on his Archery Strength Test that exposes your rotator cuff. Every archer should do this test!

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All right guys we're assessing the Shoulder today I got Jeff a Collegiate Athlete Jeff your shoulder's weak I'm GNA tell you that I don't I don't know Man I think I've been putting in a lot Of work at the gym it's weak Let's test It right now put yourself in Jeff's Shoes We're going to really assess him And you can see where you're strong or Where you're weak so let's dive into it All right um first things first what I Want to look at when I'm looking at when I do an evaluation is I want to look at Your motion so what's your motion look Like Overhead good that's pretty good so how You're two month two years out from a Rotator cuff yep I had surgery two years Ago November and you're 28 years old Right now uh 27 going be 28 December Okay so that's so that's young right now But that's also going to be good because We can use that and say so if you have a Rotator cuff surgery it's not the end of The world um let's see this I definitely Thought it was the end of the world when I had surgery there's still hope for you As a bow hunter what's your motion look Like this just get a Crossbow yeah exactly Go ahead and go backwards so now face That direction exactly and so one thing Here what you're looking at is this Internal rotation where you'll see a lot

Of people are limited here so right Shoulder was the uh was the S surgery Side now switch to the other way so Slightly less on this side do that one More Time yeah you can definitely tell here And then Go so you're a good two two 3 in away so A little bit less motion here for that Rotator cuff that's that posterior Capsule so if you turn and face this Direction that's the posterior capsule Right here that can get tight also maybe Just from the surgery itself but we Could also work on some Mobility work But the biggest thing what I want to Look at right now your shoulder motion Looks good let's look at the strength so Sounds good one thing that you can do at Home which is really helpful so I have This fancy little device that will tell You it's a force gauge it's going to Tell you how strong you are and so There's a specific percentage that we Want people to be at for drawing a Bowback to prevent injury so let me grab My phone Here pull this up here what's the Strongest number you ever seen I think It was that total archery challenge I'm Going to this guy's probably going to Watch this uh last year and it was like 27% it was it it was pretty good so Pretty good so we'll see where you're at

All right you think you're pretty strong 27 is the number to beat um so What you're going to do is Let's test Your left shoulder and hold on to that Let me just tear this out okay good so You can look right here he doesn't know What he's going to get you're going to Just rotate okay so just externally Rotate go Ahead fair not bad okay so you see it Right there 22.6 lbs now that's the good That's the good that's the good side so Switch to the other way Let's see come right Here okay let's see what you got a good Stance guys yeah no Cheating nice okay you're gaining a Little bit so right around 23 lbs there 23.7 so not bad so as far as symmetry Goes that's really good so symmetry is Very good for shoulder Health um but we What we're really looking at is how Strong you are compared to your body Weight um and then we also at age Category as well so younger if you're 18 To 20 years old you know young your mid 20s and stuff you should be a certain Percentage probably higher than you are Going to be when you're 60 or 70 but Nonetheless even my 60 70 year olds all The guys I test with the USA archery Team um I want them about 20 to 24% so So we'll test that now what I want to Show you really quick is how to do this

At home because not everyone has this Device but what you can do with a boat Bose with a bow scale here how much does One of those cost so this one I think is This is the last chance um I think this Was 70 bucks or so but you can buy them For 20 20 bucks 30 bucks not Bad okay so same Thing let's zero that out go ahead um And let's and see what we Got nice Relax okay so 23.5 and we were 20 it was 23.7 Um so pretty dang close and so this is a Super easy way to test now the nice Thing about this is it tells you Different numbers as well you can see Your endurance you can do a whole lot of Other factors but nonetheless if you Just want to get a good Baseline of how Strong you are using something like this To see where you match up and where you Are uh where how how strong your rotator Cuff is is super important so let's do The math here we're going to use that Number of 23 I told told you your Shoulder would be weak um how much do You weigh uh 195 yeah Right so if we do 23 into 195 you're at 11.7% so 11.7% it's not terrible I've seen a lot Better um it's definitely not 27% but reason the reason why that is Important again is his rotator cuff the

Rotator cuff is so important for General Health of your shoulder if you can get That number to 20 per 18 to 20% Then as You're drawing back um your bow as You're doing everything your shoulder's Just going to last a lot longer I was Telling you a little earlier that my Buddy he just I think he's 45 he just Hit his PR um benching I think he Benched 385 or something like that good Big guy goes to the gym regularly he's a PT himself he's like the number one Thing that's going to go is my rotator Cuff and so he does rotator cuff Exercises religiously every single day And that's what I'd encourage to if You're a bow hunter doing your warm-up Doing your exercises every day is is Paramount stay tuned for the next Segment where we're going to talk about The top five exercises to really Bulletproof your shoulders to make sure Your rotator cuff is strong so you don't Have to have a surgery when you're Shooting your bow when you're 28 and so You can keep shooting your bow keep Doing this stuff Jeff really thinks he's Would you say he stronger than me which Which I don't argue I've worked out with Him he's way stronger but let see how uh We compare here strictly external Rotation there Okay Nice what was he what was Jeff 23 24

24.3 I think right 24.4 nice job you Beat him yeah let's see about this arm Though right yeah I'm right-handed and I Throw way harder right Hand good let's see go Ahead yeah 23.6 but how much you you way so this is A great example okay how much do you Weigh 155 so if we take your if we take That Number um it's going to Be um we say we'll say 24 so if we take Was 27% 24 into 155 is 15% so right There it's not terrible it's good uh it Could be better there's more meat on the Bone dude I need to step my game up you Need to but you're you're doing other Things but you're probably not doing as Much rotator cuff work and hands down The thing that's going to fail is the Rotator cuff you said something about Your buddy Benin almost 400 lb of being A physical therapist and he does rotator Cuff stuff religiously so like I have a Box to check it's been twice a week to Do a whole like crossover symmetry Series twice a week I think I better do It just every time I'm in the gym like Have it as part of my warm-up yeah Absolutely I mean it's it's simple as I'll take this here so these bands again That I have in my bow case I travel with Them Uh it's as simple as doing you know in

Between a set or so of anything reverse Flies anything like that grabbing this And doing some rotator cuff work here Grabbing this doing the rotator cuff Here doing the opposite the internal Rotation as well just simple rotator Cuff exercises push-ups all these other Exercises they target the rotator cuff So people can do that and it's still Good but it's not they I should say they Address the rotator cuff they don't Target the rotator cuff so let's finish With this let's show these guys some Movements and just have you tell them What it is so they have an idea of all The cool stuff the shoulder does and I'll forget something so what is this Called so shoulder flexion what would This be called shoulder um extension Okay what would this be called shoulder Abduction then and then adduction okay What would you consider this so this is External rotation of the shoulder at 90° Then what would you consider that m in Internal rotation of the shoulder at 90° This motion good exactly external Rotation internal rotation okay that's The only want am I missing anything no Okay uh the other one we I mentioned it I guess briefly is a combination of Motions which is scap scap which is in The scapular plane so it's not straight Flexion not straight abduction 45° Basically I will point out if you're

Interested in in learning more about This stuff this is not your only ball in Socket joint there's also one right here And if you want to be Limitless in the Mountain specifically you elk Hunters That's the word I use to define if I'm In Elk shape is in my limitless meaning There's no mountain too far there's no Bugle too far to chase hips are just as If not more important than the shoulders They're both ball and sockets and they Both require due diligence so reach out To a bow hunter physical therapist to Help you get your movements to make sure You're not on the sidelines in 2024

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