Favorite Bowhunting Gear From The 2024 ATA SHOW – Day 01

Our annual “Favorite Gear From the ATA Show” session with PJ Reilly from Lancaster Archery Supply. Check it out!

What's happening everybody Justin's R And my buddy PJ Riley here for our Annual best of the ATA show is that we Call the at I think so the products that We found most interesting for a variety Of different reasons so Todd is not here This year to partake poor Todd Todd Brings bad products anyways PJ so we're Not really missing anything he does but Todd is at home sick with some sort of Illness and he's sending everybody Pictures of himself and his underwear on The couch which I think is a little Weird but whatever I thought he just Sent that to me I found out he sent it To everybody he sent it to me and it was At like 6:30 this morning what's he Doing awake if if he's sick like that He's Todd he's always awake so Todd we Hope you feel better we do we do miss You but The Show Must Go On so PJ and I Each have three products that we're Going to Showcase today who's going First me or you rock paper scissors okay Rock Paper Scissors Shoot oh yeah man I Win all right sweet so all right first Things first okay we're going to go I'm Wearing somebody else's binocular Harness which is like wearing somebody Else's underwear I feel like it's got All of his gear in it it's released Every it makes me feel a little weird so We're going to get this out of the way And I can take it over so this is a

Product made by jacked gear jacked gear You may remember made the uh the bow Sling that's got the magnets in it so You don't have to take it off of your Bow you can just kind of stick it to the Riser right and shoot so came out with a Whole Suite of products this year that Um so if you know the tethered his strap That goes around the tree and kind of Hangs down and it's got like a daisy Chain on it and you can hang stuff from It right they have a similar product but What they did was they came out with a Bunch of accessories for that strap one Of them is like a quiver uh piece that You hangs your quiver on the thing that I like the most and the reason that I'm Wearing his binocular harness is they Came out with this magnetic closure Right here right so you've got this Piece which is a magnet right here the Cool thing about this is they give you a Couple different attachments where you Can put this anywhere you can put it on A backpack you can put it on that strap You can put it anywhere right and then The other piece is a is a metal piece That's held on with adhesive to whatever You want to stick to it it could be a Rangefinder they've got one over there For your um they've got it on a phone a Cell phone right so and then what it Does is it comes with this bungee cord Yep now he cut this one down it comes

With a longer cord you can cut it to Whatever length you want want I'm going To set this down so you guys can see This so see how it's got like a little Pric knot with this little thing so you Can actually slide this up and down Depending on how long you need this cord To be so in his case he's got a Rangefinder hook to it so it just Clips He's got it a little bit higher than I Would put it right I'd probably put it Down here somewhere but it's a super Strong magnet so you don't have to worry About this thing like it's just there And then you pull it off when you need It and then it so you're not putting it In and out of a pouch or something like That the phone PR too because especially Like when I'm saddle hunting in a lot of I take my bino harness off because it Tends to get in the way of my bridge so What he's what he's got is you put it on That strap and your phone is like Tethered to a strap in front of your Face which would be good for watching Football games or watching bow hunter Die on YouTube while you're hunting Which while you're hunting which I've Been guilty of doing you all have been Guilty of doing it even you PJ I did it This year so this is from jacked gear This piece here is going to cost you 50 Bucks all made in the USA veteran owned Company great company um I think you

Guys should check it out Jack J A KT J A KT so I'm going to take this poor Fella's harness off I'm probably Sweating in it and he's going to I'm Going to give it back to him you didn't Move anything in his cuz he's probably Got everything where he knows exactly Where it is I played with his release a Little bit which again I feel a little Weird about it's like sneaking into Someone's house and like playing with Their stuff I'm going to take this off So jacked gear make sure you check it Out what do you got for us all right so This was the first thing we went and Checked out today that's how excited I Was about it I know I've heard about This it is primarily probably going to Live in the Target world but they do Make a black one that Hunters can use But this is the hamsky linkx lock so Stabilizer weight system here we've got 8 O 4 o 1 o this is a 2 O end cap here And this is a 1 and 1/2 ooun tool but What's cool to is right there magnets to Hold these things together so so they Kind of magnetize and then lock in place So they're not going to fall off now What was cool I thought was the Engineering of this so okay I'm an idiot So what would I do you said it not me I Would put the two magnets right together Well the guy said if you do that they Actually it won't be as strong as if

