Find Your Opening Day Turkey

Any regularly successful turkey hunter will tell you the key to their success is scouting. Even if you hunt the same property every year, turkeys roost in different places, they feed in different places, and nest in different places every year. This preseason scouting is vital if you want to give yourself the best chance to tag a turkey on opening morning.

This is a reupload from last year. The video didn’t do well at all because of a crappy title and thumbnail. The information in the video is good, and I liked how it turned out so I am reuploading.

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It's early March and the weather is Unseasonably nice for this time of year So it is really starting to feel like Turkey season I've busted out the calls And started practicing and since I don't Have Invisalign anymore I can get back To working on my mouth calls definitely A little bit [Music] Rusty but more important than trying to Be a world champion turkey caller never Going to happen is knowing where the Turkeys are you can be the worst caller In the world like me and still get the Attention of some Tom now that doesn't Mean ignore you're practicing on the Calls you should definitely try to be as Good as you can on the calls but in this Video we're going to go over three Preseason scouting tips so even if you Do suck at calling you can still have Some great turkey hunting action before We go over these preseason scouting tips Do me a favor and if this is your first Time on my channel hit that subscribe Button and make sure you click that Bell Icon so you can be notified every time Upload a video I'd also like to thank Legal Heat for sponsoring the channel Legal Heat provides concealed carry Courses and other types of training with Amazing certified instructors all across The country their partners with Sportsman's Warehouse and Bass Pro and

In addition to their concealed carry Courses they also offer some Wilderness First aid courses which I'm very Interested in I think all of us in the Outdoors need to have at least a passing Level of wilderness first aid skills cuz You never know what's going to happen Out there first I was afraid I was Petrified even if you live in a state With constitutional carry I still firmly Believe that you should get the training And the certification and Legal Heat can Provide that at a great price use the Link down below so you can get that Training and help support the channel so The first step to finding great turkey Hunting is you got to look for the areas That have diverse habitat turkeys are Very picky about their habitat they Cannot adapt as quickly or as easily as Deer so they need to look for very Specific things they are very picky About their food sources their water Sources they need good nesting habitat They need good mature trees for roosting Start by looking at an aerial map and You're looking for things that are Different you're looking for Hardwoods Right next to egg fields or pastures Clear Cuts in different stages of Regrowth Old Fields and definitely Recently burned areas if you are a Public land turkey hunter you should Definitely call up your conservation

Office and see if they've done any Prescribed Burns in the last few months Or if they've had any timber Harvest Operations going on in some of the areas Around you also look for differences in Topography like if you live in a mostly Flat area you're an a country look for Some terrain something that's got some Ridges and draws and the same goes as if You're in mostly hilly steep terrain Look for those open flat areas any place Whether that's private or public that Has multiple different habitat types Near each other can make for some Potentially great turkey hunting so once You've got a list of some areas with Some diverse habitat the second step is To get out there get some boots on the Ground and look for some sign so you've Got that list of areas with diverse Habitat you've narrowed it down so You're not wasting a bunch of time get Out there and start looking for feathers And droppings and tracks just because The habitat looks good on an aerial map Doesn't necessarily mean that there's a Good enough Turkey population for you to Get there and hunt them they're not in There regularly enough so it's always Best if you can get out there and get Some eyes on it but to be honest if it Looks pretty good from an aerial map Chances are there are going to be Turkeys there so if you can't get there

It's not a terrible loss but if you can Get out there after a snow or when the Ground is wet and soft is probably one Of the best times to get out there and Look for tracks it's soft enough turkeys Don't weigh a whole lot so they it's Soft enough that they can actually make An indent when they're walking around Get into the woods and look for areas Where turkeys were scratching around Looking for acorns and look under Potential Roose trees for feathers and Droppings and if you have the ability to Or the desire to get you some game Cameras and put them up a little bit Higher in the trees you're not looking For deer you want to put them up a Little bit higher over field edges or Any open areas and have it on the Time-lapse function preferably if you Have the cell cams like the molt Edge It's got a time-lapse function and has Some great coverage I I have gotten a Lot more pictures in areas I never got Serviced before with this molt Edge so Give that a shot if you have the ability Or desire to put out some cameras and so The third tip is probably the most is Probably the hardest thing to do cuz it Involves getting up early before work And getting out there and listening for Gobblers on the roost the best thing to Do is to start going out before Sunrise About 2 weeks before the season opens

And just listen this is great if you are Having trouble finding sign or you're on A time crunch and you just get out there Listen for those gobbles cuz if they're There they will let you know where they Are get out early on ridges or any place High up and listen for gobblers on the Roost I'll even use my Walker game ears So I can hear a lot farther and clearer Than I could with my own ears too many Shot shots and tools and Loud metal Music has left me with an almost Permanent ring in my right ear where are Your earplugs kids once you hear the Gobbles try to work your way close Enough to where you can see where They're coming from but not so close That you run the risk of spooking them You really want to take your time it Might take you a few mornings to figure Out where they are you might have to try Different ridges to really triangulate The sound and definitely bring some Binoculars with you you really want to Take your time don't rush in don't get Too close cuz you don't want to spook Them so now that you've kind of Pinpointed where they like to roost make Sure you mark it on your favorite Mapping software I like to use onx but Whatever you want to use is fine as long As you mark it somehow so you can begin To plan how you're going to get there Come opening morning once you figure out

A good route you will be aiming down on A Tom in no time so it's three preseason Turkey scouting tips to help you start Your season off right and avoid all that Frustration you won't avoid all the Frustration because turkeys seem to test Our patience and attitude more than any Other game species out there but at Least you'll know where they are so you Can avoid that part of it if you like This video You're definitely going to Want to watch one of my other turkey Hunting videos over here so be sure to Give those a watch hit that like button If you like this video share it if you Found it helpful and make sure that you Are subscribed so you can stay informed

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