Food Plots That Can’t Be Bowhunted #bowhunting #foodplots #deerhabitat #deerhunting

A food source is one of the riskiest Spots a deer goes to in its daily Activity when do you hunt a food plot we Don't hunt it when it's big and wide and Open like this now we have a redneck Right here you can see the switch grass You see the shrub line we can get in and Out of that redneck and hunt this food Plot that's 180 yard shot to the back Out of the redneck what we can't do is Sit in this cluster to Oaks it's an Awesome tree to hunt out of with a bow Because we get in here you spook those Deer one time and it ruins the entire Food plot how do you know when you can Hunt it when you're not spooking deer in Or out of the stand that's when you can Hunt a food plot

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