They're offset cuz you know they it's Got the device to lock it in so they put The magnets so that they're pulling each Other into that lock as opposed to being Right up against each other so I just Think that's cool that somebody would Think of that cuz I never would cuz Right now on most stabilizers if you Want to add weights to it you got to Pull the big screw out you got to do That screw more of them on and I say the Target World cuz there's those archers Who run 38 o off how many rods do they Have to stack in there I have no idea How many o in a pound PJ 16 16 correct I'm proud of you two and something Pounds in there but then you got to have All those rods that you got to find you Got to buy them you got to put them in There to add all that weight this one Has no rods easy and now like uh let's Say you're on the line and you're like Oh man something's just not feeling Right I want to just take 1 oz off Usually my I don't think that's going to Help me take that off there something's Not right it's it's in here so and it's Got this one here I mentioned was a tool If if you know some of them the magnets Are really sticking this helps you crank Them to take them off interesting so They even thought about that for the Endcap but like I said thing like I said Hunters yes they can use them but it's

Primarily going to live in the Target World so ke they should get they should Be smart and license this technology to All the other stabilizer companies Exactly that's what I they all have to That's where the money's at the mailbox Money licensing folks licensing PJ it's A cool product and does it get held onto The bow that way too so or or is this Just like a display this is the display Uh so this can be used on any stabilizer I should mention they just have one here So it doesn't have to be this stabilizer Really and there are different thread Sizes for your stabilizer so you have to Have different weights doesn't matter This piece here is what connects on to Any stabilizer and you use their weight They were thinking over there it doesn't Matter what bar you got you know dead Center gold uh be Stinger whatever you Can use it get their attachment that's My problem I don't have enough weight Links lock from hamsky I need more Weight on my arrows speaking of my no no My my Bow we're going to talk arrows we're Going to switch gears we're going to go From bow to arrows yes so this is Something that I don't think is Revolutionary right we've seen similar Products in the past we haven't seen Them from a lot of the oems like East so East came out with their match grade Pro

Shop arrows which I'm sure you guys are Going to sell a lot of you can't get Them online you can only get them at Eastn dealers and standard so this is The 4 mm so the 166 Arrow so this is a Part of an FMJ and with the 4mm arrows You can't use like a hit insert it's too Narrow right so traditionally what They've had for their components is like A half out mhm and the the knock on half Outs is that they're just not the Strongest component in the world over Time they tend to develop wobbles you Seen them where they crack out the side Of the arrow on a on a on a certain hit So what they did was they came out with Their match grade components which is Essentially a half out with a collar Built into it and then it's got have you Played with this thing have you felt That PJ yes you slid that thing in there Oh that is that is something else I tell You I could just sit and do this all day Unfortunately you got to glue it in There at some point right so the Standard um 4 mm arrows come with this One here which is a 55 grain yep and Then they also have a 75 a 100 and a 150 For all the high FOC people of the world that want to Increase total Arrow weight on their Four Ms right so for me I'm a 5 mimer Guy yes I'm a 204 ID Arrow fan so I Shoot Axis or FMJ 5 mm with a hit insert

The knock on the hit is that over time That direct impact to the end of The Arrow shaft can cause maybe a little bit Of mushrooming every once in a while You'll get maybe a little hairline crack In there so what they've done is devel Not to mention just and I can tell you From experience with our customers People who improperly stall the hits and Then their points don't go all the way In guilty is charged you got to be Careful with those suckers if you get Them in too deep Or too shallow it's really too shallow Is the big one if they're too deep you Can always trim a little bit of the Arrow off and make it work if they're Too shallow dude there's nothing there's Nothing you can do you're done so what They've done is they've come up with These 5 mm collars that slide right over And they're like perfect they fit like a Glove they slide right over they protect The end of the arrow and then you screw Your field point or Broadhead right onto That so these are the match grade Collars and again not revolutionary but It's the first time we're seeing this From East Specifically made for the arrow so now I Don't have to go to a third component to Get this I think these weigh 18 Grain is what they weigh I believe so There you go I will have these basically

Impact collar on the end of my arrows But for your 4mm dudes these things are The ticket those components are slick For sure like Arrow components is just a Hot thing there's so many of them and Like OEM are all having to step up their Game and make better components for Their arrows because everybody's been Running out to the aftermarket to get Components and everybody finally decided We're going to just make better Components for our own arrows for our Own arrows and that's what we got from Easton so pretty slick I'm going to Steal a couple just don't tell the guys At East all right well I have the true Ball Ultimate Flex so this is a thumb button Release from the folks at TR ball and There are many unique things on it okay First off if you can see in there Brandon we've got these little uh divots Or cutouts here slopes in each of the Finger beds so what that does is just Makes it more comfortable it doesn't Have that hard Edge uh that some of the Thumb button releases have handheld so To do that just feels a little more Comfortable they put in it their new uh Head here that can extend out there's a Set screw in here so let's say you tie a D-loop on and you're like oh crap I tied My d-loop Too Short you can extend this Head rather than cut it off and tie on a

New dloop or you're just out there and You're shooting and you're just on the Line you're feeling like man I just feel Like I'm stretched too far this is my Problem stretch the head out this has Been my problem my stabilizer weights in The head length of my my release now What is most unique about this to me Anyway is this is a thumb button there's No cocking mechanism on it and so what It is is uh true ball has their three Head here they call it their try yeah Try something try select Triad Trident I Can't remember the name Trident sounds Right that sounds like it could be right There are three heads here so when it Fires it just pivots to the next one Okay so by removing the cocking Mechanism there's a spring that has to Work in there to set this trigger this One eliminates that spring and it Actually uses the tension of the bow is What sets that into place and so then I Have this thing super light it's just Barely touch that trigger and it goes Off that's just what I need why does Somebody want that well with the cocking Mechanism if you try and get that light That spring is going to get you at some Point and it's going to go off this one You have the sear locking against the Trigger so it can't go off but it makes For a faster release as soon as you pull The trigger you're releasing that head

And so the thing you're just kind of Removing one variable from the equation And then the next head just spins right Around and you're ready to go so there Are a lot of Target archers out there I Mean this would be great for bow hunting But there are a lot of Target archers Out there who shoot puncher style Kyle Douglas Jimmy Lutz and what they want is A super light trigger well this removing That spring I think we're GNA see a lot Of those guys shooting this just because It's so precise and you can get it super Hairy but it's still safe super hairy That's how I like them TJ the only Ultimate Flex it is the ultimate Flex Right that's like what people say now Like that's the ultimate Flex so the Flex has to do with the finger I know What I'm just saying it's like the term That people use it's got to be ultimate Here's my only thing okay hit me I Believe that every thumb button should Have the option to have a little keeper On there for those of us that want to Hunt with it and lock it on our bow and Leave it hanging they all should have it Otherwise nobody that bow hunts wants to Use this thing I think it's a badass Release so you have this though the Wrist lanyard so you're keeping it on There but part of the reason that I went To a thumb button is so that I don't Have a thing swinging around my wrist

The whole time I got to play on my phone Dude you can play on your thone you just Let this flop down yeah it just needs The little keeper just just give me the Option the target Archer doesn't want The keeper so you need an option to Remove it somehow you got somebody's got To figure out a way to have a little Keeper that can be removed or it can be Locked down and then put up when you Want it so I don't think that would work With their spinning head there's got to Be a way PJ we put a man on the moon Allegedly there's got to be a Way gotcha have you watched Oppenheimer If we get those guys working on it they Would figure it out they'll figure it Out they would figure it out all right What is this thing this is like what do You mean what is this thing I mean I Know what it is of the town it's the Talk of the Town it looks like a coffee Maker this is the revolver it makes Coffee and takes trail camera pictures This is the revolver and there's also a Revolver Pro in fact I don't know I Could this could be the pro I don't Really know it take 360 images it does It takes 360 Dee images it was a 360° Trail camera from Stealth cam all new For this year obviously cellular yep It's pretty cool right so you have six Detection zones three in the front three In the back you can program this thing a

Multitude of ways you can set it up to Just be a regular trail camera one Detection Zone lens facing forward That's it yeah you can set it up to Where when it detects motion it takes The detected Zone plus one Zone on Either side okay so now you got 180° or You can set it up to take 360° or I Think 270 is an option as well right so You have your available options to how You want to set this thing up so if you Have it like let's say close to a tree You don't want the 360 but maybe you Want the 180 all the way in front of it So that way when this thing goes off When it's in your food Plot and there's a deer over there or a Deer over there like you're never Missing anything and the way that it Works is inside of here there's the lens Right there that lens silently most Importantly silently moves in there so Picture picture picture picture picture Picture it also does on the bottom it Mounts on the bottom so you can put that In the middle of the field that's Probably the the best use for it is to Put it in the middle of a field or a Food plot somewhere on a post right and Then it's detecting motion anywhere Around it so a lot of times guys have Put posts out there with a camera facing Either Direction you don't have to do That anymore just do that revolver got

You covered right so the revolver Pro Does 1080 video with audio the pro or The regular does 1080 the pro does 1440 So it gives you a little bit better Better resolution it has 16 batteries in This bad boy so you have two trays with Eight batteries each it also accepts an External battery so you've got a little Slot on the side you can plug an External battery pack into it so I can Put that out there in a field in Pennsylvania to get my 800,000 pictures Of raccoons and two pictures of deer Yeah pretty much perfect pretty much Pretty that's pretty slick and it's got The dual SIM technology so it AT&T and Verizon it'll do either one it'll Auto Detect the network on a 360 what does Your image look like on a screen is it One that you toggle around to I don't Think it pieces it together I think it Takes separate images I could be wrong I Should verify that I think it just takes Six images I don't think it pieces it Together but it might I should ask we Should get clarification on that from The team over at GSM but yeah this Thing's pretty sweet and dude what do You think this is going to cost PJ if You had to say like if I had to say what Is this thing going to cost if I had to Say I'd say $400 $199 that's pretty good $199 is MSRP You'll probably find it for less than

That but you didn't hear it for me but That's MSRP 199 on this bad boy Stealth Cam also has two new uh Max series trail Cameras coming out that also have gone To 16 batteries inside instead of eight And they're also going to be producing Uh rechargeable lithium ion battery Packs that you can use in the camera so You could have two of them let's say and When one dies you just swap it out with The next one so you don't have to like With the price of lithium batteries Nowadays it's easier to just buy the the Battery packs this this one here will Not be compatible with the battery packs At least not yet but the other new cell Cams will will be so all the cell cams Are going to 16 batteries H command Pro App legendary that's pretty sweet all Right Brando or Brando's over there okay Last one let me Nest these together Properly here this is the trophy line Hyperlite so I'm going to start out with Them nested together they're super quiet The way they go well like I said by the Time you're doing this your deer should Be dead so who cares what noise it makes I kill one every time I go out but this Is that is sweet four sticks and that is Your thickness there you don't have to You know you don't have to have these Attached I put it on there so we can Demonstrate but they're super easy to Put on um oh I get it now so anyway

We'll get to that in a second but this Is the trophyline Hyperlite set of Sticks here they're made of a substance I guess that's it called magnite I don't Even know what that is I don't know what That is either made it up but it is Lighter than aluminum stronger than Aluminum so this whole set here of four Sticks weighs 4/2 lb that's pretty Impressive like that those are like not Going to lie and Tiny they nest in there real nice little Loud little loud we're going to have to Stealth strip these suckers so let's Pull this bottom one off there and yeah So this is that like steel infused cord Here Am steel so but this is all you Have to do to connect it so you know I Carry it like that I come out with my am Steel slide that through boom I'm ready To go on this side it's connected to a Prusik knot so it's going to slide you Know just like your PRK knot would this Way this is my pull Cord oh wait a minute yeah you had it You had it this One that's going this way this is my Line right there Yeah so this is how I'm going to tighten It down yeah or I'm going to loosen it Going this way um and then once you're Done there you know they said just do a Half hitch it won't pull cuz it is pric Knot yeah yeah it's not going typical

Prusik but you can tie this you just Down a little bit it ain't going Nowhere and then that's all you need so I am you know they're they look like About what 20 in or so so these are 18 To top here um you know you got they're Built if you want to run ERS obviously You got that down there I am and they're Made in the USA made in the USA Important stuff I am you know as you Know we've talked about this I'm diving I'm putting my toe into the water of Being a putting your little toe in the Saddle of being a saddle bro um call Ourselves saddle boys saddle boys I'm Easing into it um but you would be a Saddle man TJ a saddle Man hyper light super light now they are Pretty dope $449 for a four pack you know that's What you're getting to get that Lightweight they have a platform too and The platform is it also made of magnite It is platform and sticks together 6 and 1/2 Lb that's why we do sadles cuz we want Lightweight so there you go this is Trophy line you said trophy line tropy Line makes trophy line makes these hyper Lights yeah so that's what we got for Today that's our our six products we'll Be back tomorrow with six more products Hopefully six more products six more

Amazing products if you guys out there Have seen or heard anything that you Think I should be covering that PJ Shouldn't send me a message like Kar I Heard there was this cool XYZ thing out There and I will I've got three more Already for tomorrow we're not even There yet come on PJ you're killing me All right everybody thank you for tuning In make sure you check back tomorrow We'll have six more great products Coming at you from St Louis the barbecue Capital of the Midwest is that fair to Say uh it's pretty good we had some Barbecue last night it was pretty good Did you have any barbecue yet I have not Had barbecue we went to the barbecue Place the line was out the door so we Went somewhere else like for lunch or Dinner for lunch ah we went out for Dinner last night it was good I had a Good steak last night and you know what I discovered here it's not a New York Strip steak it's a Kansas City strip Steak what's the difference nothing did They explain it they just the name they Just don't like New York they don't like New York Kanas C Kansas City yes I've Never been to New York I've been to Kansas City it's probably better than New York it is definitely better than New York fair enough Kansas City strip We're out see you tomorrow

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